Crafts Report NYIGF Section by jennyyingdi


									Enjoying Handmade® at the NYIGF®
                                                                                               by Traci L. Suppa

     he freshest finds from around the world will be        sourced as close as possible to his Toronto workshop.
     presented within Handmade® at the NewYork In-          Colors and textures are individually selected for each
     ternational Gift Fair® (NYIGF®) this summer.The        product, and there is an environmentally responsible
show’s extensive, juried selection of cross-category        process which ensures each one is unique.
handcrafted items returns August 13 through 17 to              “Kids and parents love our products, because each is
NewYork City. Handmade’s two distinct categorizations       truly a one-of-a-kind creation,” shares Title. The com-
– classifying artisans by process and provenance – focus    pany's newest line is a collection of“lovely”little purses,
on superior design and craftsmanship.                       like this multi-hued pink and lime butterfly, complete
   Handmade Designer Maker® showcases 360 lim-              with antennae.
ited-production makers – across all categories and in all
media – from around the world.                              robert siegel Handmade™
   Handmade Global Design® features 200 interna-            “I'm looking at a lot of
tional resources which combine sophisticated design         mid-century design and
with traditional artisanal techniques.                      the work of the old-world
   Meet some of the talented artisans exhibiting at         potteries,” explains Robert
Handmade® this summer!                                      Siegel, a maker of porcelain
                                                            and ceramic pottery. “I
Distinctively Designer Maker                                think this country needs a
                                                            return to real craftsman-
dbO Home                                                    ship.” With a focus on sim-
From their studio in the Con-                               ple form, color, and texture,
necticut countryside, Dana                                  Siegel will launch into the global wholesale market at
Brandwein Oates and hus-                                    his first NYIGF® this summer.
band Daniel collaborate on                                    The Los Angeles-based artist perfected his craft
the design and thoughtful,                                  through artistic residencies in Jingdezhen, China, the
small-batch production of                                   birthplace of fine porcelain. His newest collection of
luxury wood and porcelain ac-                               wheel-thrown porcelain, with a hand-painted ostrich
cessories, lighting, furniture,                             pattern, is microwave and dishwasher safe. The
and textiles. Committed to                                  set includes the berry bowls, oval platter, ice
sustainability, they recycle                                bucket, and ramekins pictured here. Each
their own materials and offset their electricity usage      limited-edition piece is hand-stamped.
with wind and hydro energy.                       
  For the summer, “We are being a bit more experi-
mental in our approach,”shares Oates.“We have come          this is J
up with a design that uses what would have been             Based in Toronto, Jaimie Harris has embraced
waste.”The new collection includes trays and trivets        the push toward“green,”incorporating bam-
made from a combination of the wood off-cuts from           boo fibers and recycled packaging in her line
their furniture building and the cracked ceramic plates     of home accessories (umbrellas and blan-
       and platters that result from the glaze firing of    kets) and wearable fashion.“Our part in this
        their pottery.                      is having eco-friendly materials more readily
                                                            available in the North American market at
         cate and levi                                      better prices,”she says.
         After becoming a parent and realizing the lack        All of her products are made from custom-
         of stylish yet responsibly made products for       printed fabrics featuring original designs. Pre-
               children, Josh Title created his own. The    miering in August, a new style of hand-printed
                  result was an endearing collection of     Jammers matches a two-piece loungewear set
                 stuffed animals, puppets, and wall art,    with a headband made from bamboo fabric. The
                handmade from reclaimed wool and            set comes packaged in a 100-percent recyclable
               other natural materials. Everything is       gift box and is made in Canada.
               ZPOts                                         “Our entire line is fairly traded, and we use sustainable
                                                             materials whenever available.”The result is quality hand-
               Noelle VanHendrick and Eric Hendrick
                                                             made holiday decor, pillows, nursery décor and toys, tote
               combine pottery with original poetry to
                                                             bags, jewelry, and more.
               create soulful, one-of-a-kind clay vases,
                                                                New for the holidays, this 14-inch x 14-inch cotton
               bowls, cups, platters, dream vessels, chal-
                                                             Little Hat pillow, made in Armenia, is adorned with fes-
               ices, buckets, and buttons. They are re-
                                                             tive elf hat appliqués. Matching ornaments are avail-
               turning to NYIGF® this summer,
                                                             able, as well.
               because, Noelle says,“We enjoy the wider
               range of buyers we see at the show. I like
               being a part of a show that has so many
                                                             Harshita Designs
                                                                                                     Inspired by her
               products available.”
                                                                                                     grandmother in
   The family vase, an extension of their best-selling
                                                                                                     Kolkata, India,
family bowl, is lined with warm phrases like “we are
                                                                                                     Harshita Lohia
family”and“we are one,”and other poetic phrases. The
                                                                                                     took to art at an
clay pieces are now available in both matte and glossy
                                                                                                     early age, making
                                                                                                     and selling wed-
greentree                                                                                            ding cards. By the
                                                                                                     age of 15, she
                                                             held her first solo painting exhibition. Following a for-
                                                             mal art education in textile design, she began to create
                                                             wearable art and original accessories. Her collections –
                                                             scarves, shawls, handbags, jewelry, tunics, and jackets –
                                                             represent her rich heritage and sensitive blending of
                                                             East and West.
                                                                This summer, she will introduce an infinity scarf in
                                                             combinations of five prints and multiple colors.“Hand-
                                                             made textiles don’t strictly follow design trends, but in-
Since 1992, Don and Jenifer Green have produced a line
                                                             finity scarves are one thing I am seeing a lot,”she says.
of studio-made home accessories with painstaking at-
                                                             “Dark colors like chocolate, camel, maroon, indigo, and
tention to detail and classic design.Their newest whole-
                                                             charcoal seem to be making their way in.”www.harshita
sale line features candles – individually hand-poured
and finished using 100-percent pure, naturally scented
beeswax. The long-burning beeswax is colored with
aniline dyes and molded into a variety of shapes, from
                                                             tesoros trading co.
                                                             Jonathan Williams is not only an importer and wholesaler
standard tapers to sculptural renderings.
                                                             of folk art and crafts from Latin America, Asia, Europe,
  The Divinity series features the calm and soothing
                                                             and Africa, he’s also a re-
face of Buddha. One of their best sellers, the 5-inch x
                                                             tailer. He curates an
3-inch candles have a 50-hour burn time and are avail-
                                                             eclectic collection of folk

                                                                                                                          HAND/EYE MAGAZINE
able in antique, bamboo, brick, bittersweet, cream,
                                                             art, furniture, crafts, ster-

                                                                                                                          EDWARD ADDEO,
celadon, black, espresso, natural, robin's egg blue, sage,
                                                             ling silver jewelry, weav-
tangerine, terra cotta, yellow, wine, and pink.
                                                             ings, handmade clothing,
                                                             and other milagros from
                                                             more than 20 countries.
great FinDs in glObal Design                                    Last year, Williams began the Million Hearts for Haiti
                                                                    program to raise funds for post-earthquake aid or-
Melange collection                                                    ganizations, with support from GLM. Hearts
Sue Edmonds personally designs                                        made by Haitian artisans in stone, metal, pa-
her collection of hand-crafted,                                      pier-mâché, and other materials continue to be
fair-trade products, then finds                                     sold. “We have raised well over $100,000 so far
craftspeople around the world to                                   with sales to Donna Karan's Urban Zen, Pottery
produce them.“We work with arti-                                   Barn, West Elm, the Clinton Foundation Museum,
san groups in Peru, Armenia,                                      and dozens of smaller museum shops and bou-
Guatemala, and Haiti,” she says.                                  tiques,” Williams reports.

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