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corporate-christmas-gift by MaggieMills1


									The Tried, Popular, and True Corporate Christmas Gift

Yes, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. And it is the most
expensive too. Okay, let us disregard the expenses and head to the main
point: the corporate Christmas gift.

Whether it is for your employee, co-worker, boss, client, business
partner, loyal costumer or anyone related to your business, it seems to
be a requirement that you will give him or her a corporate Christmas gift
of any kind.

And since gift giving is part of reliving the Christmas spirit, here are
some of the popular items that are used as corporate Christmas gifts for

Christmas cards – Many companies give greeting cards during Christmas.
This is probably the cheapest way to tell someone that he or she is
appreciated on any contribution he or she has made for the whole year.
Christmas card may not be a typical gift that requires a box and a lace
but it is certainly send your message load and clear, not to mention in
beautiful print.

Calendars – Another year is coming and you want your company to be
remembered for the whole year to come. What you should give? A calendar!
Most companies give away this especially to their costumers during the
Christmas season. It is cheap, safe, and of course, it possesses company
name and logo right at someone else's home or office for the next 365

Gift certificates for retail – Since it is very difficult and time
consuming for you to buy gift to each one on your list, you may prefer to
give them gift certificates instead. This will eliminate the risk
committing capital mistakes in gift giving. This will also free you from
stress of shopping and gift wrapping. Gift certificates for retail are
very much appreciated since the recipient will have the freedom to choose
the type of gift he or she wants to receive.

Gift certificates for restaurants – Another option for a corporate
Christmas gift would be gift certificates for restaurants. This is also
one of the safest and one of the most appreciated types of corporate
Christmas gift someone will receive since it appeals to everyone of any

Promotional items – To bring the company name right at the hands, homes,
and offices of people, promotional items make a popular choice among
businesses. Ranging from keychain, office supplies, home décor,
accessories, and apparel, promotional items provide a way to make the
company be remembered without spending too much on advertisement.

Gift basket – Chocolate gift basket, gourmet gift basket, wine gift
basket and many others can be a good way to send your words of thanks to
a client or a business partner. Gift basket is a popular choice since the
size of the basket impresses many and the number of items in it makes it
more attractive to the recipient.
Flowers – Another all time favorite corporate Christmas gift is a bunch
of flowers. Although there are some rules to follow when giving flowers
to someone such as cultural symbols, it is generally the safe choice of

Wine or liquor – Christmas means celebrating and most businessmen use
drinking as a way to celebrate. Thus, wine or liquor could be a good
corporate Christmas gift. A particular brand which the recipient loves to
have is more appreciated.

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