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					                                     Knitters’ Knews
                                  Volume 30 Issue 3                                                   November 2009

                       November 9—Terri Shea                                                          November Vendors
                                                                                    —Heidi Finley       ‘Tis the Season
                       O      ur November meeting brings us Terri Shea, knitwear designer and
                              author of Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition
                              (November, 2007).
                                                                                                       The Knitting Room

                          Terri learned to crochet as a young girl, has been spinning since 1989
                        and started knitting in 1997 when she learned the basics from a co-          Meeting Time
                        worker. Selbuvotter is the result of a Museum Studies certificate she
                        was working on in Seattle, Washington, detailing the history of Selbu               7:00 pm
                        knitting, and it includes thirty mitten and glove patterns.
                          Since she knits for a living, Terri does not always want a challenge in
                                                                                                     New Location!
                        personal knitting. That said, she is a product knitter for her                West Side Club
                        professional life; she works on projects that need to be completed, and       437 Cty Tpke M
she is a process knitter with "pieces I want to work on when I want to veg." Jo Sharp is Terri's
favorite designer due to her well thought out and "beautifully proportioned" designs.                  Madison, WI
  Shea's favorite knitting tool is Adobe Illustrator with the great deal of design work she does
for her business, and she loves being able to build charts quickly and then play with color
combinations before casting on. Shea does not have a favorite pattern and hasn’t knit the same
thing twice, except plain socks. She says, “I only wear hand-knit socks in the winter." Mittens
are her favorite thing to knit.
  We look forward to hearing Terri talk about the Selbu knitting traditions.                           Inside this issue:

From Our President—Kate Findley                                                                     Meet Our Vendors     2
Please Pass The Yarn.                            person saying what they are thankful for.          October Meeting      3
                                                 This can be a nerve-racking situation.             Minutes
Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to      Everyone ahead of you has already said
prepare. They are consumed in twelve             they’re thankful for family, friends, good         Yarn Council         4
minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes.         health, a home, food, their jobs, etc. You         Teacher Training
This is not coincidence. ~Erma Bombeck           want to avoid saying you’re thankful for
                                                 specific people because, like an Oscar             Book Review          5

I    recently saw Christmas decorations for
    sale in a local store. This can only mean
one thing; Thanksgiving is only a few weeks
                                                 acceptance speech, you won’t live it down if
                                                 you forget someone important, like your
                                                 spouse or your mother-in-law. I’d like to be       Library Notices      6
away. There are some Thanksgiving                able to observe this tradition with other
traditions that are sacrosanct: turkey and       knitters – people who wouldn’t raise their
all the trimmings, the wearing of elastic        eyebrows if I would say “Addi Turbos,” or          Parking at Guild     7
waistbands, and falling asleep while             “alpaca,” or “patterns I don’t have to re-size”    Meetings
watching football. Couples celebrating their     or “in this economy, I am thankful for my
first Thanksgiving together may find it          stash.”                                            Got Stash?           7
difficult to navigate the differing family         Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of
traditions - “Why didn’t you tell me your        action. ~W.J. Cameron. There is a segment
mother puts raisins in the stuffing? You         of our population that is often overlooked or      Getting to Know      8
know I hate raisins!” “Your brother is a         forgotten, especially during the holiday           Our Members
Vikings fan?!” “It took me 14 hours to make      season – the inmates in our state prisons.
this cranberry sauce, and you’re telling me      Wisconsin currently incarcerates over              Special Sales        9
your family prefers canned cranberry             22,000 people. Of these, there are over
sauce?!!”                                        1,200 women incarcerated at Taycheedah
  Some families have a tradition of each         Correctional Institution and four other            Community Projects   10

                                                                         continued on page 3…
Page 2                                                                                                 Knitters’ Knews

Meet Our Vendors
                      ‘Tis the Season
                                                                                                         —Heidi Finley
                      7508 Hubbard Ave.
                      Middleton, WI 53562
                      (608)- 836-3749

                      Holiday Hours: M-F 10-5:30 PM, Sat: 10-4, Sun 11-1.

                      E    ven though Christmas is just around the corner, it is always Christmas at ‘Tis the
                           Season one of our November vendors. Owned by Muriel Coleman a member of the guild
since Union South days, ‘Tis the Season, a holiday and Christmas store with a yarn corner, has been open since
  Coleman started in knitting in junior high when a neighbor taught her the basics and now she knits for the
enjoyment and stress-reducing qualities. Her favorite yarn is Galway for sweaters because the yarn feels so nice
and alpaca for scarves. Coleman loves the lifelong technique that knitting provides people.
  Coleman stocks a reasonably priced assortment of wool, cotton, blends, sock yarn, and acrylics that she will be
bringing to the meeting along with books, knitting-related Christmas items, and Jim Shore collectibles.
  ‘Tis the Season has knitting classes twice a week and open knitting on Wednesdays from 1-4 p.m. The weekend
of November 21-22 is the annual “Bucks” weekend where a $50 purchase will give shoppers 10 “bucks” off.

                     The Knitting Room
                                                                                                        —Gail Schmitt

                     I   t is not often that a brand new employee buys into the business, but that’s what Beth
                         Mannebach did after working at The Knitting Room in Fond du Lac for about two weeks.
                      Seeing a need for a knitting shop in the area, Kristin Johnson and Patty Trepanier had opened
                      the shop in 2002 as an extension of a knitting group that had been meeting in members’
                      homes. When Patty left in 2006 to join her family’s business, Beth bought Patty’s share of the
                      Knitting Room. Kristin comes from a family with many knitters and learned from them,
                      whereas Beth taught herself how to knit in high school when a broken wrist limited her
  Kristin enjoys helping customers pick out yarn for their projects; Beth also likes getting them started as well as
seeing the finished projects. Beside the two owners, there are seven other employees. There is open knitting on
Tuesday nights when the shop is open until 9:00 p.m. A complete list of hours is on the shop’s web site,
  The web site also has links to the companies for the yarn, patterns, and accessories that the Knitting Room
carries. In addition to the newest yarns, from which they knit projects so you can see the yarn worked up, they also
carry the latest knitting books as well as some patterns that are exclusive to the Knitting Room. The web site
includes a very extensive list of classes, for beginning to experienced knitters, and some of the classes are free with
the purchase of kits. A very nice and helpful touch is that for many of the classes, the online descriptions are
accompanied by color photos of the finished projects, so that you can see what you will be working on. A really
great idea!
  Kristin and Beth will be bringing sample items knitted from the yarns in their shop, including some of their
personal patterns, along with the yarns they used. They will accept cash, check, Mastercard, and Visa.
  If you want to visit the Knitting Room in person, there are directions on the web site to the new store, which
opened in July 2008 and is about three blocks north of their original location. There is parking in both the front
and the back of the shop. If you would like to order from them but can’t get to Fond du Lac, give them a call (920-
906-4800) or send them an e-mail (
Volume 30 Issue 3                                                                                                       Page 3

From Our President (continued from page 1…)
minimum security institutions. The holidays are an especially bleak time for
those in prison. Vacation days for staff means little or no programming is
available, including visits from family. Guild member, Mary Bertun, is collecting
yarn for women incarcerated at two institutions. Many of us are lucky enough to
have an ample stash and probably have skeins that we could easily part with.
Your yarn will help give these women a purpose. The items they make are often
donated to local charities, giving them ways to be of use to the community. Please
bring your donation of yarn to our November meeting. It will mean so much to
those who have so little.
  The members of this guild are generous people who have done much to support
our charity efforts in our community and around the world. We are thankful for
each and every one of your contributions. In the spirit of thanksgiving, we
encourage you to continue to take steps to help others, whether through our
monthly charity knitting projects or donations of your time or money to the
charity of your choice. If you are searching for a charity to support, you can visit for help in finding a charity. Looking for other
opportunities? Our speaker in October, Betty Christiansen, wrote a whole book
about opportunities. On Ravelry, if you search groups using “charity knitting,”                      Laurie Boyer
there are 17 pages of groups. Google “charity knitting” and you’ll get 1,740,000 or 920-406-0768
results. There is a veritable bounty of ways to give to those less fortunate.
  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And if you blurt out “addi turbos” at           Introducing The Enabler Scarf Kit.
thanksgiving dinner, don’t blame me.                                                      Highly textured yarn finally
                                                                                        available to the public at Hidden
Monday, October 12, 2009 Meeting Minutes                             —Kay Moffat       Valley Farm's Holiday Open House
  Kate opened the meeting at 7:10 p.m. How exciting to be in our new location,           November 20-22, 2009. MKG
have the availability of ordering food and drinks and most importantly welcoming
                                                                                       members receive one-time only 10%
16 visitors and 20 new members.
  The vendors for the evening were Knitters' Treat and Linda Loeffelholz. Both             discount on Laurie's yarn.
vendors were signing their books, and they donated the door prizes for the
evening. Thank you to the vendors.
  Kate had several announcements: Parking: Since there are so many members
who need to park, be careful how you park - stay within the lines. Brown Bag
Exchange: Kate explained how this would work, turning in your yarn and
picking up another to knit and return to the May meeting. UFO Retreat: Our
retreat will be January 22- 24, 2010, at the Chalet Landhaus in New
Glarus. Handouts were available at the registration desk, and there will be more
available at the next meeting. Name Tags: If one's name tag has a #1, this
indicates a first year member. Teacher Training Session:: Some items were
left at the training. Mary Jo Harris has these items. Patterns for Show and
Tell: Jodi had volunteered to get the patterns from the Show and Tell portion of
our meetings onto the website. Yarn Shop Closings: Northwoods, Black
Sheep, and the yarn shop in Ladysmith are closing —great sales are going on.
Other Vendors: Handouts were on the chairs at our meeting from Woodland
Studio in Stoughton and Hidden Valley Farm and Woolen Mill in Valders,
Wisconsin. Knit Along: The snowflake pattern was in the last newsletter.
Charity News: There was an article in the last newsletter about the Lands End
project for charity. On Friday, November 6, at 6:00 p.m., a representative from
Lands End will be at their store located in Sears to talk more about this project.
  Our speaker this evening was Betty Christianson from La Crosse. She talked
about “knitting for peace.” Her presentation included a trunk showing of projects
from her book Knitting for Peace: Make the World a Better Place One Stitch at a
  Show and Tell items admired by the members were presented by Judy, Ann,
Robbie, Heidi, MacKenzie, Theresa, Muriel, Liz, Janet and Gretchen.
  Door Prizes were won by Mary Ellen Spoerke, Maureen Richards, Janice
Kaplan, and Julie Smith.
  Community Projects: Jane Newman was introduced as the chair for this
project, along with her committee. Many wonderful items were donated.
Page 4                                                                         Knitters’ Knews

Pictured from left are the teachers: Robin Stott, Evie Rosen and Audrey Hein

Yarn Council Teacher Training Session
                                                      —Connie Burmeister

D     uring the weekend of October 9, 10 and11, twenty-five
members of our guild completed a teacher training class
sponsored by the Craft Yarn Council of America. Our main
teacher was Evie Rosen. Evie was one of the original
writers of our class materials, she owned a yarn shop in
Wausau, Wisconsin, for many years. She began the Warm-
Up America charity knitting project which is now a
foundation run by the Craft Yarn Council, and she taught
this same class to members of our guild several years ago.
 Evie was assisted by her daughter, Robin Stott, and by her
good friend, Audrey Hein. Everything from yarn overs to
intarsia to sweater and skirt design was covered in our
  Our weekend culminated in each of us teaching a ten-
minute class on the topic of our choice. Some of us were
rather nervous about teaching our peers, many of whom
are already very experienced teachers. We had a wonderful
variety of topics, some appealing to beginners and some to
more advanced knitters.
  Classes included cast-ons taught by Sue Dwyer. and Anne
Martin; stretching/yoga exercises taught by Bonnie Dill and
Julie Plass-Smith; cables taught by Petra Horst,
Portuguese knitting taught by Mary Jo Harris, and magic
loop knitting taught by Doreen Brunner.
  Those who completed the class must now do fifteen hours
of teaching (for free) in order to receive an official
  The MKG members who completed the class were as
follows: Cathy Baker, Cheryl Berg, Stephanie Kissel, Doreen
Brunner, Connie Burmeister, Marilyn Christensen, Kathy
Digman, Bonnie Dill, Sue Dwyer, Nancy Elmer, Kristi
Gersbach, Sandy Gordon, Mary Jo Harris, Petra Horst,
Stephanie Kissel, Mae Knowles, Lynn Levin, Anne Martin,
Sarah Piontek, Julie Plass-Smith, Judy Pruski, Barbara
Rottman, Lillian Radivojevich, Donna Thomas, Mary Kay
Vogel, and Delaine Zuhlke.
  Please keep us in mind if you hear of a specific need!
Volume 30 Issue 3                                                Page 5

                      Book Review
                                          —Amanda Haynes

                      I   n Knit One, Kill Two, Kelly Flynn
                       temporarily moves back to her
                       hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado,
                       after her only living relative, Aunt
                       Helen, is murdered. While she is both
                       grieving and working through her
                       aunt’s estate, Kelly starts to notice
                       that things about her aunt’s murder
                       just don’t seem to add up. Kelly and
her friends, knitters from the House of Lambspun, begin to
track down clues and information to questions still
unanswered by the police.
  The second book in the series, Needled to Death, continues
where the first book left off, with Kelly still trying to find
her place in Fort Collins but growing closer to her friends
and also facing another murder; this time of a knitting
acquaintance. Kelly uses her reasoning and deduction skills
from her job as a CPA as well has her personal intuition to
piece together the case, with the help of Burt, a retired cop
and spinner and her knitting friends from Lambspun. They
soon figure out motives and murderers
in these two lovely books.
  Author Maggie Sefton has created a
wonderful series of knitting mysteries
with these stories. The characters are
well developed, respond to each other,
and grow as a group. Her descriptions of
Colorado are beautiful and articulate,
and I think all knitters would love to
have a yarn shop like the House of
Lambspun. The descriptions of the
shop’s yarns almost made me want to
put down the book and go knit. The
knitters at the yarn shop are a diverse
but connected group. They each offer a new dimension and
perspective to Kelly’s knitting and case solving. The stories
are well played out and will keep you guessing as to who
done it and why. There is also more for Kelly to do than just
knit and sleuth. She must decide whether to stay in Fort
Collins or return to Washington DC where her job is based.
There is also a possible love interest awaiting her next
move as well as all the new friends Kelly is meeting in Fort
Collins and how they impact her life.
  Through these books, the main character, Kelly, also
discovers a love of knitting. As in real life, there is also
delicious food involved and a recipe from the story and a
knitting pattern are included at the end of the book.
  Please come settle in and visit the House of Lambspun,
Kelly and her friends could use an extra set of eyes on their
next case.
Page 6                                                          Knitters’ Knews

                   MKG’s Library Return
                   O      ur new library policy has gone into
                    effective as of September 1, 2009. All
library materials are to be properly checked out by
members and are to be returned or renewed at the next
monthly meeting.
   Each month’s newsletter will include a reminder to
those members who have overdue items from the library.
Any member who has overdue items from the library
shall not check out more items from the guild library
until all overdue items are returned to the guild library.
  If materials are not returned after this overdue
reminder has appeared in the newsletter, a penalty of
$5.00 per item will be assesses for each month the item
remains overdue.
  If any item is overdue for more than four months, the
library may bill the borrower for the replacement cost of
the item. The member is responsible for the overdue
fines or the replacement cost, whichever is higher. Any
exceptions or special arrangements may be made at the
librarian’s discretion.
  Any unpaid library fees will be added to membership
renewal fees and must be paid before a borrower’s guild
membership can be renewed.

     MKG Library
     Return Reminder
     The following members have overdue
     items in our guild’s library. Please
     plan to return your items at the No-
     vember 9 meeting. Thank you!
              Trudi Delain
              Cathy DesJardins
              Mary Hamel
              Tina Kaspar
              Nancy McCulley
              Brooke Norsted
              Julie St John
              Ann Varda
Volume 30 Issue 3                                                                      Page 7

REMINDER—Every Snowflake is Different Knit-Along
                                                                         —Molly Tull
J  oin your fellow Guild members in a unique knitalong. Knit what you
   want, with the yarn you want. Show your individuality in your knitting.
The only requirement is that you somehow incorporate the motif that was
provided in the September issue of our guild’s newsletter (page 6). For
those with access to the Internet, go to the following link: Bring your
creation to the December meeting to show how your snowflake is
different. Please include a tag with your name and yarn information with
your entry. Everyone who participates will be entered for a chance at one
of three prizes. So get your needles clicking and let’s turn that snowflake
into a blizzard!

             New Parking Available for Monthly Guild
             Our guild has been given permission to park in the lot of the
State Bank of Cross Plains for our monthly meetings. The bank is con-
veniently located next to the West Side Club. We thank them for letting
us use their parking lot.

                   Got Stash?        MKG member
                  Mary Bertun works for the Wisconsin
                  Department of Corrections and
                  recently donated part of her stash to
                  female inmates at two of our state
institutions. It was greatly appreciated, and the
incarcerated knitters contribute to a number of charity
projects for needy community members. There is a
need for yarn for their future projects. Mary is asking
that members consider bringing yarn to our November
9 meeting for this project. Please mark it with her
name and place it in Jane Newman’s Community
Projects area at the West Side Club. Can’t get to the
meeting? Please contact Mary, and she will be happy
to pick it up. Her phone and email are: 225-3015 and Thank you so much for your
willingness to part with some of your stash!
Page 8                                                                                                     Knitters’ Knews

Getting to Know Our Members—                               lace, a different one to pick up dropped stitches, and one for
                                                           provisional cast on.
Nancy Elmer                                                Who do you knit for the most?
                                                           Four beautiful grandchildren, loving significant other,
                                                           priceless friends, and myself.

                                                           Circular or straight? Defend your choice.
                                                           Circular, without a doubt. The knitting seems to be so
                                                           much easier, and the weight is spread more evenly.

                                                           Where is the weirdest place you have ever knit?
                                                           In the car in the waiting line at the drug store.

                                                           What project do you currently have on your needles?
                                                           Let's see: a shawl with beads, a lace bedspread, a double
                                                           knit tam, and 3 pairs of socks

                                                           Do you have a best knitting memory?
                                                           Yes. During the summer, Connie Burmeister, Maggie
                                                           Rabjohns and I knit in Connie's sun room. We drink coffee,
                                                           eat Maggie's homemade coffee cake, talk, and knit. What
MKG member Nancy Elmer lives in Woodruff, Wisconsin.       could be better?

Describe your first knitting experience.                   How about a worst?
I learned to knit from my maternal grandmother,            A bad day knitting is better that a good day not knitting.
Grandma Beutel, when I was probably about 8-years-old.
I knit scarves and simple hats. I didn't have much         What advice do you have for fellow knitters?
support from friends, so I put the needles away. About     Try something different. Find someone that has knitted
six years ago, we were going camping, and I knew I         something that you like and ask if they will help you try to
couldn't take my sewing machine in order to quilt, so I    make something similar for yourself. You will be
purchased a knitting book, some cheap yarn and some        surprised. You will learn something new. You will have
needles from Wal-Mart. I haven't had the sewing            something you made that you like, and you will have made
machine out since.                                         a new friend.

How did you learn to knit?
Grandma taught me to be a thrower. Now that seems          UFO Retreat
strange to me since she was from Germany and should
have been a picker.                                        January 22-24, 2010
                                                             Too many UFOs? One UFO that’s
What's your favorite pattern?                              causing too much grief? Pack them up
                                                           and bring them along to the Knitting
I'm not sure that I have a favorite pattern. I join many
                                                           Retreat in New Glarus. Chipping away at
mystery lace shawl KALs. I like the present one better
                                                           our UFOs together will be a fun way to
than the last and will probably like the next one even
                                                           make some progress on those space invaders. Join us
                                                           for the weekend or one day. Finishing a project will earn you a
                                                           chance for a gift certificate. If you want to bring a guest, there
Who's your favorite designer?                              will be a $5.00 registration charge. Lunch on Saturday is
There are several, Monika Eckert from Germany, Ann         $13.00 and will require a reservation to Kay Moffat, 608-241-
Dalvi from Canada, Renee Leverington, Cheryl Oberli,       8716 or (MKG members do not need a
Nancy Bush, etc...                                         reservation to attend, but please make a reservation for lunch.)
                                                             Please make your own hotel reservations by calling the
What's your favorite knitting tool (besides needles,       Chalet Landhaus at 1-88-944-1716. Our guild has reserved a
of course) and why?                                        block of rooms– Single $65 or Double $85. Ask for the MKG
Probably the crochet hook. I use one to add beads to my    room rate.
Volume 30 Issue 3                              Page 9

“An Extraordinary Shopping Experience”
                    Courtesy of:
     Shady Haven’s Fiber Designs &
           Llama Adventures
         Nov.21- 22nd & Dec. 5-6th
                 9am - 4pm
Distinctly unique fiber gifts
Scarves, shawls, hats, handbags, fibers, and
hand-dyed yarns
Demo’s throughout the weekend: spinning,
carding, weaving, wet felting

Where: 7126 Peck Rd.(40 miles west of
Madison) between Spring Green and Arena,
off of Hwy.14
Bring a canned good and receive 10% off any
single item purchased!
Contact: Edie Benusa 608-206-0874
Vanessa Kessler –
Page 10                                                                          Knitters’ Knews

                     Community Projects
                                                             —Jane Newman

                     W     hat a wonderful array of baby items that
                     were donated at the October Guild meeting.
                     Everything from booties, hats, sweaters, blankets to
diapers were donated and will keep many babies and young children
warm and dry this winter in the Madison community. There were many
other articles and food donated that can be used by all age groups.
  Next month’s targeted item is mittens. We have already had a taste of
cold weather to remind us how necessary mittens or gloves are during a
Wisconsin winter. An easy pattern for all age groups follows.

Four Needle Mittens
MATERIALS NEEDED: 2 oz. Knitting Worsted for
child sizes small (medium large, adult woman, adult
man); 1 set size 4 double point needles
GAUGE: 6 sts = 1 inch          9 rounds or rows = 1 inch
CUFF: Cast on and divide on 3 needles 32 (36, 40,
44, 48) stitches. Join. Work k2, p2 ribbing for 2 ½ (2
½, 3, 3, 3 1/2) inches decreasing in the last round 1
(2, 2, 2, 0) stitches. There will be 31 (34,38, 42, 48) stitches.
HAND: Knit even for 3 (3, 3, 4, 4) rounds.
First increase round for thumb gore--Inc. 1 st. in first st (first thumb st),
k 1, inc. 1 st in next st (last thumb st), k to end of round---33 (36, 40, 44,
50) stitches. Knit 2 rounds.
Second increase round--Inc 1 st in first st, k3, inc 1 st in next st, k to
end--35 (38, 42, 46, 52) stitches. Continue to inc 1 st in first and last
thumb st every 3 rd round 2(2, 3, 4, 5) times having 2 sts more between
inc after each inc round--39(42, 48, 54, 62) stitches. K 2 rounds. Slip to
a strand of yarn the 11 (11, 13, 15, 17) thumb stitches.
At the end of the last round, cast on 2 stitches. There will be 30(33, 37,
42, 48) stitches on needles. Work even until measurement above cuff is
4(4 ¾, 5 ¼, 6, 6 3/4 )inches or to desired length allowing for ½ (¾, ¾ , 1,
1 1/4) inches for finishing decreasing in last round 2 (1,1, 2, 0) stitches.
First decrease round: K tog every 3rd and 4th stitches. Knit even 1(2,
2, 3, 4) rounds.
Second decrease round: K tog every 2nd and 3rd stitches. Knit 0(1, 1, 3,
4) rounds.
Third decrease round: K 2 tog in succession.
Break off, leaving an end. Draw end tightly through all stitches.
THUMB: Slip to 2 needles the 11(11, 13, 15, 17) thumb stitches. With
a 3rd needle, pick up and k 292, 2, 3, 4) stitches on the cast-on stitches.
There will be 13(13, 15, 18, 20) stitches on 3 needles for the thumb. K
around until thumb measures 1 ¼ (1 ½ , 1 ¾ , 2, 2 1/2) inches above
cast-on stitches increasing in last round 1(1,0, 0, 2) stitches.
First decrease round: *K 1, k2 tog repeat from * 3(3, 4, 5, 5) times.
Knit even1(1, 1, 2, 2) rounds. Knit 2 tog in succession 4(4, 5, 6, 6) times.
Finish as for top of mitten.
Make other mitten in the same way.
Volume 30 Issue 3                                                                                                   Page 11

   2009-2010 Board of Directors &                                  Knit-Aid Station
         Committee Chairs                                                             Just can’t figure out what the pattern
                                                                                   is trying to tell you to do? Can’t
Board of Directors
 President                           Kate Findley (11)                             remember how to make that certain
 Vice President                      Connie Burmeister (10)                        stitch? Can’t figure out what you did,
 Secretary/Retreat Chair             Kay Moffat (10)                               but it sure doesn’t look right? NEED
 Co-Treasurer                        Kathy Digman(11)                              HELP?
 Co-Treasurer                        Kathy Trudell (10)             The Knit-Aid Station will be open beginning at
 Advertising                         Peg Corp (12)                 6:00 p.m. prior to our monthly meetings at the West
 Publicity                           Joan Deneen (12)              Side Club. Each month, two members of our guild will
 Historian                           Elizabeth Wellenstein (12)    be available as “Knitting Doctors” to staff the table for
 Webmaster                           Delaine Zulke (12)            those of you who need help with a project. If you are
                                                                   interested in staffing the help desk, please contact
Committee Chairs
 Community Projects                  Jane Newman                   Robbie Preston.
 Hospitality                         Susan Aehl
 Knit-Aid Station                    Robbie Preston                Newsletter Submissions
 Library/Librarian                   Karen Scammell/Barb
                                                                   Do you have an idea for an article in our monthly
  Membership                         Mary Jo Harris
                                                                   newsletter? Submissions are always welcome. The
  Newsletter                         Jayne Coster                  deadline for submitting articles is the 20th of each
                                                                   month. Articles may be sent to Jayne Coster at
             Visit Us on the Web!
             You are encouraged to visit us on the worldwide       DISCOUNTS FOR GUILD MEMBERS 2009-10
             web at:          Continue to check back at this list for updates. Be
                                                                   prepared to show your membership card and ask about a
                                                                   discount for guild members as you shop at stores not listed
            Consider A Carpool                                     ARGYLE FIBER MILL 10 % off regular priced items
             Are you interested in starting a carpool to meet-     BEAD BIN 10% off beads and findings
             ings? Or perhaps you’d like to be a rider to our      LA BELLA VITA FIBRE GALLERY 15% off storewide
monthly guild meetings. If you are interested in being a driver    with card
or need a ride to our meetings, please contact Jayne Coster or     KNITTER’S TREAT 10% off Vivian Hoxbro kits, 25% off
send an email to                 most books
                                                                   THE KNITTING ROOM 10% off yarn purchases with
                                                                   PRAIRIE JUNCTION 10% off regular priced items with
                       MKG Membership                              card (must mention at time of purchase)
                                                                   SOW’S EAR Loyalty card reward system available to all
                         Annual membership dues for Wisconsin      + 10% off yarn on the Sunday before a guild meeting
                         residents is $20.00 and $15.00 for non-   STITCHER’S CROSSING Store point reward system
                         Wisconsin residents. These fees           and buyers’ club available to all
                         include a subscription to the Knitters’   SUSAN’S FIBER SHOP 10% discount
                         Knews. According to our guild’s bylaws,   SUTTER’S GOLD ‘N FLEECE 10% off
                         dues shall be made payable in advance     ‘TIS THE SEASON 10% off regular priced yarn with
of the first day of October in each fiscal year. Dues of any new   card
Wisconsin resident paid after February of each fiscal year         WOODLAND STUDIOS 10% discount
shall be $10.00, which is half of the annual dues. Dues for any
new non-Wisconsin resident shall remain as set by the board
of directors throughout the current fiscal year. We welcome         ENJOY YOUR
guests to our meetings. After you have been a guest at one of
our meetings, we ask that you join the Guild at the next
meeting you attend.
                     MKG Calendar
              Nov 9               MKG Mtg                         7:00 pm            West Side Club with Guest Speaker Terri Shea
              Nov 16              MKG Bd Mtg                      6:00 pm            Sequoia Branch of Madison Public Library
              Dec 14              MKG Mtg                         7:00 pm            West Side Club with Guest Speaker Franklin Habit
              Dec 21              MKG Bd Mtg                      6:00 pm            Sequoia Branch of Madison Public Library
              Jan 11              MKG Mtg                         7:00 pm            West Side Club with Guest Speaker Susan
              Jan 18              MKG Bd Mtg                      6:00 pm            Sequoia Branch of Madison Public Library
              Jan 22-24           UFO Retreat Weekend                                Chalet Landhaus in New Glarus
              Feb 8               MKG Mtg                         7:00pm             West Side Club with Guest Speaker Donna
              Feb 15              MKG Bd Mtg                      6:00 pm            Sequoia Branch of Madison Public Library
              Mar 8               MKG Mtg                         7:00 pm            West Side Club with Guest Speaker Melissa Leapman
              Mar 15              MKG Bd Mtg                      6:00 pm            Sequoia Branch of Madison Public Library
              Apr 12              MKG Mtg                         7:00 pm            West Side Club with Guest Speaker Gayle Roehm
              Apr 17              Annual Knitting Safari                             To Be Determined
              Apr 19              MKG Bd Mtg                      6:00 pm            Sequoia Branch of Madison Public Library
              May 10              MKG Mtg                         7:00 pm            West Side Club with Annual Fashion Show and Brown
                                                                                     Exchange Results
              May 17              MKG Bd Mtg                      6:00 pm            Sequoia Branch of Madison Public Library

Other Fiber Events
Lucy Neatby workshops in Monticello, WI, November 17-19, 2009. Contact Ruth Sybers at 608-235-2935 for details.
Sheep in the City, Oak Creek, WI, February 26-28, 2010. Visit

Madison Knitters’ Guild
397 Starling Lane
Madison WI 53704

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