Building Your Way To Online Success

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					Building Your Way To Online Success

As your alarm clock explodes into life each morning, and you reach out to
pound it back into submission for another ten minutes, does the thought
ever cross your mind that there could be a way to end this same tired,
old routine?

Each day, as you make your way to and from your workplace, amidst the
fumes, frustration, and financial drain that is the lot of a commuter, do
you ever dream of being able to step out of your bedroom and straight
into your workplace?

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you may be thinking, “Yes! Beam me up
Scottie”--but if that was your first thought, then I’m afraid you may
have to wait a little while longer. Transporter technology hasn’t quite
been perfected yet. However, in spite of that slight delay in scientific
progress, there is still a way to have the commute-free lifestyle you’ve
been longing for. In fact, there are many people who have already turned
that dream into a reality by successfully building their own home-based
online businesses.

For the online business owner, there are no traffic jams, no co-workers
breathing down their neck, and best of all, no BOSS! What more could
anyone ask?

It sounds wonderful, and it certainly can be. However, achieving the type
of success that will free you from the 9 to 5 rat race, does not just
happen by itself.

The unfortunate fact is that most people will never reach this level of
business success--not because they don’t have what it takes, but rather
because they aren’t willing, or prepared, to take the time and effort
needed to establish a proper business structure.

Now, right from the start, I’ll quite honestly say that this guide does
not come with any absolute promises or guarantees. When it comes to
business, there is no such thing as a “sure thing.” However, it does
contain solid, time-tested procedures and advice that are essential for
anyone who wants to succeed in any form of business. The new business
owner ignores these things at their own risk--and, sadly, many do.

One of the main problems, when starting a business, is that many people
begin with unrealistic expectations and the wrong information. If you do
an internet search about starting a home-based business, you will be
flooded with sites that promise to reveal the secrets of success that
will help you to get rich quick. With titles such as, “How I Made
$100,000 in 3 Days,” they tempt the budding entrepreneur with offers that
seem too good to be true--and they usually are. Although it may be
possible for someone to make a lot of money in a relatively short space
of time, the reality is that for the vast majority, it is completely
unlikely. Creating any form of successful business takes time,
preparation, commitment and hard work.
Although many people want to start their own online   businesses, very few
actually know how to go about doing it ... but that   doesn’t stop them.
Armed with little more than a desire to make money,   they rush in and
begin something that they are completely unprepared   and unsuited for.

A quick search on any topic will provide a plethora of sites providing
relevant products or services for sale. If you take the time to visit
these websites, you’ll quickly notice that most are quite unprofessional
in appearance, and have little, if any, chance of success. Why? Quite
simply because the new business owner has started things off on the wrong

There really aren’t any special secrets to starting an online business,
but there are some basic steps that will help you build your way to an
online success.


At first glance, this initial stage of starting a business appears
incredibly simple, if not completely obvious. Yet you may be surprised to
discover how many people are involved in a business for which they have
no experience or training. In fact, many have not even taken the time to
research the field at all.

It makes good sense to choose a line of business for which you have some
affinity. For example, if you have experience in designing and creating
handcrafted items, a potential business opportunity would be that of an
online store devoted to selling your crafts, and those of other artisans.
Because you have a background in this particular field, you would have an
immediate rapport with your target audience, and be able to understand
what is important to them regarding your type of product. You would also
be able to provide accurate and interesting articles that are relevant to
your field of expertise. As a marketing tool, many a business has been
enhanced by the introduction of an informative newsletter.

So, experience in your chosen field is definitely a big advantage. But
there is one other thing that is vital--and that’s passion. There is no
question that a person who is passionate about their business will have a
far greater chance of seeing it become a success, than would someone who
is ambivalent about their product or service. Believe me, I speak from

Many years ago, my wife started cleaning homes as a way of earning
another income, and she did very well.

A few years later, seeing the opportunity to make money, I decided to get
involved in the cleaning business too, and I also did quite well.
However, even though I was very happy to have my own business, I never
truly enjoyed what I was doing. In fact, I have to admit that I dreaded
the work. As a result of my lackluster attitude, I never took that
business to the level that it could have reached if I had been at all
passionate about it.
There is a lot of truth in the saying that “If you do what you love, you
will never work a day in your life.” So before rushing headlong into the
first business opportunity that comes your way, make sure that you take
the time to really consider what is the right business for you, based on
your interests, experience, talents and passions. If making money is the
only positive factor, then think again. Taking the time to get this first
step right, will ensure that you have a rock-solid foundation upon which
to build the online success of your dreams.

Please look for Part 2 of Building Your Way to Online Success.

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Description: As your alarm clock explodes into life each morning, and you reach out to pound it back into submission for another ten minutes, does the thought ever cross your mind that there could be a way to end this same tired, old routine?