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Good Afternoon - DOC


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									Good Afternoon!

I emailed you a few weeks back about the opportunities below, and just wanted to make
sure your students are aware of them. I realize you are busy, and I appreciate your time
and understanding.

Capital One is pleased to share an update on exceptional career opportunities available to
your high-performing members. Our company is emerging as one of the country’s
leading financial services firms, serving over 50 million customers and providing not just
Credit Cards but also Auto Loans, Banking, Savings and Home Loans. We operate in
such sectors as Insurance, Healthcare Finance and Small Business.

Capital One has a unique, performance-based culture, where success is about both
accomplishment and reward. We work in an intellectually rigorous environment; are
trained and mentored by world-class professionals; and collaborate to help reinvent a
fast-paced industry, where change is a constant.

For the right, highly motivated students, Capital One is place where they will be
challenged and stretched, where they can grow and take their career to the next level and
where they can receive financial and personal rewards such as excellent compensation,
professional development and real work/life balance.

We are searching for the right students to explore the following opportunities:
ANALYSTS. Leverage and further develop strategic skills and business instincts across
Capital One’s spectrum of products and services

Any student interested in a position at Capital One can apply through the career center
website <>.

If selected, candidates will be asked to sign up for Capital One’s on-campus testing
session on Thursday, October 16th. Please note that this is the first step in the recruiting
Please feel free to contact me at or 312.867.2352 with
any questions you or your members may have.

Best regards,
Ginger Hassler
Capital One Recruiting Team

Ginger Hassler
Capital One Recruiting

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