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									VOL 06-01                                                                                           15 JAN 06

                             NOTES FROM
                             CIVILIAN PERSONNEL FLIGHT
             STAFFING ..................... 556-8050 WORKFORCE EFFECTIVENESS ......... 556-4737
             CLASSIFICATION ........... 556-5729               PETERSON CIVILIAN PAY
                                                                  FRONT DESK ......... 556-4775
CIVILIAN PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS                                                               nd
                                                                        Located in Bldg 350, 2 Floor, Room 2009 -
                                                                            Hours: 0830-1530 Monday - Friday
 The current civilian performance appraisal period will close on 31 Mar 06. As a reminder, supervisors
                                                                          DSN: 834-4765/4766 Comm: 719-556-
 departing between 1 Jan 06 and 31 Mar 06, must complete an appraisal for each of the civilian
To verify employment and salaries, you as an                                             765/4766
 employees they into supervised a minimum
employee must loghavethe Work Number website of 90 calendar days. Supervisors must also complete an
 appraisal for each have your they have supervised for a minimum of you can: days, who transfers to
below and register toemployee personal information           With MyPay 90 calendar
 another Please within the Air Force Personnel
released. positiondo not give the Civilianduring this period and forward the appraisal to the Civilian Personnel
                                                             *Change Direct Deposit Information *Change Address
 Flight for appropriate loan or Training will be announced in the near future for organizational Quality
Office phone number to action. mortgage companies,
lenders, etc., as we(QCMs).
 Control Monitors cannot release any employment              *Change Federal & State Withholdings
information.                                                 *Start/Stop Savings Bonds *Start/Stop Allotments

                              *View, Print your LES

                                                            EXTERNAL APPLICANTS
To verifyTRAINING LIBRARY an employee must log into the Work Number website below
          employment and salaries, you as
and register to have your personal information released. Please do APPLY AT AFPC
                                                                   not give the Civilian Personnel Office
                                                                as we Force civilian any employment
phone number to loan or mortgage companies, lenders, etc., non-Aircannot release employees)
Civilian Training has training resources available on
CDs, Cassettes, DVDs, VHS Video Tapes and
Facilitator Guides.
The 2006 Pay Period Calendar can be found on the finance website at:
To checkout self-help training material please contact:  
                                                    Download the “AIR
Please use BRENNANaddress below when contacting Civilian Pay. FORCE JOB KIT” carefully follow
   RANDY the email OR RICK GROPP                                           This will ensure that your
                 21are answered in a timely matter.
                    MSS/DPH                               the instructions for application process.
                             Resume must be submitted approximately 3-5
      556-7524/5789        workdays prior to self-nominating for any vacancies.
We are each responsible for updating our duty (daytime) phone number. Do this by calling the
Benefits & Entitlements Servicing Team (BEST) 1-800-616-3775 1-800-616-3775
                    Training Library.xls

Follow the instructions on the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS).
                         ANNUAL LEAVE/RESTORATION
                         POLICY INFORMATION

Requests for approval of restoration of forfeited annual leave are being accepted by the Civilian Personnel Flight.
To request restoration, the affected employee must submit 21 SW Form 298A, Request for Approval of Restoration of
Forfeited Annual Leave, through his or her supervisor, to the Civilian Personnel Flight, Workforce Effectiveness Section
(21MSS/DPCE). The following documentation must be attached to the 298A submission:
         - Last Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) of the leave year, for pay period ending 07 Jan 06, establishing the
number of hours forfeited.
         - Supervisory statement certifying the leave that must be cancelled and forfeiture is unavoidable. The supervisor
certifies the exigency by completing Part A of 21 SW Form 298, Request for Approval of Exigency. The supervisory
statement should be inserted in the “Description of Exigency” section of this form and specifically shows that it is of such
importance that the employee cannot be excused from duty. A statement as to why there is no alternative to cancellation
of leave and why use of the leave could not be rescheduled prior to the end of the calendar year. Employees who must
forfeit excess annual leave because of their work to support the Nation during the national emergency are automatically
entitled to restoration of their forfeited annual leave. The effective date for this exigency is 01 Nov 05 through the end of
the current leave year, 07 Jan 06.

Restoration requests should be submitted to 21 MSS/DPCE for review within 30 calendar days following the end of the
leave year (by 06 Feb 06). Following coordination, the CPF will forward copies of the Forms 298 and 298A to the Civilian
Payroll liaison for submission to DFAS. The forms will be returned to the supervisor for retention and to provide a copy to
the employee.

Employees who receive restored leave of 416 hours or less under this provision, must schedule and use all restored leave
by the end of the leave year in progress 2 years after the date the employee is no longer subject to the exigency. The Air
Force will extend that period by one leave year for each additional 208 hours of excess annual leave or any portion
thereof. Use of restored leave is documented on the time and attendance record as “LP, LQ or LR” rather than the normal
leave code of “LA”. The leave restoration forms can be obtained from the 21 Space Wing Publishing site at:
<>. Specific questions relating to leave restoration under this provision can be
addressed to your servicing Employee Relations Specialist, or the Workforce Effectiveness Section hot line at 556-4737.

                           UPDATING YOUR
                           CIVILIAN CAREER BRIEF

Air Force employees who have been on board for at least 90 days should access the link below:
Log on to secure website, on the next page click on Civilian Career Brief. The career brief will give you information on
your work history, training and education, awards, service computation dates, etc.

Submit education, licenses, language and occupational certification update requests using Optional Application for Federal
Employment (OF 612). Please fax your request to AFPC/DPCL at DSN 665-2937 or Commercial (210) 565-2937.

All training claimed on your resume should be coded by AFPC. Employees should contact Randy Brennan, 21 MSS/DPH
(Military Personnel Flight) at 556-7524 for procedures for updating training that has occurred since your appointment

Donna Pierson, 21 MSS/DPH (Military Personnel Flight) at 556-9220, updates all awards. If you have any questions about
awards that should be listed, please give her a call.

Depending on the nature of the changes you are requesting, there are specific steps you will need to follow. Please
contact the Classification Section at 556-5729 for assistance.
                         REMINDER –
                         MANAGERS/SELECTING OFFICIALS
                         ACCESS CODE FOR WEB CERTIFICATES

With the implementation of CPDSS Web Certificate referral process effective 10 Jan 05, the system notifies selecting
officials via e-mail when it establishes their CPDSS Web Certificate access. The e-mail contains an assigned system-
generated CPDSS Access Code, which allows the selecting official to access AFPC referral certificates. Selecting
officials may change/edit the access code once they have logged into the system. As a reminder, selecting officials must
retain this code as the same access code to access all future CPDSS Web Certificates issued to them. Many selecting
officials believe the system will generate a new access code each time a new certificate is issued.

                         AND DONATIONS REQUESTED

Civilian annual leave donations are needed for the following employees:
Ms. Reva McCandless, HQ AFSPC-CSS/SCTI, Peterson AFB CO. She is recovering from kidney transplant surgery.
Mr. John Walters, ESC Det5/NDWP, Peterson AFB CO. Mr. Walters is undergoing major surgery
Ms. Taoshia Hausman, 460 MDS/SGOP, Buckley AFB, CO. Ms. Hausman was diagnosed with advanced metastatic
breast cancer that will require chemotherapy.
Ms Jan Jordan, 100 MSS/DPCE, Mildenhall UK. Ms. Jordan needs leave due to coronary heart disease with quadruple
bypass surgery complicated by an infection and renal failure.
Ms. Mary Rivera, HQ AFPC/DPCWD, Randolph AFB TX. Ms. Rivera needs leave due to extended illness and pending
approval of disability retirement.
Mr. Steven West, 301 FW/FM, NAS JRB Fort Worth, TX. He is recovering from surgery for a ruptured appendix.
Ms. Marie (Jean) Chapin, 509 MXG, Whiteman AFB MO. She needs leave for treatment of lupus and breast cancer.
Ms. Shelley Lewis, 61 Security Forces, Los Angeles AFB CA. Ms. Lewis is in need of leave due to knee surgery.
Ms. Glenis Duvigneau, 45 CONS/LGCPA, Patrick AFB FL. She is in need of leave due to a severe medical condition.
Ms. Noralyn Smith, 30 MSS/DPHE, Vandenberg AFB CA. Ms. Smith is in need of leave due to a medical emergency.
Ms. Vivian Dear, 45 SW/SEAN, Patrick AFB FL. Ms. Dear is in need of leave due to a severe medical condition.
Mr. Robert Johnston, 377 LRS/LGRVO, Kirtland AFB NM. Mr. Johnston is in need of leave due to a medical condition.
Mr. Diego Hammette, 21 SOPS/SFOS, Onizuka AFS, Sunnyvale, CA. Mr. Hammette being treated for combat-related
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other medical conditions.
Mr. Norman Drake, 21 SOPS/DON, Onizuka AFS, Sunnyvale, CA. Mr. Drake is undergoing treatment for a brain tumor
with TIA symptoms, pending disability retirement.
Mr. Larry Scott, 532 TRS/DOBD, Vandenberg AFB CA. Mr. Scott is currently undergoing treatment for bone cancer.
Ms. Gayle Hetzel, 28 BS/CCS, Dyess AFB TX. Ms. Hetzel is in need of leave to due to her spouse illness.
Ms. Elizabeth Kaercher, 39 Airlift Squadron, Dyess AFB TX. Ms. Kaercher is in need of leave due to an autoimmune
neuromuscular disease.
Mr. James Williams, 509 CES, Whiteman AFB MO. Mr. Williams is in need of leave due to a medical emergency.
Ms. Lucy Escobedo, AFMA/MAI, Randolph TX. She is in need of leave due to major surgery and extended recovery.

                         ANNUAL OPEN SEASON ENDS FEBRUARY 28
                         (BARGAINING UNIT EMPLOYEES)

Article 8, Section E of the collective bargaining agreement allows a bargaining unit employee to voluntarily terminate
allotments during the month of February each year, as long as the employee's allotment authorization has been in effect
for at least one year. The employee must complete the SF-1188 and return it to the Labor Relations Officer (LRO) by the
end of February. The LRO then forwards the SF 1188 to Civilian Pay. Termination of dues allotment will become
effective at the beginning of the first pay period after receipt in Civilian Pay. The SF-1188 must be received in the Civilian
Personnel Flight by 27 February. Any requests received after that date will be returned, and the employee will have to
wait until the following February to voluntarily cancel dues allotment. POC is DPCE, Ken Schoenborn, 556-4715.
                        RETIREMENT PROCEDURES
                        FOR EMPLOYEES AND SUPERVISORS

1. Contact the Benefits and Entitlements Team (BEST) approximately 90 days prior to your desired retirement date.
Contact them at 1-800-616-3775 to:
             Get your retirement estimate
             Identify the forms that you will need to submit in your retirement package
             Find out what option is best for you
             Have any questions answered

2. Set Your Retirement Date. If doing a voluntary retirement, this is the date of your choosing however it is important to
keep in mind which retirement system you fall under in order to make sure you get paid correctly and in a timely manner.
             FERS – set your date at the end of a pay period or the end of the month.
             CSRS – set your date prior to the 4th of the month.

3. Contact Civilian Personnel to Make Out-processing Appointment. This should be done AFTER you have contacted
BEST and approximately 30 days prior to your decided retirement date. POC is Bonnie Rivera 556-7073 or

4. As Instructed by BEST, Mail the Retirement Package to BEST to include a hard copy SF-52 that is signed by the
supervisor and employee. BEST requests that all packages are sent in 90 days prior because of the high volume of
requests. The address to mail your package to is: HQ AFPC/DPCB, 550 C Street West Ste 57, Randolph AFB TX 78150-

5. SF-52. Coordinate with your supervisor to have an electronic SF-52 submitted to 21 MSS/DPCE via Oracle 11i. This
should be submitted NO EARLIER than 30 days prior to retirement date.

*Note: Everything is now done between the employee, BEST, and the organization. The only Civilian
Personnel Flight involvement is processing the electronic SF-52 and out processing the employee.

1. Submit Electronic SF-52 to the Civilian Personnel Office. This should be sent approximately 30 days prior to the
retirement date. The original hard copy signed by the supervisor and employee should be included with the retirement
package forwarded to BEST.

2. Request Presidential Letter. ONLY if a person has 30+ years of service. This can include military time. The form
attached must be submitted 40-60 days prior to the employee’s retirement date. If it is received later than 40 days prior,
there is a possibility the letter may not be received in time. Letter attached below can be email to or faxed to 556-7498.

3. Obtain Retirement Certificate from Graphics. You will need to know the number of years the employee has worked.
This does NOT include military service. Employee’s organization will submit the attached work order to graphics. The
form can either be faxed to 556-8269 or hand carried to building 418. If the employee is married, you can also use the
same form to obtain a Certificate of Appreciation for the spouse. This can be done at any time.

                   Microsoft Word
                       “BEST” PHONE MENU UPDATED
                       FOR EMPLOYEES 1-800-616-3775

1. When the phone system answers, you will hear “Welcome, and thank you for calling the Air Force Customer
Service Center." Listen carefully to the menu. Press 2 for Air Force-serviced civilian employee, then 2 again for BEST
benefits and entitlements services.
2. You will hear two tones and several seconds of silence while your call is being transferred. You'll then hear information
on using your Social Security Number and Personal Identification Number to access your records and process benefits
3. Listen carefully, you will be prompted “To enter your SSN and PIN, press 1; if you have forgotten your PIN, press 2.”
If this is your first time accessing the system, after entering your SSN you will hear “please enter your four-digit Personal
Identification Number or PIN.” This is what we like to call your "BEST" or "benefits" PIN." We don't mail PIN numbers,
they're automatically assigned when you are hired and are a four-digit number equivalent to your month and year of birth,
for example, if born in September 1972, your PIN will be 0972. If this is not your first time accessing the system, you will
hear “please enter your six-digit Personal Identification Number or PIN.” If you have forgotten your six-digit PIN, press 2
to reset your PIN, and enter your SSN, date of birth, service computation date for leave, civilian pay plan, grade, and step.
(This information can be found on your most recent Leave and Earnings Statement or SF 50.) You will then enter a new
six-digit PIN.
4. You'll then hear "Please hold while we verify this information." If this is your first time accessing the system, you will
then hear "Please change your PIN to a six-digit number of your choice." If not your first time accessing the system, you'll
hear “To change your PIN, press 1; to continue, press 2.”
5. You'll then hear “The current duty phone number on file for you is ________________." If this is correct, press 1,
otherwise press 2.” (This is your commercial duty phone number, with area code. Overseas employees should exclude
their country code.)
6. The system will then voice the benefits main menu, as set forth on the next page. To contact a benefits counselor,
press the number for the benefits area you are calling about, then press zero to transfer to a counselor.

For Federal Employees’ Health Benefits (FEHB), press 1
        For general FEHB information by fax-back, press 1
        For personal FEHB information, press 2
        To elect new employee coverage, press 3
        To change from self and family to self only without changing your health plan, press 4
        To make an open season change or election, press 5
        To cancel your FEHB change or election, press 6
        To make a non-open season change or election, press 7
        To obtain a faxed copy of your most recent SF 2809, press 8
        To change your participation in the Premium Conversion program, or to transfer to a Counselor, press 0
        To return to the previous menu, press 9

For Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), press 3
         For personal program information, press 1
         To enroll or change your TSP during open season, press 2
         To make a new employee election, press 3
         To stop your regular contributions to the TSP, press 4
         To elect, change, or stop TSP Catch-Up Contributions, press 5
         To transfer to a Benefits Counselor, press 0
         To return to the previous menu, press 9

For Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI), press 4
        For general Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance information by fax-back, press 1
        For personal life insurance information, press 2
        To elect new employee coverage, press 3
        To make a non-open season election, change, or termination, press 4
        To make an open season election or change, press 5
        To transfer to a Benefits Counselor, press 0
        To return to the previous menu, press 9
        To request a Faxed Document, press 6
        To Exit the system, press 9

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