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Allegan County Fairgrounds August Greetings to All


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									August 2011                                                       Newsletter                                   Season 2011-2012, No. 1

                                                                                                  From the President
              Next Meeting
  Monday, September 12, 2011                                                                          "Greetings to All!
                                                                                                        I hope everyone is having a great sum-
           7:00 PM                                                                                mer and, like me, finding opportunities to
                                                                                                  continue our fiber creativities! Summer al-
                                                                                                  ways goes by fast for me, but now I have
  Note, this is the 2nd Monday,                                                                   even bigger shoes to fill with our guild.
  since Labor Day falls on the                         If you are not planning to attend The
                                                  Michigan League of Handweavers’ Confer-               Here’s a little of my lifestory thus far. I
           1st Monday.                            ence, Fiber and Color Explosion, you may        worked 30 years for the Grand Rapids Police
                                                  want to drive over to Hope College and see      as a 9‑1‑1 operator and dispatcher, retiring
                                                  what your fellow fiber artists are doing. The   in January 2008. After retirement, I planned
           Meetings are held at
                                                  exhibits and vendors are open to the public!    to get more involved in my creative life:
     Trinity Congregational Church,
                                                       Vendors (located in the Lounge and the     mainly fine arts and weaving. I have fol-
           2725 4 Mile Rd NW
                                                  Otte room of Phelps Hall)                       lowed through with the weaving but not so
       Off the Walker Exit of I-96
                                                       Friday, August, 12 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM       much with the other yet. I made working on
                                                       Saturday, August 12 8:00 AM-6:00 PM        my promise to continuing my education in
                                                       Sunday, August 14 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM        the fiber arts, whether that means learning
                                                       Fiber Art and Functional Fiber Ex-         through lessons at the Franciscan Life Proc-
                                                  hibits (located in rooms 158-159 of Martha      ess Center with master weaver, Jochen Dit-
                                                  Miller Hall) Open:                              terich, classes and workshops through Michi-
                                                       Friday, August 12 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM        gan League of Handweavers (MLH) and/or
                                                       Fashion and Fashion Accessories Ex-        Michigan FiberFest, or through our generous
                                                  hibit (located in Maas Conference Room,         guild members, at my home or wherever,
                                                  adjacent to the dining hall)                    such as WWSG retreats. I had also found
                                                       Instructor Exhibits (Located in Maas       Convergence 2006, here in Grand Rapids, to
                                                  Auditorium)                                     be a very inspiring and encouraging experi-
                                                       Guild Exhibits (Located in Maas Audi-      ence as I neared retirement. I got even more
                                                  torium)                                         ―hooked‖ on fiber.
                                                       All exhibits open:                               My personal goal/weaving intention is
                                                       Saturday, August 13 8:00 AM – 5: PM        to become an adept enough weaving mentor
        Allegan County                                 Sunday, August 14 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM        to help people out, one on one, and to pro-
                                                                                                  mote the craft of weaving. Here I am, the
         Fairgrounds,                               Guild Exhibit Cancelled
                                                                                                  President, and at a very busy time in my life,
                                                                                                  helping out my Dad, who is fighting for his
         August 17-21                                  The team from the Woodland Weavers         life with stage 4 Merkel cell carcinoma.
      Again, an opportunity to promote our        and Spinners Guild has reviewed the dona-             I do believe things happen for a reason.
guild and our fiber arts. As in the past, we      tions for the Kimono Exhibits and has de-       During Dad's chemotherapy infusion ses-
are looking for volunteers to demonstrate         cided not to proceed. We wanted the guild to    sions, I have brought along some of my
whatever they desire such as spinning,            be represented but did not have enough to       weaving and crafting hobbies, like my inkle
weaving, inkle weaving, needle felting, etc.,     create the exhibit. You can pick up your        loom, embroidery, etc. You can't believe the
for the Michigan Fiber Festival, held at the      donations at the September meeting.             number of people coming over to figure out
Allegan Fair Grounds in Allegan. We will                               Pat, Judi and Mary Ellen   what I am doing and how interested they are!
demonstrate at the festival on August 20             _________________________________            Such people are the reason I encouraged the
from 10:00 AM—2:00 PM, or as long as we                                                           business cards for the guild. I want to repre-
are enjoying each others company and                                                              sent the guild and help spread the word about
sharing our love of fiber arts with the public.                                                   our craft.
The benefit, if you sign up ahead of time, is a                                                         Now my intentions for this year:
free pass to the festival on Saturday. If                                                               A. More streamlined and shorter meet-
interested please contact me via e-mail or                                                        ings. I’d like to use the newsletter to present
phone.                                                                                            more in-depth issues so as not to take up
                              Arlene Tiemeyer,                                                    meeting time. I will be sending around an
                                 616-405-0983,                                                    e‑mail requesting new business a week or so
                   momofmany15@yahoo.com                                                          before the newsletter so it can be included in
                                                                                                  the forthcoming business meeting. Many say
                                                                                                                             (Continued on page 2)

                                                                                                          WW&S Newsletter, August, 2011 —
  2011-2012 Season:                           (Continued from page 1)
                                              that the meetings are ―too long‖ and that we
                                                                                               Officers and Committee Chairs
      September 12, Grand Alpaca Field        need more time to ―play,‖ so let's make this            2011-2012 Season
Trip.                                         work
      October 1-3, Trish Lange workshops:           B. Website changes and improve-            Officers:           Nominations
      Saturday, October 1, 2011, "Nuno &      ments. These will include updating the info
Needle Felted Scarves"                        on a more regular basis, more pictures or        President           Paula DeYoung
      Sunday, October 2, 2011, "Hats and      ―eye candy,‖ and a new and improved              VP                  Margaret Jager
Bags Using Handwovens"                        ―download‖ anyone can use to request a
      Monday, October 3, 2011, "Felted        membership form, Textile Arts Market infor-      Secretary           Arlene Tiemeyer
Flowers and Beads"                            mation, retreat/workshop forms, along with
      November 5, Retreat at CRC Confer-      all of our basic information. Thank you, Liz,    Treasurer           ChiChi VanDyke
ence Grounds, Grand Haven                     and son, Nate, for your help!                    Committees:
      November 7, Heidi Ball from the Scott         C. New member orientation folder,
Group                                         explaining how our guild is run, each com-       Hearts/Flowers      Susan Johnson
      December 5, Christmas/Holiday Din-      mittee’s responsibilities, end goals, and
ner and Party                                 ―Everything You Wanted To Know About
                                                                                               Historian             Volunteer Needed
      December 9-10, Textile Arts Market      WWSG!‖ As a dual purpose, I hope that                                Ellen Dekoster /Sue
sale.                                         these explanations also promote a yearly         Hospitality         Vector
      January 9, Nancy McRay "Rigid Hed-      review for future WWSG executive boards                              ChiChi VanDyke/Bob
dle Loom"                                     and membership.
      February 6, Patsy Zawistoski, spin-                                                      Membership          Meyering
                                                    D. Mentor lists. This has been, in my
ning guru.                                    humble opinion, a weakness in our guild. I       MLH Rep             Betty Christians
      March 3, Retreat at CRC Conference      know it is hard to become a mentor, mainly
Grounds, Grand Haven                          because it requires a lot of personal time in    Newsletter          Bob Meyering
      March 5, Armchair Travelers             helping someone out. I would like to revamp
      March 31, Jochen Ditterich, workshop                                                     Parliamentarian       Volunteer Needed
                                              several study groups and committees, such as
at the Franciscan Life Process Center         Back to Basics, Drafting Divas, etc. My goal     Show & Tell         Pat Kluz
      April 2, Jochen Ditterich "Basic        will be to address volunteers to restart these
Weaving, Tips and Tricks"                     programs. I know of several people working       Librarian           Margaret Jager
      April 28, Final retreat                 towards the ―mentor‖ goal. I am happy to
      May 5 & 6, Martha Reeves, "Bead         report that both the knitting and spinning       Workshops           Pat Pope/Susan John-
Leno" workshop.                               programs are alive and thriving thanks to
      May 7, Martha Reeves, Certificate of    wonderful volunteers. Thank You!                 Sales               Betty Christians
Excellence                                          I hope everyone will also consider any
      June 4, Year End Dinner                                                                  50/50               Jochen Ditterich
                                              and all fiber opportunities available! I heard
   _________________________________          that there was a well attended Brian             Roving Reporter     Linda Blue
 Regional Art Shows                           Schneider‑Thomas dyeing class as well as
                                              the Northern Wefts conference, workshops,        Groups
          ArtPlace, The Newago County         and classes some of our members attended.
Council for the Arts, presents Warp and                                                        Spinning group      Arlene Tiemeyer
                                              Don't forget the upcoming MLH conference
Weft, opening on August 5, 5:00-7:00,         offering workshops and seminars at Hope          Knitting group      Margaret Jager
and continuing through August. This           College in Holland, August 9-14. There’s
sampling of fine weaving from west            also the Michigan Fiber Festival, held the
                                                                                               Habitat / Human- Laurie Angell
Michigan artists includes Jochen Dit-         week of August 17‑21 (WWSG demo on
terich, Marilyn Ryan, and other regional      Saturday, August 20).                            Overshot/Twill      Linda Blue
weavers.                                            I encourage all of our members to try
                                              these wonderful classes and programs. One
          Marilyn Ryan is also part of a      of WWSG’s most knowledgeable and gifted            Woodland Weavers
show at the Gallery Uptown this month
in Grand Haven. The show is called
                                              weavers and fiber artists told us they learned
                                              most of what was required and beyond by
                                                                                                 and Spinners Guild
Fotographs and Fiber.                         taking these programs and utilizing any and                  President: Joni Rosen
          The Design Gallery at Design        all fiber opportunities available. I encourage           Vice-President: Paula DeYoung
                                              you to enroll in MLH and take as many pro-                 Secretary: Margaret Jager
Quest Furniture Store in Grand Rapids
                                              grams and classes as you can!                             Treasurer: ChiChi Van Dyke,
will feature Kalamazoo weavers Cory
Zann and Lestra Hazel from September                Our guild also has a wonderful selling                       Member
15th to November 13th. The exhibit will       opportunity at the December Textile Arts
                                              Market. I hope everyone is busy planning
feature Hopi coats, wall hangings,            and making what they hope to sell for their
scarves, shawls, table linens and dish        and the guild’s benefit.
towels. Design Quest (616-940-9911) is              As for myself, I will be going through
located at 4181 28th S.E. in Grand Rap-       what my husband, Jeff, coined ―weaving
ids. Store hours are: Mon, Thu, Fri. 10-      mania‖ this August, which is also near my
8, Tue, Wed, Sat 10-6, Sun 1-5.               birthday! I don't need to tell you that I will
                                              have a very happy birthday, indeed! Hope to
                                              see everyone in the ―throes of weaving ma-
                                              nia‖ too!
                                                                              Paula DeYoung            Newsletter copy due on the
                                                                                                          15th of the month
2 —WW&S Newsletter, August, 2011
Planning Ahead                                        “Best of Show”                                   Minutes from June
      Trish Lange                                     Enjoys the Prize                                   Guild Meeting
    Workshops for                                     I was the lucky recipient of the "Best of         The night started out with a delicious
                                                 Show" Award for the 2010 Show and Sale.            potluck by the members. After the meal,
   October 1, 2, and 3                           As such I received an opportunity to spend a       Joni, our president, thanked many members
      Three different workshops, same in-        week with Jochen taking his weaving work-          for their contributions in the past year. We
structor, same location, same weekend, and       shop in Lowell at the Franciscan Life Process      also recognized Mary Bartnick for her many
each appealing.                                  Center. If any of you have this opportunity I      years of membership to the guild. She was
October 1: Nuno & Needle Felted Scarves          would strongly urge you to take advantage of       given a lifetime membership.
      Just a few simple materials and you’ll     it.                                                      The gavel was than passed on to next
have gorgeous scarves. You will learn sev-            The center is nestled into the country-       year’s president, Paula De Young. We fin-
eral wet and needle felting techniques to        side in a wonderful natural setting. I was able    ished up the evening with an auction of many
accomplish a variety of scarves to suit your     to take walks on the grounds during break          fine goods donated by the members to bene-
style.                                           times which was very nice. I also had the          fit the guild. We are now looking forward to
October 2: Hats and Bags Using Your              opportunity to meet several new weavers; it        another exciting and fun season in
Handwovens                                       is always fun to meet folks with similar inter-    2011-2012.
      Take advantage of that extra material      ests and to share with them.                            ______________________________
                                                      Jochen gave me a thorough basic weav-
left over from a garment or towels or those
smaller samples you don’t know what to do        ing refresher and I also learned how to use        Executive Committee
with. You will turn them into lovely purses,
totes, sun glass/phone bags, and hats.
                                                 the warping reel that I just acquired which
                                                 was very helpful. He helped with all of the
                                                                                                          This is a report of the executive meeting
October 3: Felted Flowers and Beads              questions I fired at him and he helped me
                                                                                                    on August 3 at Paula De Young’s house. It
      Felted beads don’t have to be just plain   produce a wonderful ―Color & Weave‖ gamp
                                                                                                    was decided that our September meeting will
round balls. Trish will not only show you        based on the book written by our own Mar-
                                                                                                    begin at the church, meeting at 6:45 to car-
how to make matching and graduated shapes        garet Windeknecht. All in all it was a won-
                                                                                                    pool to Jane Talbots alpaca farm for a tour
both in size and color, but you will also em-    derful and very worthwhile experience and I
                                                                                                    and than return to the church for a quick
bellish them with tiny beads. You will also      want to thank the guild for giving me the
                                                                                                    meeting and coffee time.
make flowers, buds, ropes, etc. that can be      opportunity to take it. If I had not won the
                                                                                                          The officers will provide the treats that
combined in different ways and used on hats,     prize at the Show & Sale I probably would
                                                                                                    evening. Please take note that Show and Tell
bags, necklaces, brooches, or bouquets.          not have signed up and that would surely
                                                                                                    will begin in the October meeting and not in
Cost for workshop(s):                            have been my loss! Thank you all very
                                                                                                    September. It was decided that some of the
1 day: $60 members, $90 non-members              much!
                                                                                                    priorities this year will be to update the web
2 days: $110 members, $140 non-members                                 Sincerely, Clara Carroll
                                                                                                    site and have valued information about the
3 days: $150 members, $180 non-members
                                                                                                    guild and downloadable workshop forms,
Class limit: 15 each session                     [Editor’s note: Clara also serves the guild by
                                                                                                    membership forms and other pertinent infor-
Material Fees: You will be sent a list of        working on the mailing list for the annual
                                                                                                    mation. We will also work on a new mem-
necessary supplies and other details upon        sale. If any of the members have information
                                                                                                    bers brochure with a description of the guild,
receipt of your Workshop Registration Form       for that list, please e-mail it to Clara,
                                                                                                    meetings, study groups. etc., and we will also
and check or money order - payable to            jcc20a@yahoo.com.]
                                                                                                    work on acquiring job descriptions of offi-
Woodland Weavers & Spinners Guild
                                                                                                    cers and the different committees so mem-
 Retreat November 5,                                       A “Blanket”                              bers will be informed on what is expected of
     Retreat with opportunity to stay on-site
at the Conference Center for November 4 &
5. Fees for the retreat and meal(s): $25 all           While taking my dad to chemotherapy
day or $15 for ½ day. Fees for on-site cot-      infusion, I learned of a fiber arts opportunity.
tage: $20 per night.                             The clinic gives out lap or smaller afghans or
     Again, send Workshop Registration           blankets to patients. Once they use the blan-
Form along with check or money order –           ket, for health reasons, they may take them
payable to Woodland Weavers & Spinners to:       home.
                                      Pat Pope         Anyone can make such a blanket!
                              680 22 Mile Rd.    There are only a few rules, one being they
                          Kent City, MI 49330    cannot be made out of wool, as some people
                   Questions: (231) 834-5545     are allergic to it. Although there isn't any
                          pope@riverview.net     true size specifics, I would limit them to a lap
                                                 or smaller throw afghan or blanket that
                                                 would be maybe 6' long at best and wide
                                                 enough to cover someone's body.
                                                       What a wonderful opportunity to use up
                                                 your yarns and show off your knitting, weav-
                                                 ing, or crocheting skills! This is an on-going
                                                 program, which can also include knitted and
                                                 crocheted caps and scarves. I will gladly
                                                 takedonated throws and blankets to this wor-
                                                 thy program. If you have any questions,
                                                 please contact me.
                                                                                 Paula DeYoung

                                                                                                          WW&S Newsletter, August, 2011 — 3
                             Looms For Sale
         Marcoux 45 inch loom.                          Loom to sell.
           6 harnesses, 2 reeds,                      40‖ HD kit loom
   Excellent condition. Make an offer.                with accessories.
   Contact Ruth at ruth@lemmenes.com                    Asking $600.
              616 940-0409                       Call 285-0621 or 901-7582
                                                or email slcairo@comcast.net.

                                                          For Sale: 8 shaft
                                                  countermarch Glimakra loom.
                                                              47" wide,
                                                   with a drawloom (opphamta)
                                                       and added extension.
                                                      Practically brand new.
                                                        Included is a bench,
                                             two reeds (a 12 dent and 6 dent reed),
                                         a lot of Texsolv heddles, books and materials
                                                    Damask and Opphamta by
                                                       Lillemor Johnasson,
                  #####                        Tying Up the Countermarch Loom
             Norwood loom,                                 by Joanne Hall,
    12 dent reed and new 6 dent reed.           manuals, and lots of patterns too.
     Comes with 400 new heddles.                    Price: $2,200. Please email
                 $500.00                           or call me at 517-371-1214.
       Contact: Arlene Tiemeyer,                             Marie Gile
              616-405-0983,                                     #####
                                                      40 inch, 4 Harness
                                                    Norwood with bench.
                                                       Good condition.
                                                      Will sell for $500.
                                                   Cannot ship or deliver,
                                               buyer will need to pick up loom
                                               near the mall in Norton Shores.
                                                 Contact: Penny Henderson
                                                   (Friend of Joni Rosen)

         Union rug loom for sale
           with 6 rug shuttles
               for $675.00.
           Loom is located in
         Northeast Grand Rapids
          Contact: Jeanne Hoin
          or call 616-365-0435.

4 —WW&S Newsletter, August, 2011
Membership Form - 2011-2012
Annual Dues $30.00 Payable to: Woodland Weavers and Spinners
*Dues cover 1 year from June 1 to May 31 the following year
*Dues must be paid by September 30 if you wish to participate in the sale

New Member _____________ Renewing ____________




Home Phone__________________________ Cell Phone ________________________

E-Mail address __________________________________________________________
If mailing your check….send it to along with this membership form to:
ChiChi Van Dyke
2037 Joan Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
We can always use another set of helping hands. Are you interested in helping in the following
____________membership committee
____________sales committee
____________ other committee you would like to be involved in _____________________
Do you have any suggestions for programs for the guild?

                                                                         WW&S Newsletter, August, 2011 — 5

Date: ____________________________________________________________________

Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip ____________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________ E-mail:_____________________________

Please check the workshop(s) you wish to attend, and forward with payment to Pat Pope.
_______ Trish Lange - October 1, 2011, Nuno & Needle Felted Scarf
_______ Trish Lange – October 2, 2011, Hats & Bags Using Hand Wovens
_______ Trish Lange – October 3, 2011, Felted Flowers & Beads (jewelry)
           One day $60 members, $90 non-members;
           Two days $110 members, $140 non-members;
           Three days $150 member, $180 non-members
_______ Patsy Zawistoski – February 5, 2012, Spinning Fibers, $60 – members, $90 non-members
_______ Jochen Ditterich – March 31, 2012, Beginning/Basic Weaving: 101, $30 members, $60 non-members
_______ Martha Reeves – May 5 & 6, 2012, Bead Leno, $100 members, $130 non members
_______ Bryan Schneider-Thomas, June 16, 2012, Dye Workshop, $25.00
RETREATS: $25.00 for all day/$15.00 for ½ day, Cottages - cost dependent on # of occupants
_____ November 5, 2011, Cottage overnight, indicate: 11/5______ and/or 11/6 _______ $20/night
_____ March 3,, 2012 (no cottages)
_____ April 28, 2012, Cottage overnight, indicate: 4/28 ______ and/or 4/29 _______ $20/night

Workshop Policies: Workshop registrations for Guild members will be processed first. Nonmembers will be included if a work-
shop limit is not filled by members within (1) month of the workshop date. Registrations will be processed based on the date the reg-
istration is received. If a workshop is cancelled by the WWS, a full refund will be issued. Non-members pay an extra $30 per work-
shop (the cost of guild dues per year). Join and subsequent workshops for the program year are at member rates. PAYMENT RE-
Workshops: There will be no refunds for cancellations received within 4 weeks prior to workshop date. 100% refund with 29 days
or greater notice. Non-members will receive a complete refund if not accepted in a class.
Retreats: All payments must be received 2 weeks prior to date of retreat. No refunds will be issued after that date.

Please forward completed registration and payment to:
Pat Pope
680 22 Mile Rd.
Kent City, MI 49330
with checks made payable to "Woodland Weavers and Spinners"
Questions: pope@riverview.net or (231) 834-5545

6 —WW&S Newsletter, August, 2011

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