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                                           Srpporting Our
                            Geography bind Fayetteville
                                      may               logistically Fort Bragg,
                       but thestronger of respect honorconnect town's
                                                and                the      residents
                                  to members themilitaryand theirfamilies.

                               he effort startedsmall,with           began to receivedonations to
                               one woman who began                   pay for care-package items.
                               mailing care packagesto                 The generous outpouring
                               deployedsoldiersin 2005.              provided Chavonne the perfect
                               As deploymentsincreasedin             name for a project that's
                               duration and frequencg so did         evolvedinto a community-
                               the demand for packages.Soon          wide effort offering support
                               Joanne Chavonnewas mailing            and goods to hundreds
                               out 100 parcelsa month. As            of soldiersand military
                               word of her efforts spread, she       families: FayettevilleCares.

                                                   BY DIANE SILCOX.JARRETT
                                               P H O T O G R A P H Y Y S C O T TT A Y L O R

1 1 6 O u r S t a t e r u o v e B E Rz o o s                                               
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 Expanded effort
 As her care-packageprojectgrew,
 Chavonne  next approached the
  Chamber of
  Commerce and
  the Military
  Affairs Council
  to assistwith
  donations from
  local businesses.
 About the same
 time, her husband
 and Fayetteville
 mayor, Tony Chavonne, along
 with chamber members, realized
 there was an increasing need for a
 central clearinghouse dedicated to
 matching military families in need
 with businesses,   organizations,and
 individuals wanting to help. Kirk
 deViere,then chairman of the chamber
 and current chairman of Fayetteville
 Cares,askedJoanne to help createa
 new organization to focus the efforts of
 all who wanted to assistin supporring
 military personneland families. They
 decidedto merge her original project
 with the new organization to retain the
name FayettevilleCares.
    "I was overwhelmed by the support
that came in as soon as we announced              1,
what we were doing," explains deViere.          Thecommunity's        to               in
                                                             commitment helpthe soldiers their nridst     that
                                                                                                    ensures Joanne
 "The businesses   were ready to help but       Chavonne Fayetteville
                                                       and         Careshaveplentyof suppliesand volunteers.
didn't know how to bridge the gap."
    The first fund-raiser for Fayetteville      someonehelping the wife of a deployed       Fayetteville Cares. "'S7henthe
Caressurpassed     $60,000. "Every media        infantryman fix a flat tire or start the    organization began approaching
outlet in Fayettevilleparticipated. Local       lawn mower for the first time in the                      the
                                                                                            businesses, responsewas truly
radio stations held remotes at the same         spring. "No matter how small the            astounding. To me, as a military wife,
location for a drive-by donation event,"        problem might seemon any given day,         it was humbling.
deVieresays. "The community saw it as           it can be a big deal to the person having      "The saying among military wives is,
a common causeand turned out. It was            it," saysdeViere.                           'Everything
                                                                                                           in the house breaks the day
unbelievableand unprecedented."                    Mayor Chavonne is proud of how           they leave,"' she says."So, it's good to
                                                the community has steppedup to this         know someoneis there to help."
No need too small                               neighbor-helping-neighbor    effort.           Needs change with the number of
A veteran himself, deVieresaysthe               "'We have such a willing community;         soldiers being deployed at a time. One
organization complementsthe military            it's rewarding to seehow this has all       deployment resulted in a spike in the
support for soldiersand their families.         happened.There's such a sense    of         need for child care. A local business
"'We are a community-readinessgroup             closeness betweenthe two communities."      donated money for a child-care center
connecting the dots of the needsto the             "It renews your faith in humanity,"      to stay open extra hours severalnights
businesses,  groups, and individuals that       saysRebekah Sanderlin, whose                a month so moms and dads could have
are able to take care of those needs."          husband is stationed in Afghanistan         a little time to themselves.
The connection can be as simple as              and who also volunteerswith                    According to Joanne,needsalso

1 1 8 O u r S t a t er u o v e , t B E2 o o 8
                             n        R                                                               
  changewhen soldiersreturn
  home. "'We'rein the midst of
  planning a community-wide
  baby shower," shesays."The
  entire 82nd Airborne is home
  right now, and there's a baby
  boom on the way at Fort Bragg."

  Programs partnering with
  Fayetteville Cares offer
  generousbenefits like a day
  camp for children and their
  returning dads, clothing
  and furniture items. and
  a relaxing picnic spot.
     The perfect place for soldiers
  to unwind with their families
  is Raft Swamp Farms, located
 in nearby Hoke County. Louie
 and Jackie Hough, United States
 Army veteransthemselves,run a
 farm incubator program where                                                           e
                                                      M a n y o { F a y e t t e v i l l C a r e sv o l u n t e e r s r e a l s o m e m b e r so f t h e m i l i t a r y ,h e l p i n go u t
                                                                                                 '                 a
 people can plant their own                           i n l o c a ls c h o o l s ,
 gardensin up to three-acreplots.
     "'We have 150 acreswhere                                    a kick out of the visit. "Walking in the                         been converted to accommodate
 soldierscan come and just get away                              fields,eating fresh strawberries,picking peoplewith disabilities.
 from it all," saysHough. "They                                  peanuts.It doesn't matter; they really                             "It was an easy decision for me
 walk the trails or sit quietly by a                             have a ball." He also has a golf cart                            becauseit was a transportation need,"
 campfire. I have soldiersstationed                              equipped for handicappedvisitors.                               saysLallier. "That's what everybody
 here from the Midwest who want                                       You can tell by listening to Hough's                       does; they help in the way they can,
 to show their kids how they grew                                voice that welcoming military families                          and so much gets done."
 up by showing them how to ride                                  is a joy to him. "The thing I hear most
 tractors, so I put them to work."                               is             can I come back?"' he says.                      Heartfeltgiving
    Hough adds that the children also get "One guy called me from Afghanistan                                                    Military family needscome in
                                                                                            and wanted to make                   many forms. Sometimesreturning
                                                                                            sure I had the farm,                 soldiers have no way to notify
                                                                                            so he could come                     loved ones that they're back home.
                                                                                            back when he got                     "Embarq donated cell phones for
                                                                                            home. It's such a                    the soldiers to use when they're at
                                                                                            simple thing, but it                 the redeployment facility (Green
                                                                                            means so much."                      Ramp), enabling them to contact
                                                                                               Wounded soldiers                  family and friends," saysdeViere.
                                                                                            and their families                   "Gifts like these m€an so much to so
                                                                                            once faced problems many. \fe constantly receive heartfelt
                                                                                            getting to treatment                 notes thanking us for being here."
                                                                                            or off-post events,                              Bauguess,head of the 82nd
                                                                                            but no more. Mike                   Airborne Division'Wounded S7arrior
                                                                                            Lallier, owner                       Committee, personally understands
The 82nd AirborneDivision oundedWarrior    W                                                of Reed-Lallier                     how reaching out to others can affect
C o m m i t t e em e m b e r s( L t o R :W e s l e yB a u g u e s sT r i n a
                                                                           ,               Chevrolet, donated                   someone.Bauguess's             husband, Larry,
J e r o m e ,L a u r e nN e l s o n , o d i D a v i d s o n a n d D e n i s e
                                    i                         ,                            two vans, one that                   a major and operations officer for the
W a m b e k e ) j,o i n e d b y S g t . G a r c i a , a i s ea w a r e n e s s
                                                    r                                      holds 15 passengers                  4th Brigade Combat Team's Special
a b o u t t h e n e e d so f s o l d i e r s n d t h e i r f a m i l i e s .
                                           a                                               and another that's                   Troops Battalion, was killed in

1 2 0 O u r S t a t er u o v r u B E R o o s
                                                                                                 action in Pakistan in May 2007. I'r,t'rr
                                                                                                 with her excruciating loss, Baugrr.'','
                                                                                                 knew her husband would want h''r'
                                                                                                 to continue serving; the Woundc, l
                                                                                                 Warrior Committee gave her an
                                                                                                 o u t l e t . S h ea n d 2 4 o t h e r s p o u s c s . r r r ' l
                                                                                                 widows of the 82nd Airborne vi,'rt
                                                                                                 wounded paratroopers at Waltcr
                                                                                                 R e e d ,B r o o k e , a n d W o m a c k A r r r , r
                                                                                                 medical centers.
                                                                                                    When the injured troopers arrtv(' .rt
                                                                                                 a h o s p i t a li n t h e U n i t e d S t a t e s , , ' l t , ' , ,
                                                                                                 they need extra clothing. "'S(ie'rr'
                                                                                                 a b l e t o o f f e r t h e m j a c k e t s ,T - s h i r t ' .
                     $ay hello lo your new brothers.                                             athletic pants, shorts, and micrr'
                                                                                                 bead pillows with an 82nd,r',                       ,
                 BlueRidgeSchool an all-boyscollegepreparatory
                                                                                                 emblem sewn on themr" Baugur'.'"
                 boarding    gradesnine throughtwelve.
                                                                                                 s a y s ." T h e y ' r e i n t h e h o s p i t a l a w . r i
                 We serveyoungmen who respondwell to smallclasses,                               from their unit and seeingthe
                            environment, a strongsenseof
                 a structured         and                                                        emblem helps them Sta/ connect...l
                 community.                                                                      This spring, when we neededtrt I'rrr
                                                                                                 shorts and T-shirts for the sumnr('l
                 We are locatedtwenty milesfrom Charlottesville,
                 homeof the University Virginia.
                                      of                                                         months, Fayetteville Cares donat,',1
                          www. BlueRid                                              m o n e y s o w e c o u l d p u r c h a s et h t ' r r r . '
                                 434.98s.2811                                                      Bauguessfeels a tremendous
                                                                                                 personal connection with the
                                                                                                 wounded warriors she visits.
                                                                                                 "Their lives have been affected
                                                                                                 by the war, as has mine. I get
                                                                                                 such a senseof honor just being
                                                                                                 in their presence,"she says.
                                                                                                   Fayetteville's patriotism runs
                                                                                                 deep and provides the force behin<l
                                                                                                 FayettevilleCares.As the organizirtt, s               'r
                                                                                                 motto states,it's all about, "'S(/atclrrr'11
                                                                                                 Over Those WJro Watch Over Us."
                                                                                                   "We in Fayettevillelive amorrl:
                                                                                                 heroes," Joanne says.
                                                                                                    DeViere  agrees."This conflict
                                                                                                 is affectingso many peoplewho
                    A HOLIDAY CLASSIC                                                       :    live this war everyday.They're
                                                                                                 our friendsand family. lfhat we
                             ff*"J-Jo, zool                       f ,zo7
                                          fr-*f                                                  giveback to them is so small in
       Ioin us this lnliclnyseasott nnd enfo.t, hentLtilitl dicor and wrique holiday dirylavs.
                                              tlrc                                               comparison what theyhavegivt'rr
                                                                                                 us and continueto giveeveryday."-"*ry
                        i(      Hor-mAY     RArES
                                      cLASSrc    H*
                                                                                                                    liuesin Ral"rvl'
                                                                                                 Diane Silcox-larrett

                                                                                                 to knowmore
                                                                                                   For a link to Fayetteville Cares'
                                                                                                   we bsite, g o to vwvw.o u rstate.cant,
                                                                                                   and click on "This Month's lssur:."

1 2 2 O u r S t a t er u o v e B E R o o 8
                                    2                                                                                            W\^/W.OUrStalt'            i 'I

                              :ls'n'-                                                                                                                                               i'   t:'
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           f                                                                                                                                   c'
                                                       a                                j                                                      F
                                                                                                                                               [:                    i
                                                   ::)                                                                                         f.
                                                                                                                                           7   t:
                                                                                                                                               ,           fr'
                                                                                                                                        !{::               l;
                                              i:                                                                                       ,t:
                                                                                                                                               I,.                   i:


           t',:t'. *

                                                                                                   l'r:: ,:

                                             313157                        r0/L/20L0        7   P001.41
                                             FAYETTEVILLEAREA CVB
                                             }IR. JOHN IIIEROSKI
                                             2 4 5 P E R S O NS T
                                             FAYETTEVILLENC 28301-5733

                                                                    . i,

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