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									e – Tendering
Open My Computer
Open CD Drive
Open Excel Sheet

Here you will see the items available on CD/
Website/ Laptop, etc. which includes help file and
user guides
Choose Enable Macro to Open the Excel Sheet with all the
                  utilities enabled
In case you don’t get the message, following setting is required:
         Choose the options: Tool – Macro – Security
Select Security Level as

  Click on “OK” and
  again open the file
    Enter Rates Here

Don’t use commas etc.
                                         Auto sum will be Generated
System will convert Figures into Words
   1. Click on File

                  2. Click on “Save As…”

Now we will Save the File in the System
                               1. Select Location

            2. Type New File Name              3. Click on “Save”

Keep this file with you to upload the same in the live site of e-Tendring
File Name will appear here   Click here to Close
           Special Instructions
• This is a specialized Excel Sheet protected to use
  for eTendering.
• Please be careful that you are uploading the
  correct file n the stage of On-line Bid submission,
  otherwise the supplier/ contractor will become an
  ineligible bidder, since the same will not match
  with the original document provided/ specified.
• Only “rates” are required to be entered.
• System will convert the figures into words,
  multiply the rates with quantity and will provide
  Grand Total
e – Tendering
Open Internet Explorer
Clear the space (address bar) and enter website/
URL: www.01markets.com/ksphc
1. Enter Login Name Here

                 2. Enter Password Here

                3. Click on Login
Click on Tenders
This page shows tenders available to you!!

                            Click on “Go” to of the
                            respective “Tender No.” to view
                            Tender Letter
                                              Click here
                                              to Close the

Click here to view/ save
tender document            Click here to
                           Print the letter
                                 3. Click here
                                 on “Go” to get
                                 the new screen

                1. Click here
                to get options

2. Select the option
“Respond to Tenders”
                            Enter Reference Number

The window opens – fill in the details here
                               1. Enter your Rate
                               (Total) without commas

        Rate of Organization

2. Click Here
System will again show you Total and convert the Figures into Words

                                                              Click here to scroll down
                                      Fill all the
                                      conditions like
                                      Accept, NA,
                                      Deviation etc. as
                                      the case may be

                                     Fill Certification
                                     details as

Download Schedule/ BoQ if required
To attach tender document saved
form letter/ CD/ e-mail – Click here
Click here to browse view file at actual
location where saved after filling the
        Select Location of File

                 Select file from location


Type File Name

                                       Click Open
File location will be displayed here
                                        You can see the file
                                       location path here to
                                       verify file name, you
                                          want to upload
                                         containing the bid
         Click here to attach
File name you have
uploaded will come here

                    Now Click on Preview
                               Click here to go back
                               to make corrections

                           Click here to confirm

Filled Information will be Displayed Here to Re-verify
                                                Click here to Logout
Click here to
Change your
Profile         Click here to go to Main Page
Modify/ Update details as Required, in the field specified

                 Click Here to Update Your Profile
Click here to Logout
                                                           Click on View icon to see
                                                           the auction details

Please note your auction ID   Please note the Item Name
                              and Start and Closing Time
Thank You

    Sudeep Venkatesh

                                 Our Promise
                                 With utmost respect to human values,
                                 we promise to serve our customers with
                                 integrity, through innovative, value for money
                                 solutions, by applying thought, day after day.

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