Facebook smileys by minsep


									 When we are chatting with our friends in facebook, always we are using smileys, if you don’t
 know about these codes, now you can chat with your friends using these codes, so here are the
“codes” you should type in facebook chat in order to put smileys. Copy these codes and paste on
           your chat box and then send them, so as I think, you will enjoy with this

Smile                            :) or :-) or :] or =)

Frown                         :( or :-( or :[ or =(

Tongue                       :p or :-p or =P

Grin                          :D or :-D or =D

Gasp                          :O or :-O or :o or :-o

Wink                          ;) or ;-)

Glasses                      8) or 8-) or B) or B-)

Sunglasses                  8| or 8-| or B| or B-|

Grumpy                       >:( or >:-(

Unsure                       :/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\

Crying                       :'(

Devil                         3:) or 3:-)

Angel                        O:) or O:-)

Kiss                          :* or :-*

Heart                        <3

Kiki                          ^_^

Squint                       -_-

Confused                    O.o or o.O

Upset                        >:O or >:-O or >:o or >:-o

Pac man                     :v

Colon Three                   :3
    Robot               :|]

Putnam           :putnam:

Shark            (^^^)

Penguin          <(“)



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