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					As I think you had to face and you will have to face a lot of problem, because of Auto run. When
we are plugging Flash drive or insert CD/DVD/Blue Ray to our computer, we must be careful
about the auto run.Why I am saying like that? We know about the virus, when we are plugging
Flash drive or insert CD/DVD/Blue Ray, are there a virus with auto run file inside them, as a
consequence our computer will be attacked by virus. Most probably these types of virus are
malware virus, we know about the malware virus. They are collecting our detail in our computer
and send them to hacker, So as to finish this risk, we should disable auto run. So guys follow
these small steps.

Press Win key with R ( win key+R )

(Then Run Box will appear)

Now type gpedit .msc on run box and press enter.

Now you can see Local Group policy editor.

And then look at the left side, then you will see Administrative templates, so click it

Then you can see All settings under the Administrative templates

Click it and find Turn off Autoplay,
                                               Open it and then you will see box like this

Now enable turn off auto play, change settings like this
Now you have to do only apply and OK,

So that’s over, try this,


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