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SumTotal Strategic HCM Solutions for Healthcare


Strategic human capital management (HCM) for healthcare companies

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									    SumTotal Strategic HCM Solutions for Healthcare
Driving Compliance, Reduced Costs, Greater Efficiency and Growth
Healthcare organizations face some of the most complex challenges
of any industry - from balancing the need to control labor costs
while still delivering high-quality care to managing a unique set of
compliance requirements that include federal, state and industry
regulations. As a result, healthcare organizations have complex
workforce management, and training certification and reporting
requirements. Finally, with high turnover rates in key clinical roles,
healthcare organizations need to focus on employee engagement
and development to help them retain talent and create the next
generation of leaders.
Today, SumTotal helps over 100 of the world’s leading healthcare
organizations to retain and grow their talent and to run more
efficiently and effectively. SumTotal has unmatched experience
managing complex compliance, talent and workforce processes to
meet the evolving needs of world-class healthcare organizations.
Complete Learning & Talent Management Capabilities
    ■   Effective, Efficient Compliance Solution: SumTotal’s strategic human capital
        management (HCM) solution can help healthcare organizations plan, execute and track
        all compliance training for the complete set of federal, state and industry regulations. This
        includes executing and tracking required certification & accreditation requirements directly
        from within the solution.
    ■   Complete, End-to-End Solution: SumTotal provides a single, unified solution that
        manages the entire spectrum of HCM processes. From core HR processes and
        information to complete talent, learning, and workforce management processes – all with a
        single user experience and centralized administration.
    ■   Available Anytime, Anywhere: Healthcare organizations have a workforce that may not
        always have access to a computer but still requires access to their HCM applications. To
        meet this need key parts of SumTotal’s solution are available to be accessed anywhere via
        the Apple iPad tablet or on a mobile phone. In addition, the SumTotal solution is global –
        with support for 29 languages and deployed to over 162 countries.
    ■   Complete Support for Health Care Training Standards: Because SumTotal has served
        many leading healthcare organizations, our Learning Management solution includes
        complete support for today’s most often used learning content standards – including
        SCORM and AICC. In addition learning content can be built using most industry standard
        development tools.
    ■   Structured Training Promoting High Performance: SumTotal’s on-the-job training
        capabilities provide a structured training model and consistent feedback to provide learners
        the tools they need to be successful.
    ■   Critical Decision Making with Information: From monitoring targets across departments
        to validating long-term plans and ensuring regulatory compliance, SumTotal’s Strategic
        Workforce Analytics solution provides a complete, imbedded analytics product to help you
        meet your business objectives.
Complete Workforce Management Capabilities
   ■   Control Workforce Costs: How can you account for every dollar spent on every
       work force activity and then link those costs to specific departments? With SumTotal’
       Workforce Management solution, you can automatically factor in different wages,
       premium pay, or partial shifts, while ensuring that bids for new business or contract
       renegotiations are profitable and accurate.
   ■   Increase Workforce Productivity: Incentive pay programs have been known to
       significantly increase productivity. Many businesses have their workforce management
       data in various applications — such as hospital management systems, routing, and
       electronic onboard recorders — but lack the information to execute. The SumTotal
       Workforce Management solution is a centralized application that collects and
       transforms this data into meaningful information and then applies complex work and
       pay rules to create accurate, effective incentive pay plans. With SumTotal Workforce
       Management, supervisors and managers can find, diagnose, and solve workforce-
       related problems before they impact service levels and quality of care. The software
       will also identify actual time worked as well as nonproductive time associated with
       scheduled breaks, material delays, or any uncontrolled incidents.
   ■   Deliver Quality Service: The intersection of healthcare delivery and workforce
       allocation defines success or failure for healthcare organizations. So, when it comes
       to making sure critical tasks are done by qualified staff – such as patient scheduling
       and post treatment care services, SumTotal’s Workforce Management solution can
       help ensure healthcare professionals are correctly scheduled and deployed to meet
       the predicted demand. However, even the best-planned schedules can come undone
       when volume of incoming patients spikes or forecasts change on-the-fly. SumTotal’s
       Workforce Management solution gives managers the visibility to see where they’re in
       danger of falling behind throughout the day, with the tools to reassign resources where
       they’re needed most and improve the quality of patient care.
   ■   Minimize Safety & Compliance Risk: Automatically track incidents, generate
       warning letters, provide audit trails for actions taken, and have it all tied directly to
       an employee’s record. With SumTotal’s Workforce Management solution, you can
       also capture and report on all hours worked, including hours of service rules, while
       setting alerts and reminders for when licenses are nearing expiration or recertification
       is required. SumTotal will also let you correctly identify and align professionals
       with appropriate certifications, training, and licenses, as well as track adherence.
       SumTotal’s Workforce Management solution can help you have the right people where
       and when you need them most.
   ■   Compliance with Bargaining Unit Work, Leave & Pay Rules: SumTotal’s fully-integrated,
       end-to-end solution removes the headache of trying to manually comply with complex work,
       leave and pay rules; along with the resultant grievances, fines, and employee relations
       issues. Let us help make your workforce more engaged and productive.
              Select SumTotal Healthcare Customers

  Over 100 Healthcare Organizations have Selected SumTotal
                                                                    SumTotal Strategic Human Capital
                                                                    Management Solution
                                                                    SumTotal provides an end-to-end, strategic human capital
                                                                    management (HCM) software solution that enables better
                                                                    alignment of resources, rapid development of both internal
                                                                    and external audiences, improved cost containment, all
                                                                    while providing greater visibility to help organizations better
                                                                    manage their business. As a global leader in strategic
                                                                    human capital management (HCM) with over 3,500
                                                                    customers and 45 million users, SumTotal’s solution,
                                                                    approach, and people enable organizations to grow their
                                                                    businesses by more effectively and efficiently managing
                                                                    the entire employee lifecycle.
                                                  SumTotal offers the most complete end-to-end solution,
                                                  flexibility to match varying needs, and deep understanding
of customer’s business challenges. Whereas yesterday’s HR technologies often resulted in isolated
silos of workforce data across disparate systems, SumTotal’s complete platform connects all HR,
workforce management, expense management and talent functions into a unified solution. By providing
a single platform and user experience across all core human capital functions, organizations achieve
unprecedented analytic visibility into their business, leading to improved decision making.

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and industries the most flexibility and choice with multiple purchase, configuration,
and deployment options. We have increased the performance of the world’s largest
organizations including Sony Electronics (NYSE: SNE), AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN [ADR];
London: AZN), Amway (KUL:AMWAY), Seagate (NYSE: STX), Dell (NASDAQ:DELL),
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