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Stellar Report
            WHY USE INSTAGRAM?
Honestly, why not? Itʼs one of the hottest up and coming mobile
photo sharing applications in the market right now. Donʼt believe
me? They have just over 40 million users to date. Still donʼt
believe me? Facebook believed in them so much, they threw
down 10 million Benjaminʼs (thatʼs 1 billion George Washington's)
to put their skin in Instagramʼs game, which tells me they arenʼt
going away anytime soon.

So what is so appealing about Instagram to peak that much
interest? Well, is is a photo application that enables anyone,
without knowledge of photography, lenses, filters, and without any
creativity, to create stellar photographs in less than 30 seconds
that some say might rival photos that took hours to achieve.

Instagram gives you the ability to capture these photos with your
smart phone camera, and then with the push of a few buttons
retouch the photo, apply 1 of 17 filters, add a creative frame to the
photo, rotate the photo, and add blur effects that sort of trick one
into thinking the photo could have been taken with a nicer camera
and hefty lens.

Here are a few sample Instagram photos...

© Aaron Blevins, 2012.

© Aaron Blevins, 2012.

These photos are absolutely great. The features theyʼve provided
to enable Joe Blow to be able to pull these types of photos off is
the most appealing thing about Instagram to a majority of itʼs
target market.

However, these features are NOT the most appealing thing about
Instgram for you and me.


Because beyond all of these shiny features, Instagram has
positioned itself to be a very powerful force for anyone in the
business of building and monetizing an online presence. This
new app has the potential to drive TONS of traffic to any online
money portal and be an excellent source of monetization for any
business, both online AND offline.

THAT is why you and I should be really, really excited about

There is incredible potential for us to capitalize on these 40 million
fresh and excited Instagram users, and harness them for our
online businesses. I mean, what would it do for your business if
you could get in front of 40 million more people? Lots of good, Iʼm

So if youʼre not sold yet (you would have to be crazy to not be
sold by now), youʼll soon see, by the end of this report, that

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

Instagram really is a pretty stellar application with massive

Another cool strategy behind Instagramʼs really fast growth is that
it connects with other major social platforms. So if youʼre on
Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterious, or Foursquare, you
can do a few really cool things.

Number 1 - You can automatically send the photos you take to
any of these social platforms that you have linked to your
Instagram account. This means that all of your followers on any
of these other social platforms will see your Instagram photos
everytime you post, if thatʼs what you choose to happen.

Number 2 - When you create your Instagram account, it will
automatically (if you let it) see which of your other Followers on
your other social platforms are also on Instagram, and will give
you the option to automatically follow them. This is GREAT for
building your following fast.

Right now, Instagram is still so new, and so fresh, people are still
in a less hesitant phase of following people. So itʼs much easier
to get followers, most of the time, by simply following someone

There is also an incredible advantage if you get on Instagram
AHEAD of all your followers on your other social platforms. I canʼt

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

tell you how often I receive these little message, all because Iʼm
connected to someone else on another network...

These little messages actually tell me two things.

First, it tells me that I now have the ability to connect with these
people on Instagram, since they are now a member. If I choose
to, I could click their profile link, and easily and quickly follow

But secondly, and more importantly, when I get these messages, I
now know that these people have most likely already seen that
Iʼm on Instagram too, and usually (Iʼd say about 65% of the time)

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

they have already followed me by the time I check out their

Pretty sweet, huh? So when you get these messages, just know
that these are your friends who have probably already seen and
connected with you on Instagram, so why not return the favor with
a follow :)


Alright, so now that weʼve hit on why we should be using
Instagram, letʼs talk a little about how to get an account and some
basics of the app.

                        © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

 How To Get Your Instagram Account
So here is the biggest challenge for many people getting an
Instagram account - as of right now, it is only possible to sign up
for an account on their smart-phone (or iPod touch/iPad) based
application. There are options for you to use your Instagram
account without a smartphone/handheld device, but in order to
create an account, you must have access to the actual application
on a device like the iPhone or iPod touch.

So if youʼre currently smart-phoneless, I would suggest finding a
friend with who currently has an account, and asking if you could
sign up under their application. Itʼs a process that literally takes
about 30 seconds.

If this is not an option, I would suggest paying a visit to one of
your friendly Electronics stores that carry Apple products and
have them on live display. An Apple Store is ideal, but Best Buy,
Wal-Mart, and Target are also great places to try. Most of these
locations will have either a live iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on
display in the store. They might even already have the Instagram
application installed on the device. If not, simply login to the App
store on the live demo device, and search for Instagram and
download to the device. To download, you might have to create
an Apple ID, but Instagram is a free app, and you shouldnʼt have
to input any credit card information to download it.

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

Once downloaded, you simply choose the “create account”
option. Once created, make sure you sign out of the account,
since itʼs on a public device. You donʼt want any other public
users getting into your account.

So before we talk about setting up your Instagram account, many
of you who donʼt have Smart-Phones are probably wondering how
you can even use the application if you donʼt have a smart phone.

There are some great web-based applications out there that you
can use to login to your account with, and then use to interact in
the ways I describe later in this report.

Here is a list of 5 really great web Instagram applications...

The two sites I use the most are Web.Stagram and
Feel free to check them all out though, and see which one you
like the most.

                      © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

  Setting Up Your Instagram Account
Once you have signed up and created an account on Instagram,
you want to make sure you do a few things.

1. Be sure to customize your profile section with a quick blurb
   about whatever your account is related to. If youʼre creating a
   personal account, youʼll want to include some info about
   yourself. If youʼre creating an account that is niche specific,
   insert some engaging text that draws people in and makes
   them want to connect with you.

2. Also be sure to insert your website link in the website section.
   This is GREAT for driving traffic back to your blog, an affiliate
   link, a CPA offer, etc. Weʼll talk more about this coming up.

One thing to note about your website is that most of the people
who will be clicking on your website link will be visiting it from
some sort of mobile/hand-held device. Something to strongly
consider would be, if you havenʼt done so yet, to create a mobile-
optimized version of your site(s) in order to present your visitors
with a much more friendly and engaging user experience. By
having a mobile-optimized site, you will ultimately increase your
engagement rates because, instead of being distracted with trying
to make out what is on your really small site that isnʼt optimized
for mobile, theyʼll be busy actually reading your content, opting in
to your list, and possibly even making a purchase from you!

                  © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

     Getting Familiar With Instagram
Your application icon looks like this.

When you launch Instagram, youʼll notice a bar at the bottom with
five different buttons.

The first button is your Home button, the location of your
Instagram feed. This will be where your photos, as well as the
photos of your followers, will be viewable. You will also be able to
comment, like and share these posts on the home screen.

The second button is the Popular section. These are the photos
that are “trending” on Instagram right now. If you click on some of
the photos in this section, youʼll notice that they have quite a few
likes, as well as comments. These usually are from Instagram
users who have a large following, and therefor are seeing a lot of
user engagement. We will talk about how you can get followers
by hanging out in this section, and other sections like this, later in
the guide.

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

       The third button is your camera button. This is where you go to
       take and share your own photos from your device. You can either
       choose to snap a photo with your build in camera, or you can also
       choose to upload a photo from your deviceʼs library. This is also
       where you can choose to apply certain filters, frames, effects, etc.
       Below is a screenshot of what this screen looks like.


                                                                            Blur Effect

                                                                       Filters (drag left/right
                                                                       to scroll through)
Auto Image Levels

                         © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

The fourth button is your following and news section. Following
is where you can see what your followers are up to on Instagram.
You can see insight into what content they are liking, commenting
on, who is following who, and just an overall great place to get
insight into what your followers are interacting with the most.

The news section shows you who is following you, as well as
which of your friends and connections on other social networks
now have Instagram accounts, as well as it gives you a complete
view of the new likes and comments on your content.

The fifth button is your personal hub on Instagram. From here,
you can...

•Find friends connected to you on other networks
•Search for friends by their name or username
•See your suggested users
•Invite people to join
•Search Instagram by #hashtags
•See the photos youʼve shared in one place
•See the photos youʼve liked in one place
•Edit your profile
•Edit your share settings
•Change your profile picture
•Set photos to private
•And finally, Log out of your Instagram account

                 © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

        How To Build Your Following
Alright, so that brings us to the next step in your Instagram
success - building your following. Once you have clearly
identified which niche or niches you want to target, these are the
next steps you need to take to build your following. Here we are
at step #1.

STEP 1: Identify Your Target Audience.

This is a process where you will assess who your audience will
be, which will then help you determine how to best speak to them
and what methods of communication they will respond to the

Each audience will be different. One niche might be mostly
moms, while another will be artsy young people. You must clearly
identify who the majority is that you will be communicating to, and
then from there, research how they are already interacting with
the types of content youʼll be posting.

How do you do that you ask? That brings us to step #2.

                  © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

STEP 2: Search Using Hashtags.

Once you have your niche selected, and you have a decent grasp
on who your audience is, youʼll want to perform some searches
on Instagram using #Hashtags (#yourkeyword) to determine
which types of content the people in your target audience are
interacting with the most, as well as how they are interacting with

To perform these searches, simply visit the bottom right button,
the one listed below...

And then click the “Search Instagram” button on this menu. Then
you will type in the hashtag keyword(s) related to your niche.
These will be keywords that you feel like your niche is typing in/
tagging so that people find their photos.

To get an idea for the types of keywords people are searching for,
simply type in your keyword (usually one word keywords work
best) and then Instagram will show you all the related keywords
people are also searching.

                  © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

See the photo below for an example...

Once you have clearly identified your keywords, (itʼs a good idea
to pick just a few, no more than 3 for the beginning) you want to
begin your assessment of what types of images are getting the
most engagement, or interaction.

Good questions to ask yourself through this process include:
-What type of images are being posted the most?
-Is my original target audience in fact the ones who are posting
and/or interacting with these posts?
-If so, how are they interacting?

                  © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

-Are they liking posts?
-Are they also commenting on posts?
-Are they also choosing to follow the user who posted the content
they interacted with?

These questions will help you determine which images you need
to begin posting in order to also get the highest user engagement
rates. User engagement rates are important because they will
directly dictate how quickly youʼll see success from a particular
niche or campaign.

You might begin dabbling in a niche that isnʼt very responsive or
interactive, which will in turn take much more time and effort on
your end to see a successful campaign. This isnʼt necessarily a
bad thing, and these types of campaigns can be very profitable,
you just have to decide what your goals are on the front end.

So once youʼve clearly identified what types of content receives
the highest user engagement, you now know what types of
content YOU need to be interacting with and sharing.

Which brings us to step #3.

                  © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

STEP 3: Like & Comment Like Crazy!

This step is actually the easiest of all of them, and can be
accomplished with the least amount of time. And, take special
notice to the fact that the title of this step ISNʼT “Like, Comment
and Following Like Crazy!”

If you notice, I left follow out, because of the simple reason that
when a new account mass-follows people, it is a bit of a turn-off to
other followers. Granted, it isnʼt a complete waste of time, and
many people will teach that in order to get followers, you have to
follow, but Iʼll argue that itʼs actually better to be patient, and build
a list of followers slower. I recommend this because it gives extra
perceived popular value to your new visitors, and they will
subconsciously be attracted to join you more than if they were just
mass followed.

If youʼve been on Twitter any, you know what Iʼm talking about.
There is a certain celebrity status that is associated with people
who have a high follower count, but not so high following count. It
sets the user apart, and whether or not the visitor realizes it, they
are drawn to want to associate with that person/account MORE
because their ratio is so wide. Itʼs the whole concept of “we want
what we canʼt have”, ya know? You know.

So I saw all of that to say, what you will be doing from this point,
after youʼve identified your 3 hashtags, will consist of typing in
each hashtag into the search bar, which will look like this...

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

Once you click that bar, simply choose the “tags” option and then
enter your keyword. From there, it will pull up all the photos that
have been labeled with that hashtag. And potentially, if itʼs a good
keyword, there will be quite a few photos. So then at this point,
you want to choose this little button at the top....

What this does is make it easier, and quicker, for you to go
through and like/comment on photos. In the other view, you have
to choose each photo, and then like/comment. In this view that
we will be using, you can simply scroll through the photos and
press like nearly once per second if youʼre good.

                  © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

I recommend also commenting on photos that you think are
particularly intriguing. If you do this, you will have a higher
chance that person will actually follow you if they donʼt already
have a ton of likes on the photo.

Sorry for being a bit scatterbrained, but that actually brings me to
another point Iʼd like to make - You actually want to focus on liking
and commenting on photos that arenʼt popular. If you simply go
and like/comment on all the popular photos, this will help you
some, but usually by the time the photos make it to the popular
page, the user who posted it will have no interested in you.
However, if you are liking photos that arenʼt popular yet, and
which also have very few likes/comments, you stand a MUCH
higher chance for that person to follow you.

This is simply because Instagram is still a very new application,
and people LOVE to connect with others on it because itʼs so new
and fresh!

Sorry, that was something I wanted to make sure I threw in there
because itʼs valuable to know. Alright, where was I... oh yes, likes
and comments.

So by this time, you should have changed your view to be able to
scroll through photos and then easily and efficiently like and/or
comment on them.

                  © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

If you set aside some intentional time to do this everyday, even at
minimum of 5 minute chunks a few times per day, if your niche is
even remotely responsive, youʼll begin seeing people following
you simply from your likes and comments! Itʼs a freaking beautiful

And completely different from what Twitter has become. Twitter
used to be like this back in the day, but now everyone is on
Twitter, and itʼs much harder to get people following you because
Twitter is inundated with junk people who have nothing to offer.

But rather because Instagram is still very new and fresh and lots
of people are still signing up for the first time, most everyone is
willing and able to follow just about anyone, as long as youʼre not
doing anything too crazy (and even then, youʼll have a special
group of people wanting to follow you ;).

Hopefully all of that made sense to you. If it didnʼt, feel free to get
on my Facebook account at and
ask me any question there. Iʼll respond asap to you!

So that brings us to step 4.

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

STEP 4: What To Do If You Donʼt Get Followers

So, the reality is, this shouldnʼt happen. You will get followers by
applying the techniques that Iʼve shared above, you just might not
be getting them as quickly as you want.

If you still arenʼt getting the amount of followers you want, check
out a few of these Fiverr gigs... You can also do a search on for “Instagram” and then choose “rating” at the top to
sort by. This will give you the best gigs on Fiverr for Instagram.

“I Will Get You 100+ Real Instagram Followers For $5”

“I Will Get You 70 Active Instagram Followers Plus 50 LIkes For

“I Will Do A Shoutout To 70,000+ Followers On IG For $5”

If after all of this, you still arenʼt getting the amount of followers
you want, you can try following people talking about your
keywords. Attempt this for a period of time and see what type of
response you get.

                    © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

If you still arenʼt pleased with your response after following others,
I would go back through the previous steps and evaluate your
niche, the type of content youʼre posting and interacting with, and
your keywords and then begin testing other options.

If after all of that, youʼre still not pleased with the amount of
followers youʼre getting or not getting, it would probably be best to
just try another niche.

Easy, right? But I wouldnʼt be so quick to give up. It takes work
and dedication to be successful at anything, including this. You
can also always leave a comment on my Facebook page and ask
me questions, if youʼd like. Iʼd be happy to help in anyway I can!

So that completes section 2, How To Build Your Following. So
letʼs not waste anytime and move on to Section 3, Monetizing
Your Accounts.

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

          Monetizing Your Accounts
So weʼve arrived at the fun part, the part where we make the
money! This method is fairly simple to do, but the hardest part is
judging when the time is right to promote your offers. But before
we get too far into that, letʼs actually discuss how you will be
monetizing and making your money.


The ideal ways for you to make money will either be through...

-Affiliate Marketing
-CPA Marketing
-Out of the box Methods

The method that you use will depend on a few different factors:
the niche youʼre in, the audience youʼre communicating to, and
whether or not your audience is motivated to buy anything.

This isnʼt going to be a course on selling or how to sell online, but
you definitely need to be able to assess your audience and know
what types of offers will convert the best.

The best Affiliate networks to join are the following. If you donʼt
have an account, head on over and join right now:

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.


Affiliate networks are super simple to join, and usually can be
completely right over their website. In affiliate marketing, youʼll be
selling either a physical product or a digital product to download.

The best CPA Networks to join are the following. If you donʼt
have an account, head on over and join right now:

With CPA Networks, youʼll be posting links to sites where you get
paid every time someone fills out a form, such as an email submit.
I recommend the email submits over any other type of CPA offer,
because they convert the highest. For each email submit, youʼll
make anywhere from .50 to 1.75, give or take a bit. Types of
offers include free ipads, giftcards, surveys, contests, etc.

The CPA Networks are harder to join, and usually require you to
call them to confirm you are who you say you are. I recommend
you do this, because youʼll most likely be rejected until you
actually talk to a human being on the phone. They are really
picky about this, but itʼs nothing to worry about. Just act like you

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

own the world when you talk to them, tell them how you will be
promoting their offers, and youʼll be solid.

These offers will work best for an audience that is pretty broad. If
your niche appeals to people of all spectrums, itʼs best to go with
a CPA offer. Depending on who your biggest audience is will
determine whether or not you promote an offer that women would
like, like perhaps a Victoriaʼs Secret, or rather a more broad offer
like a starbucks giftcard or free iPad.

Another great example would be Dating Site CPA offers. This
works great, especially if youʼre marketing in the beautiful women
niche on Instagram. These offers convert extremely well, and can
pay anywhere from $1-$2 per lead. If youʼre interested in this,
simply search “Dating” on your CPA network, and youʼll find tons
of these type of offers.

Also, if youʼre intrigued by CPA marketing and youʼre interested in
learning more about it, check out this cheap resource ==> CPA

Affiliate offers are great if you can find a particular product to sell
that appeals to a large part of your audience. For instance, if you
were in the dog niche, Iʼd promote a dog training product from

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

You could also promote an item straight off Amazon (itʼs a
beautiful thing, you can now be an affiliate of ANYTHING on
amazonʼs site now!). I saw a great product the other day - it was
a pet-related thong that someone had posted. It had a cartoon of
the particular animal that was in this niche right on the front of the
thong. This would obviously appeal to the women in this niche,
and is a great way of thinking outside of the box! If youʼre
interested in becoming an affiliate at Amazon, click here

Commission Junction is also a great place for different types of
products to be affiliates of, but I would check Amazon before you
signup for CJ. If there is a particular product youʼre looking to be
an affiliate of, Amazon would probably have it and it would save
you the hassle of signing up for CJ.

So this is something that I learned from one of the guys I study
under. Iʼm not going to give away the specific niche, but his niche
has to do with animals and his out of the box selling is partnering
with breeders. He has a huge following online in this animal
niche, and he has partnered up with businesses online who breed
this particular animal, and now he is promoting these specific
animals from the breeders for sale on his account, and he gets a
cut of each sale that is made. Itʼs a pretty freaking brilliant

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

Another great idea to get out of the box would be to create your
own products, similar to what I mentioned about about the thong.
You can use websites like and create nearly any
type of product you want, setup a free online store, and then sell
them via this free free service. So depending on what your niche
is, you could choose to create products like t-shirts, mugs,
stickers, and sell them. If your niche is the responsive type who
are raving fans of whatever the niche is, you could potentially do
quite well with a service like this.

One final method to getting out of the box would be to start some
type of paid membership or email newsletter. You could charge
as much or as little as you want with this, and it would be a great
way to provide value to your fans that they wouldnʼt get from
Instagram. Depending on what your niche is, you could provide
news, discounts on related merchandise, interviews with
prominent people in the niche, fun videos or other fun content
worth sharing, and much more. The list could go on and on. I
have seen people charge anywhere from $1/month to upwards of
a few hundred dollars per month, depending on the niche, for a
service like this. Just think, if you build a niche of 1,000 followers,
and you can get 15% of them to join something like this, paying
$10/month, youʼd be banking an extra $1500 from that!

I bet if you think out of the box like I have done here, youʼll figure
out more sly and sneaky way to make bank. In fact, I know youʼll
come up with great ideas, because youʼre just me and the guy I

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

referenced above - another normal person who has the ability to
think critically. So get on it!

That concludes the section on Monetization, and brings us to the
final section on Outsourcing. From here, we will be discussing
how you can outsource your entire Instagram campaign.

This is a great question that youʼve probably had in the back of
your mind while reading the previous sections. And really, it all
just depends on when youʼre comfortable with promoting your
offers to a community that youʼre confident loves you and your

Like I mentioned earlier, some people just want to blast out their
affiliate links right out of the gate, and they forget the most
important part of building a list; that is, establishing the

You see, followers want to feel needed, and heard, and a part of
something bigger than they are, and they do not want to be
involved in something that pushes an agenda. And unless youʼve
initially built a list of hungry buyers, you will need to warm your
community up to believe in you and your “agenda”, which is to
build a community. The reality is, this really is your main agenda.
Monetization should always be secondary. Because, the second
you turn into a salesy salesman, youʼll turn off and disconnect
most of your following. And the only good way to keep your

                  © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

followers attention is to give away and post content that they want
to interact with.

Your community and credibility really is built off simply highlighting
individuals and their photos in your campaigns. If you can do
that, and do it well, youʼll amass a huge following.

Like I said earlier, every campaign will be different, but I usually
like to go for at least a month without any type of affiliate
promotion so that people can warm up to my content. Then, I will
initially and sporadically work in an affiliate offer once, no more
than twice a week. Really though, once is best.

Just remember, your main focus throughout this whole process
should simply be to keep building your community. The more
followers you amass into your community, the higher the
percentage will be that someone will interact and convert on your
offers when you do actually post them. And the best way to keep
getting followers and to keep your engagement rates high is to
keep your offers as minimum as possible.

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

This can be done in a few different ways. But the main method of
posting will be as a comment onto your photo. And you must
include some sort of call to action for them to click on the link you
include in the comment too.

I would also suggest using some sort of link cloaking/URL
shortener for your links. I use and they work really well for
me (except for clickbank offers). By using a site like, you
donʼt have to type out some long affiliate address, you can simply
just insert your shortened URL into your comment and go.
Another good URL shortener is

I would just make sure that whatever URL shortener you use, they
donʼt flag your offer as spam. does flag Clickbank offers
now with a huge warning for people that click on them, saying the
site is unsafe... itʼs crap that they do that, really. Just make sure
you test all your offers with your shortener and make sure they
function how youʼd want them to.

Other ideas to promote links/call to actions would be to insert text
onto your photos AND your comments section. There are some
great apps out there like Insta Text that allow you to write text
right on your photos. This is another great way to make sure that
your CTA and links are seen. To find apps like that, simply search
for “text on photo” in the Apple App Store and youʼll see a slew of

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

                 Outsourcing Your
               Instagram Campaign
Sooner or later, one realizes in most any business that time is
their most valuable commodity, and should be used as wisely as

With that knowledge, one could easily and cheaply outsource
certain (or even all) Instagram tasks that they arenʼt the most
efficient at, or that they just donʼt want to do, at a very cheap rate
with a Fiverr Virtual Assistant.

So if you donʼt want to spend your entire day researching
keywords, or liking/commenting on photos, you should totally look
into this great resource.

And by the way, your VA complete these tasks via one of the web-
based Instagram applications I shared previously.

Here is one of the best Virtual Assistants on Fiverr.

If youʼre interested in searching for more assistants on Fiverr,
simply search using the phrase “Virtual Assistant” or “Online

                   © Aaron Blevins, 2012.

Something to consider when youʼre delegating tasks like
commenting, itʼs a good idea to create a spreadsheet excel
document with different variations of comments that your VA can
just copy and paste onto photos.

That way, you are keeping your interactions fresh and youʼll be
much less likely to get flagged as a spammer.

Examples of great comments you can change up and variate
would be...

“I love this photo.”
“Great shot!”
“Love this.”

If you spend a few minutes trying to come up with phrases like the
ones above that would apply well for most any photo, and then
copy them into a spreadsheet for your VA, youʼll get a ton of
milage out having them leave these comments for you.

I would strongly suggest, once you get a few campaigns up and
going on Fiverr, to look into paying a Fiverr VA to handle at least a
few certain tasks. That way, you know that youʼre being as wise
with your time as possible so that you can focus on making your
campaigns the best that they can be, instead of getting caught up
in completing monotonous tasks every day.

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