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									Viber for PC in 5 minutes
If you do not have a smartphone, then you are missing from all the fun that your
friends with smartphones are having. Smartphone users can use Viber phone app for
international calling as well as to send free SMS or text messages worldwide.
However, we have found a method that can get you Viber for PC with the
functionality of the Viber app on an Android phone. Hold on, it is not the same
method as some sites such as Viber for PC
have advertised. We are going to give you a
much easier method to download Viber
on your PC with a step by step tutorial. We
have done the entire thing under 6 minutes
that includes downloading what is necessary,
installing it, and then loading Viber app on it.

How to install Viber on your PC
In order to install Viber for PC or laptop,
you need to download a platform that
supports Viber. For instance, if you had the
same platform that is being used by Viber
app on iPhone, Viber for Blackberry, or
Android phones, in that case you can simply
install Viber app on it. However, since PC
has windows operating system which is
totally different than phone based operating systems, you need to first install
something on your PC to fool Viber phone app to think that you actually have that

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