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					Love Makes The
  Winter 05
                      HOUR CHILDREN NEWS
                        Serving The Children of Incarcerated Mothers

                                 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

                                               It all started way before “The Night
                                           Before Christmas”! Our phones were
                                           already ringing on October 2004 to
                                           simply ask: “What can I do for Hour
                                           Children for this Christmas?” Some of
                                           you were our old supporters and
                                           friends and some were new.

                                               We are grateful to All of You who so
                                           generously gave of yourselves, your
                                           time, talents and resources to make
                                           this Christmas a special one for our

                  Thank You!
                  You Made it
                   Your Love
                  Made a BIG

                                                  Le Cordon Blue was a child’s
                                              paradise on December 18, 2004.
                                              Nearly 400 children attended.
                                              Moms and children enjoyed Spider-
                                              man, Sponge Bob,         Elmo, old
                                              friends, food and Santa. Nobody
                                              left the place empty handed.

                                                    Thanks to All “Hour” Donors,
                                               Staff, Moms and Children for mak-
                                                   ing this a Memorable one!
                                   ... CHRISTMAS AND MORE...
                                          Every year Hour moms and children await
                                        the Junior's Café Christmas Party given by the
                                        Rapone Family. For the last five years, Santa
                                         has visited Hour Children through their gen-
                                           erosity. Moms and especially the children
                                         enjoyed Santa’s gifts, the food and the op-
                                         portunity to share with the Rapone Family.
                                                         (Kim, Mom)

         “I’m so happy. I have
          my mommy with me                                                                             Ho!, Ho!, Ho!
         and my sisters. This is
          going to be my best                                                                 Nathalee, have you been a
         Christmas! Thank you                                                                good girl? I heard you….! Is
         God for my family and                                                               that true? Santa is going to
               my home!”                                                                         be very good to you!

            (Aleeya, Age 7)
                                                                                                   A Super Up-Beat Day!!!

                                       “This Christmas, I felt that I
                                     celebrated the Holydays like I
                                         used to with my family in
                                       Cuba. Hour Children is my
                                     newest family. It has been a
                                     long time since I felt that way.
                                      I have a wonderful daughter,
                                        Stephanie, and a Santa’s
                                      special delivery in Michelle!”
                                            (Xiomara, Mom)

                                                           “They are here!!!”
                                                        On December 11, Tory
                                                            Johnson from
                                                           Women for Hire
                                                       surprised the children at
                                                     the Hour Children House IV

                                                                                               with Christmas gifts. The
                                                                                                Moms and children are
 Saturday December 11, 2004 a wonderful group                                                  grateful for your visit and
   of children from Garden City and ... became                                               your generosity. We hope to
  Elves for all Hour Children residents. Our chil-                                                  see you again!
    dren were thrilled! Thank You Little Elves!                                                     We love visitors!

Page 2                                                                  S E R V I N G T H E C H I L D R EN O F I N C A R C E R A T ED M O T H ER S
                                                 After only being a part
   A                                            of the Hour Children
                                                family for the past 9
   Y                                            months, I am truly
                                                amazed by the day to
                                                day changes I see at
   C                                            the HELP daycare.
                                                Everyday      provides
   A                                            new      challenges,
   R                                            whether it is taking a
                                first step, using a spoon for the first
   E                            time, relating and communicating with others through play or just successfully
                                falling asleep at naptime. As the children move forward the mothers grow
                                along side them.
   E                               Our big fall trip to Green Meadows Farms
  W                             was a success. The children romped around
                                with animals yelling “moo cow”, “quack, quack”.
   S                               We wrapped up the year by visiting Santa at
                                Macy’s 34th Street in Manhattan where the chil-
                                dren entered a winter wonderland and met with
  by                            Santa to let him know their heart felt wishes.
                                The quote “Love Makes the Difference” may be
 Erin                           short, but the outcomes are long lasting. Have a
 Gris                           blessed New Year!!!

                   Hour Very Special People!!! You make us proud!!!
   Life always gives us a reason to Celebrate. God’s gifts come in different ways to us: through a
   smile, a letter, a phone call, a birthday celebration etc. The Hour Children family recently
                               celebrated three wonderful women.
   Congratulations Sister Pat and Sister Yolanda on your Golden Jubilee as Sisters of Saint Joseph.
        Our Day Care prepared a luncheon party in honor of Hour Golden Jubilarians.
             Congratulations Sister Kitty for your Father Bellini Neighborhood Award!
                         Sister Kitty is part of My Mothers’ House team!

WINTER 05                                                                                                Page 3
   “RUSSO’S ON THE BAY USHERS IN THE                             Next Events—Stay Tuned
        HOLIDAYS AT HOUR CHILDREN”                           January 2005               Website Launched
     Every New Yorker is familiar with the tradition
of the Thanksgiving Day Parade, reminding us that
                                                             March 1st , 2005                       HAH II Open
Christmas is right around the corner.                        May , 2005                 Golf Tournament
      Well, the Macy’s Day Parade has nothing over           June 2005                              Rye Playland
recent events at Hour Children. On Thanksgiving
Eve, the staff of Russo's on The Bay began ringing           August 2005                10th Anniversary
the door bells at each of the five Hour Children resi-
dences. In they came with a Thanksgiving meal that                                                  Kick-Off
would rival that of the first pilgrims. Russo’s didn’t
donate frozen turkeys - no, not Russo, one of the           Hour Children Thrift Store, Gift Shop
most noted catering halls in Queens. Their first rate
culinary staff came bearing gifts of steaming hot                        & Furniture Outlet
turkeys, potatoes with scrumptious gravy, fresh                             ...always need stuff…
vegetables, cider and home-made Italian cookies.
George Russo and the entire Russo family donated                Usable furniture, clothing, household items…
enough food to supply Thanksgiving dinner to 45          Your donations help supply our houses and fund programs!
families. They also played Santa by donating coats
and warm clothes.                                                    Your help is deeply appreciated…

     The women and kids at Hour Children are ex-                         and TAX-DEDUCTIBLE
tremely grateful to the Russo Family, their wonder-               We also accept.. Used cars, excess stocks,
ful chefs and generous employees who have once
again helped to bring the Holiday spirit to women                donations from stores, manufacturers, etc.
and children, who like the Christ-child, so often find          You can always drop items at our locations!
themselves being told that there is “no room in the
                                                               Or call: (718) 433-4724 to schedule a pick-up.
inn”. THANKS to the RUSSO FAMILY, this year, the
inn was brought to them!!!

                                                                                  NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                  US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                  LONG ISLAND CITY
                                                                                  NEW YORK PERMIT 1111

          36-11A 12 Street
          Long Island City, NY 11106
          (718)433-4724; (718)433-4728

                                                         Serving the Children of Incarcerated Mothers
        UNDERWRITE THE COST OF PRODUCTION?                     and families upon reunification...

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