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                              Home loans
                              at QSCU
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Staff recipe Leonie Canavan                                                             Q&A
                                                                                         My role?
                                              Saucy Baked Chicken                         Business Development Officer (BDO)

                                                                                         My branch?
                                                                                          Melbourne Member Service Centre
                                              Always a favourite with the
                                                                                         How long have I been with QSCU?
                                              kids, and a perfect dish in                 I’ve been with QSCU for 11 years. I started when we
                                              our house for those cooler                  opened our first Melbourne office in 1995.

                                              autumn nights.                             Who belongs to my family?
                                                                                          My family consists of my husband, my parents, two sisters and
                                              Ingredients                                 one brother, their spouses and five nieces and nephews. Then,
                                                                                          on the in-law side, it gets big. I have my parents-in-law, 16
                                              4 chicken breasts (cut into 3 or 4
                                                                                          brothers and sisters-in-law, and 15 more nieces and nephews.
                                              pieces, depending on size)                  Needless to say, family gatherings are always large and noisy!
                                              4 rashers of bacon
                                                                                         What is the best part of my job?
                                              1 med white onion, sliced into wedges
                                                                                          I enjoy being able to tell people how great the Credit
                                              2 celery sticks, diced                      Union is and being able to assist our Members with their
                                              3 tomatoes, cut into large wedges           finances. It's always great to be able to tell a Member that
                                                                                          their home loan is approved, especially first homebuyers.
                                              1 green capsicum, chopped into squares
                                                                                          Apart from our Members, there are also the great people I
                                              1 pkt chicken noodle soup                   work with that make going to work a pleasure.
                                              2 tablespoons of cornflour
                                                                                         What makes life interesting for me?
                                              A splash of white wine
                                                                                          What I've learned and the people I've met along the way, have
                                                                                          made life interesting. There’s never a dull moment at our house,
                                                                                          with people popping in to visit or having friends and family over
                                              Chop the bacon in about 2.5 cm strips.      for dinner. I have a lot of friends who visit from overseas who
                                              Cook with onion and oil in a pan.           tend to turn my life upside down, but always add lots of fun.

                                              When cooked, remove from pan and put aside. Add a little more oil to the pan and brown the
                                              chicken. Place the chicken, onion and bacon in a casserole dish with celery, capsicum and
                                              tomatoes. In a separate bowl, mix chicken noodle soup with one-and-a-half cups of boiling water.

                                              Pour over the chicken mixture and place in a moderate oven. After about half an hour, add
                                              mixture of cornflour and white wine to thicken. Cook until vegies are soft and the sauce is thick.

                                              Serving suggestion: serve on mashed potatoes with steamed vegetables.

                                              Special dietary needs
                                              Recipe is gluten-free if you substitute chicken noodle soup for Massel chicken stock. All dairy-
                                              free, however you'll need to substitute lactose-free butter and milk in the mashed potatoes.

 life membership
 Once you’re a Member of Qantas
 Staff Credit Union, you’re welcome
 to be a Member for life
 even if you end your employment at Qantas or your family
 circumstances change. And, as long as you’re a Member, your
 family are entitled to join too!

 To find out more on who can join, call us on 1300 747 747
 or visit
email scams what to look out for
Some people refer to these emails as 'phishing' and you'll first notice these scams when you get an email out of the blue with a story
about why you have to reply. The email claims to be from your financial institution or another service you use, and usually asks you to
send your account details, and sometimes your PIN, either by return email or through a website.

   Safety checks to protect yourself:
   1. Stay calm. It's natural to be alarmed     4. Delete suspicious emails without           8. For Australian sites, look for the '.au'
     by an email claiming your account has         opening them. Avoid opening                   domain such as '' or ''. To
     been frozen or your credit card               dubious attachments, even if the              date, the Australian Securities and Investments
     information has been stolen. Resist           email seems to come from a person             Commission (ASIC) has not come across a
     your first impulse to reply. Never            or a company you trust.                       phony .au site, although that doesn't
     follow the instructions in the email.                                                       guarantee it will never happen.
                                                5. Only go to the official website for
   2. Keep your computer secure. Some              your financial institution using your      9. Take a few privacy precautions. Some
     frauds can lure you into opening              'favourites' or by typing its URL in the      authorities suggest avoiding personal
     an email or attachment that secretly          address bar of your web browser.              transactions at Internet cafes,
     installs a 'trojan' that allows               Never click any hyperlink in an email.        community centres and libraries. In
     scammers to monitor your computer                                                           some places, criminals have loaded
                                                6. Regularly change your Internet
     and access your accounts. Install an                                                        software that records keystrokes.
                                                   banking and shopping PINs. We
     effective virus protection program on
                                                   recommend changing your PIN as             10. Act quickly if you think you've been
     your computer, and keep it up
                                                   often as every month.                          conned. If you get a suspicious email,
     to date.
                                                                                                  contact us and we will confirm the
                                                7. Always suspect that it’s a scam if
   3. Get a 'firewall' to protect your                                                            email’s authenticity. Do not respond to
                                                   you're asked for your account details
     computer from unauthorised access                                                            any contact details in the email.
                                                   or your passwords by email. Your
     over the Internet. This is especially
                                                   Credit Union will never ask you for        For more information on financial tips and
     important for broadband users.
                                                   your account details or your               safety checks, visit
                                                   passwords by email.
in brief:                                      get insured.
Avoiding cheque
The Credit Union cannot provide a
                                               win big!
"sweep" arrangement from your Qsaver to
                                               over $7,000 in prizes to be won
cover the presentation of member cheques.
So, before you write a cheque from your
savings 0 account, please ensure that you
transfer the necessary funds from your
Qsaver account.

Protect your PIN:                              Major prize
1 Memorise your PIN                            An LG home theatre package, complete with
                                               an LG 32" wide-screen LCD monitor, surround
2 Destroy the notification of your PIN
                                               sound speaker system and DVD player.
  (where applicable)
3 Don’t keep a record of your PIN on, with,
  or near your card                                                          Monthly prize draws
4 Don’t tell anyone your PIN, not even                                       Win one of 3 amazing LG 17" wide-screen LCD
  family or friends                                                          multi-function monitors, with built in speakers and stand.

5 Make sure no one watches you enter
  your PIN at a terminal                       Take out a CGU policy for Home, Contents, Car or Landlords Insurance,
                                               between 1 May and 31 August to be in the monthy draws to win!
Report lost or stolen CueCards and VISA
                                               For Terms and conditions please visit or call us on 1300 747 747
cards immediately. Call 1800 621 199           ACT: TP 06/01140, NSW: TPL 06/02632, VIC: 06/1043 SA: permit pending
(24 hours toll free) or 1300 747 747
                                               Qantas Staff Credit Union Limited ABN 53 087 650 557 (QSCU) acts as an agent for CGU Insurance Limited
(8.00am to 5.00pm)                             ABN 27 004 478 371 (CGU). An IAG Company. Home and Contents, Car and Landlords Residential Property Insurance
                                               are issued by CGU Insurance Limited ABN 27 004 478 371 (CGU). An IAG Company. A Product Disclosure Statement
                                               (PDS) is available from any office of CGU or Qantas Staff Credit Union (QSCU) or by calling 1300 747 747. The PDS
                                               will help you decide whether to buy or hold the products. Please seek independent advice to decide if these
                                               products are appropriate for you. QSCU receives a commission as a percentage of the premium for each policy, at
                                                    Take out a CGU 5% and 15%, depending on the type of product. The or
                                               a range of rates between policy for Home, Contents, Motor Vehiclepromoter is Qantas Staff Credit
Member Questionnaire                           Union Limited ABN 53 087 650 557 (QSCU). Please visit for full terms and conditions.
                                                   Landlords Insurance, between 1 May and 31 August to be in
                                                   the monthy draws to win!
Shaping our future
Coming soon, you'll be able to give us
your feedback on what you'd like from
your credit union in the future. Available
online, your answers will assist us in
                                              high fives
providing you and your family with better      Now there's two Term Deposit rates you can
products and services in the future.           put your hand up for:
                                               5.50% p.a.* for 4 months or
                                               5.70% p.a.* for 7 months

Online Banking
Available now!
Giving you 24 hour access to manage
your accounts.                                 Hurry, these offers are limited. Ask here for details.
Call 1300 747 747 for more information.       *Conditions apply. Please ask us for a flyer or visit our website for more information.
                                               You should read and consider the Product Disclosure Statement available on our website.
save the
Saving the Bilby is one of the most
delicious things to do this Easter.
All Australian, chocolate Bilbies have
been made by Darrell Lea since 1994.
In the past two years, Darrell Lea has donated more than
                                                             Win an Easter Bilby pack!
$70,000 from the sale of chocolate Bilbies to the Save the   If you’re under 15-years-old, send us your best
Bilby Fund. Easter Bilbies are only available from Darrell
                                                             drawing of a Bilby having an Aussie Easter, and
Lea stores in two yummy sizes. You can choose from the
                                                             the best 10 entries will win a Bilby Easter Pack!
large Bilby, where 50c is donated, or the small Bilby,
                                                             Entries close 17 April 2006. Post entries to:
where a 30c donation is made. All donations go directly
                                                             QSCU Bilby promotion,
to the Save the Bilby Fund. Bilbies come in dark, milk,
                                                             Locked Bag 6747 Hurstville BC NSW 1481
sugar-free milk and white chocolate.
                                                             Please include the child’s name, age and address.
Call 1300 669 405 or visit for your
                                                             The Bilby Easter pack contains two large chocolate Bilbies and a certificate.
nearest Darrell Lea stockist.                                The judges decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

    Can’t get                                                Our new Chairman
    into a branch?                                           At the January Board meeting Max Haworth did
                                                             not seek re-election as Chairman of the Credit
                                                             Union. The Board would like to thank Max for his
    Online lending now available!                            leadership over the last five years, during a period
                                                             of strong growth and expansion of our range of products and services. Max
    You can now apply online for:                            will continue to demonstrate his dedication to the Credit Union as a Director
    • Home Loans                                             and on Board committees.

    • Investment Loans                                       Mark Boesen was unanimously elected as the Credit Union’s new Chairman. Mark
    • Personal Loans                                         has been a Director of the Credit Union for 14 years and Vice Chairman for the last
    • Car Loans                                              five years. Mark also brings with him 31 years of service with Qantas, having the
                                                             opportunity to have served in senior roles for 18 years with Qantas Superannuation,
    • Credit Cards
                                                             including as General Manager and Director.
    • Overdraft
    • Line of Credit                                         Mark brings a wealth of experience to his role as Chairman, with a commitment to
                                                             ensuring the highest levels of corporate governance for the protection and security
                                                             of Members’ funds, while at the same time providing Members with the best and
                                                             most competitive products and services.

                                                             Mark is also committed to the continuation of the Credit Union's family approach
    Simply log on to Online Banking
                                                             to personal, friendly service. He enjoys the support of his wife of 25 years, Lynne,
    to apply and follow our easy
                                                             and their two daughters, Belinda (20) and Samantha (19), all of whom are proud
    step by step process                                     Members of the Credit Union.
    Loans subject to approval. Terms and conditions,
                                                             “We have a strong and promising future, and I’m looking forward to leading the
    fees and charges apply.
                                                             Credit Union into an exciting new year.”

                                                             Mark Boesen
                                                             Chairman, Qantas Staff Credit Union
searching for a home loan?
What features are important to you?
Buying a property is one of the biggest           charges like fees for early repayment or         5. Low and No deposit loans. While
decisions you will probably ever make, so         redraw fees, or any future fees that a             these can be good options for some
it's important to assess what you actually        bank might decide to hit you with.                 buyers, remember that you still need to
need from your loan, and make sure you’re                                                            save for purchase costs such as stamp
                                                  Look for a low comparison rate, which can
not getting pulled in by what seems to be                                                            duty and conveyancing. Most lenders
                                                  mean bigger savings over the life of the loan.
attractive features – only to find you’re                                                            also require a savings history of at least
paying for it in fees.                          2. Honeymoon rates are a great way to                six months. Also check for fees and
                                                  ease into your loan. However, although             mortgage insurance premiums, which can
Things to look out for when taking out
                                                  they may seem competitive for the first            be significantly higher for low and no
a home loan:
                                                  12 months, you could end up with a                 deposit home loans.
1. The comparison rate is a tool that you         rude shock when it reverts back to the
                                                                                                   6. Home loan offset accounts may only be
  can use to help identify the true cost of       standard variable rate. Again, check
                                                                                                     available with higher standard variable rate
  the loan. The comparison rate includes          the comparison rate, and check the rate
                                                                                                     loans, not on basic, lower interest loans.
  both the interest rate and fees, and            you'll be paying when the honeymoon
                                                                                                     Basically, you want the money you deposit
  charges relating to a loan; which takes         is over.
                                                                                                     to receive interest on it in the form of a
  into account:
                                                3. Fixed rate mortgages can be a fantastic           deduction on your loan – paying less
  • the amount of the loan                        way to lock in a lower rate, especially if         interest on the loan. Do your calculations,
  • the term of the loan                          there is the threat of a rate rise.                though. You could be better off with a
  • the repayment frequency                       However, watch out for penalties for               lower rate with no offset in the long run.
  • the interest rate                             early repayments and other restrictions.
  • fees and charges connected with                                                                  For more information on
                                                4. Additional repayments. If it's important
    the loan (up-front and on-going fees)                                                            Home Loan features and tips, visit
                                                  to you to have the flexibility to pay extra
  Keep in mind that the comparison rate           off your loan when you can, then make
  doesn’t include government charges              sure your loan doesn't penalise you for
  (such as stamp duty), other fees and            doing so.

  Variable Home Loans
  from QSCU
  Right now you can take advantage of:

  ✔     No monthly account keeping fees

  ✔     No penalty for additional repayments

  ✔     Honeymoon rate available

  ✔     Redraw facility with no fees attached

  ✔     100% offset facility available where
        every dollar counts to reduce your
        loan and save you interest

  ✔     We process the paperwork for your
        first home buyers grant

  ✔     Online lending now available
choosing the right loan for you.
No matter what your life stage or situation, we have a competitive range of home loans
to get you into your new home – faster.

   home essentials                                                                          home plus

    6.75% 6.794 %            p.a.
                                           Comparison rate
                                                                     p.a.                  7.00 % 7.044%              p.a.
                                                                                                                                    Comparison rate

   If you just want the best rate and don’t need a range of                                 If you’re looking for the loan that’s got it all, you can’t beat
   flexible options with your home loan, Home Essentials is ideal.                          our Home Plus home loan.

   Package includes:                                                                        How it works.
   • 0.25% below the standard variable rate.                                                With Home Plus, you can choose a variable honeymoon

   • An ongoing lower variable interest rate.                                               interest rate 1% below our standard variable rate for your
                                                                                            first year.
   • No monthly or annual account keeping fees.

   • No penalty fees for early repayment.                                                   Package includes:

   Plus, if you want to apply for additional loan advances                                  • No monthly or annual account-keeping fees.

   (for a renovation or other purpose) you can do so.                                       • A variable honeymoon interest rate, 1% below our
                                                                                               standard variable rate for your first year.

                                                                                            • A full range of options like redraw and extra repayments,
                                                                                               all operating within your interest honeymoon rate, and with

   home access                                                                                 no fees.

                                                                                            • The opportunity to apply for a mortgage-secured overdraft

    7.15                     %                                                                 with a 100% offset facility, so that every dollar you keep in
                                                                                               your savings account reduces your interest.
                                                                                            • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.
   If you’re good at managing your money, our Home Access
   home loan can give you the freedom to really make your
   home loan your number one financial facility.

   How it works.
   It gives you one home loan account that you keep all your
   salary and savings in – and the freedom to pay in and draw
   down money as you choose. You can save in the account and
   reduce your interest, or redraw for say, an investment
                                                                                            You can now apply online.
   opportunity. It’s up to you.

   Package includes:
                                                                                            Simply log on to Online Banking
   • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.                                             and follow our step-by-step process.
   • Access to your home loan via all channels
      (e.g. cheque, ATM, EFTPOS, Online Banking).
   • The ability to store all your income and savings in your
                                                                                                When it's time to talk home loans,
      home loan, using every cent to save yourself interest.
   • A low minimum monthly repayment of 1% of the
                                                                                                talk to us.
      outstanding balance.
   • The freedom to repay and redraw money as you please,                                       Call 1300 747 747
      up to your loan limit.

   • No monthly or annual account-keeping fees.

Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. For more information call us on 1300 747 747. The comparison rates are based on loans for $150,000 and a term of 25 years.
A comparison rate schedule is available from Please refer to the back page of this newsletter for the warning notice.
  Deposits                                                                                                                     Loans
  At Call Deposits                      (from 1 Apr 2005)                                                                      Loans       (from 4 Mar 2005)
  Daily Balance                                                                                                 Rate           Home Loans                                                                                        Rate
  $100,000 and over                                                                                     5.00%pa                Home Essentials                            Basic home loan                                 6.75%pa
  $50,000 to $99,999.99                                                                                 4.75%pa                Home Plus                                  1year variable honeymoon rate 6.00%pa
  $25,000 to $49,999.99                                                                                 4.25%pa                                                           Standard variable rate        7.00%pa

  $5,000 to $24,999.99                                                                                  4.00%pa                Home Access                                All in one account
                                                                                                                                                                          Variable rate                                   7.15%pa
  Below $5,000                                                                                          1.25%pa
                                                                                                                               100% Offset                                                                                   up to
  Interest is calculated on the daily balance and credited to the account at the end of each
  month. For an example of how our tiered interest arrangements work, please see the first part                                Mortgage Facility                          100% offset facility                            7.00%pa
  of the Savings Accounts and Payment Services and Term Deposits Product Disclosure Statement.

  Loan Offset Accounts                            (from 1 Apr 2005)                                                            Personal Loans                                                                                    Rate
  Daily Balance                                                                                                 Rate           Special Car Loan Promotion Variable rate*                                                  7.67%pa
  $100,000 and over                                                                                     4.50%pa                Personal Loan – Secured Intro 6 month discount
                                                                                                                               (car, boat, caravan)       variable rate                                                   7.90%pa
  $50,000 and $99,999.99                                                                                4.25%pa
                                                                                                                                                                          Standard variable rate                          9.40%pa
  $25,000 to $49,999.99                                                                                 4.00%pa
                                                                                                                               Personal Loan – Unsecured Standard variable rate                                         11.15%pa
  $5,000 to $24,999.99                                                                                  3.50%pa
                                                                                                                               Line of Credit – Unsecured Standard variable rate                                        11.15%pa
  Below $5,000                                                                                          1.00%pa
                                                                                                                               Overdrafts – Unsecured                     Standard variable rate                        11.40%pa
  Loan offset benefits are calculated on the daily credit balance and credited to the linked loan
                                                                                                                               *Limited time only
  account at the end of each month.
  Term Deposits                   (from 4 Mar 2005)                                                                            Investment Loans                                                                                  Rate
  Term in $2,000 to $5,000 to                     $25,000 to       $50,000 to $100,000 to                    $250,000          Investment Essentials                      Basic investment loan                           6.75%pa
  months $4,999.99 $24,999.99                     $49,999.99       $99,999.99 $249,999.99                      & over          Investment Plus                            1year variable honeymoon rate 6.00%pa
       3        4.75%             4.95%             5.00%            5.10%              5.20%              5.30%                                                          Standard variable rate        7.00%pa

       6           n/a            5.15%             5.20%            5.30%              5.40%              5.50%               Investment Access                          All in one account
                                                                                                                                                                          Variable rate                                   7.15%pa
       9           n/a            5.25%             5.30%            5.40%              5.50%              5.60%
                                                                                                                               Investment Options                         Interest-only, variable rate
      12           n/a            5.35%             5.40%            5.50%              5.60%              5.70%                                                          up to 30 years                                  7.00%pa
                                                                                                                                                                          Interest only, 1 year fixed                     6.75%pa
      24           n/a            5.40%             5.45%            5.55%              5.65%              5.75%
                                                                                                                                                                          Interest only, 2 year fixed                     7.25%pa
      36           n/a            5.45%             5.50%            5.60%              5.70%              5.80%                                                          Interest only, 3 year fixed                     7.50%pa
  All term deposit rates are per annum.
                                                                                                                               Comparison Rates for Consumer Credit Code
   Qsaver                                                         Rate              Term                  Deposit              Regulated Fixed Term Loans
  Online Savings Account                                    5.40%pa                at call        no minimum                   Type of loan                             Annual            Amount                Term           Comp.
                                                                                                                                                                          Rate                                                  Rate
  Retirement Savings Accounts                                   (from 1 Apr 2005)                                              Home Essentials                           6.75%          $150,000 25 years                     6.79%
                                                  Rate (before tax)                        Rate (after tax)                    Home Plus                                 7.00%          $150,000 25 years                     7.04%
  Over $50,000                                                  5.25%pa                             4.4625%pa                  Home Plus – 1 year
  $50,000 and below                                             4.75%pa                             4.0375%pa                  variable honeymoon                        6.00%          $150,000 25 years                     6.93%
  Allocated Pensions                                            5.25%pa                                 5.25%pa                Personal Loan – secured 9.40%                              $10,000           3 years           9.40%
  The above interest rates were correct at the time of printing. Members should check                                          Personal Loan – secured 7.90%                              $10,000           3 years           8.68%
  to ascertain that this part of the Product Disclosure Statement is current.
                                                                                                                               Intro 6 month discount
                                                                                                                               variable rate
Member Service Centres and Administration
                                                                                                                               Personal Loans
Qantas Jet Base                            Sydney                                    Melbourne Maintenance Base
Ground Floor                               Level 3, 261 George St, Sydney            Hours 12.00noon – 4.00pm                  (secured or unsecured) 11.15%                              $10,000           3 years 11.15%*
Administration Building 2                  Hours 8.00am – 4.15pm                     Operations Road
Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport             -------------------------------------     Tullamarine Airport                       Special Car Loan Promo                    Limited time only
Hours 8.00am – 4.15pm                      Hurstville                                -------------------------------------
-------------------------------------      420 Forest Road Hurstville                Perth International Airport               Standard variable rate                    7.67%            $10,000           3 years         7.67%*
Sydney Airport Centre                      Hours 8.00am – 4.15pm                     Engineering and Supply
                                                                                                                               WARNING: This comparison rate applies only to the example or examples given. Different amounts and
Ground Floor                               -------------------------------------     Building, Affleck Road                    terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees, and cost
15 Bourke Road, Mascot                     Brisbane Airport                          Perth International Airport               savings such as fee waivers, are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the
Hours 7.30am – 5.00pm                      No. 9 Qantas Drive                        Hours 8.00am – 4.00pm                     loan. A monthly repayment frequency has been used to calculate the comparison rates. A comparison rate
-------------------------------------      Brisbane Airport                          -------------------------------------     schedule is available from Member Service Centres or by calling 1300 747 747 or on our internet site.
Qantas Freight Terminal                    Hours 7.00am – 3.00pm                     Perth Domestic                            *Calculated on the basis that the loan is secured.
Ground Floor                               -------------------------------------     Ground floor
Qantas Freight Terminal                    Brisbane Maintenance Base                 Opposite check-in counter 12
Link Road                                  Hangar 3                                  Hours 10am - 2pm                          Credit Card
Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport             Main Myrtletown Road,                     Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Hours 10.30am – 2.30pm                     Pinkenba                                  -------------------------------------     Feature                                    QSCU Lifestyle                QSCU Lifestyle Plus
-------------------------------------      Hours 8.00am – 11.00am                    Administration
Qantas Domestic Terminal                   11.30am – 4.00pm                          Ground Floor, 420 Forest Road             Annual fee                                                      $0                                  $30
Ground Floor                               -------------------------------------     Hurstville NSW 2220
Qantas Domestic Terminal                   Melbourne Airport                         Locked Bag 6747                           Interest-free days                                                0                         up to 46
Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport             Cnr Centre Road                           Hurstville BC NSW 1481
Hours 8.00am – 4.15pm                      and Depot Drive                           Telephone 1300 747 747                    Variable interest rate                           10.99% p.a.                          14.50% p.a.
                                           Tullamarine                               Facsimile (02) 9582 3400
                                           Hours 7.30am – 3.30pm                     Hours 8.00am – 5.00pm                     5 month
                                                                                                                               introductory rate                                  4.99% p.a.                           4.99% p.a.
Contact Numbers
Lost or Stolen Cards                                         Telephone Banking (24 hours/7 days)
Report lost or stolen CueCards and                           Telephone 1300 747 747
VISA Cards immediately.                                      ---------------------------------------------------------
Telephone 1800 621 199 (24 Hrs Toll Free)                    Insurance Service                                               Electronic debits and credits – use BSB 704-865
or 1300 747 747                                              Telephone 1300 747 747
---------------------------------------------------------    ---------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                                             (for use in Australia only)
General Enquiries 8.00am to 5.00pm                           Financial Planning Service                                      Financial products referred to in QSCU News are issued by Qantas Staff Credit Union Limited,
Telephone 1300 747 747                                       Telephone 1300 737 117 (Toll Free)                              AFSL no. 238 305, ABN 53 087 650 557, unless noted otherwise. Any general advice in QSCU News
                                                                                                                             has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before
                                                                                                                             acting on any advice you should consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. You should
                                                                                                                             consider our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for our financial products, or the terms and conditions
                                                                                                                             for other products, when deciding whether to acquire or hold a product. PDS documents are available
                                                                                                from the "Other Publications" section of our website or from any Member Service Centre.

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