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Executive Summary by 09Vp5h9r


									                                        Business Plan Presentation Evaluation Form
Date: ___________________________

Group: _______________________________________________________________________

Team Members: _______________________________________________________________

Executive Summary
Did you have a clear picture of this person/company?

Who they were? What they do?

Why they do it?

Did you want to learn more?

Business Description and Vision
What is their Mission Statement?

What do they stand for?

What is their estimated growth?

What are their specific goals and objectives?

What is the company’s background? What is the background of the individuals in the

Definition of the Market
What massage therapy industry is this company in?
What market are they targeting?

Describe their target market?

What market needs will this business fill?

Description of Products and Services
What products and services does this company offer?

What is the cost of these products and services?

How do their products and services stand out from their competition?

Organization and Management
How is this company organized?

What is the legal structure of this business? LLC? Partnership?

What are the roles and/or titles of people in the company?

Marketing and Sales Strategy
How will they reach their market?

What is the estimated demand? What is their estimated supply?

Explain their marketing objectives goals, strategies, and tactics.
Financial Management
How much are the start up costs for this business?

What is the projected revenue for one year forward?

Was this group dressed appropriately?

How was their body language?

Was this group easy to hear?

Is this a business you would support?

Is this a business you recommend to friends and family?

What was you overall impression of this company?

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