World War II Chronology by yurtgc548


									World War II Chronology
   Britain and France agree in Munich to let Germany have part
   of Czechoslovakia. Hitler said it would be his last territorial
   demand and then in March of 1939 he broke the pact by
   taking Prague. Policy of Appeasement ended
   Germany and Italy sign a pact pledging support for each
   other in a war
   Germany and Russia sign a 10 year nonaggression pact in
   Aug. (when Hitler later violates this agreement it brings the
   USSR into the War)
   Sept – Germany invades Poland (Using Blitzkrieg) and
   Russia invades for the east. Germany and Russia sign a
   treaty dividing Poland between them
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World War II Chronology
    Phony War on the Western Front
        Maginot Line would hold
        Confident British Navy could blockade Germany
    German launches counter blockade with submarines, mines
    and depth bombs, sinking many allied merchant and
    passenger ships
 Russian-Finish War. Russia invades Finland in
 November. Finland gives Soviet union important ports
 and industry
World War II Chronology
   Germany invades Denmark and Norway in April. Denmark
   signs protection treaty, falls in five hours and Norway is
   reinforced by British forces and fights until June.
   In May Germany invades Belgium, the Netherlands (falls in
   four days) and Luxembourg. Churchill becomes British Prime
   Minister and reinforces Belgium and the Netherlands. Both
   finally fall
   May 29th to June 4th – Dunkirk – approximately 360,000
   withdrawn by sea. The common citizens of England are
   largely responsible for this evacuation
   June 5th – the battle for France. Germany invades over a
   100 mile front and head to Paris. Italy declares war on Britain
   and France
   Germans occupy Paris on June 14 and armistice signed on
   June 22. Franco-Italian armistice signed on 24 June
World War II Chronology
   France – Marshal Petain and the Vichy government in the
   unoccupied France
   Aug - Battle of Britain (The plan is an Air Campaign to be
   followed by an invasion of Britain). Germany urged for peace
   with Britain but Churchill refused. Britain and the RAF
   defeated the Germans and ended Hitler’s hopes of invading
   Japan gains air bases in French Indo China to support its war
   against China
   Sept 27 – Japan signs pact with Germany and Italy
       Germany and Italy control Europe and Japan controls Greater East
World War II Chronology
   U.S. places sanctions on Japan in Sept
   U.S. trades destroyers for leases on British Naval and Air
   bases in the Atlantic and Caribbean
   U.S. begins to builds ships, planes and other war material
   Gibraltar and Suez Canal
       Italy attacks North Africa while Germany drives through SE Europe
          • Italy failed, Germany succeeded in over running Romania, Bulgaria,
            Yugoslavia and Greece. Aids Italy and drives the British out of Libya
            and now drives for oil in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia
World War II Chronology
   Lend/Lease between U.S. and Allies
   June – Germany invades Russia
       Italy, Hungary, Finland and Romania declare war on Russia
       Great Britain and U.S. promise support to Russia
       2000 mile front (White Sea to Black Sea)
       German attack
          • From East Prussia, through Baltic states to Leningrad
          • Northern part of German Poland through White Russia to Moscow
          • Southern part of German Poland toward Kiev
World War II Chronology
   Russian Guerrilla warfare slowed the German
   Scorched earth policy
   Soviet counter offensive drove Germans back from
   the outskirts of Moscow and Leningrad
   British attack Germans in Libya.
World War II Chronology
   In Conjunction with the German invasion of Russia, Japan
   moved against Thailand
       U.S. and Great Britain protested
       Tojo comes to U.S. to trick government
   Dec 7th, Japan Attack Pearl Harbor
   Japan attacks Midway Island, the Philippines, Hong Kong,
   Guam and Wake island and other targets.
   U.S. declares war on Japan
   Dec 9th – China declares war on Japan, Germany and Italy.
   Germany and Italy declares war on U.S. on Dec 11th and the
   USA declares war on them in return
World War II Chronology
   Dec – Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El
   Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua
   and Panama declare war on Axis Powers
   Bolivia declares war on Japan
   Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania declare war on U.S.
   Japan and Russia avoid war with each other
   26 nations against the Axis Powers in Jan 1942
World War II Chronology
   Wake, Guam and Hong Kong (Christmas of 1941)
   fall to the Japanese
   Singapore, the Netherlands Indies, and Burma fall
   to Japan.
   Darwin (Australia) is heavily bombed
World War II Chronology
   Jan – Rommel drives to Suez Canal
   Rommel takes Tobruk
   June – Battle of Midway – U.S. victory that ended Japanese
   July – Rommel takes El Alamein
   July - Sevastopol falls to Germany in Russia
   Aug – Germans attack Stalingrad and the Russian stop the
World War II Chronology
   Aug – Solomon Islands (Guadalcanal) invaded by
   Sept – U.S. and Australia invade New Guinea
   Oct – Montgomery route Rommel at El Alamein and
   by November the Germans are forced out of Egypt
   Nov – Russians counterattack
   Nov 8 – Allies invade North Africa
World War II Chronology
   Russian Counterattack at Stalingrad, Kharkov and
   Feb – Guadalcanal falls to U.S
   May – Germans out of North Africa
   July – Allies invade Sicily
       Badoglio succeeds Mussolini
   Sept – Italy invaded by Allies
       Italy out of the war on Sept 8th
World War II Chronology
   Convoy Operations in Atlantic rid the Allies of the
   German U-Boat threat
   Allied Strategic Bombing continues on German
   industrial areas
   Allied Transport airplanes having an effect
   Japanese outer rings falls and Australia is no longer
World War II Chronology
   Feb – Marshall Islands taken (Eniwetok/Kwajalein)
   June 6 - Normandy
   Aug – Marianas taken (Saipan, Timian and Guam)
   (Superfortress B-29s bombing Japan)
   Aug – Paris falls to Allies
   Russia drives Germany back to its own borders and has
   Romania, Bulgaria declare war on Germany
   Allies drive through Italy and invade France
   German V bombs
   Dec – German counterattack (Bastone)Battle of the Bulge
Russia in World War 2
World War II Chronology
   Feb - Marshall Islands (Iwo Jima)
   Feb – Budapest falls
   Apr – Mussolini killed
   Apr – Vienna falls
   Apr – Berlin falls
   May – German Surrender
World War II Chronology
   MacArthur lands in Philippines
   April Fools Day – Okinawa 
   Aug – Russia attacks Manchuria
   Aug 6th – Hiroshima
   Aug 9th – Nagasaki
   Aug 15th - Surrender

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