shut down your computer according to time table by minsep


									If you want to shut down your computer every day in timetable you can do it guys, you can use
this for office or internet cafe, other than that, if you are downloading film or software at that
time you can’t wait whole time for that. So you can shut down your computer automatically.
Then no need to wait for it.

So my dear friends follow these steps

01- Start –> type “ Task Scheduler “ > press enter

02- Then you will see a new window

Now go to Action then select Create Basic Task

Now give any name if you like for the name, and then press next
04- Now you can select daily, weekly, monthly, onetime… if you want, you can do this daily,
now I’m going to select daily, but you can choose another things for your willing, after that press

05- Now enter the time when you want to shout down your computer, and press Next

06- Put the tic mark on the Start a program, and click next
07- Press the browse button and find the shutdown.exe or copy below path and paste on that
path and then press Next


08- Now click finish, so it’s over.

Try this dear friends

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