SAINT TIMOTHY CATHOLIC CHURCH
                                                          708 North Church Lane P.O. Box 129
                                                             Tappahannock, Virginia 22560
                                                                     (804) 443-2760


                                                            Father Jonathan Goertz, Pastor

                                                Mrs. Chris Iovino, Director of Religious Education
                                                 Mrs. Joanie Copen, Office Manager/Bookkeeper
                                                          Mr. Stefan Migac, Seminarian

                                  Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
                                            A.D. July 1, 2012
From our Seminarian                                          Neighborhood Masses
Dear Parishioners of St. Timothy, my time in                 Fr. Jonathan would like to celebrate Mass at your
Slovakia is awesome! I am visiting my family,                home this summer! These Masses are intended to
friends and my seminarian brothers in Kosice, and            bring neighbors together around the Eucharist,
participating in the priesthood ordination in the            especially neighbors who may have drifted away from
Cathedral in Kosice: we have 12 new priests in               worship, though scheduled Masses and contact
Kosice! Anyway, I am looking forward to returning            information will be published in the bulletin and all
to the beautiful town of Tappahannock. I would like          parishioners invited. Please contact Fr. Jonathan about
to offer an opportunity to grow in faith through faith       scheduling. Upcoming Masses in English are: Monday,
formation. I like to journey with you deeper into our        July 9, 6:00pm, at 258 Parkwood Drive in Aylett. Dinner
Catholic faith by watching a DVD series called               following. Call Michele Grant at 804-306-0089 for more
"Catholicism" from Fr. Robert Barron. I watched few          information.
episodes and I really enjoyed them! Episodes are
                                                             Vacation Bible Day
sorted by ten topics. They are easy to understand and
                                                             Vacation Bible Day will be held on
catchy to watch. You will see a lot of different places
                                                             Saturday, July 28 from 10:00am to
central to our faith. In the words of the author, “From
                                                             4:00pm. Registration begins this weekend
the sacred lands of Israel to the beating heart of
                                                             after all Masses. Children age four to
Uganda, from the glorious shrines of Italy, France,
                                                             rising seventh graders are invited to attend, and all other
and Spain, to the streets of Mexico, Kolkata, and
                                                             youth invited to assist. A signup sheet for volunteers is
New York City, the fullness of Catholicism is
                                                             posted in the commons. An organizational meeting will
revealed. Journey deep into the Faith as you watch
                                                             be held Sunday, July 1, at 10:45am in St. Jude Hall. All
each episode.” I am looking forward to seeing you
                                                             adults interested in helping are invited to attend. Please
again in the parish, so we can grow in our faith
                                                             join us for a faith-filled adventure!
together on Thursdays at 6:30 PM, beginning July
12, with the DVD series "Catholicism."                       Annual Parish Picnic
                                                             Save the date for our picnic on Sunday, August
Yard Sale
                                                             19, following an 11:00am bilingual Mass.
The Knights of Columbus are now
accepting donations for their annual yard
sale to be held on Saturday, August 4.                       Community Dinner
Clean, gently used items (no clothes or shoes, please)       Our next free Community dinner is Monday, July 9. In
will be greatly appreciated and can be dropped off           June we served 75 dinners. As the number of dinners we
after all weekend Masses in St. Jude Hall. For               serve is consistently over 70, we need volunteers to cook
additional information, or to arrange pickup of large        the baked pasta the ingredients and recipe are provided by
items, call Joe Kennealy at 443-5235.                        the parish OR to donate salads, beans , rolls, and desserts.
                                                             If you have not been moved to do this in the past, maybe
Help!                                                        this is the month you can help. We appreciate your help
Would you like to donate a used car to the                   and those we serve are most grateful too. The sign up
Diocese of Richmond to be used by one of                     sheet is posted in the commons.
our seminarians? Please contact Fr. Jonathan.                Quilt
                                                             A group of talented ladies in our parish have
Volunteer Opportunity                                        crafted a beautiful quilt which will be raffled at our
Our Community Dinner teams have spots open and               parish picnic. The quilt is on display and tickets are
we would like to have a group of back-up volunteers          available before and after each Mass. For tickets to sell at
to call upon. Each team works only three Mondays a           your office, family reunion, etc., contact Irene Miller at
year for about two hours each time. Please                   769-2107.
prayerfully consider becoming a team member or a             Budget
back-up that could be called when needed. Any                Please find a copy of our 2012-13 parish budget on
questions can be directed to Father Jonathan, Pat            the bulletin board, which has been received and
Hirsch 445-1559 or Ken Brown 445-3402.                       approved by the Diocese.
             “Saint Timothy Catholic Parish endeavors to love, honor and serve
               the Lord and His people in our parish and in our community.”

                                                   PRAYER LIST
 Please pray for those serving our country: Mary O’Brien (FSO), Lt. Patrick Howlett; PFC Justin G. Hoffman;
  USAF; Sgt. Charles R. Mauldin, USMC; Maj. James R. Mauldin, USA SF; Col. Sharon Leary, USA; CW4 Seppl
  Baumann; PFC Paul Largett, US Army.

 Please pray for healing and good health for: Kristin Via, Patrick Wolfe, Vergie McKenzie, Rachel Porter, Lois
  Nelms, Winter Powers, Beatrice Howard, Victoria Rizzi, Fred Braxton, Billy Smith, Marie Brown, Kenna Click,
  Shirley Fortune-Smith, Stephen Fortune, Ron Fortune, Gary Withnell, Dylann Selig, Virginia Holbrooks, Elaine
  and George Frosolone, Mary Jane Flore, Miles Page, Anne Sanger, Kenneth Bryan, Clayton Faust, Theresa Faust,
  Pat Mahaney, Donna Sullivan, John Maldonado, Patty Ptucha, Bud Mauldin, Ron Haggerty, Kim Onitas, Steve
  Livingston, Victoria Cutwright, Helen Mitchell, Chuck Burns, Anna Mae Sammons, Frances Strife, Larry Miller,
  Eric Thompson, John Walter, Donna and Tonya Thompson, Kevin Bonhaus, Ann and Stephen Robusto, Hattie
  Thornton, George Egmond, Cedell Brooks, Anne Mauldin, Betty Pulman, Wesley Berry, David Brown, Wendy
  Payne, Hannah Healy, Sister Maryann Andrews, Ron Hinson, Ken Pollack, Kelly Bishop, Christopher Manella,
  Mary Lutton, Diane Miller, Leslie Healy Z., Charles Piscopo, Pat Severin, George Hooper, and Mary Gottko.

                                                WEEK     AT A   GLANCE

               Wednesday      July 4           ——           Office Closed
                                              10:00pm       Night Owl Adoration (Church)

               Thursday       July 5          8:00pm        Alcoholics Anonymous (St. Jude Hall)

               Friday         July 6            9:00am      First Friday Adoration and Reconciliation

               Saturday       July 7          10:00am       First Saturday Adoration and Reconciliation

                           WEEKLY FINANCIAL REPORT                FOR   JUNE 24, 2012
                        Offertory           $2,592.00       Capital Projects        $130.00
                        Candles             $24.00          Peters Pence            $25.00
                        Food for the Hungry $859.25         Quilt Raffle            $233.00

                                                 Mass Intentions

Tuesday        July 3     9:00am   +Mary Ellen Perkins              Feast of St. Thomas, apostle
Wednesday      July 4     12:00N   Veterans                         St. Elizabeth of Portugal
Thursday       July 5     9:00am   Fr. Tom Yehl, YA                 St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria, priest
Friday         July 6     8:30am Dottie Rowan                       St. Maria Goretti, virgin and martyr
Saturday       July 7     9:00am +Arthur & Alice Wallmark           Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary
                          5:00pm +William Jewell                    Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sunday         July 8     9:30am +Sean M. O’Brien                   Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
                          12:00N   Pro pópulo                       XIV Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

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