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					  Newsline                                                    THE GOLDENWEST CREDIT UNION NEWSLETTER

                                                                                               SPRING 2011

Doing More Good
by Shelley B. Clarke, President & CEO
   “We can do more good by being good, than in any
   other way.”                       – Rowland Hill
At Goldenwest Credit Union, we are always looking for new
ways to give more to our members. As we grow stronger
as a credit union family, we provide greater returns to our
For 75 years, Goldenwest has stood as a financial leader in
the communities we serve. We know that our strength has
come from the loyalty and support of our members. It is
our privilege to continue serving you and the generations        Goldenwest is here for you.
to come.
We hope that you look to Goldenwest as your financial

                                                              in this issue:
partner for life. Around the corner you may experience
graduations, weddings, babies or new jobs. Or perhaps
retirement isn’t too far away. Whatever may be in your
future, Goldenwest is here for you. We can help with
                                                                 2 Nominations Committee Report &
everything from establishing a savings plan, to helping you
                                                                   Board Election
qualify for your first auto loan; from building your dream
home, to helping you understand the benefits of a reverse        3 GWCU 5K For Schools
mortgage.                                                        3 Shared Branch & ATM Network
No one can ignore the fact that economic times are tough.        3 Annual Meeting Invitation
It’s more important than ever for individuals, families and
businesses to stay on top of their finances. Nothing gives       4 Which Type of IRA is Right for You?
us more satisfaction than knowing we are helping you save        4 Kids Club Coloring Contest Winners
money and time with Goldenwest products and services. It’s
the best way we know how to serve our members.                   5 Online Home Loans

Again, we thank you for being a member of Goldenwest             5 Free Checking is Still Free!
Credit Union. It is our goal to continue serving you for         5 What Can You Do With a Home Equity
many years to come.                                                Line of Credit from Goldenwest?
We look forward to meeting with you at the Annual Meeting        6 Know the Facts: Cash Rebate vs. 0.0%
on April 5th!                                                      Financing
Nominations Committee Report & Board Election
The	Nominations	Committee	received	three	qualifying	applications	for	the	two	open	Board	of	Directors	positions.	
One	of	the	applications	was	received	from	incumbent	Tad	Neuenswander.	The	other	two	applications	were	received	
from	Karen	Kagie	of	Clearfield	and	Patrick	Poce	of	Ogden.	Interested	applicants	were	asked	to	submit	a	written	
statement of qualification.
One of the major differences between credit unions and
banks	is	that	credit	unions	are	organized	based	on	the	
                                                                  MEMBERS MAY VOTE USING 1 OF 3 METHODS
democratic process of electing directors by the general
membership. As a member, this is your opportunity to vote          ONLINE AT
for the people who govern Goldenwest Credit Union.                 Available	March	25	at	9am	through	March	28	at	5pm
In person voting is available at four branch locations,
                                                                   BY PHONE AT 801-621-4550 or 800-283-4550
including	offices	in	Ogden,	South	Ogden,	Layton	and	
                                                                   Available	March	25	at	9am	through	March	28	at	5pm
Riverton.	Telephone	and	online	voting	is	available	to	members	
who	have	a	Personal	Identification	Number	(PIN)	or	password	
                                                                   IN PERSON AT ONE OF THESE FOUR BRANCHES:
for	their	accounts.	If	you	do	not	have	an	audio	PIN	or	Online	
Branch	password,	please	contact	the	call	center	at	                LAYTON	         1268	North	Hillfield	Rd,	Layton	
801-621-4550	or	800-283-4550.                                      8TH	STREET	     805	Washington	Blvd,	Ogden	
                                                                   CORPORATE	      5025	South	Adams	Ave,	South	Ogden						
Only the primary person on an account is permitted to vote.
                                                                   RIVERTON	       5573	West	13400	South,	Riverton
Each	member	is	restricted	to	one	vote,	regardless	of	the	
number of accounts they may have with the credit union.            AT THE FOLLOWING TIMES:
Absentee ballots or proxy voting are not permitted for the
election. Results of the election will be announced at the         Friday,	March	25:	   9am	-	5:30	pm
Goldenwest	Credit	Union	Annual	Meeting	held	April	5,	2011	         Saturday,	March	26:	 9am	-	2:00	pm
at the Corporate Center in Ogden.                                  Monday,	March	28:	 9am	-	5:00	pm

                               Tad Neuenswander (Incumbent)
                               I have been a member of Goldenwest Credit Union for more than 35 years. I have a
                               vested interest in ensuring that Goldenwest continues to operate successfully for
                               many years to come. I currently work for a high-tech systems integration/consulting
                               company	and	previous	to	that	worked	for	Hewlett	Packard.	I	possess	a	strong	
                               background	in	business	and	technology.	I	have	a	B.A.	from	Weber	State	University	in	
                               Business	Administration	and	a	MBA	from	Westminster	College.	I	feel	that	my	business	
                               and technology background will enable me to ensure the right oversight, continuity and
                               stability of Goldenwest, as well as high quality services for its’ members. I would love
                               the opportunity to continue to serve the members of Goldenwest Credit Union.

                               Karen Kagie
                               I’ve	been	a	member	for	15+	years,	of	one	of	the	top	lending	institutions	in	both	our	state	
                               and	nation,	utilizing	most	of	the	services	Goldenwest	Credit	Union	offers.	I	have	11+	
                               years experience as an accountant and am currently a Realtor. I enjoy giving back to my
                               community	and	have	served	in	the	following	capacities:	LDS	mission,	foster	parent,	foreign	
                               exchange	student	host,	2000	&	2010	Census,	2002	Olympics,	boy	and	girl	scouts	leadership,	
                               GOAL	Foundation,	YCC,	Christmas	Box	House,	QI	Committee	for	Department	of	Child	and	
                               Family	Services,	and	PR	and	Trade	Expo	Committees	for	the	Northern	Wasatch	Association	
                               of Realtors. It’s obvious that Goldenwest has earned the loyalty of its’ volunteers, employees
                               and members through outstanding service. A member/part owner benefit is having a say
                               in the development of this institution and voting for those that govern it. I look forward to
                               serving you in this capacity.

                               Patrick Poce
                               I’m	a	lifelong	resident	of	Ogden,	from	a	railroad	family	dating	to	the	early	1900s.	I’ve	been	
                               a	member	of	ORCU	since	it	was	located	in	a	small	building	on	26th	Street.	I’m	the	owner	
                               of	The	Posy	Place	and	Olive	and	Dahlia,	two	of	Ogden’s	finest	and	most	successful	flower	
                               and	gift	shops,	employing	over	20	local	residents.	I’m	actively	involved	in	the	national	floral	
                               industry having served as chairman of four national conventions. I’m the author of two
                               nationally	published	books	on	floral	design	and	have	been	an	instructor	or	guest	designer	
                               at	design	schools	and	shows	throughout	the	U.S.,	Canada	and	South	America.	I	serve	on	
                               the	Board	of	Directors	of	the	Eccles	Community	Art	Center	and	a	member	and	contributor	
                               to	the	McKayDee	Foundation,	Planned	Parenthood	of	Utah,	Utah	Aids	Foundation	and	
                               Children’s	Aid	Society.	I’m	also	a	member	of	the	Ogden	Golf	and	Country	Club.

                                                                    5K For Schools 2011
                                                                    On your mark, get set, GO!
                                                                    The	11th	Annual	Goldenwest	5K	for	Schools	will	be	held	
                                                                    on	March	26th	2011	at	8:30	a.m.	The	start	and	finish	
                                                                    lines will be located at the Goldenwest Corporate Office
                                                                    in	South	Ogden	(5025	South	Adams	Avenue).	So	put	your	
                                                                    running shoes on and start training. We’ll see you there!
                                                                    Registration information, detailed information,
                                                                    and the route maps are available online at

Shared Branch and ATM Network:
Going the Distance, So You Don’t Have To
Time	is	money.		We	can	save	you	both	with	a	vast	branch	network	that	spans	the	country.		

Goldenwest	has	partnered	with	hundreds	of	other	credit	unions,	giving	you	access	to	4,200+	shared	branches	through	the	
Credit	Union	Service	Center	network.		Not	only	is	the	shared	branch	network	convenient,	it’s	a	free	service	for	our	members.

Each	month	our	members	conduct	thousands	of	transactions	on	their	Goldenwest	account	at	other	credit	unions.		
Likewise, members from other credit unions conduct transactions at Goldenwest branches. For a list of all the credit unions
participating	in	the	Credit	Union	Service	Center	network,	visit

Goldenwest	is	also	part	of	the	Co-op	ATM	Network,	giving	members	free	access	to	cash	at	more	than	28,000	ATMs	
worldwide.	In	the	credit	union	spirit	of	“People	Helping	People”,	the	vast	majority	of	credit	unions	in	the	U.S.	participate	in	
the	Co-op	ATM	Network.	Co-op	Network	ATMs	can	also	be	found	at	over	5,700	7-Eleven	locations.

                                  Please Join Us at the Annual Meeting
         APRIL                    All Goldenwest members and their families are invited to attend the Goldenwest Annual

                                  Meeting	at	our	Corporate	Center	located	at	5025	South	Adams	Ave	in	Ogden	on	Tuesday,	
                                  April	5,	2011.	
                                  The	Open	House	will	begin	at	6:00	p.m.,	with	Goldenwest	providing	refreshments	and	a	
                                  small	gift	for	each	person	attending	the	meeting.	The	Business	Meeting	will	begin	at	6:30	
                                  p.m.,	with	several	door	prizes	being	awarded	at	the	end	of	the	meeting.

    A message from the MEMBERS Financial Services Planning

    Which Type of IRA is Right for You?
                                              There are two main types of IRAs – traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs – and both
                                              offer tax advantages.
                                              Most people saving for retirement can contribute to a traditional IRA, and
                                              if you meet certain requirements your contributions are tax deductible.
                                              Whether your contributions are deductible or not, your earnings accumulate
                                              tax deferred, so you won’t owe income taxes until you make withdrawals.
                                              Deductible contributions and earnings are taxed at your regular income tax
                                              rate as you withdraw them.
                                              With a Roth IRA, however, contributions aren’t tax deductible when you
                                              make them. But in favorable contrast to a traditional IRA, earnings are free
                                              from income tax upon withdrawal if you meet the specified conditions. A
                                              Roth IRA also has more flexible early withdrawal rules than a traditional IRA,
                                              and you aren’t required to begin withdrawals at age 70½.
                                              Determining which type of IRA account is right for you depends on several
                                              factors including:
    Tyler Holbrook,
    MEMBERS Financial representative
                                              •	 Your	age	at	the	time	you’re	contributing
                                              •	 Your	tax	rates	when	contributing	and	during	retirement
                                              •	 Your	plans	for	needing	this	money	prior	to	age	59½	
                                              •	 Your	plans	for	leaving	this	money	to	heirs,	and
                                              •	 Your	likelihood	of	actually	setting	aside	the	money	you	save	in	taxes	
                                                 and investing it in another account for retirement.

                                              For more information about IRA eligibility rules and help determining which
                                              IRA is best for you, contact Tyler Holbrook, the CUNA Mutual Representative
                                              serving the members of Goldenwest Federal Credit Union at 801-337-8340.

    Representatives	are	registered,	securities	are	sold	and	investment	advisory	services	offered	through	CUNA	Brokerage	Services,	Inc.	(CBSI),	
    member	FINRA/SIPC,	a	registered	broker/dealer	and	investment	advisor,	2000	Heritage	Way,	Waverly,	Iowa	50677,	toll-free	(866)	512-6109.	
    Nondeposit investment and insurance products are not federally insured, involve investment risk, may lose value and are not obligations of or
    guaranteed	by	the	financial	institution.	CBSI	is	under	contract	with	the	financial	institution,	through	the	financial	services	program,	to	make	
    securities	available	to	members.	                                                                                         B2MM-1104-7399	(1209)

                                            Coloring Contest Winners
                                             Congratulations	to	our	winners	of	the	Kids	Club	coloring	contest	for	the	first	
                                             quarter	of	2011.	Each	winner	will	receive	a	$25	deposit	into	his	or	her	
                                             Goldenwest	Kids	Club	savings	account.

                                             Ages 0-4: Carter Waters
                                             Ages	5-8:	Ian	Riley	 	  	
                                             Ages	9-12:	Stephen	McKee	                            		         	

                                             To	learn	more	about	Goldenwest’s	Kids	
                                             Club, or to print a copy of the new coloring
                                             page, visit

Take home your own plush toy dog, “Dollar” when you open a new Kids Club account!
                      Online Home Loans
                      Goldenwest has made applying for a mortgage loan easier than ever.
                      Whether you are in the market to purchase a home or want to save
                      money by refinancing an existing loan, the application process is
                      convenient and quick from your personal computer.
                      If you’re not sure if it’s the right time to apply for a mortgage, you can
                      get a quick rate quote online. You may be surprised how much you
                      can save with a mortgage from Goldenwest!
                      For a free rate quote, or to apply online, simply visit www.
             and click the Home Loans tab.

Free Checking is Still Free!
                                       One of the greatest values Goldenwest offers members
                                       is our free checking account. With Goldenwest free
                                       checking, you’ll receive:
                                       •	 Free	VISA	Debit	Card	
                                       •	 Free	Online	Banking
                                       •	 Free	Online	Bill	Pay
                                       •	 Free	Mobile	Banking	&	Texting
                                       •	 Free	Apps	for	Blackberry	&	iPhone
                                       •	 Free	eAlerts	&	eStatements
                                       •	 Free	Access	to	28,000+	ATMs
                                       •	 Free	Access	to	4,200+	shared	branches
                                       •	 Free	box	of	checks
                                       •	 No	minimum	balance	requirement
                                       •	 No	monthly	maintenance	fees
                                       •	 Overdraft	protection	available
                                       •	 NCUA	Deposit	Insurance	up	to	$250,000	per	account
                                       If you don’t have a Goldenwest free checking
                                       account, visit any of our 18 branch locations or
                                       contact us at 801-621-4550 or 800-283-4550.

                      What Can You Do With a
                      Home Equity Line of Credit
                      from Goldenwest?
                      •	 Home	Improvements
                      •	 Family	Vacation
                      •	 Debt	Consolidation
                      •	 So	Much	More!
                      To open your Home Equity Line of Credit, visit any of
                      our 18 branch locations or contact us at 801-621-4550
                      or 800-283-4550.

                       Know the Facts:
                       Cash Rebate vs. 0.0% Financing
                       If you’re in the market to buy a car, make sure you know the
                       facts about financing. Zero-percent financing sounds like a
                       great deal, but it could cost you more money over the life
                       of the loan. If you have the opportunity to accept rebate
                       dollars, it may save you more money.
                       For	example,	if	you	purchase	a	car	for	$20,000	at	zero	
                       percent	interest	for	a	48-month	term,	your	monthly	payment	
                       will	be	$416.67.	Now	take	the	same	scenario	with	a	$2,000	
                       cash	rebate	and	3.75%	APR	financing	from	Goldenwest.	
                       With	the	auto	loan	reduced	to	$18,000,	your	monthly	
                       payments	are	$404.41.	You	will	save	$588.48	over	the	life	
                       of	the	loan	by	accepting	the	$2,000	cash	rebate	instead	
                       of the interest-free loan.
                       For your convenience, Goldenwest has partnered with
                       auto dealers throughout Utah to give you access to our
                       low-rate	financing	right	at	the	dealership.		The	loan	
                       application process is quick and easy…and you can take
                       care of everything in one place!
                       In addition to our loan rates, Goldenwest provides free
                       online tools to help our members research the best deal on
                       a	car.	Visit	and	link	to	AutoSMART	to	find	
                       financing calculators, current trade-in values, and locate cars
                       at local dealerships.
                       Remember, ask for Goldenwest financing at the
                       dealership when buying your next car.
                       We’ll take care of you!                                           6

P.O. Box 1111 Ogden,
  Utah 84402 - 1111

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