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									      VOLUME 12 / ISSUE 4
      FALL 2010




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                                        Volume 12 / Issue 4                                                      FALL 2010
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                                                                 IN THIS ISSUE
Kim Baenisch, Executive Director
Tom Boss, Membership Director         Bicycle Facility           Board Presidency ������������������������������������������ 3
Jo Ann Richards,
 Volunteer & Activities Coordinator
Bob Trigg, Administrator
                                      Successes                  Bikers Ball ������������������������������������������������������� 3
Deb Hubsmith, Advocacy Director       SEE PAGE 18                Rocky Birdsey Match Donation ���������������� 3
David Hoffman, Director of Planning
Andy Peri, Advocacy & Outreach                                   Marin Century Rest Stop Review��������������4
Wendi Kallins, Safe Routes to
 Schools Program Director
                                                                 Biketoberfest�������������������������������������������������� 5
Laura Kelly, Safe Routes to Schools
 Project Coordinator
                                                                 Cyclocross ������������������������������������������������������ 6
Peggy Clark, Safe Routes to
 Schools Project Coordinator
                                                                 Advocacy Updates ����������������������������������������7
Aviva Joseph, Safe Routes to
 Schools Teen Program Coordinator
                                                                 The Nacirema Tribe – Investigating
Gwen Froh, Safe Routes to Schools                                 Transportation����������������������������������������������8
 Teen Program Coordinator
Frances E� Barbour, Safe Routes to                               Anna Garfink ������������������������������������������������� 9
 Schools Instructor
                                                                 Chronicles of a Camelbak Virgin ������������ 10
Maureen Gaffney, President                                       Smith Optics V90 PIVLOCK MAX ��������� 11
Scott Klimo, Vice President
Ian Roth, Treasurer
                                                                 Bike Parking��������������������������������������������������� 11
Don Magdanz, Secretary
Matt Adams
                                                                 Mission Workshop Vandal backpack �����12
Jerry Edelbrock                                                  Brooks B-17 Saddle ��������������������������������������13
Terry Graham
Stephen Hesson                                                   SR2S Green Ways Award Winners �������� 14
Vince O’Brien
Alexander Price                                                  Free Bike Education Classes �������������������15
Tom Woolley

ADVISORY BOARD                        Bike Product               Biking in Jerusalem ����������������������������������� 16
Mark Birnbaum
Joe Breeze                            Reviews SEE PAGES 11 –13   2010 Bicycle Facility Successes �������������� 18
                                                                 Bike Fashion on Marin’s
Tom Hale
Deb Hubsmith                                                      New Pathways ������������������������������������������� 18
Jim Jacobsen
Patrick Seidler                                                  MCBC Spring Bike Sweepstakes�������������23
Julia Violich
                                                                 Competition �������������������������������������������������23
Editor: Kim Baenisch
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Copy Editor: Connie Breeze
Design: Jeremy Thornton
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Contributors: Tom Boss,                                          Fashion Shoot Thanks �������������������������������24
                                      Green Ways to School
Tim Brennan, Peggy Clark,
Paris Dowd, Gwen Froh,                                           Cover photo by Miguel Farias� Campagnolo Heritage
Maureen Gaffney, David Hoffman,                                  Stretch Piquet polo, Rapha Touring shorts, Timbuk2
Deb Hubsmith, Wendi Kallins,
Janet Lourenzo, Jo Ann Richards       Awards SEE PAGE 14         King of the Mountain Messenger Bag� (Northgate

Board Presidency
The MCBC Board has elected a new President� After
four years of able and inspiring leadership from Jerry
Edlebrock, Maureen Gaffney has taken on this role,
which she describes as “an honor, a privilege��� and a
heck of a lot of work!” Please join Maureen and the rest                                                               Maureen Gaffney holds up live
                                                                                                                       auction bikeat last year’s Bikers
of the Board in thanking Jerry for his outstanding com-
                                                                                                                       Ball� Maureen is the organizer of
mitment to the cycling community in Marin�                                                                             this year’s ball�

  Come celebrate another successful year of cycling             Bikes, top-o-the-line mountain bike—and some new
  advocacy with the MCBC at the “Bikers Ball” on                items� You’ll want to warm up your auction arm!
  Saturday, November 13th, from 7:00 until 12                      Beer, wine and appetizers will help us dance
  midnight at Ristorante Servino in Tiburon. Doug               (and shop) the night away to the live tunes of Vinyl
  McConnell of Open Road TV and Bay Area Back-                  who “blend old-school funk, Latin, reggae and R&B
  roads will be this year’s Master of Ceremonies and            into signature grooves�” Check them out at http://
  Auctioneer� Live and silent auction items are roll-           www�vinylgroove�com/index�php�
  ing in� We’ve got some past favorites—a Western
                                                                   Tickets for the event are $65 for members, $75
  Spirit Cycling Adventures trip for two, in-home
                                                                for non-members and can be purchased on our
  Thai Dinner for four, high-end road bike from Mikes
                                                                website at www�marinbike�org� Buy yours today!

                                                                                                                        B I K E R S B A LL
MCBC Donors Matched Rocky Birdsey’s                                                                                     N O V E M B E R 1 3 , 7- 1 2 p m
                                                                                                                         Servino Ristorante, 9 Main Street, Tiburon

$9000 Donation for Better Bicycle Facilities                                                                            Marin County Bicycle Coalition
                                                                                                                                     SPONSORED BY:

In June we heard the news that four male cyclists were         DONORS:                     Linda and Peter Hoch
injured in San Francisco by a rogue driver who was             Above Category              Karen Jaber
responsible for a hit-and-run collision with each of           A� Edward Bartshire         Michael Jones
them� The Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s longtime            Ben Berto                   Kay Karchevski
advocacy supporter, Rocky Birdsey, was furious� He             Mark and Bev Birnbaum       Harvey Katz
took action and so did many others�                            William Blackford           Lee Larsen
  Rocky had previously pledged $1000 this year to              Robert Branick              Jay Linderman
support MCBC’s work that has helped create miles of            Patricia Callahan           Gordon Mac Dermott
new bike lanes, wide shoulders, re-surfaced roads and          Thea Cary                   Robert Morris
separated pathways, including the planned opening of           Henry Corning               Sean Nolan
the traffic-free Cal Park Tunnel, for cyclists in Marin� But   Rebecca Crandall            Blair Peterson
this outrageous, horrific road-rage incident inspired him      Thomas Crowell              Deirdra Rogers
to donate another $9000 in a Matching Donation Offer           Emily Dean                  Michelle & John Rutledge
to improve Marin County’s bike facilities� The gift was        Maureen Durnell             David Sams
contingent on matching donations received by July 31�          Jean and Greg Fidler        Michael Samuels
                                                               Weine Frans-Kohn and        Specialized Bicycles
  Thanks to the generosity of over 40 people and orga-
                                                                 Family                    Benjamin Sun
nizations, we met (and beat!) our goal to match Rocky
                                                               Maureen Gaffney             Marc Vendetti
Birdsey’s $9000 grant� We received $9165 in generous
                                                               David Gavant                Courtney Weaver
donations! You can read more about why Rocky sup-
                                                               Marty Giblas                Elibu Welber
ports safe cycling in the Ross Valley Reporter� MCBC
                                                               Steve Giondomenica          Cindy Winter
thanks Rocky for his fabulous donation, and we also
                                                               Janet Haley                 Jacqueline Zimmer Jones
thank the many contributors who donated matching
                                                               Kim Harmon
funds� You are helping to keep MCBC focused on the
                                                               Marcus Hays
bike advocacy that makes your streets safer!

Marin Century Nicasio Rest Stop – Rave Reviews

Again this year, MCBC was invited to host the Nicasio          MCBC recruited 42 members through the 2010 Marin
rest stop during the Marin Century, feeding and aiding       Century, including 28 new members� We also had a
more than 2000 riders� This year the Century was held        great time at the Friday night registration event at the
on August 7� MCBC volunteers opened their rest stop          Vallecito School campus� That event provided us with
earlier than in the past, and were ready and waiting with    an opportunity to educate cyclists about sharing the
a wide variety of food and drinks provided by Marin          road with our Ride Right video and the benefits of sup-
Cyclists, sponsors of the Marin Century�                     porting MCBC�
   Twenty-one MCBC volunteers worked at the Nicasio            Thank you, Marin Cyclists, for putting on another great
rest stop and all had a great time� Praise flowed in every   bicycle event! We look forward to 2011�
direction, from captains praising our volunteers to par-
ticipants praising the Marin Cyclists for a well-organized
event� Everyone appreciated the bicycle mechanics
provided by Sunshine Bicycle Center, and the food was
perfect as usual�

                                                                       Biketoberfest Rolls into Fairfax,
                                                                         Saturday, October 16, 2010
                                                                                  Handmade bike show and
                                                                               brewfest now offers race, rides,
                                                                                  outdoor movie, and more!
                                                                   The Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Access4Bikes present Biketoberfest Marin,
                                                                   an all-day celebration of the bicycle held in Fairfax, Marin County’s premier cycling
                                                                   destination and the cradle of the mountain bike.
                                                                     The festival offers something for every cyclist. There will be beautiful handmade
                                                                   bicycles on display, celebrity group rides for road bikers and mountain bikers, a
                                                                   cyclocross race (Lion of Fairfax), a brewfest featuring 30 beers from 20 West Coast
                                                                   brewers, and an outdoor screening of KLUNKERZ in the evening. In addition, there
                                                                   will be live music, a family fun zone and amazing food!
                                                                     Admission is free. Tickets for beer tasting are $20 in advance or $25 the day
                                                                   of the event, and include a commemorative 8 oz. Biketoberfest glass. Proceeds
                                                                   benefit bicycle advocacy in Marin County. Beer Tasting tickets are on sale now!
                                                                   »    HANDMADE BIKE SHOW – 15 West Coast builders!
                                                                   »    BIKE EXPO – Over 60 bicycle companies!
                  RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL                         »    BREWFEST – Over 30 beers from 20 breweries!
                                Our Speciality                     »    CYCLOCROSS RACE – Lion of Fairfax at White Hill School
                              Concrete & Asphalt                   »    KLUNKERZ OUTDOOR MOVIE– mountain bike documentary screening with
                  •	 Driveways               •	 Sidewalks               introduction by some of its stars

                  •	 Patios                  •	 Curbs	&	Gutters    »    GROUP RIDES – Road ride with Alison Starne, mountain bike ride with Joe
                  •	 Sports	Courts           •	 Stamped	Concrete        Breeze and Charlie Kelly, Luna Chix ride, and NorCal High School ride.
                                                                   »    FAMILY FUN! – Slide, Jumpy, Little Rollers, face painting, teen band and “Break-
                              FREE ESTIMATES                            fast with “Enzo”
                              Call Al Dalecio x 2252               »    LIVE MUSIC – Tony Magee and the Dogtown Ramblers, Phillip Der Stein Quintet
                                  415-454-7011                          and Dgiin

                             »    FOOD – Pizza Politana, The Fabulous Frickle Brothers Pickles, Venga Paella, The
                                                                        Juicery, Donna’s Tamales, Brittany Crepes and Galettes and the Sausage Booth
                                Please reference this ad
                                                                   WHEN: Saturday, October 16, 11 am to 6 pm
                                                                         (Group Rides: register at 9:30 am. Ride rolls at 10 am.)
                      525 Jacoby Street, San Rafael
Lic� No� 132128

                                                                   WHERE: Fair-Anselm Plaza parking lots, 765 Center Blvd, Fairfax, CA 94930 (next
                                                                   to Java Hut and Iron Springs)

                                  by Tim Brennan

Tim Brennan works at
Paradigm Cycles in San
Anselmo, visit him at the
shop for all your Cyclocross

Photo courtesy of John
Sieber� View his other
Cyclocross photos here�

Cyclocross involves what       As summer turns to fall and the road-racing season            clearance for mud and grass, cross bikes use cantilever
looks somewhat like a          winds down, the next season for many racers is one            brakes, much like those on the original mountain bikes�
normal road bike, and it is    that many recreational cyclists haven’t heard of: cyclo-      This season, the UCI has legalized disc brakes for cross
one of the most exciting       cross� Cyclocross involves what looks somewhat like a         racing; it will be interesting to see how many racers
and spectator-friendly         normal road bike, and it is one of the most exciting and      make the switch� Gearing is similar to a road bike, with
                               spectator-friendly types of racing anywhere� The races        a double chainring up front, usually 39/46, and depend-
types of racing anywhere.
                               are short, from 30 to 60 minutes� The courses are also        ing on the course, an 11/23 or /25 cassette in the back�
                               short—laps are usually 6 to 10 minutes—so the crowd           Most pro and elite racers will use mid- or deep-section
                               gets to see lots of action�                                   carbon rims just like a road racing bike, with tubular tires
                                 The sport of cyclocross, or “cross” as it’s known,          inflated to only 25 psi� Traction and a smooth ride are
                               began around the early 20th century in France� It was         very important� A top-level cross bike will weigh virtually
                               developed to give road racers some fall/winter training�      the same as a road-racing bike� Many are right at the
                               Since the courses incorporate both pavement and dirt or       UCI weight limit of 6�8 kilos, or 14�9 pounds�
                               grass, plus barriers and running sections, the riders got       The United States has many hotbeds of cross racing�
                               a workout in handling skills as well� In a few short years    The Pacific Northwest and New England have historically
                               other northern European countries got in on the game�         had some of the largest and best attended series in the
                               Belgium, Holland, and the Czech Republic are now cyclo-       country, if not the world� The Bay Area has also been
                               cross powerhouses� The international governing body of        cross-crazy for many years� In fact the first US national
                               bicycle racing, the UCI, officially recognized cyclocross     championships in cyclocross were held in Berkeley in
                               in 1950, and world championships have been held ever          1975� Currently, cross series are held in the Bay Area,
                               since, around the end of January� It’s not unusual for        Sacramento and the Santa Cruz/Monterey area, with
                               15,000 beer-fueled Belgian or Dutch fans to show up at        other races held all over Northern California from Octo-
                               their local races every weekend from October through          ber through December� If you’re interested in trying a
                               January� Ten or 12 high-caliber races take place in the       race or just getting out to see some of the best racing
                               two-week period around Christmas and New Year’s� The          around, check out the Northern California CX calendar�
                               pro racers have fan clubs numbering in the thousands�            The best race for Marin locals is the Lion of Fairfax,
                               These rabid supporters will follow their favorites all over   taking place this year on Saturday, October 16 at White
                               Northern Europe during the fall months�                       Hill School in Fairfax� It’s on the NCNCA calendar� Check
                                 A cyclocross bicycle is similar to a road bike, with drop   it out! The premier cross race series in Nor Cal is the
                               handlebars and narrow-rimmed wheels� The tires are            Bay Area Super Prestige Series, presented by Pilarcitos
                               somewhat larger, usually around 32mm wide compared            Cyclesports� It’s a six-race series that draws the fastest
                               to a normal road-bike tire of 23mm wide� There are many       racers from all over the western states� The schedule
                               different sculpted tread designs for varying course condi-    is located here�
                               tions� To fit around the bigger tires and to provide extra

Pilot Program Update
By Deb Hubsmith, Advocacy Director
Marin County’s Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot            by other towns and by the Transportation Authority of
Program is bearing fruit, in the form of new bike lanes,    Marin for future projects, including the Central Marin
pathways, street crossings and sidewalks throughout         Ferry Connection project and the continuation of the
Marin�                                                      North-South Greenway to create access to the Sausalito
  Under the federal transportation bill authorized in       Ferry Terminal�
2005, Marin County was provided with $25 million to           About 70 percent of the Pilot Program projects
construct and promote a non-motorized transportation        not only help bicycling and walking, but also provide
network and measure how these improvements increase         improved access to transit stops� The goal of each proj-
walking and bicycling�                                      ect is to help more people choose options other than
  During 2010, we’ve seen the construction of many          driving cars� This in turn improves levels of healthful
new improvements for bicyclists including the new           physical activity, reduces pollution and makes for safer,
Los Ranchitos bike lanes (which were celebrated with        more livable communities�
Supervisor Susan Adams), and the new Alameda del              This fall, the County and the Transportation Authority
Prado bike lanes (which were celebrated with Board of       of Marin are conducting evaluations on roadways and
Supervisors President Judy Arnold)�                         pathways to count the number of people walking and
 This fall, two new, key projects on the North South        bicycling� Over the past ten years, Marin has seen a
Greenway will open: the Lincoln Hill Pathway (parallel to   118% increase in bicycle commuting� With these new
Highway 101), and the long-awaited Cal Park Hill Tunnel,    facilities, MCBC expects the numbers to continue to
which will provide a direct, flat connection between San    grow� Because this is a federal program, telephone
Rafael and the Larkspur Ferry Terminal�                     surveys will also be conducted this fall, interviewing
                                                            randomly selected Marin residents regarding modes
  The County is currently installing bicycle-detector
                                                            of travel—so if you get the call, don’t hang up!
signals at dozens of intersections throughout Marin,
making it easier for bicyclists to cross streets� San         The Marin County Bicycle Coalition thanks the County
Anselmo recently completed two lighted pedestrian           of Marin for managing the Pilot Program, and appreci-
crossings on Sir Francis Drake� Other cities, including     ates all of the hard work that the County, TAM and the
Mill Valley, Fairfax and Larkspur, are in the process of    cities have enacted to create an expanded network of
making improvements� Studies are being completed            walking and bicycling facilities� Ride on!

Vote YES on B
Support Climate Protection and Mobility                     local communities� Marin is also being challenged to
The Marin County Bicycle Coalition urges you to vote        meet new laws enacted around climate change with
“YES” on Measure B on the November 2010 ballot�             mandated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions� It
Measure B is important for supporting climate pro-          is imperative that we address climate change aggres-
tection and programs that benefit bicycling, including      sively and give people many different ways to travel
Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets, and funds for      that are better for the environment, including bicycling,
pathway maintenance�                                        walking and transit�
  If approved by at least 50 percent of Marin County          The MCBC urges a YES vote on B this November�
voters, Measure B will authorize a $10 annual fee on
motor vehicles registered in Marin County� This will
generate new and stable local funding (about $2 million
per year) for transportation improvements in Marin
County ONLY� The funds will be administered by the
Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM)�This is fund-
ing that the State can’t take away and that Marin needs
to maintain streets and pathways, support transit, and
                                                              11101 State Route 1, #B             Black Mountain Cycles cross & road frames
reduce congestion and pollution�                              Point Reyes Station, CA 94956   Steel road, touring, ‘cross, and adventure bikes
                                                              Tel/Fax 415-663-8125                          Salsa, Surly, Bruce Gordon, Soma
  State and federal funds supporting transportation                             Swobo, Ibex, Ortlieb, Tubus
are continually insufficient to meet the needs of our                      Custom wheels, custom bike builds

                                   Their legends foretell of a disaster called Gnimraw
                                   Labolg (Global Warming) where the sun will burn
                                   hotter in the sky, the weather will change suddenly
The	Nacirema	Tribe	–	Investigat-   and drastically, and huge floods will wipe out
                                   many of their coastal towns and cities resulting
ing	Transportation,	is a satiri-
cal comment on Americans’

                                   in immeasurable death and displacement.
cultural addiction to cars in
the face of the financial chal-
lenges of owning them and the

                                   THE NACIREMA TRIBE –
growing awareness of climate
change� Nacirema (American
spelled backwards) was first
introduced in 1956 by Horace
                                   INVESTIGATING TRANSPORTATION                                     by Paris Dowd
Miner to examine modern-
day North American cultural        The Nacirema	(American spelled backwards) tribe of             family members in the past, and they would take full
behavior� Miner’s strategy is      North America remains to be a culture shrouded in mys-         responsibility in instructing the young adult with help-
used by anthropologists and        tery� Until now, the extent of anthropological research        ful knowledge� However, in modern times, the young
sociologists to look at vari-      has only investigated the tribes’ bizarre and disturbing       adult is instructed by a Racsub priest who critiques their
ous behaviors in our society       body rituals� In this account of my time spent with            mistakes� Absolute perfection is demanded because the
with detachment, allowing          the Nacirema, I will divulge the many oddities that            Racsub is viewed as being very powerful and potentially
self-reflection� Paris Dowd, a     are woven into their culture, and shed light on their          deadly to both the controller and others� Once all the
junior at Drake High School,       peculiar beliefs�                                              requirements are met, the young adult is awarded their
wrote the essay for her sum-         Transportation plays a monumental and essential part         Timrep (permit spelled backwards), allowing them all
mer Anthropology class at Col-     to members of the Nacirema tribe; it is interconnected         rights over the sacred taes and controlling the Racsub�
lege of Marin� In an effort to     to almost every part of their culture� The most common         This also signifies their advancement in society�
influence a long-awaited mode      type of transportation is the ‘Racsub’ (car	+	bus spelled        However, the Racsub is culturally connected to much
shift, she shows the absurdity     backwards) which the Nacirema believe was a gift from          more than just the right of passage; it is also a rep-
of our gas-guzzling habits�        their ancient god, Ford� The Racsub comes in many              resentation of status within the community� You are
                                   different shapes and sizes although the most common            considered a person of great success and wealth if you
                                   appearance resembles a very large animal: rectangular          acquire a very beautiful Racsub; it is even more impres-
                                   shaped with hard, various colored hides, an elongated          sive if it is personalized (color, appearance etc)� And the
                                   snout and extremely peculiar legs (round ones that             more Racsub you obtain, the more status and wealth you
                                   roll around and around when in motion)� When the               have� The leaders and highly influential members of the
                                   Nacirema people want to ride their Racsub they do not          Nacirema tribe are even honored with spacious Racsub
                                   mount it, but instead open holes in the side of it and         accompanied with personal Racsub controllers� On the
                                   climb inside� The interior is hollow, presumably carved        other hand, the poorer members of society might have
                                   out, with cushioned ‘taes’ (seat spelled backward) and         an old, malfunctioning Racsub, or even none at all� These
                                   elaborate carvings and markings on the front end� The          people must survive on communal transportation, or
                                   Nacirema believe that the markings are necessary to            disgraceful walking�
                                   have a comfortable and safe journey within the Racsub�           In very recent years, the Racsub has fallen under
                                   A circular object in arms length of the sacred taes is         scrutiny from many of the most revered and learned
                                   attached to the front and controls the Racsub while it         members of the community� The Srosseforp-	Cifitneics’
                                   is in motion� However, only people of proper age and           (Scientific	Professors spelled backwards) are the tribe’s
                                   learning are ever allowed to sit in this sacred spot�          teachers and wise people who impart their wisdom to
                                      Before an individual is allowed to sit in the sacred taes   the majority of Nacirema people� Occasionally, a sub-
                                   and control the Racsub, they must complete a right of          culture Nacirema tribe member argues against the
                                   passage� Completion of these tests brings the individual       widely accepted legends, but the majority of Nacirema
                                   a step closer to becoming a full member of society and         people believe that the use of the Racsub is connected
                                   is a much-anticipated step for young adults around the         to their culture’s destruction� Their legends foretell of
                                   age of 16� Sharing the secret ways of controlling the          a disaster called Gnimraw-Labolg (Global	Warming)
                                   Racsub was primarily passed down directly through              where the sun will burn hotter [continued on next page]

…they are bound only for misery, failure and extinction
[continued from page 8] in the sky, the weather will        talk about devastating accidents where the powerful
change suddenly and drastically, and huge floods will       special liquid leaked into the surrounding land killing
wipe out many of their coastal towns and cities resulting   thousands of animals, but still the liquid is under high
in immeasurable death and displacement� The Nacirema        demand� In exchange for the essential liquid, the Naci-
appear an irrational and almost suicidal tribe because      rema people leave behind many offerings at the shrine to
even though many people believe in the connection           please their gods and hopefully delay Gnimraw-Labolg�
between destruction and the use of the Racsub, they         However, sometimes the Enilosag Temple offering is
still continue to use them�                                 not enough to appease them� Many Racsub need to be
   Not only is the Racsub believed to be the cause of       taken annually to high priests to be blessed when they
their doom, the Nacirema must also pay special tribute      are malfunctioning, and even more often when they
to it at a minimum of once every week� The Nacirema         need to be specially cleaned�
people do this by guiding the Racsub into an Enilosag         All this is evidence of the enslavement the Nacirema
(gasoline backwards) Temple where they halt the Racsub      have to their revered Racsub which inevitably will cause
next to an individual prayer shrine� They then disembark    their demise� Like many great civilizations in the past,
and touch a series of markings on the prayer shrine         the Nacirema seem unable to extricate themselves
before taking the long snake-like tube and inserting it     from their immediate, personal desires and myopic
into a small hole in the side of the Racsub� Through the    worship at a time when astounding evidence is calling
tube, a special pungent, colorful liquid is pumped into     for a change for global good; therefore, they are bound
the Racsub until it is pleased with the offerings� Great    only for misery, failure and extinction� It seems that I
lengths are completed to attain the special liquid since    have been observing the slow decline of the Nacirema
it comes from deep underground� The Nacirema people         culture as opposed to their evolution�

Anna Garfink, Drake Intern, Makes Big Contribution
                                                              Next we used Anna’s reporting skills and had her
                                                            prepare interviews with the six Bike Locally Challenge
                                                            riders for the local press and for bike blogs� Anna’s
                                                            interviews can be found here� Anna also helped organize
                                                            a few events, including the commuter workshop that
                                                            we held in August�
                                                              Anna was great to work with� She was a big help and
                                                            she learned a lot about what MCBC does in the few
                                                            months we had her as a part-time employee� Something
                                                            tells me we’ll see her again in the future, either as a
                                                            dedicated volunteer promoting bicycling, or maybe as
                                                            an MCBC staff member�
In early July, MCBC acquired a summer intern from Sir        Thank you Anna!
Francis Drake High School as part of the Marin County
School Career Partnership program� Anna Garfink came
with two bonuses: she is a big-time cyclist and she
worked for the school newspaper� Right away we knew
we had an enthusiastic, capable temporary employee
at our disposal�
                                                                   RECEIVE                                             RECEIVE
  Anna came on board just as our “Bike Locally” cam-
paign was getting into full swing, so it was natural to
                                                                20% OFF                                            20% OFF
have her help promote the program� She started out by             ANY ITEM                                             ANY ITEM
researching ways to promote the Facebook Page that
we created for the campaign� Anna helped triple the
number of fans over the course of just a few months
and helped prepare a contest to drive even more traffic
to the page�

                            The Chronicles of a Camelbak Virgin
Although I am an expert
water-bottle bike
handler, I was pleasantly
surprised to find how
much more I could
drink through this blue
tube. I’m talking about
a long, slow, cool drink
of water… more volume
than I have ever managed
from any water bottle.

                            by Janet Lourenzo

                            I was so excited to have the opportunity to use and         Day Two
                            review a new 2010 Camelbak 100-oz capacity hydra-           Don and I had to do a dry run today because there was
                            tion pack (called, mysteriously, The Don)� I’ve always      a slow leak in the bladder� While waiting for a new
                            wondered what the big deal was with all those tube-         bladder, I took to the local trails on a hike out to Kent
                            sucking riders� Thanks to MCBC, I now have a chance         Lake� I packed the bag with lunch, a water bottle, extra
                            to take a long ride without thinking of the next watering   clothes, jacket, and video and digital camera (in the
                            hole� Despite being a very experienced rider, I had never   water-resistant media pocket)� It still had lots of room� I
                            used a Camelbak� So The Don and I were set to embark        was glad to have this day to get used to having the load
                            on a maiden voyage together�                                on my back and tweak the many straps� I counted 12
                                                                                        straps, including hip, sternum, shoulder, helmet storage,
                                                                                        and compression straps, and loads of compartments�
                                                                                        Although Don was trying to think of everything, I could
                                                                                        not get access to my things without removing the bag or
                                                                                        asking a fellow hiker to dig out my Luna Bar� But most of
                            Day One
                                                                                        all, I needed to get used to this sweaty-back syndrome!
                            I picked up my pack on the way home from a road ride,
                                                                                        Ewwww! I’ll admit I felt like a donkey or a Sherpa, but
                            and just threw it on my back� Well, my first mistake was
                                                                                        maybe things will fall into place once I’m on the bike�
                            not considering proper setup, even for an empty pack�
                            My camel was riding too high on my back, and I couldn’t     Note to small torsos: This pack is long and it may tend
                            even fully lift my head to see the road ahead� Luckily a    to ride a little high, especially if you are under 5’5�
                            bike shop was nearby so I stopped to get some expert        Day Three
                            adjustments—especially the correct placement of the
                                                                                        Now, with the 3-liter bladder juiced up with cold, fresh
                            sternum strap for a girl —OUCH!
                                                                                        water, I continued the break-in period with one more
                              Next, my naturally curious mind led me to the Inter-      hike, this time up the Tamalpa Trail to the top of Mt�
                            net� I just had to know why this pack was called “The       Tam� I wanted an opportunity to dial in the drinking pro-
                            Don�” Well, my best guess (Camelbak isn’t saying)           cess without being on a bike and dangerously fiddling�
                            is that it’s named for a valley and a river, both called    Although I am an expert water-bottle bike handler, I
                            Don, outside of Toronto, Canada� The Don Valley has         was pleasantly surprised to find how much more I could
                            a trail system of extreme technical roller-coaster-like     drink through this blue tube� I’m talking about a long,
                            singletrack, with wooden tracks and steep climbs and        slow, cool drink of water… more volume than I have ever
                            descents, mostly off camber� Since this Camelbak was        managed from any water bottle� As the bladder drained,
                            designed with the Freeride community in mind, I will        I found the sloshing water inside disconcerting and felt
                            ultimately test drive The Don on an epic mountain bike      the bag riding up again, but the bag performed well on
                            ride� But, first things first…                              a long, hard day out� It’s time to RIDE!

REVIEW: Smith Optics V90 PIVLOCK MAX Cycling Sunglasses
By Tom Boss
Smith strikes the right balance of form and function
Earlier this year I came across a downed tree on the
Goldman Trail at Camp Tamarancho� People were
already walking around the tree, creating a new trail,
so I decided to remove the tree and cover up the new
trail with its limbs� After I finished I reached up to my
helmet visor to grab my sunglasses and realized they
weren’t there� I looked around and found them smashed
on the trail� I had been wearing my helmet while moving
the tree and I forgot to take my sunglasses off� I learned
a lesson� And, I now needed some new sunglasses�
Fortunately Smith had just sent MCBC two pair of V90
Optics, one as a prize for our Spring Sweepstakes and
one to test out�
   The Smith V90s ($139) are a wrap-style sunglass with        The system to switch out the lenses is pretty quick
interchangeable lenses� They come in a nice zippered         and intuitive� You simply swing the arm up 90 degrees
case with three different sets of mirror optics (that is,    and detach it� To connect another pair of lenses you
lenses): Bronze, Ignitor (rose shade) and Clear� I find      hold the arm up in the 90-degree position, line up a
myself switching often among the three� I tend to wear       teardrop-shaped tab with the hole at the upper corner,
the Bronze on daytime rides, the Clear in late afternoon     and swing the arm down horizontally� There’s an audible
or evening, and the Rose when I’m wearing them around        click, letting you know the arm is locked to the shade
town and want to look disco! I have to admit, this is the    (you also need to swap out the nose piece)� I’ve prob-
first pair of bike-specific shades I’ve found myself wear-   ably done this a hundred times so far and they system
ing for other occasions� They’re very stylish�               is as solid as it was on day one� I also discovered an
                                                             advantage to the PIVLOCK system when I accidentally       Bike Locally Challenge
  I’ve tested these glasses while riding my road bike
                                                             rammed the sunglasses into a shelf (they were on my           is on Facebook
and my mountain bike� The Bronze shade is just about
                                                             helmet visor again�) Pieces went flying and I thought
right for most daytime riding� The sunglasses are well
                                                             “oh great, another pair of shades ruined�” But the lens
ventilated, so I rarely get steam on them, and the air-
                                                             had simply popped off the arm� They snapped right
flow is superb as well� No teary eyes� The nose guard
                                                             back together, no damage done�
keeps the wrap shade off my cheeks and away from
my brow, which helps keep sweat from dripping down             I have discovered that the coating scratches some-
the shades on those warm days� The glasses are very          what easily, so I suggest extra care when handling�
comfortable� They rest securely on my helmet when I          However, with three different optics included I’m not
place the arms in the vents�                                 complaining�

  MCBC’s Bike                                                  October
                                                               Saturday, 16:
  Parking Service                                              Biketoberfest, Fairfax
  The MCBC’s valet bike parking service proves to
  be ever popular� Valet bike parking allows event
                                                               Saturday, 13:
  participants to avoid traffic congestion and the
                                                               Manor Winter Fair, Fairfax
  typical search for parking, leave their locks at

  home, arrive feeling refreshed, and the service
  eliminates haphazard parking of bikes on side-
  walks where they can interfere with pedestrian
  access� MCBC’s 2010 valet bike parking sponsors
  are Marin Sanitary Service and Fairfax Cyclery�              Ride To These Local Events!

REVIEW: Mission Workshop Vandal bicycle backpack
By Tom Boss                     A well-thought-out bag from a group of Chrome expats
                                                           While there are a few cities that                   At the store, I loaded up a grocery cart and headed
                                                           can claim they are more bike-                     for the checkout line� All of my groceries fit perfectly
                                                           friendly than San Francisco, no                   in the bag’s large expandable pocket� This compart-
                                                           US city can claim more bicycle-                   ment has lots of features to accommodate different
                                                           messenger bag and backpack                        kinds of loads� A weather-resistant zipper keeps the
                                                           manufacturers� First there was                    compartment compact for everyday use� Unzip that
                                                           Timbuk2, followed by Chrome�                      compartment and it triples in size� Two adjustment
                                                           More recently other bag makers                    straps provide compression for your load, and an inner
                                                           have flourished, including Rick-                  zippered pocket allows you to keep stuff from falling
                                                           shaw Bagworks, Freight Baggage                    out, assuming you don’t need to have anything protrud-
                                                           and Mission Workshop�                             ing out the top� Drain holes at the bottom of the large
                                                             Mission Workshop is a new                       compartment will let liquid pour out the bottom rather
                                                           bicycle bag & accessory company                   than stay inside getting everything wet�
                                                           located in the Mission District� A                  Instead of having a rolltop, the Vandal has a large flap
                                                           few of the key people behind the                  on top with a long elastic compression strap, which
                                                           new company got their chops                       you can cinch down to hold almost anything in place�
                                                           working at Chrome Bags, so these                  You can roll this flap up if it’s in your way� The bag was
                                                           guys know what they’re doing�                     sent without a waist strap, but you can order one as
                                  Mission Workshop sent MCBC a Vandal backpack to                            an accessory� The backpack has a flat, thin, internal
Dimensions - Compact
Measures - 15’’ x 21’’ x 6’’    review� I was immediately impressed with the aesthet-                        frame that does an adequate job of holding the pack’s
Volume - 1,800 cu� in� /                                                                                     shape and keeping objects inside from poking you in
                                ics of the bag� It has a clean, layered look that hides its
30 L / 6�75 Gallons
                                expansion capabilities and it comes in some very pleas-                      the back� The padding and ventilation system is a little
Dimensions - Expanded                                                                                        lacking; I’m guessing that was a choice to save weight�
Measures - 15’’ x 21’’ x 12’’   ing colors� The Vandal is also lighter than my Chrome
Volume - 4,000 cu� in� /        Ivan Rolltop, which is of comparable size� However,                          That said, I have yet to try any backpack that doesn’t
65 L / 15 Gallons               I wondered if this lightweight bag would hold up to                          leave the back sweaty after a decent ride�
                                heavy loads and daily use� I unbuckled and unzipped                            I paid for my groceries, threw the Vandal on my back,
                                the many compartments and at first I questioned the                          and adjusted the straps� It was time to ride with it fully
                                redundant vertical pockets� There are four of them,                          loaded� While the load was heavy, it was evenly dis-
                                three of slightly differing lengths and one expandable                       persed and did not shift around� The wide, padded
                                one in the middle� “Am I ever going to use all of these                      shoulder straps helped make carrying the load com-
                                pockets?” I thought�                                                         fortable�
                                  The answer came as soon as I took the bag out for                             A few days later, Team in Training dropped off 2000
                                its first spin� I decided to take it shopping� First I loaded                flyers at my house for the Bike to Work Day bag stuff-
                                up the small outer vertical pocket with my bike and                          ing� I decided to try to haul four heavy boxes down to
                                computer accessories, such as lock, tube, bike tool and                      the office, three miles away� While the backpack could
                                power adapter� I put my laptop in the next, slightly taller                  handle the heavy load (40 to 50 pounds, I’m guessing),
                                vertical pocket, and I placed some mail and folders in                       all that weight on my back made it uncomfortable to
                                the tallest pocket (also the slimmest) close to my back�                     ride� A bag of this size allows you to pack a heavier load
                                That left the expandable pocket free for groceries�                          than you may be physically able to carry�
                                                                                                               The Vandal exceeded my expectations� Mission
                                 Electrical Contractor / C-10 HIC 823538     Electrical / Lighting Design
                                                                                                             Workshop has in my opinion found the right balance
                                                                               Residential / Commercial      of function and form� If you’re looking for a large, ver-
                                                                                       Home Integration
                                                                           Tele / Data Communications
                                                                                                             satile backpack to carry your stuff while you ride your
                                                                                     Renewable Energies      bike, The Vandal is a good choice� If you don’t need a
                                                                                             Fire Systems
                                                                                                             cargo-container-size backpack, Mission Workshop also
                                                                                                             makes a smaller version called The Rambler�
                                 DENIS SOLAN
                                 ph 415.497.4248
                                 fax 415.626.1317    

REVIEW: Brooks B-17 Saddle By Tom Boss
Can they really be that comfortable?
A rider begins a 12-month quest for
the answer.
I find myself choosing to go on longer mountain bike
rides these days� I think it’s because I find them remi-
niscent of days in my youth, backpacking in the Sierra�
Back then I’d go out for five to six days, hike 60 miles
and see a variety of places and terrain� These days I am
unable to commit a whole week to a backpacking trip�
However, I’ve discovered that a 40-to-50-mile bike ride       Immediately
over the course of six hours gives me a similar satisfac-     following installation
tion to those backpacking trips� The only unsatisfying        I read the care instructions; I also searched the internet
part of these long rides has been the soreness of my          to find advice on how best to break in the saddle� I found
derriere upon return�
                                                                                                                                               TO BE CONTINUED…
                                                              consensus around Brooks Proofide leather saddle treat-
  Recently I was with a friend when he purchased a            ment, so I stopped by my local bike shop and picked                              Watch the MCBC
Brooks B-17 saddle for his touring bike� I had never          up a can� I treated the saddle bottom with a generous                            Facebook page for
thought about putting a Brooks saddle on my light-            application to protect the underside from water and
                                                                                                                                               updates on my Brooks
weight mountain bike, but with my friend’s purchase,          grime� Then I applied a lighter coating to the top of
                                                                                                                                               B-17 experience, and
something clicked� I realized that with these long rides I    the saddle and wiped it off with a chamois 15 minutes
                                                                                                                                               look for my next report
am essentially bike touring on my mountain bike� Maybe        later� Second observation: I’ve flipped my bike over
                                                                                                                                               in the Winter issue
a broken-in Brooks saddle would solve the pain in my ass�     twice since the Brooks has been on my bike, once for
                                                              a trailside repair and once to remove the rear wheel�                            of the Pedal Press.
  Brooks is probably the reason bike seats are called
saddles� John Brooks founded the company in England in        Both times the beautiful saddle finish got scuffed up�
1866 as a maker of horse harnesses and leather goods�         Nothing an application of Proofide can’t hide, but I
As the story goes, the unfortunate death of Mr Brooks’        highly recommend covering the saddle before turning
horse in 1872 led to a stroke of inspiration� Unable          your bike over, to protect the finish�
to afford another horse, he borrowed a bicycle so he             Now that the saddle was mounted and Proofide-
could commute to work� He found the seat incredibly           afied, it was time to start riding and breaking in that
uncomfortable, and he started constructing his own            thick, hard leather� I did a series of short rides, with a
comfortable leather saddles for bicycles� He filed for        Proofide application every other ride� Then, just six days
his first bicycle-saddle patent in 1882� For years many       after mounting the B-17, I did the July MCBC Fun Ride,
bicycle aficionados, especially in the bike-touring disci-    a 53-miler� Guess what happened? I received my first
pline, have been praising the comfort of a well-broken-in     bona fide saddle sores� I really have no one to blame
Brooks saddle� At the same time many people who’ve            but myself� I shouldn’t have been so naive in thinking
tried a Brooks have been unable to reach comfort bliss;       I could somehow skirt the break-in period and have a
they complain that a Brooks saddle is hard the day you        plush Brooks Saddle right out of the gate� To the saddle’s
buy it and stays that way�                                    defense, I’ve since ridden it quite a bit more, and I am
   I contacted Brooks and asked if they’d send me a           happy to report no saddle sores following the 48-mile
saddle so I could answer the question once and for            August MCBC Fun Ride� However, it’s not what I would
all—for myself� They obliged and in July I received a very    call comfortable at this point�
handsome box containing one brown Brooks B-17 Nar-
row saddle to test over the next 12 months� This is the
first of a series of reports I will make on the experiment�
                                                                 Tim P. Cooper, CFP®
  After taking a few photos of the packaging I mounted
the saddle on my bike� First observation: I am fortunate
                                                                 Financial Advisor  415.391.6644
                                                                                                        SPECIALIZING IN:
enough to ride a Curtis Inglis Retrotec 29er mountain
                                                                                                        •	 401(k)	plans	for	small	business		
bike, which has curved twin top tubes and a two-tone                                                       and	self-employed	individuals
paint job� The Brooks saddle looks great on my bike! I’m                                                •	 Conversions	to	Roth	IRA
not sure it would look at home on, say, a carbon-fiber                                                  550	California	Street,	Suite	700
Specialized Epic� For aesthetic-minded riders, this is                                                  San	Francisco,	CA	94104
something to consider when deciding if a Brooks is               Securities & investment advisory services offered through
                                                                 Financial Network Investment Corporation, member SIPC.
right for your bike�

Safe Routes to Schools Announces
First Annual Green Ways to School Winners

Loma Verde                                                   Wade Thomas
The Transportation Authority of Marin’s Safe Routes          model by biking to school from her San Rafael home
to Schools program is pleased to announce the first          three times a week� Loma Verde increased its Green
annual Green Ways to School winners� Nine schools            Trips in 2010 by 15%� This included a 12% increase in
will be receiving cash awards for reducing greenhouse        carpooling� They increased Green Trips during the “Go
gas emissions by generating Green Trips to school: stu-      for the Green” spring contest by 14%�
dents walking, bicycling, taking the bus, or participating      “We are so honored to win this award,” said Loma
in carpools�                                                 Verde principal Eileen Smith� “It reflects the commitment
  Green Ways to School is a new campaign of Safe             by staff, parents and students to increase green trips to
Routes to Schools that launched in January 2010� Funded      school� Safe Routes to School provided Loma Verde with
through a grant from the Marin Community Foundation’s        resources for motivating the students and tallying green
Climate Change Initiative, the campaign consists of          trips by classrooms� Their support has been phenomenal�
a new web-based SchoolPool trip-matching program,            We are committed to continue increasing green trips
and contests and promotions that encourage students          by encouraging all families to walk, bike or carpool to
and their parents to find and use Green Ways to School�      school� Thanks to the Novato Unified School District,
  Safe Routes to Schools succeeded in increasing Green       our bicycle area was upgraded this summer, providing
Trips to school countywide by five percent in the 2009-      us with a paved, gated space for bicycles�”
2010 school year, reducing annual vehicle miles traveled       The first place Program Achievement Award of $1000
by 635,000 miles and decreasing 270 metric tons of CO2       went to Old Mill School in Mill Valley for the highest
emissions� Participants in the new SchoolPool program        percentage increase of Green Trips since it joined the
increased Green Trips even more, by 16%� That’s the          Safe Routes to School program (in 2003)� Old Mill’s
equivalent of decreasing the number of single-student-       school site council developed a “15 Minutes to School”
occupant motor-vehicle trips by one trip per week�           campaign by proposing to open up steps and pathways
  The program has three categories of cash awards:           near the school to enable its students to walk to school
Green Ways to School Awards for outstanding achieve-         in 15 minutes or less� Over the years, successive team
ment in increasing green trips in the 2009-10 school         leaders have developed their own contests to encour-
year; Program Achievement Awards for outstanding             age more students to walk to school� Since 2003, Old
achievement in increasing green trips since the school       Mill School has increased Green Trips by 38%; they
originally entered the Safe Routes to Schools program;       have increased walking and bicycling to school by 26%�
and SchoolPool Awards for schools that had the high-         During the Go for the Green spring contest in 2010, they
est participation in the online SchoolPool trip-matching     recorded 59% Green Trips �
program� The cash awards are provided through the              Two School Pool Achievement Awards of $500 each
Marin Community Foundation�                                  went to Dixie School in Marinwood and to Brookside
  The top Green Ways to School award of $2000 went           Upper School in San Anselmo for generating the highest
to Loma Verde School in Novato for the highest increase      percentage of signups to the new SchoolPool trip match-
in green trips in 2009-10� Loma Verde principal Eileen       ing program, 29% and 30% of their student population
Smith, office secretary Jennie Pardi and team leader         respectively�
Michelle Camicia combined forces to promote green              This fall a $500 award, provided through a donation
and active trips to school� Eileen Smith acted as a role     from Kaiser Permanente, will be [continued on page 15]

                                                                 FREE                              BICYCLE
SR2S Green Ways Winners
continued from page 14

                                                                  GAIN CONFIDENCE RIDING ON MARIN’S ROADS & PATHS

                                                                                            STREET SKILLS for CYCLISTS
                                                                                           • Tuesday, October 19, 2010
                                                                                             Sausalito Parks and Recreation, Sausalito

Old Mill                                                                                   • Tuesday, November 9, 2010
given away to the school that generates the highest per-                                     Mill Valley Community Center, Mill Valley
centage of SchoolPool sign-ups by the middle of Octo-
                                                                                           • Tuesday, January 18, 2011
ber� Parents can sign up at www�SchoolPoolMarin�org
                                                                                             Marin General Hospital , Greenbrae

                                                                                           • Wednesday, March 23, 2011
                                                                                             Marin General Hospital, Greenbrae

 Green Ways to School Award                                                                  Class Times 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
                                                                                             Please register in advance
 K 1st place: Loma Verde Elementary School, Novato
 K 2nd place: tie: Manor Elementary School, Fairfax, and
   Wade Thomas Elementary School, San Anselmo
                                                                 TO REGISTER FOR CURRENT CLASSES, LEARN OF ADDITIONAL
 K Honorable Mention: Coleman Elementary School, San Rafael;     2011 DATES, TIMES AND LOCATIONS:
   Ross School, Ross; Laurel Del elementary School, San Rafael • 415-456-3469, 8#
 Program Achievement Award
                                                                                             These workshops are implemented by the Marin County Bicycle Coalition in their ongoing
 K 1st place: Old Mill Elementary School, Mill Valley                                        effort to improve bicycle safety in Marin County. Funding is provided by the Non-motorized
                                                                                             Transportation Pilot Program, administered by WalkBikeMarin (

 K 2nd place: Tam Valley Elementary School,                                                  American sign language interpreters and assistive listening devices may be requested by
                                                                                             calling 415-499-6172 (TDD) or 415-499-6528 (voice) at least 72 hours in advance.
                                                                                             Paratransit is available by calling Whistlestop Wheels 415-454-0904. For bicycle and
   Unincorporated Mill Valley                                                                bus routes please contact or 415-817-1717.

 K 3rd place: Brookside Lower, San Anselmo
 K Honorable Mention: Marin Primary and Middle School,
   Larkspur; Lagunitas School District, San Geronimo;
   White Hill Middle School, Fairfax

 SchoolPool Award
 K 1st place: tie – Brookside Upper Elementary School,
   San Anselmo; Dixie Elementary School, Marinwood
 K 2nd place: Mary Silveira Elementary School, Marinwood
 K Honorable Mention: Edna Maguire Elementary, Mill Valley

 Awards were based on student tally surveys from fall
 and spring, measuring all green modes and compar-
 ing specific modes; performance during the spring
 contest; and participation in the SchoolPool trip-
 sharing program�
 For more information contact Wendi Kallins at
 488-4101 or Laura Kelly at 456-3469 ext� 2#�

 Biking in Jerusalem                                              by David Hoffman

Clockwise: A cyclist rides                                     I’ve been watching bicy-      in Haifa runs through a largely industrial neighborhood,
through one of the narrow                                      clists climb a long hill      but sees only the occasional cyclist or pedestrian� A
streets in Jerusalem’s Old
                                                               from a low-lying area         new pathway is being built around the perimeter of
City� A makeshift cargo bike
has seen years of service�                                     to the upper neighbor-        Jerusalem�
Metal sculptures on the                                        hoods� The road is fast         I heard about the Jerusalem pathway when I met one
road leading to the Gilo                                       and narrow, and the           of its project managers, Ze’ev Temkin� We met in his
neighborhood in Jerusalem�                                     cyclists sometimes ride       office not far outside the city limits, right next to a café
                                                               the sidewalk, dodging         dedicated completely to the late King of Rock and Roll,
                                                               mothers with wheeled          Elvis Presley� It was a surreal morning� First, talking with
                                                               shopping baskets, young       Ze’ev about the explosive growth of both transportation
                               children, and joggers� The cyclists struggle up the hill—     and recreational bicycling—attempting to use my frac-
                               it’s hot and humid here, making the extra exertion that       tured Hebrew while he communicated in only slightly
                               much greater� In the center median are colorful, oversize     less fractured English� Then, having breakfast at the
                               metal silhouettes of bicyclists and pedestrians in poses      Elvis Diner� The diner has thousands of Elvis pictures,
                               of effortless cycling and walking ease� I see a bicyclist     statues and memorabilia� An all-Elvis soundtrack is
                               dressed in a long black coat, curls of hair hanging from      piped in through the overhead speakers�
                               the sides of his face� A broad black hat is bungeed to
                                                                                               Folding bicycles are very popular in Israel, especially in
                               his panniers, which carry books, a computer, and the
                                                                                             urban areas, where they are used primarily for transpor-
                               assorted objects that help him get through his day� I
                                                                                             tation� Prohibitions about bringing bikes into your work
                               am in Jerusalem, Israel� And I am witnessing the birth
                                                                                             area seem to be relaxed� A fair number of inexpensive
                               of a bicycling boom�
                                                                                             mountain bikes are used for transportation� Jerusalem
                                 I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and helping         is very San Francisco-like in its topography, with some
                               design and promote great bicycle facilities in Marin          low-lying areas surrounded by steep and long hills into
                               County, and part of this work includes understand-            the neighborhoods� Countless folks ride from the city
                               ing how bicycle facilities are built in other parts of the    center out towards the neighborhoods by shifting into
                               world� Places like the Netherlands are legendary for their    low gear and slowly cranking up the hills� Higher-end
                               bicycling infrastructure and incredibly high ridership�
                                                                                                BIKERS BALL 2010
                                                                                             bikes and Lycra-clad athletes are still somewhat rare� I
                               The Netherlands are both colder and wetter than Marin         saw a few of them on the roadways between municipali-
                               County, so they must be doing something right! Jerusa-           The Marin County Bicycle Coalition is heading back
                                                                                             ties, riding on the shoulders of the road where cars fly by
                                                                                                to Servino in Tiburon on Saturday, November 13, to
                               lem too, is in the middle of a transportation revolution�         more than 100 kilometers year of (about 62 miles
                                                                                             atcelebrate another successfulper hourmaking Marin’s
                                 For the most part, bike paths are still something of a      per hour)� For these riders, seemingly, the heat, cars,
                                                                                                rides safer and a heck of a lot more fun. Stay tuned
                               novelty in Israel� Bike lanes simply do not exist� Tel Aviv      for details regarding whose music you’ll your miles�
                                                                                             and humidity aren’t a deterrent to loggingbe dancing
                               has a couple of wonderful multi-use paths, which teem            to, what fabulous auction items are on few US-made
                                                                                               Most cars in Israel are European; athe block, and
The King of Rock and Roll�
Israeli style�                 with cyclist families and commuters� A multi-use path            what special guests might cars are small and under-
                                                                                             cars dot the road� Overall,be in store.

    Biking in Jerusalem continued

powered relative to what Americans are used to� SUVs        and Europe� Public transportation is cheap, easy, clean,      Left: A cyclist takes a break
do exist, but they are a minority� One-lane or two-lane     and efficient� Lots of people take the bus� (Remember         along the multi-use path in Tel
                                                                                                                          Aviv� Right: Children on bikes
roundabouts are the norm at most intersections� Bicy-       the bus bombings in Israel? Attacking the public trans-
                                                                                                                          are everywhere!
clists don’t seem to have any trouble navigating the        portation system in Israel has a significant impact on
roundabouts� Israel has a European-style traffic light      people’s ability to get around�) Bus Rapid Transit is now
system with five phases: green, flashing green for a        being embraced� Jerusalem is in the middle of building
few moments to indicate a pending change to yellow,         its first light rail system� There’s a high-speed train
yellow, red, then a combo yellow and red that indicates     between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, similar to the one that
a pending change to green� When the lights are in the       California will be building in years to come� In all cases,
yellow-red phase drivers lean on their horns to ensure      bikes are welcome�
that you’re well underway by the time the light signals                                                                   My sense is that
                                                              My sense is that Jerusalem, like most of the rest of
green�                                                      Israel, is on the edge of embracing bicycling as a legiti-    Jerusalem, like most
  Despite the urgency with which most drivers seem          mate form of transportation� Recreational bike use is         of the rest of Israel,
to take to the road, I witnessed very few instances of      high, and transportation bicycling is on a very rapid rise�   is on the edge of
drivers behaving dangerously around bicyclists� Given       The facilities and roads haven’t caught up to the demand
                                                                                                                          embracing bicycling
the strife and tension that Israelis experience in their    being placed on them by bicyclists, but that will likely
day-to-day lives due to the political environment, I was    soon change� While there is no national advocacy group        as a legitimate form
surprised to see drivers behaving with such civility        for bicycling, neighborhood and city groups are begin-        of transportation. ...
around bicyclists�                                          ning to form� Like the MCBC, they are pushing for newer       Like the MCBC, they
   Children take to the streets in droves� They sometimes   and better facilities that aren’t designed solely for cars�   are pushing for newer
ride to school� I saw some banners posted on street                                                                       and better facilities
lights and utility poles, promoting walking and biking
and imploring parents to drive carefully around the
                                                                                                                          that aren’t designed
neighborhood and schools and to watch for students on                                                                     solely for cars..
bikes� It looked similar to the “Street Smarts” program
being run in Marin County� Could Israel be ripe for a
version of Safe Routes to School?
  Israel is looking to reduce its dependence on oil for
transportation� Gas is priced much higher than in the
US; translated into dollars, it’s about $6�60 per gallon�
In Israel, an American SUV with a 20-gallon tank would
cost $132 to fill up� Companies such as Better Place,
an electric car company, were born in Israel� Better
Place now has major offices in Israel, Silicon Valley,

  2010 Bike Facility Successes
   By Tom Boss, MCBC Membership Director

Left: MCBC Kit –Voler Club Raglan Jersey and Peloton shorts; Camalbak Vantage 35; Bike: Deuter Trans Alpine 30.
Right: Zoic Projeckt jersey in picante and Thread short. Photos by Miguel Farias. (Dias Ridge trail)

fa·cil·i·ty noun: Something (as a bicycle path) that is built, installed,
or established to serve a particular purpose
MOST COMMON                       Often cyclists ask, “what are the benefits of MCBC            a bicycle. We hope you enjoy getting to know your new
BICYCLE FACILITIES:               membership?” When you mention “bike map” or “dis-             bicycle facilities a little better. We also hope that you’ll
                                  counts” people get that, because it’s something tangible.     be inspired to join MCBC or renew your membership.
Class I Bike Path -
                                  But when you say “new facilities” you often get a glazed
Totally separated from
                                  look: People either don’t know what that means or they
traffic (Lincoln Hill,            don’t see how they directly benefit. However, the work
Northgate Promenade).             MCBC does advocating for new facilities is the biggest
                                  advantage of MCBC membership, and we’ve had some
Class II Bike Lane –
                                  pretty impressive facilities open in 2010.
Separated from traffic
by line on the road;                The year started with the opening of the Los Ranchitos
                                  bike lanes, which connect the Northgate Mall with the
usually between 4
                                  top of Lincoln Hill. In May, the Northgate Promenade
and 6 feet wide with a
                                  bike path was officially dedicated. It runs along Las
6-inch-wide white stripe
                                  Gallinas Avenue in front of the Northgate Mall. Also in
between traffic and bike
                                  May, San Anselmo Avenue was repaved and Sharrows
lane (Los Ranchitos,
                                  were installed, and the new multi-use Dias Ridge Trail
Alameda del Prado).               was officially opened.
Class III – Share the road          In August we saw the opening of new bike lanes along
with traffic. Signage             Alameda del Prado. By the time you read this story you
and Sharrows alert                should be able to ride the new Lincoln Hill Pathway,
motorists that you have           which connects the top of Lincoln Avenue with Mission
                                  Street on a totally separated bicycle freeway. I call it a
a right to use the lane
                                  freeway because it has overhead lighting, overpasses,
(4th Street San Rafael,
                                  a tunnel and large signs pointing out the exits.
San Anselmo Avenue).
                                    We thought it would be fun to take photos along these
Multi-use Trail – A trail         new facilities with cyclists wearing some stylish bicycle-
that is shared by hikers,         specific apparel. That’s right, all the clothing you’ll see   Zoic Laney longsleeve V-neck T and Outlier Daily
bikers and equestrians.           in these photos was designed to be worn while riding          Riding pants in black. (Dias Ridge Trail)

Bicycle Fashion on Marin’s New Pathways!
                                                  Photos by Miguel Farias

DOL Active Wear Skirt and Luna Eclipse jacket.
(Northgate Promenade)

                                                 My Alibi Halter Cami and
                                                 Pedal Pusher Capris.
                                                 (Lincoln Hill Pathway)

                                                          My Alibi Halter,
                                                          Teardrop, and
                                                          Strappy Camis
                                                          with Pedal Pusher
                                                          Capris with
                                                          (Lincoln Hill

DOL Active Wear Skirt with Pedal Panties.
Bike: Boogie Bike. (Northgate Promenade)

   Sheila Moon Cotton Rowan Jacket and Riding Trousers.

                                                                       Helmet: LAS Istrion; Campagnolo Heritage Stretch
                                                                       Piquet polo; Rapha Touring shorts; Campagnolo TG
                                                                       System Heritage Glove; Vittoria 1976 Cycling shoe;
                                                                       Bike: Bianchi Via Brera. (Northgate Promenade)

   (Lincoln Hill Pathway)

                                                                       Outlier 4Season OG pants in slate gray and Merino
                                                                       T-shirt in gray. Adidas Original Sambas; Timbuk2Swig
                                                                       backpack. Bike: Masi Speciale Commuter. (Northgate
Zoic Projeckt jersey in picante and Thread short. (Dias Ridge Trail)

Mike’s Bikes Capo “The County” jersey.
(Dias Ridge Trail)

                                                      Hincapie women’s wool long sleeve base layer (topaz) and Luna Moon Buggy shorts.Tim-
                                                      buk2 messenger bag. Bike: Marin Bikes Kentfield FS Step-Thru. (Northgate Promenade)

Luna Marla Di-Da short sleeve top and Hincapie Tour
LT jacket. (Northgate Promenade)

  (Lincoln Hill Pathway)

                                             Twin Six “Brew Pub Alpe d’Huez” T-shirt and
                                             Zoic Posh Short.

Twin Six “I Heart”
T-shirt and My
Alibi Simple Skirt.
Dahon Folding

                Sheila Moon Bo Peep dress.

                                             Sheila Moon Stardust Go Go Skirt with Lingerie Liner.

MCBC Spring Bike Sweepstakes
MCBC proudly announces the winners of the 2010 Spring Bike Sweepstakes

                                                         »   GRAND PRIZE – Jamis Commuter 4 bike                  MCBC’S
                                                             – Gordie MacDermott                                  CALENDAR OF
                                                         »   Easton Mountain bike wheelset                        EVENTS
                                                             – Mary Beth Culler
                                                         »   Light and Motion Vis 360 Commuter helmet light
                                                             – Madelyn Kahn, MD
                                                         »   Rickshaw Commuter messenger bag
                                                             – Ben Thompson

In an effort to increase membership last spring, we      »   Smith Optics PIVLOCK® V90 MAX Sunglasses
automatically entered anyone joining or renewing their       – Pali Cooper, DC
MCBC membership in a drawing for eight great gifts.      »   Timbuk2 bag – Amil St. Augustine
In two months MCBC recruited 399 members, 198 of
                                                         »   Light and Motion Vis 180 Commuter Tail Light
whom were new members!
                                                             – Jeff Colin
  We’d like to thank everyone who helped push mem-
bership over 1500 during this membership-recruitment     »   Camelbak 2010 H.A.W.G. NV
effort. Here are the winners of the prizes.                  – Sean Braniff

Win a Custom Laptop Messenger bag!
Answer these three questions correctly and enter a drawing for a Timbuk2 Custom Laptop Messenger
bag. Valued at $205, this one-of-a-kind messenger bag is made with Vinyl shine in colbalt and bronze.
Comes complete with a laptop compartment and a shoulder pad. Visit their website and create your
own custom design! Clue: the answers can be found inside this issue.
1. What kind of bike did Gordie MacDermott win
   in the Spring Bike Sweepstakes?
2. Which Safe Routes to School contest did Loma
   Verde School win?
3. Which tribe, which investigated transportation,
   was described by student Paris Dowd?




                                                         Mail this form to MCBC, PO Box 1115, Fairfax, CA 94978
                                                         or email your answers to The
                                                         drawing will be held on November 20 at the Cranks-
                                                         giving ride.
                                                           Thanks to Timbuk2 for contributing our Pedal Press
State     Zip
                                                         contest prize.

  MCBC STORE                                                                         FASHION SHOOT
                                                                                     SPECIAL THANKS!
                                   Visit our online store for these items.
                                                                                     Julie Gleason, Sheila Moon, Mathilde Keiser,
                                                                                     Christopher Keiser, Abbie Durkee,
                                                                                     Sofia Hamilton, Kate Courtney, Leigh Etheridge,
                                                                                     Karen Tomczar, Rona Hung, Mary McDermott,
                                                                                     Gabe Byrne, Chris McNally, Delanie Kern,
                                                                                     Rob Spear, Cammie Urban, Dan Sankey,
                                   The MCBC jerseys
                                                                                     Tom Boss
                                   - $69.00
                                                                                     Miguel Faris

                                                                                     Sheila Moon, My Alibi, Outlier, Zoic, Rapha,
                                                                                     Campagnolo, Mike’s Bikes – Capo,
                                                                                     MCBC – Voler, Hincapie, Luna Sport Gear,
   MCBC Map - $12.00
                                                                                     Pedal Panties, Timbuk2, Twin Six, Adidas,
   A must-have resource for
                                                                                     Camelbak, Deuter
   anyone riding in Marin!
                              Men’s and Women’s Tee
                                      shirts - $25.00
                                                                                     Marin Bikes, Dahon, Boogie Bike, Masi

         Biketoberfest                                    Bikers Ball                             Cranksgiving
         – October 16                                   – November 13                            – November 20

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