What is the Blue Screen by minsep


									Hey guys what do you know about the blue screen? When we are using our computer, sometimes
you could see blue screen with some instruction, then we have to restart our computer, and then
we are thinking it is over and we could solve it or something like that, but it is not over. You
should think about this. Do you know we are calling this BSoD. It’s mean blue screen of
Death. If you ignore this without reading, you will have to face a lot of problem, and you will
have to suffer a lot. First of all I would like to say this error message is coming at very dangerous

How can we solve this problem?

When you see this blue screen, please read carefully, and try to get an idea about this, after that
write down that message. This step is very important. Then we can do something for this.

The first thing is we can solve this problem via configuration settings. After the write down
that message, press restart button and restart your computer, and then press the F8 button on
your key board, before BIOS load, then you will see a display in black, and some instruction are
there, and then you should select last known good configuration, and press enter, is there an
any primary problem computer can manage or it can solve, it will be solved.

The second thing is we know about the Random Access Memory, we are calling for it RAM.
Every data are transferring from hard drive to processor and via RAM. Without ram we cannot
start our computer, therefore this part is very expensive. Is there an any problem with RAM
card? That is the reason for BSOD’s coming. How can we find this?

Check the error message which you wrote down, and find the memory address from that, it’s
mean like this Stop:0y10re, or something like that will be there. After the restarting if you can
see that message again in same memory address we can decide, this is an error because of RAM,
then you have to remove the RAM from motherboard after that clean the RAM and replace it
again. It may end of your problem, otherwise you will have to buy new RAM and replace it
instead of old RAM.

The third thing is, if you can see this type of message in blue screen
IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, you should think about your hardware’s. If you entered new
hardware check it or remove it. After that restart your computer again.These types of messages
are coming for that reason. I’m sure about it.

After you installed new software, if there a problem with that software blue screen will come. So
you can use Configuration or you should select Safe Mode,

and then go to start programs — > accessories — > system tools

                                    — > system restore

And restore your computer. After that clean your registry with registry cleaning software. You
can download software for that.

After these all things if you couldn’t get a solution, search that codes using internet and try to get
solution. You can go to Microsoft windows site and search about that blue screen. That is the
reason I told you, wire down that message.

Sometimes this blue screen is coming, because of virus. Then you can try to find a solution by
format your computer and install windows again. Try this dear friends


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