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Value Added Services by jennyyingdi


									Value Added Services
Client Background

      Fortune 500 client
      Footwear and Apparel Company in US
      ERP system developed on IBM mainframe
      End to end business process from order entry,
     customer support to back end procurement process
      Has several external systems like FTZ, LINE, Maersk,
     Fedex, Prodtrak, Kubra etc.
  Value Added Services
    Description of the Project

• Retail industry has been demanding the vendors to ship floor ready
  product. Reebok provides this service at customer level for the
  accounts that request it. All apparel product shipped to these
  customers is hanged and/or poly-bagged depending on the
  customer need.
• Some of the retailers have requested the value added services
  (VAS) to be provided at various levels such as department, gender
  and garment type.
• There is a need to create new value added services as and also
  include the charges for the VAS in the regular invoice.
  Value Added Services
    Project Functional Details
 Value Added Services
    Maintain value added services
    Maintain VAS prices by customer
    Maintain customer defaults for value added services at various
    Maintain priorities of default VAS levels
    Apply value added services at the time of order entry for regular
     and EDI orders with a functionality to override default services
    Communicate customer requested services to warehouse
    Billing changes to include VAS charges on a separate line
    Accounting reports to include VAS charges
    New report of value added services
 Value Added Services
  Development Environment

 IBM mainframe S-390 series.

 Development and support for Cobol, CICS and Clists.
 Use CA Endevor for source control of the code.
 Use VSAM file structure with KSDS access and DB2 for
  database requirements.
 Access to Reebok is through the internet via the
  extranet switch.

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