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Mosby's Faculty Development Institute by linxiaoqin


									       2011 Conference Program
       Register Today and Earn up to 21 Hours

Mosby’s Faculty
     Orlando, FL • January 3 - 5, 2011

      Preconferences • January 3
      • QSEN for Nursing Students
      • Legal and Policy Issues for Nursing Educators
      • Know White and Her Seven Learners Plus One
      • Simulation to Avatars - Technology That Helps You Teach

                                                  CALL FOR ABSTRACTS                         See page 3 for details
    HIGHLIGHTS & BENEFITS                                          CONFERENCE OBJECTIVES

In these challenging times, nursing educators are under          Upon completion, participants will be better able to:
constant pressure to produce well-qualified graduates
who can think critically and provide safe, high-quality care.        Examine current and future trends in nursing
New demands on curriculum content continue to emerge                 education and the implications for faculty
from multiple stakeholders from inside and outside the               practice and development.
profession. Innovative teaching techniques that help
students understand and apply content to their practice              Describe strategies for linking nurse education
are demanded. Technologies help move students toward                 curriculum to nursing practice and evolving
competent clinical practice but costs must be carefully              standards/recommendations.
justified as school budgets are shrinking, so using new
technologies to their fullest capabilities is essential. The         Discuss methods to measure program and
day-to-day demands of teaching, along with work on                   course outcomes.
committees and work with individual students, takes its
toll on both seasoned and new faculty. Join us in Orlando            Identify options for creative instructional delivery
for a tune-up and opportunity to meet colleagues from                and course management.
across the nation that are working with similar challenges
and find innovative solutions that may readily apply to               Explore new research relevant to advancing
your work.                                                           nursing education.
Highlights of this program:
    4 half-day Preconferences designed to give you a                  WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
    concentrated session on one or more areas of your
    practice: Legal and Policy Issues, Creative Teaching
    Strategies, QSEN and The Use of Simulation and                   Nursing Faculty/Educators
    Avatars to Help You Teach.                                       Deans of Nursing & Allied Health
    Poster presentations and exhibits of teaching tools
                                                                     Staff Development Educators
    that can help promote quality and efficiency in nurse             Clinical Nurse Educators
    education.                                                       Allied Health Faculty
                                                                     Clinical Nurse Specialists
    A complimentary luncheon and presentation on
    Tuesday, “Integrating the Electronic Health Record               Nurse Practitioners
    into Your Program” provided by Elsevier (limited to              Administrators
    first 100 registrants).                                           Directors
                                                                     Clinical Directors
    A choice of 5 Concurrent Sessions in each time frame
    on Wednesday to help you design a program which                  Supervisors
    meets your needs.                                                Consultants
    Access to all conference presentation slides.                … anyone interested in Nursing Education.

Join us at the beautiful Walt Disney World Swan and                                   EXHIBITS
Dolphin Resort, and enjoy the mild weather and fun
in the sun activities of Orlando during winter break. Take
                                                                 To enhance your educational experience, we
time to re-energize your teaching and learn new solutions
                                                                 are inviting representatives from professionally
to take back to your colleagues.
                                                                 relevant companies, organizations and hospitals
                                                                 to exhibit equipment, supplies, services and career
Program Planning Committee Members
                                                                 opportunities. The schedule provides participants
Peg Gray-Vickrey, DNS, RN
                                                                 time for one-on-one discussion with exhibitors. For
Cheryl L. Mee, MSN, MBA, RN, BC, CMSRN
                                                                 exhibit space availability or additional information,
Elizabeth C. Poster, PhD, RN, FAAN
                                                                 contact the Exhibitor Information Line at (925) 828-
Ann B. Schlumberger, EdD, RN
                                                                 7100, Ext. 5260, Email or
Program Manager
Julie Elmquist, MS
Contemporary Forums

2                   A Leader in Quality Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals for Over 25 Years
           ACCREDITATION                                      PARTNERS IN EDUCATION

A Certificate of Attendance is given upon completion of      Elsevier (Mosby, W.B. Saunders, and Churchill
course requirements, enabling you to register your credit   Livingstone) and Contemporary Forums are proud to
with the appropriate licensing boards or associations.      provide nurse educators with the outstanding tools they
To apply for credit not listed below, use the procedure     have relied on for years. We continually strive to meet the
established by the specific organization. Additional         needs of today’s healthcare professionals and remain at
brochures and evaluation forms provided upon request.       the forefront of nursing education. Faculty Development
                                                            Institute 2011 reflects our constant commitment to being
NURSES AND NURSE PRACTITIONERS                              your preferred information source for all of your nursing
Preconference A or B:                                       education needs.
4 ANCC/ 4.8 CA BRN contact hours
Preconference C:
4 ANCC/4.8 CA BRN contact hours OR                                      EMAIL UPDATES
Preconference D:
4.25 ANCC/5.1 CA BRN contact hours
                                                            If you are not currently receiving Online CE Library or
Main Conference:                                            conference information and updates via email, please go to
13 ANCC/15.6 CA BRN contact hours                 
                                                            You will then be notified of all conferences as soon as
Contemporary Forums is accredited as a provider             they are announced as well as have access to special
of continuing nursing education by the American             promotions. All email addresses are for Contemporary
Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on                 Forums’ use only.

Contemporary Forums is approved by the California
Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #04516.
                                                                     MOSBY’S FACULTY
(CA BRN contact hour = 50 minutes)                                    DEVELOPMENT
Preconference A or B: 4 hours                                           CALL FOR ABSTRACTS
Preconference C: 4 hours or
                                                              Have you successfully implemented a facility-wide
Preconference D: 4.25 hours
                                                              program to evaluate, improve or re-engineer your
Main Conference: 13 hours
                                                              existing system?
                                                              Have you taken an idea and turned it into a reality for
You will receive a Certificate of Attendance verifying
                                                              the betterment of your department or your students?
your attendance at this course. Please comply with the
                                                              Have you worked in a collaborative partnership,
guidelines of the appropriate boards, organizations or
                                                              established programs or shared technology?
agencies in registering your credit.
                                                            If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your
      2011 CE Conferences                                   colleagues would love to hear how you did it! Share
                   (Partial Listing)                        your triumphs and achievements with your own poster
       The Young Child with Special Needs
             March 2-5 • Las Vegas, NV                      The peer-reviewed poster presentations are always a
         Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing                     highlight of this conference. Posters offer the perfect
             March 8-12 • Las Vegas, NV
                                                            venue to network, exchange ideas, and improve the
            Contraceptive Technology
           March 9-12 • San Francisco, CA                   overall quality of nursing education for everyone at the
               Psychiatric Nursing                          conference. Presenters will receive special recognition
           March 23-26 • Philadelphia, PA                   during the conference as well as a discount on a future
            Contraceptive Technology                        Contemporary Forums meeting.
              April 13-16 • Boston, MA
               A Slice of AACN NTI                          Poster applications from teams and individuals are
             April 25-29 • Las Vegas, NV                    welcome. Deadline for application is October 25,
        Obesity Treatment and Prevention                    2010.
             May 4-6 • San Francisco, CA
                                                            To submit an abstract for a poster presentation, please
   For a complete list of Conferences, please visit us
       online at

                              Visit us at to register today!                                 3
PRECONFERENCE A                                                    PRECONFERENCE B
QSEN Quality and Safety Education                                  Nursing Students: Legal and Policy Issues
for Nurses                                                         for Nursing Educators
Gerry Altmiller, EdD, MSN, RN                                      Mark A. Hagemeier, Esq.
Gwen Sherwood, PhD, RN, FAAN                                       Ann B. Schlumberger, EdD, RN

Monday, January 3 (Morning)                                        Monday, January 3 (Morning)

Staggering reports of identified gaps in health care quality        This session is designed to make you aware of potential
demand transformation of nursing education and practice.           liabilities as a nursing educator or administrator of a nurse
Two experts from the national Quality and Safety Education         education program. Offered by a university based lawyer
for Nurses (QSEN) project will examine integration of              and a nursing education administrator, the workshop will
key quality and safety competencies in education and               use a case study approach to illustrate some of the more
practice, including: patient-centered care, teamwork               common issues that surface, and strategies that may help
and collaboration, evidence-based practice, informatics,           avoid some of the potential lawsuits that could surface in
systems-thinking and continuous improvement. Application           nurse education practice.
of new science will explore how nurses can improve
                                                                   Upon completion, participants will be able to:
professional communication through Team STEPPS,
examine Reason’s error model, consider application of                 Evaluate whether a negligence claim can be brought
human factors to create positive work environments, and               against a nurse educator for failing to properly educate
                                                                      a student.
increase the focus on patient safety through application
                                                                      Explain the most important technique(s) to avoid a
of clinical, classroom, and simulation-based strategies,              discrimination lawsuit.
including options aimed at interprofessional student groups.          Discuss how to avoid a hostile work environment
At the end of the session, participants will have the                 sexual harassment lawsuit and quid pro quo sexual
opportunity to:                                                       harassment lawsuit in the student context.
                                                                      Recall the accommodation process for a student with a
     Describe the impact of the national Quality and Safety           disability.
     Education for Nursing project on nursing education and           Describe policies to avoid student lawsuits and
     practice.                                                        disputes.
     Examine the 6 core quality and safety competencies for
     integration into nursing curriculum.                          7:00 a.m.     Preconference A Registration •
     Develop interactive learning opportunities for applying                     Check-in
     the competencies in nursing education and practice.             8:00        Legal Issues
7:00 a.m. Preconference A Registration                             10:00         Refreshment Break
                                                                   10:15         Policy Issues
    8:00     Driving Forces in Quality and Safety:
                                                                   11:45         Questions & Discussion
             Can You Site the Evidence?
                                                                                 Faculty Panel
             Gwen Sherwood, PhD, RN, FAAN
                                                                   12:15 p.m. Adjourn
    9:00     QSEN Phases I, II, and III: Integrating
             Quality and Safety Competencies
             Gerry Altmiller, EdD, MSN, RN
             Gwen Sherwood, PhD, RN, FAAN
10:00        Refreshment Break
10:15        Transforming Teaching to Engage
             Learners: Integrating Quality and Safety
             Gerry Altmiller, EdD, MSN, RN
             Gwen Sherwood, PhD, RN, FAAN
11:45        Questions & Discussion
             Faculty Panel
12:15 p.m. Adjourn

4                     A Leader in Quality Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals for Over 25 Years
PRECONFERENCE C                                               PRECONFERENCE D
Know White and Her Seven Learners                             From Simulation to Avatars – Technology
Plus One                                                      That Helps You Teach
Michele Deck, MEd, BSN, RN, LCCE, FACCE                       Patricia Burnell, MSN, RN
                                                              Pamela R. Jeffries, DNS, RN, FAAN, ANEF
Monday, January 3 (Afternoon)                                 Debi Sampsel, MSN, RN

Have you ever wondered how to make content memorable          Monday, January 3 (Afternoon)
for your learners? Have you noticed that there are several
different ways to reinforce important information for your    This workshop will describe different types of simulation and
learners? Let “Know” White introduce you to her learners      how to incorporate them into your teaching practice. From
and how a variety of teaching methods appeal to a diverse     basic skill models to avatars used in Second Life; strategies
group of learners.                                            to engage your students using simulation, evidence-based
                                                              practice outcomes, and state-of-the art emerging technologies,
Upon completion, participants will be able to:                including a remote presence robot will be presented. The
  Identify 8 ways adults process and remember                 participants will learn about a Living Laboratory Smart
  information.                                                Technology house that is advancing students’ home care and
  Describe 8 creative ways to teach content.                  community based experiences. Nursing research initiatives
  Plan a lesson using 3 different learning approaches.        that are designed to transform the delivery of health care
                                                              and create new ways for preceptors, faculty, and students to
12:00 p.m. Preconference C Registration                       interact with their educational environment will be discussed.
 1:00       Meet the 8 Learners and How They
            Process New Information and                       Upon completion, participants will be able to:
            Skills                                              Describe different types of simulations used in health
 3:00       Refreshment Break                                   care teaching and practice.
                                                                Discuss strategies to incorporate the use of
 3:15       8 Creative Ways to Teach Content,                   simulations in your teaching.
            Plan a Lesson Using 3 Approaches                    Identify new technologies being introduced to faculty
 4:45       Questions & Discussion                              and students, including the use of remote presence
            Faculty Panel                                       robots (telemedicine) in the academic setting.
                                                                Describe various research projects and technologies
 5:15       Adjourn
                                                                that are addressing faculty and nursing shortages, and
                                                                looking at futuristic approaches to clinical experiences.

                                                              12:00 p.m. Preconference D Registration
                                                               1:00        Demonstration of Robot
 CONFERENCE LUNCHEON                                                       Patricia Burnell, MSN, RN
 AND PRESENTATION                                                          Debi Sampsel, MSN, RN
                                                               2:00        Multifaceted Simulation Presentation
Elsevier Education Event                                                   (Human Patient Simulation, the Living
January 4 at 12:00 p.m. (see pg. 6 for details)                            Laboratory and the Use of Second
(Attendance is optional and requires a reservation                         Life Virtual World)
and is limited to first 100 registrants.)                                   Patricia Burnell, MSN, RN
                                                                           Debi Sampsel, MSN, RN
Integrating the Electronic Health Record into
Your Program                                                   3:00        Refreshment Break
Here is your opportunity to learn more about the latest        3:15        Simulation
issues surrounding electronic health records. From learn-                  Pamela R. Jeffries, DNS, RN, FAAN, ANEF
ing about recent legislation for hospitals to implementing     5:00        Questions & Discussion
electronic documentation into your curriculum, you’ll                      Faculty Panel
benefit from the wisdom that experts will share with            5:30        Adjourn
you. Complementary lunch will be available during this
session. If you plan to attend, please make sure that it is
reflected on your registration form. There will be no CE
credit for this session.

                               Visit us at to register today!                                  5
Tuesday, January 4                                                                    Elsevier Education Luncheon Event
                                                                                      (First 100 registered participants - must
7:00 a.m. Main Conference Registration • Exhibits •                                   register on Registration Form to attend)
          Posters                                                                     Integrating the Electronic Health
8:00      Future Directions in Technology Uses                                        Record into Your Program
                                                                                      Here is your opportunity to learn more about the
          in Higher Education: Implications for                                       latest issues surrounding electronic health records.
          Nurse Educators                                                             From learning about recent legislation for hospitals
          Diane J. Skiba, PhD, FAAN, FACMI                                            to implementing electronic documentation into your
              Web 2.0 tools – such as wikis, podcasts, blogs,                         curriculum, you’ll benefit from the wisdom that experts
              tagging and social networking – offer new                               will share with you. Complimentary lunch will be
              opportunities to link classrooms, workplaces, homes                     available during this session. If you plan to attend,
              and community settings across barriers of distance                      please make sure that you make a reservation on
              and time. Immersive interfaces, such as those that                      your Registration Form. (There will be no CE credit
              underlie multiplayer internet games, enable virtual                     for this session.)
              apprenticeships in simulated digital environments.
              This session will sketch the learning/teaching potential     1:30       Instant Teaching Tools for Healthcare
              of these powerful interactive media.                                    Educators
                                                                                      Michelle Deck, MEd, BSN, RN, LCCE, FACCE
9:00          The Imperative of Civility in Nursing                                   In this session, discover quick and easy clinical
              Education and Practice                                                  teaching and learning ideas that will make your job
              Cynthia Clark, PhD, RN, ANEF                                            as educators simpler. Learn strategies to get your
              Incivility and intimidating behaviors in health care                    learners to follow through on clinical time and develop
              seriously threaten patient safety and employee                          critical thinking skills.
              satisfaction. This workshop includes an overview of
              the state-of-the-science regarding incivility in nursing
                                                                           2:30       Let’s Get Together! Bringing Education
              education, describes how and why nursing faculty and                    and Practice Together
              students contribute to incivility explains the impact of                Linda J. Caputi, MSN, EdD, ANEF, CNE
              incivility on nursing practice and provides effective                   Nursing education and nursing practice are not
              strategies to promote a culture of civility in the nursing              separate entities – they are a continuum. This session
              profession.                                                             explores what this means and how to actualize the
10:00         Refreshment Break • Exhibits • Posters
                                                                           3:30       Refreshment Break • Exhibits • Posters
10:30         Quality and Safety Education for
              Nurses (QSEN): What Does It Mean for                         4:00       Life Balance for Nurse Educators –
              You?                                                                    Are you Crazy? There’s Hope!
              Gwen Sherwood, PhD, RN, FAAN                                            Kathleen D. Pagana, PhD, RN
              The national project, Quality and Safety Education                      Would you describe your life as sane and satisfying or
              for Nurses (QSEN), identifies new competencies as                        chaotic and crazy? Overloaded people often abandon
              the center of healthcare improvement. Through three                     key self-care practices that bring relief and help them
              phases of this ground breaking project, the goal is                     cope in stressful times. The resulting situation is
              to transform nursing education so that every nurse                      unhealthy, unsustainable, and unnecessary. During
              achieves core competencies in quality and safety.                       this fun, lively, and interactive program, you’ll find
              This presentation is a call to action for every nurse                   ways to make vital adjustments in your personal and
              educator to change their own practice, contribute to                    professional lives to handle the multiple decisions and
              healthy work environments, and improve patient care                     requests bombarding all aspects of your life. You’ll
              outcomes.                                                               learn that balance isn’t a luxury but a necessity for an
                                                                                      energizing personal life and a rewarding career.
11:30         Questions & Discussion
              Faculty Panel                                                5:00       Questions & Discussion
                                                                                      Faculty Panel
12:00 p.m. Lunch Break
                                                                           5:30       Adjourn

    “As a new nursing educator, this conference offered a wide               “Dynamic speakers with exceptional credentials and
    variety of topics that will increase my knowledge.”                      accomplishments.”
    Ashley Hanning RN, MSN Mansfield, OH                                      Donna Shipp RN, BSN Hanford, CA
    “The Mosby’s conferences are always great! This one was                  “Contemporary Forums is consistently presenting high-
    especially so because each session I attended gave me                    quality nursing seminars that are forward thinking and
    timely, pertinent strategies that I could use immediately upon           stimulate my creativity and drive my teaching and practices.”
    my return. Highly recommend attendance.”                                 Antoinette Willsea, MSN, RN Demorest, GA
    Cynthia F. Brown RN, MA, MSN Kennesaw, GA
                                                                              “Engaging, nationally known nursing experts presented
    “This was my first time to attend a Mosby’s Faculty                       cutting-edge material. Really an outstanding conference!”
    Development Conference. I was impressed with all the                     Susan Taylor MSN, RN Brockton, MA
    presenters. The information was excellent and will be utilized
    to improve my teaching performance.”                                     “Excellent as usual! Always well-balanced content focusing
                                                                             on education trends. An excellent way to stay informed!”
    LaWanda Herron PhD, MSN, FNP-BC Charleston, MS
                                                                             Heather MacLean RN, MN Calgary, AB Canada

6                       A Leader in Quality Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals for Over 25 Years
Wednesday, January 5                                                    10:00 a.m. CONCURRENT SESSIONS #2
                                                                           #21     The Neurobiology of Learning in
7:00 a.m. Exhibits • Posters                                                       Nursing Education: Limbic and Cortex
8:00      CONCURRENT SESSIONS #1                                                   and Me, Oh My!
   #11 Portfolio Development                                                       Mary Cazzell, PhD, RN
          Peg Gray-Vickrey, DNS, RN                                              This session is dedicated to presenting the
         What is the role of the academic portfolio in evaluation                neurodevelopment of nursing students, as well as
         and in improvement of teaching, service, and                            innovative and tried-and-true teaching strategies
         scholarship? How can you effectively present the                        that address the three neurobiological concepts
         integration of teaching, service, and scholarship?                      of learning. During this interactive and creative
         This informative session will provide a step-by-step                    session, you will learn the “why”, “what,” and “how” of
         approach for developing an academic portfolio for                       rethinking “adult” learning/teaching strategies.
         use in promotion and tenure decisions and to improve
         teaching, service, and scholarship.                               #22   Gathering Resources and
                                                                                 Disseminating the QSEN
   #12   Innovations in Handheld Technology                                      Competencies to Faculty
         Tim J. Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE                                            Gerry Altmiller, EdD, MSN, RN
         This session will focus on the use of handhelds in the
                                                                                 This discussion will focus on available resources that
         classroom, clinical, and lab environments. Emphasis
                                                                                 can be used to emphasize health care improvement.
         will be placed on knowledge management, clinical
                                                                                 Attention will be given to where in the curriculum
         decision support, and student interaction. We will
                                                                                 various strategies should be introduced and
         explore strategies to prepare students for using these
                                                                                 reinforced with the student, and when they should be
         tools as a means for success in school and on the job.
                                                                                 emphasized as an expectation in an undergraduate
   #13   Reliable Instruments for Measuring                                      nursing program. Participants will be shown how one
                                                                                 university disseminated quality and safety resources
         Outcomes                                                                to faculty members.
         These 45 minute presentations will review valid and reliable
         instruments to measure student outcomes, determine                #23   NCLEX Preparations and Remediation:
         remediation and or document program evaluation.
                                                                                 Is a Review Course Part of the Plan?
         Admission Assessment: How Well is It                                    Judy R. Hyland, MS, RN
         Working?                                                                Have you struggled to find the best ways to prepare
         The Admission Assessment was found to predict RN                        and remediate your students as they prepare for the
         students’ success in fundamental nursing courses.                       NCLEX? During this report of the current literature
         Parry J. Knauss, MA, RN                                                 you will learn the latest scientific evidence related to
                                                                                 NCLEX preparation and remediation. Find out what
         Pamela Willson, PhD, RN, FNP, BC                                        interventions are being successfully used. Discover
         Advanced Practice Registered Nurses:                                    how the inclusion of a live review course may be
         End of Course Exams                                                     helpful to your students.
         Pamela Willson, PhD, RN, FNP, BC                                  #24   Copyright Law and the Nurse
         The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Exams
         predicted graduate nurses’ national certification and                    Educator
         provided guidance for their final clinical preceptorship.                Mark A. Hagemeier, Esq.
         Strategies for implementation will be discussed.
                                                                                 Ann B. Schlumberger, EdD, RN
                                                                                 This presentation is designed for nurse educators
   #14   Transforming Clinical Education: A                                      who create educational materials and wonder
         New Approach for Today’s Challenges                                     about the copyright laws that protect their works.
         Linda J. Caputi, MSN, EdD, ANEF, CNE                                    The program will answer questions surrounding
         The Institute of Medicine (IOM, 2003) reported:                         the copyright doctrines that may or may not be
         “nurses and other health professionals are not being                    breached when nurse educators incorporate the
         adequately prepared to provide the highest quality                      intellectual materials of others into their lectures or
         and safest care possible, and there is insufficient                      presentations.
         assessment of their proficiency”. Using current
         nursing literature as an evidence base, this session              #25   Accreditation and Certification in
         provides an approach for transforming teaching                          Simulation
         and evaluation in clinical education to address the
         deficiency noted by the IOM.
                                                                                 Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Mancini, PhD, RN,
                                                                                 NE-BC, FAHA, FAAN
   #15   Providing Valid and Reliable RN and                                     With an increasing worldwide focus on patient safety,
                                                                                 numerous health care professional, regulatory, and
         PN Exit Exams: The 8th Validity Study                                   accrediting organizations have become interested
         Rae Langford, EdD, MS, RN                                               in the accreditation of simulation centers/programs
         Anne Young, EdD, MS, RN                                                 and the credentialing of individuals associated
         This session presents research findings about the                        with simulation in health care. In this interactive
         ability of the Elsevier Evolve Exit Exam (E2) to predict                session, we will discuss the value, challenges,
         student success on the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-                              and opportunities associated with accreditation
         PN examinations. It examines the effectiveness of                       of programs and certification of individuals in the
         repeated testing using a parallel examination. Learn                    specialty of health care simulation. Tips for preparing
         what programs are doing with regard to school                           for accreditation and certification will be provided.
         policies such as bench marking, remediation, and
         retesting. Active discussion will allow time to examine        11:30    Lunch Break
         the issues and work on strategies for student success.

9:30     Refreshment Break • Exhibits • Posters

                                  Visit us at to register today!                                                7
1:00 p.m. CONCURRENT SESSIONS #3                                         #42   Teaching Innovations: Preparing
   #31    Regional Accreditation                                               Students to Foster Civility in Nursing
          Peg Gray-Vickrey, DNS, RN                                            Education and Practice
           Regional accreditation is the highest accreditation a               Cynthia Clark, PhD, RN, ANEF
           college or university can achieve. In this session you              Incivility and bullying behaviors in nursing education
           will learn about the impact that regional accreditation             and practice can lead to medical errors, poor patient
           principles and standards have on your nursing                       care, increased medical costs, and decreased
           program and how you can use these standards to                      satisfaction. This workshop introduces several
           improve the quality of your program and enhance                     innovative teaching strategies including an inventive
           student learning. Review new standards, with a                      teaching approach using Standardized Patients (SP)
           special focus on distance education.                                to prepare nursing students to foster civility and
                                                                               presents practical ways to evaluate student learning
    #32   Breaking Up is Hard to Do – Ending the                               and teaching effectiveness.
          LONG Relationship with PowerPoint
          Tricia O’Hara, MSN, RN                                         #43   Using Second Life as a Teaching Tool
          Capture your student’s attention in class and help                   Diane J. Skiba, PhD, FAAN, FACMI
          them better retain class content. This session                       This session offers an overview of how Second Life
          explores the use of a new creative pedagogy for                      can provide unlimited possibilities for virtual learning
          classroom teaching that enhances lecture, discussion,                experiences and collaboration in education. It will
          and participation using very few slides. Results of                  provide the basic steps to start using Second Life as
          student opinion surveys that evaluate this technique                 a teaching tool and suggest learning activities to use
          and retention of knowledge will be shared.                           with students as well as the necessary infrastructure
                                                                               and technical skills to create your own virtual world.
    #33   Faculty Mentoring: A Leadership                                      The use of this virtual world can provide cost effective
          Approach                                                             and quality distance education while creating
                                                                               experiences that cannot be attained in the traditional
          Deb Cleeter, MSN, EdD                                                classroom.
          Ainslie Nibert, MSN, PhD
          Administered by the Sigma Theta Tau International’s            #44   Teaching Strategies in Integrating
          (STTI) International Leadership Institute, the Nurse                 Cultural Concepts in Nursing
          Faculty Mentored Leadership Development program
          is designed to promote faculty retention and cultivate               Curriculum
          high performing, supportive work environments in                     Cora C. Muñoz, PhD, RN
          academia. This presentation will describe the 18                     As the demographics of this country continue to
          month leadership program, designed for aspiring                      change, it is imperative that nurses be prepared
          nursing education leaders within the first four years                 to provide culturally sensitive and linguistically
          of their academic career, funded by the Elsevier                     appropriate care to individuals and families. This
          Foundation.                                                          session will provide information and experiential
                                                                               learning on cultural competency. Utilizing a model,
    #34   Integrating Media into Presentations                                 the participant will be engaged in integrating cultural
          Tim J. Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE                                         concepts in nursing courses and various strategies in
          Audio, Video, Images, Animations, and Interactions.                  teaching culture in nursing.
          With all these options, it is difficult to decide how best
          to engage the learner while still meeting the learning         #45   The Pursuit of Happiness: Generating
          objectives and maintaining your sanity. We will explore              Momentum to Reach Personal and
          efficient and effective tools for creating, managing,                 Professional Goals
          and delivering audio and video. We will discuss
          principles of using media in presentations for the                   Kathleen D. Pagana, PhD, RN
          classroom and cyberspace. Emphasis will be placed                    Do you ever feel like your career is stuck in a rut?
          on creating interactive learning environments.                       Perhaps you want something different but do not
                                                                               know what it is or how to get it. This engaging and
    #35   Academic Partnerships: An Innovation                                 inspirational presentation will help you generate
                                                                               momentum to move from where you are now to
          in Nursing Education                                                 where you need to be. You will leave this session with
          Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Mancini, PhD, RN, NE-                          your batteries recharged and your career options re-
          BC, FAHA, FAAN                                                       energized. You will learn how to use the unstoppable
          In times of limited fiscal, human, and physical                       power of momentum in three key areas as you target
          resources, maximizing the use of technology and                      your personal and professional goals.
          existing resources is critical to delivering high-quality,
          affordable, and accessible nursing education. This           4:30    Adjourn
          innovative strategy increases capacity, produces
          nurses with enhanced readiness-to-practice, and
          decreases turnover rates in partner hospitals.
          Application of the Academic Partnership strategy
          to BSN, RN-to-BSN, and MSN programs will be

2:30      Refreshment Break
   #41 Critical Thinking and Test Item Writing
          Cheryl L. Mee, MSN, MBA, RN, BC, CMSRN
          This session helps instructors learn how to construct
          reliable and valid exams using test items that are
          written to assess students’ critical thinking skills. An
          overview of item and test analysis statistics for easy
          interpretation is included.

8                   A Leader in Quality Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals for Over 25 Years
Gerry Altmiller, EdD, MSN, RN                                     Cheryl L. Mee, MSN, MBA, RN, BC, CMSRN
Assistant Professor                                               Program Planning Committee Member
School of Nursing and Health Sciences                             Manager, Faculty Development, Academic e-Learning
La Salle University                                               Elsevier
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                                        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tim J. Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE                                      Cora C. Muñoz, PhD, RN
Consultant, e-Learning                                            Professor
Principal/Owner, Nurse Tim, Inc.                                  Capital University
Waconia, Minnesota                                                Columbus, Ohio
Patricia Burnell, MSN, RN                                         Ainslie Nibert, MSN, PhD
Director of Simulation                                            Vice President, Review and Testing, Nursing and Health Profes-
Nursing Institute of West Central Ohio                            sions, Elsevier
Wright State University                                           Houston, Texas
Dayton, Ohio
                                                                  Tricia O’Hara, MSN, RN
Linda J. Caputi, MSN, EdD, ANEF, CNE                              Assistant Professor of Nursing
Professor Emeritus                                                Gwynedd-Mercy College School of Nursing
College of DuPage                                                 Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
                                                                  Kathleen D. Pagana, PhD, RN
Mary Cazzell, PhD, RN                                             Author: “The Nurse’s Etiquette Advantage”
Assistant Professor                                               Co-Author: “Mosbys’ Diagnostic and Lab Test Reference, 10th edition”
University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing               President and CEO
Arlington, Texas                                                  Pagana Keynotes & Presentations
                                                                  Professor Emeritus, Lycoming College
Cynthia Clark, PhD, RN, ANEF
                                                                  Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Boise State University                                            Elizabeth C. Poster, PhD, RN, FAAN
Boise, Idaho                                                      Program Planning Committee Member
                                                                  Dean, School of Nursing
Deb Cleeter, MSN, EdD
                                                                  University of Texas Arlington
CEO, Sawgrass Leadership Institute
                                                                  Arlington, Texas
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
                                                                  Debi Sampsel, MSN, RN
Michele Deck, MEd, BSN, RN, LCCE, FACCE
                                                                  Executive Director
President and CEO, G.A.M.E.S.
                                                                  Nursing Institute of West Central Ohio
CEO, Tool Thyme for Trainers
                                                                  Wright State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
                                                                  Dayton, Ohio
Peg Gray-Vickrey, DNS, RN
                                                                  Ann B. Schlumberger, EdD, RN
Program Planning Committee Member
                                                                  Program Planning Committee Member
Interim Dean, College of Health Professions
                                                                  Professor and Chairperson
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
                                                                  Department of Nursing
Associate Vice President, Office of Curriculum and Instruction
                                                                  University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Florida Gulf Coast University
                                                                  Little Rock, Arkansas
Fort Myers, Florida
                                                                  Gwen Sherwood, PhD, RN, FAAN
Mark A. Hagemeier, Esq.
                                                                  Co-Investigator, QSEN Phases I, II, III
Associate General Counsel
                                                                  Funding by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
                                                                  Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Little Rock, Arkansas
                                                                  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Judy R. Hyland, MS, RN                                            School of Nursing
Review Course Manager, Nursing: Review and Testing                Chapel Hill, North Carolina
                                                                  Diane J. Skiba, PhD, FAAN, FACMI
Houston, Texas
                                                                  Professor and Project Director
Pamela R. Jeffries, DNS, RN, FAAN, ANEF                           I-Collaboratory: Partnerships in Learning
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs                               University of Colorado Denver
School of Nursing, The Johns Hopkins University                   Denver, Colorado
Baltimore, Maryland
                                                                  Pamela Willson, PhD, RN, FNP, BC
Parry J. Knauss, MA, RN                                           Director of Research, Review and Testing
Associate Professor, Nursing                                      Elsevier
Gulf Coast Community College                                      Associate Professor, Graduate Studies
Panama City, Florida                                              Principal Investigator, Nurse Scientist
                                                                  College of Nursing
Rae Langford, EdD, MS, RN
                                                                  Prairie View A&M University
Associate Professor
                                                                  Houston, Texas
College of Nursing
Texas Woman’s University-Houston Center                           Anne Young EdD, MS, RN
Houston, Texas                                                    Professor College of Nursing
                                                                  Texas Woman’s University-Houston Center
Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Mancini, PhD, RN, NE-BC, FAHA,
                                                                  Houston, Texas
Associate Dean and Chair, Undergraduate Nursing Programs
Baylor Professor for Healthcare Research
University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing
Arlington, Texas

                                    Visit us at to register today!                                            9
HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS                                                                    LOCATION
  The conference will be held at the Walt Disney World
  Swan and Dolphin Resort, 1500 Epcot Resorts Blvd.,
                                                                    Magical Orlando
  Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830. A limited block of rooms is           Orlando has something for everyone…adults, kids, and adults
  being held for you and your guests at special group rates         who want to feel like kids again! The Magic Kingdom is a natural
  which will be in effect, based on room availability, from         first stop where you’ll find countless attractions, restaurants
  December 31 to January 7 for those wishing to extend their        and shops, as well as thrilling rides, including Splash Mountain
  stay to enjoy area activities or qualify for discount airfares.   and Astro Orbiter. At the end of your evening, the sky over
                                                                    the Magic Kingdom Park explodes with the biggest, brightest
  Rates: $179 single/double                                         fireworks extravaganza. EPCOT Center’s “worlds” stretches
  Rates are per room and subject to prevailing state and local      your imagination with educational and entertaining exhibits and
  taxes.                                                            attractions. At Disney-MGM Studios, you can salute the world of
                                                                    showbiz and take center stage as the star of your own adventure.
  Resort Services Package                                           And Universal Studios Florida provides lots of action as you blast
  The mandatory Resort Services Package of $10 (exclusive of        off as Jimmy Neutron, survive an earth-shattering earthquake or
  tax) per room per day includes unlimited local calls and 800      zap aliens on a Men In Black training mission.
  number calls up to 60 minutes, long distance access (credit
  card and collect calls), 20 minutes of domestic long distance     In the heart of the Walt Disney World® Resort, the award-winning
  per day, complimentary bottled water replenished daily,           Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin is your gateway to
  high speed internet access, and unlimited admission to the        Central Florida’s illustrious theme parks and attractions. The
  fitness centers featuring the Westin WORKOUT. The Resort           resort is located in between Epcot® and Disney’s Hollywood
  Services Package will be posted to the individual attendee’s      Studios™ and close to Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park
  guestroom account.                                                and Magic Kingdom® Park. Discover our magical surroundings,
                                                                    superior service, luxurious facilities and redesigned guest rooms
  To obtain the special group rates, make your reservation          featuring the Heavenly Bed®. Enjoy the new Mandara Spa, 17
  early and before the “hotel room block release                    spectacular restaurants and lounges, five pools, a white sand
  date” which is December 1. Rooms may sell out before              beach, two health clubs, tennis, nearby golf and many special
  this date so be sure to make your reservation now. After          Disney benefits, including complimentary transportation to all
  the release date, rooms and group rates may no longer be          Walt Disney World® Theme Parks and Attractions, and exclusive
  available so call the hotel regarding availability.               Extra Magic Hours in the theme parks. For more information visit
  To reserve your room online, please visit our website at for details.

  For room reservations, call (800) 227-1500 and inform
  them that you are attending the Contemporary Forums’
  conference, Mosby’s Faculty Development Institute.
                                                                            Earn CE Online
  Request a confirmation number and written confirmation of
  your reservation. Reservations must include a first night’s           The Contemporary Forums Online CE Library is
  deposit.                                                             your on-demand resource for accredited healthcare
                                                                                    continuing education.
  Contact the hotel regarding cancellation policy. For arrivals
  after 3 p.m., call the hotel on the day of travel to reconfirm         The Library contains thousands of CE credit hours
  reservations.                                                         instantly available from a wide variety of specialty
                                                                                          areas including:
     For additional hotel information, call the Walt Disney
     World Swan and Dolphin Resort at (407) 934-4000.                   Nurse Education, Women’s Health, Contraception,
                                                                        Neonatal, Pediatrics, Psychiatric Nursing, Critical
     For assistance in locating a roommate, call                                       Care and more...
     Contemporary Forums at (800) 377-7707, Ext. 0.
                                                                                       Group Discounts:
                                                                            Hospitals and facilities can customize their
          TRAVEL DISCOUNTS                                              CE curriculum for staff education at group rates.
                                                                      Visit to request details
          Contemporary Forums has a special discount                        and pricing or call 800-377-7707 ext. 5145.
          agreement with United Airlines unavailable
          to the general public. To obtain these special
conference fares call the Special Meeting Desk at (800)
521-4041, Account Code 510CW. Ticketing and payment
can be done directly by you through your travel agent. To
ensure the best flights and times, since seats are limited,
make your reservations early. Fares are guaranteed at the
time of the ticket purchase.
            Hertz is the official car rental agency for the
            conference. Special rates will be in effect
throughout the conference as well as one week before
and after. For special rates, call HERTZ at (800) 654-2240
and refer to Contemporary Forums plus the conference               
discount code CV# 03000258.

10                    A Leader in Quality Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals for Over 25 Years
  Registrations must include full tuition payment to be accepted. Registrations faxed without payment
  will not be processed. Confirmation is sent by email if your completed registration form and payment are received
  one week before the conference begins. Since conference registration and hotel rooms are limited, early registration
  is advised.
  Out of consideration to registrants, children of any age and spouses may not attend the sessions.
  Tuition (U.S. Funds)                        Preconferences
                                               A or B, C or D                           Main Conference
 Early Registration Fee*
                                                $185 each                                       $465
 (On/Before November 22)
 Regular Registration Fee
                                                $215 each                                       $495
 (After November 22)
* Postmarked or phone/fax/online registration and fees received on/before November 22.
Your tuition includes Certificate of Attendance, Elsevier Education Event on Tuesday (first 100 registrants),
refreshment breaks and access to the presentation slides for the Preconference(s) and/or Main Conference for which
you registered.
  Group Discounts (Mail, fax or call in together – ONLINE registration is not available)
  Tuition discounts are given to groups of 3 or more registering for the complete Main Conference. Discounts do not
  apply to the Preconferences. To qualify for the group discount, all registration information must be complete for
  all group members, payment included and forms sent together. If faxing, list all group members on cover sheet.
  Subtract the discount from the tuition fee. Groups may not be formed after individual registrations are received.
                     $25 per person discount for 3 or 4 in a group
                     $45 per person discount for 5 or more in a group
  Method of Tuition Payment
  Make payment by check (payable to Contemporary Forums and enclose with Registration Form), Visa, MasterCard,
  Discover, American Express or Purchase Order. A $30 fee is charged for any returned check. Personal
  checks are NOT accepted at the conference. Purchase Orders must be received with registration by the conference
  date and include the P.O. number, invoice address, tuition, approval signature, and contact name, email address
  and phone number.
  Register by Phone, Fax, Mail or Online (Payment required to register)
  Register only ONCE, by mail, fax (800) 329-9923, online at, or call (800) 377-
  7707, Ext. 5252, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Pacific Time). Before calling, complete all registration
  Tax Deductibility
  Expenses of training, tuition, travel, lodging and meals to maintain or improve professional skills may be TAX
  DEDUCTIBLE. Consult your tax advisor.
  Partial Attendance (ONLINE registration is not available)
  Call Contemporary Forums for tuition and CE credit for individual days. Group discounts do not apply.
  Registrations may not be shared.
  Cancellations may be made by phone or in writing. Cancellations received on/before November 22 receive a full
  tuition refund. Cancellations received after November 22 are assessed a $20 processing fee. No refunds for
  cancellations received after the conference begins or for “no shows.” If this meeting is cancelled for any reason,
  including labor strikes or acts of God, liability is limited to a full refund of registration fees.
  Program Changes
  Contemporary Forums reserves the right to make necessary changes in speakers, topics or schedule. The most
  current program can be found on our website.
  Questions? Contact Contemporary Forums at (800) 377-7707, Ext. 0, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Pacific
  Time) or email
  If you require special arrangements at this conference, call (800) 377-7707, Ext. 5252, at least 30 days prior to the conference.


                                       Fax (Credit card or     Phone (Credit card only)                   Mail - Attn: Registrar
  Online (Credit card only)             Purchase Order)              Monday - Friday                      Contemporary Forums
          Visit us at                     (800) 329-9923        (800) 377-7707, Ext. 5252                 11900 Silvergate Drive               24 hours a day         8am - 5pm, Pacific Time                   Dublin, CA 94568-2213
                                 Visit us at to register today!                                      11
Please Post Prominently or Forward to a Colleague if Unable to Attend.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Contemporary Forums
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Registration Form: Mosby’s Faculty Development Institute

                                                                                                                                                                        PRSRT STD
 Send this form with full payment (U.S. Funds) to:
 Contemporary Forums, Attn: Registrar, 11900 Silvergate Drive, Dublin, CA 94568-2213
 Fax (800) 329-9923, Phone (800) 377-7707, Ext. 5252, Visit
  Preconference A: QSEN (Jan. 3 Morning)
  Preconference B: Legal and Policy Issues (Jan. 3 Morning)
  Preconference C: Know White (Jan. 3 Afternoon)
  Preconference D: From Simulation to Avatars – Technology That Helps You Teach
  (Jan. 3 Afternoon)
  Main Conference (Jan. 4-5)

                                                                                                                                                                              Please share with your colleagues
*Name, License/Degrees, Place of Employment, City, State appear on your

*First Name                                                                Social Security #   (Last 4 Digits)

*Last Name                                                                 *License/Degrees

*Place of Employment

*City                                                                             *State

                                                                                                                                                                      Contemporary Forums
Attendee’s E-mail (Confidential. For registation confirmation.)                                                                                                                                        Dublin, CA 94568-2213
                                                                                                                                                                                                     11900 Silvergate Drive

Home Address

City                                                               State             Zip

Daytime Phone(s)

CONCURRENT SESSIONS SELECTION (Wednesday, Jan. 5, see pg.7-8)
List the number of your 1st and 2nd choices since sessions are limited in size.
Assignments are made in the order received.                                                                                                                                       PAYMENT SUMMARY                                                                  #070711
Concurrent Sessions #1 (8:00 a.m.)                     Concurrent Sessions #2 (10:00 a.m.)                                                                                        Early Fee Postmark Deadline: Nov. 22
_________1st, _________2nd choice                      _________1st, _________2nd choice

Concurrent Sessions #3 (1:00 p.m.)                     Concurrent Sessions #4 (3:00 p.m.)
                                                                                                                                                                                  Main Conference Tuition                                                         +$
_________1st, _________2nd choice                      _________1st, _________2nd choice                                                                                          Group Discount (See pg. 11)                -$
                                                                                                                                                                                  (Registration forms must be sent in together)

                                                                                                                                                                                  Preconference A or B Tuition (Jan. 3 Morning)+ $
Choose ONE category in each section that best applies to you. If you have                                                                                                         Preconference C or D Tuition (Jan. 3 Afternoon) + $
multiple roles, select the one that occupies the majority of your time. Use
“Other” if none of the choices apply to you.                                                                                                                                      Conference Luncheon (Tuesday, Jan. 4)                                                  Yes     No
                                                                                                                                                                                  (see pg. 6 for details)

                                                                                                                                                                                  TOTAL PAYMENT ENCLOSED                                                            $

1. SPECIALTY                                            2. POSITION/JOB FUNCTION
   ADN Program                                             Administrator/Director
                                                                                                             OFFICE USE ONLY: C__________ D __________ E __________

   Adult Education                                         Clinical Manager/Coordinator                                                                                                                            Check/Money Order Payable to Contemporary Forums
   All Levels of Nurse Education                           Clinical Nurse Specialist
   BSN Program                                             Dean
   Diploma Nursing                                         Faculty/Educator/Instructor
                                                                                                                                                                                           Credit Card #
   Graduate Nursing                                        Nurse Practitioner
   Other:_________________                                 Supervisor/Manager
                                                           Other:_________________                                                                                                         Exp. Date                                            3-digit (4 for Amex) Security Code
   1                                                    4. HIGHEST EDUCATIONAL LEVEL
   2-3                                                     Associate Degree                                                                                                                Print Cardholder’s Name/Phone #
   4-7                                                     Bachelors Degree
   8-10                                                    Masters Degree
                                                                                                                                                                                           Billing Address
   11+                                                     Doctoral Degree
5. CLINICAL SETTING                                                                                                                                                                        City                                                       State        Zip
   Community College
   Military/Government                                                                                                                                                                     Payer Email
   Private Practice
   State College/School
   Technical College                                                                                                                                                                       Payer Phone #
   University Hospital
   University School of Nursing

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