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					World History to 16th Century

     Feature Presentations: Ancient Rome

Throughout history, specific events, people and occurrences have transformed
the world in various directions. It is important to be aware and informed of
world civilizations and their history up to the 16th century as these civilizations
have built the framework of the modern world.

In groups of 2-3, students will lead a presentation that focuses on a specific
aspect of Ancient Rome. The presentation will highlight various criteria and
information that provokes interest, poses questions and facilitates an engaging
discussion. The presentation will occur over a week and should be
supplemented with visuals / resources.

The Feature Presentations will be scheduled during the week


Criteria: Feature Presentation
During each presentation (Power point or webpage), group leaders will
conduct the session. Each leader will present, ask questions, and lead a
discussion with the class. Each presentation should be 20 minutes.

During the Feature Presentation the leaders must:
          Historical Summary: major events / people
          Impact on Rome and world history (geography, social, economic,
            political, cultural, religious, military, technological etc.)
          provide a short interactive activity to get the class involved that
            has clear connections and applications to the presentation / topic
          include visuals, or images resources to presentation (video,
            images, pictures, music, props, documentary etc)
          develop 3 discussion questions
          presentation (powerpoint or webpage) must be posted on e-folio
CHW 3M1 World History to 16th Century

                      Feature Presentation Rubric
      Criteria              Level 4                 Level 3               Level 2             Level 1
                     -topics / issue          - topic / issue is     - topic/ issue is   -topic / issue
   Knowledge /       discussed is             accurately             explained with      needs to use
                     exceptionally            explained and          some accuracy       more accurate
                     accurate and is          uses many details      but need more       information
                     explained clearly and    and various            details and more    and details or
                     effectively using        sources in             variety in          examples
                     details and different    presentation           sources             -more than
                     sources in                                                          one source is
                     presentation                                                        required
                     -exceptional critical    -proficient critical  -some critical       -lack of critical
   Thinking          comments and             comments and          comments given       or analytical
                     analysis of issue /      analysis of issue     to issue and         thought in
                     long / short term        /long and short       effects              comments and
                     effects using details,   term effects using    - more details,      little to no
                     insight and              many details and      insight and          insight used
                     comprehensive            some insight          critical thought
                     thought                                        needed
                     -exceptional delivery    -proficient delivery -delivery and         -poor delivery
                     and timing of            and timing of         timing of            and timing of
                     information              information           information          information
                     -exceptional             -proficient           needs to be          -discussion
                     discussion initiated     discussion started more smooth             needs to be
                     and maintained to        and maintained        (too much            more
                     further student                                reading)             controlled and
                     learning                                       -more active         dynamic
                                                                    interaction and
                     -interactive activity    -interactive activity -interactive         -interactive
                     is very creative,        is creative,          activity needs to    activity makes
                     insightful and makes     proficient and        be more creative     weak
                     critical conclusions     makes logical         and make more        connections or
                     and connections to       conclusions and       connections to       application to
                     topic                    connections to        topic content        content
                     -extensive summary       topic                 -fact sheet needs    -fact sheet
                     of information on        -clear summary on to be more               lacking in
                     fact sheet               fact sheet            detailed and         information,
                                                                    insightful           analysis or
   Comments / Mark
           Feature Presentations Topics:
                   Ancient Rome
                Topic                   Group
   o Emperors of Rome
   o Military Conquests and Wars
   o Government and Laws
   o Trade and Economy
   o Science & Technological
  o Trade & Economy
 o Roman Legions & Gladiators
 o Rise of Christianity
 o Life and Death of Julius Caesar
 o Pompeii
 o Fall of Rome
 o Roman Architecture & Monuments
 o Daily Life: Men, Women, Children,
 o Development of Arts, Architecture,
   Education, Language
 o Roman culture and legacies
OTHER: must be teacher approved

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