THE 33rd ANNUAL LOERIE AWARDS by zhouwenjuan



The Loerie Awards encompass all areas of brand communication including television,
radio and print communication, graphic design, architecture, direct marketing, non-
broadcast video, live events, and digital media.

The awards are regionally focused on Africa and the Middle East, and entries
from outside of this region are not eligible. Recognised as the most prestigious award
in our region, ‘The Loeries’ has become far more than a single awards ceremony and
now includes several activities promoting creative excellence throughout the year,
including the Travelling Exhibition, Migrate magazine, seminars, and the hard-cover
printed annual and DVD – the ultimate who’s who of the leading brands and agencies.

Entry Deadline: 13 May
All online entry forms, physical material and payments must be received on or before
13 May.

The Loerie Awards encompass every area of brand communication including
television, radio and print advertising, graphic design, architecture, direct marketing,
non-broadcast video, live events, and digital media. A full list of categories will be
available on our website from 15 March.

You may submit an entry if you’ve created, published or produced the creative work
and are from a company in the following regions:
    Africa and the Middle-East
    Island states off the African coast (e.g. Mauritius, Madagascar and the

International Crafts are eligible, if a person nominated for the craft is from the eligible
region (Africa and Middle East). For example, if a US agency conceives a TV
commercial for a US client, but uses a South African Director (based also in SA, not
residing in the US permanently) then this will be eligible for a Direction Craft. To be
clear, the spirit of the rule is to recognise crafts produced within the region, whether
or not they are conceived or flighted regionally.

All work must be aired, launched or published for the first time between 1 June
2010 and 31 May 2011, and entries must be approved by the client. For
architectural or similar structures, some elements of the structure or design may be
older than this, but new elements must have been launched during the eligibility
period. The full terms and conditions of entry can be found on our website.

  1. Find out what category your work should be entered in;
  2. Submit your entry details using our online entry system;
  3. Attach labels and send us your physical entries (prints, boards, packages,
     discs, etc);
  4. Send electronic pieces via our digital upload system.
All entries should be completed and submitted online at:, where you’ll also find entry preparation guidelines,
category descriptions and regulations.

All entry packages must arrive on or before 13 May 2010.

Single:                                               R1475
Campaign & multiple component entries:                R2250
Student:                                              R315
Student Campaigns:                                    R380

Entries received before 15 April will receive a 5% discount and late entries will
be charged an additional 5% fee.

The Loerie Awards represents the pinnacle of communication media in our region,
and all entries are judged according to the following criteria:
   1. An innovative concept, bringing new and fresh thinking
   2. Excellent execution
   3. Relevance to the brand
   4. Relevance to the target audience
   5. Relevance to the chosen medium

Work that excels in all the above criteria – work that is judged to be effective
communication by the jury – represents Creative Excellence, and will be rewarded
with the highest accolade - a Loerie Award.

Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze Loeries are awarded to winning entries in the
main categories. Craft entries are eligible for a Craft Gold award as well as a Craft

   1. Self-promotional work will be awarded no higher than a Silver Loerie.
   2. The Grand Prix cannot be won by Public Service & Charities entries, or self-
      promotional work. The Loerie Awards defines Public Service & Charities as
      work that is carried out for any charitable, welfare or public service
      organisations, e.g. SPCA, Arrive Alive, religions, etc. Political parties are
      NOT considered public service or charitable organisations.

Entries are judged by specialist panels, including local and international leaders in
their fields.

Judging will take place from 5 to 13 July at the Design School South Africa and Vega
Campus, Johannesburg.
Judging Seminar
The judging week will include a seminar with the jury chairpersons speaking on
5 July.

The awards ceremony will be held on Saturday 17 September and Sunday 18
September in Cape Town.


NEW IN 2011:
The categories have been significantly revised this year to take into account the
changes taking place in the brand communication industry. Categories are now
grouped according to each media type. The list below is a summarised version – for a
full category breakdown and detailed explanations, please visit the website.

   1. Television, Film and Video Communication – including short- and long-
       format commercials, advertorials, branded content, music videos, Internet
       videos, station promos, and non-broadcast video and film.
   2. Radio Communication
   3. Print Communication – Newspaper, Magazines, Tactical & Posters
   4. Outdoor – billboards, bus shelters, transit and roadside
   5. Ambient – murals, blimps, inflatables, washroom advertising, etc.
   6. In-Store – POP, window displays, promotional branding
   7. NEW: Street-pole (with a special prize including a trip to Cannes!)
   8. Alternative Media & Field Marketing – non-traditional forms of media,
       guerrilla marketing, merchandising, sampling, etc.
   9. NEW: PR Communication – Print, TV, Radio, Internet and campaigns
   10. Direct Mail – Flat & dimensional mail
   11. Internal Marketing Programmes
   12. Strategic CRM Programmes
   13. Experiential Communication & Live Events – Activations, Events &
   14. Internet, Mobile & Interactive Communication – websites, microsites,
       Internet and mobile advertising, email marketing, viral and community
       applications, interactive tools, mobile content and applications, digital
   15. Communication Design – including brand identity & collateral design,
       architecture & interior design, package & product design, publication design.
       NEW: broadcast design & graphics
   16. Integrated Campaigns – for campaigns including at least three different
       media types
   17. Ubuntu Award – for brands contributing to social and environmental change
   18. Craft Awards – TV, Film & Video; Radio; Print; Design; Internet, mobile &
       interactive; Live Crafts
   19. Student Awards

In 2010, The Loerie awards introduced an official ranking of the winners, the aim of
which is to offer a transparent mechanism to report the outcome of the awards.
Rankings are provided for agencies, brands, production companies and individual
credits such as Creative Directors, Illustrators, Designers and Writers.

2010 rankings are published in the 32nd Printed Annual - now available via Exclusive
books, Pulp books and directly from our website.

The Loerie Awards is a Section 21 association (not for profit), guided by a committee
headed by Boniswa Pezisa. The awards are endorsed by the Association for
Communication and Advertising (ACA), the Creative Circle (CC), the Brand Design
Council (BDC), the Commercial Producers Association (CPA), and the South African
Institute of the interior design professions (IID). The Loerie Awards Company has a
level 3 BEE status.

Major Sponsors
The major sponsors for The 33rd Annual Loerie Awards in Cape Town are Cape Town
Tourism, the City of Cape Town, Gearhouse South Africa.

Additional Sponsors and Official Suppliers

Brandhouse, Greensky, Sappi, Vodacom Mobile Media, Adobe, Aon South Africa,
Hetzner, Lasernet, Waterfront Studios, Gallo Images, Paygate, Ornico Group,
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