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Talent Management

Complete, Integrated                                                                  Key Highlights
Talent Management                                                                   •	 Industry’s most complete talent
                                                                                      management solution
                                       Every organization needs greater vis-
                                                                                    •	 Integrated into SumTotal’s Strategic
                                       ibility into their human capital to make       Human Capital Management solution
   “When we evaluated the
                                       better informed business decisions.
    different options that we had                                                   •	 Includes embedded workforce analytics
    for implementing a platform        Organizations need visibility into talent      solution to drive strategic talent
    to support all of our different
                                       strengths, weaknesses and opportunities        management
    business units, SumTotal was
    the only one that had all of       for growth so managers can make better       •	 Includes centralized HRMS and talent
    the modules we needed in one
                                       decisions to increase quality and produc-      profile
    integrated solution.”
                                       tivity across the organization. SumTotal’s   •	 Flexible deployment options – including
   — Veronica Elizando, Director of                                                   SumTotal’s cloud solution
     Human Capital Projects, ALFA      Talent Management solution provides a
                                       complete end-to-end HR system that
                                       enables organizations to better manage
                                       their workforce and scale for growth.
End-to-End Talent Management
SumTotal’s Talent Management solution provides the market’s most
comprehensive solution available. From a powerful core HR management
system (HRMS) to a centralized talent profile that provides organizations a
single source of truth, SumTotal Talent Management drives improved decision-
making thru integrated applications that cover talent management from end-
to-end. Finally SumTotal’s Talent Management solution includes imbedded
workforce analytics to enable organizations to define and track business-
critical talent management metrics.
Address Your Strategic Talent Management Needs
With SumTotal Talent Management, organizations have the ability to do more
than simply process automation, it enables truly strategic and integrated
talent management. From being able to effectively execute strategic talent
management programs including pay-for-performance, talent mobility or
leadership development to tracking strategic talent metrics such as learning
program impact on performance or high performer retention, SumTotal Talent
Management provides you a complete, innovative solution to make your
business more successful.
Integrated with SumTotal’s Strategic HCM Suite
SumTotal’s Talent Management solution is completely integrated within SumTotal’s
end-to-end strategic Human Capital Management (HCM) suite. This provides

organizations greater value by enabling cross-process workflows. As an example,   About SumTotal // SumTotal Systems, Inc.
linking performance management and learning management together can               is the global leader of strategic Human Capital
                                                                                  Management (HCM) solutions that provide
improve overall organizational performance by ensuring performance gaps
                                                                                  organizations with a new level of visibility to
are directly addressed in employee learning plans without needing to navigate     help make more informed business decisions
across separate systems.                                                          and accelerate growth. Recognized by industry
                                                                                  analysts as the most complete solution,
SumTotal Talent Management Capabilities                                           SumTotal provides full employee lifecycle
The SumTotal Talent Management solution includes:                                 management, including a core system of record,
■ SumTotal Hiring & Recruiting – Streamline the entire hiring lifecycle from      from a single provider for improved business
                                                                                  intelligence. The company offers customers of
  talent needs assessment, requisition creation, and sourcing to candidate        all sizes and industries the most flexibility and
  selection and onboarding                                                        choice with multiple purchase, configuration,
■ SumTotal Performance Management – Standardize and optimize the                  and deployment options. We have increased
                                                                                  the performance of the world’s largest
  global performance process as well as improve alignment of employee
                                                                                  organizations including Sony Electronics
  goals with the strategy and objectives of the organization                      (NYSE: SNE), AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN
■ SumTotal Compensation Management – Simplify and standardize                     [ADR]; London: AZN), Amway (KUL:AMWAY),
                                                                                  Seagate (NYSE: STX), Dell (NASDAQ:DELL),
  the planning, modeling, budgeting, analysis, and execution of global
                                                                                  and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG).
  compensation and reward policies
                                                                                  For more information, or to request a demo,
■ SumTotal Succession Planning – Manage business risk and ensure                  please call +1 (866) 768-6825 (US / Canada),
  leadership and critical role continuity across all levels of the organization   +1 (352) 264-2800 (international) or visit
■ SumTotal 360 Degree Feedback – Automate the competency-based
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■ SumTotal HR Management – Centralize, consolidate, and integrate core            and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or other

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■ SumTotal Strategic Workforce Analytics – Enable deeper insight into             Corporate Headquarters
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  business and operations with the most advanced business intelligence solution   2850 NW 43rd Street
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Most Flexible Deployment Options                                                  Gainesville, FL 32606 USA
                                                                                  Phone: +1 352 264 2800
SumTotal’s Talent Management solution is designed to provide the most flexible    Fax: +1 352 264 2801

deployment options on the market including:                                       EMEA
                                                                                  SumTotal Systems, UK
■ Shared Cloud: Multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment;             59-60 Thames Street
                                                                                  Windsor, Berkshire
  Subscription pricing                                                            United Kingdom, SL4 1TX
                                                                                  Phone: +44 (0) 1753 211 900
■ Private Cloud: Dedicated virtualized customer-specific deployment;              Fax: +44 (0) 1753 211 901

  Subscription or perpetual-license pricing                                       APAC
                                                                                  SumTotal Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
■ On-Premise: Local deployment at customer site; Perpetual-license pricing        7th Floor Maximus Towers
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