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					Abstracts Art Exhibition
         July 2012

                     Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
                     118 Poinciana Drive, Jupiter, FL
                     888-490-3530 -
July Art Exhibition Event Catalogue

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducted an art competition during the period of time from the
middle of May 2012 through to June 28, 2012. The theme of the art competition was “Abstracts.” The gallery
asked 2D artists to submit their best non-representational art for inclusion into the gallery’s July 2012 online art
exhibition. There were no geographic restrictions for the artists for this art competition.

An art competition was held in June 2012 which determined and judged the art for this exhibition. The gallery
received submissions from 21 different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 34
different states. Overall, there were 900 entries from 246 different artists that were judged for this art
competition. Due to the volume of entries, the gallery decided to create 2 media categories (Painting & Other
Category and Photography & Digital Category) and make awards for each, along with an Overall Category
which selected the best art from the 2 media categories.

Congratulations to the artists who have been designated as this month’s winners, along with the Special
Recognition Artists. Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery commends all of the artists for their courage to
compete, for their artistic skills and finally for their creativity.

In addition, the catalogue for this art exhibition can be seen online at

Please Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains
the copyright to these images and the images may not be reproduced without the written consent and
permission of the artist. In addition, some images may have been cropped or resized due to formatting
requirements of this catalogue. To see the actual and correct image ratios visit the Exhibition Archives on the
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.
          Abstracts Overall Category

1st Place – Overall Category – Donna McGee – “This Mortal Coil”
2nd Place – Overall Category – Angela Wales Rockett
3rd Place – Overall Category – Doug Ness – “Greece”
4th Place – Overall Category – Anne Krøner – “The Wave”
5th Place – Overall Category – Mike Moats – “Birds Of Paradise Leaves”
6th Place – Overall Category –Candace Law – “Red Runs Through”
7th Place – Overall Category – Joe Calleri – “Edges”
8th Place – Overall Category – Dennis Sabo – “Urban Landscape”
9th Place – Overall Category – Tracy-Ann Marrison – “New Beginnings”
10th Place – Overall Category – Jeff Rennicke – “Upstream”
Abstracts Painting & Other Category

   1st Place - Donna McGee - "This Mortal Coil"
2nd Place - Angela Rockett - "I Still Believe"
3rd Place - Anne Krøner - "The Wave"
4th Place - Candace Law - "Red Runs Through"
5th Place - Tracy-Ann Marrison - "New Beginnings"
Honorable Mention - Brigette Balbinot - "Paris Shanghai I"
Honorable Mention - Nancy Hagood - "Fishinghole"
Honorable Mention - Cynnocence Kaufman-Sinclair - "Dragon New Year"
Honorable Mention - Amy Keuter - "Twilight"
Honorable Mention - Stacy Raine - "In the Deep"
        Special Recognition - Painting & Other Category

    SR - Lela Altman - "Untitled"            SR - Ingrid Arencibia - "Burst"

SR - Anne Armijo - "Salty Salutation"   SR - Ekaterina Arslambakova - "Meat Land"
  SR - Sylvia Arteaga - "Untitled"    SR - Julio Jose Austria - "The Working Studio"

SR - Tara Bartal - "Woman Painting"     SR - Ray Beauregard - "Pretty Ways of Covenant"
SR - Mike Bell - "Homage to BDT3"   SR - Pearl Berger - "Heavenly Bones"

  SR - Jonathan Best - "Planes"     SR - Michael Blackson - "Prismacolor"
SR - Rosemarie Bloch - "Red Hot Blues"   SR - Sabine Blodorn - "Hello"

    SR - Olivia Boa - "Triumphs"          SR - Julio Bordas - "Kalex"
SR - Pam Brekas - "Crane Ridge"       SR - Lisa Britton - "Peach"

SR - Jaroslaw Broitman - "Island"   SR - Elena Bulatova - "Allegria"
SR - Kevin Callahan - "Miros Carpet"      SR - Caroline Caux-Evans - "The Path"

   SR - Jeannie Choe - "City Life"     SR - Nitasha Choudhury - "Against Humanity"
SR - Donna Cohen-Lane - "Salmon and Gold 1"   SR - Edie Cohn - "How Things Work"

SR - Nancy Corderman - "The Black Hat"             SR - Amanda Cox - "BN1"
                                    SR - Tiffany Davis-Rustam - "Can't Stop the Beat of a Wild Heart"
SR - Soma Datta - "Lava Whorl"

SR - Roque Deleon - "The Warrior"   SR - Felix DeQuesada - "Gravitation Time"
     SR - James Dester - "Fire Storm"             SR - Becca Desty - "Taxi"

SR - Anastasios - Dimos - "Nature Extracts"   SR - Miroslav Djordjevic - "1 Fish"
SR - Sylvia - Ellis - "Yellow Blue"       SR - Gwenan Evans - "Cityscape 1"

 SR - Antoine Faddoul - "Fish"        SR -Diane Fairfield - "Glory Coming Down"
SR - Richard Fisher - "Synaptic Delight"   SR - Brad Forsythe - "In Quest of Color"

    SR - Zac Franzoni - "Dogeared"         SR - Kimberly Garvey - "Universal Vein"
SR - Wilma Gillespie - "Chaos in Paradise"      SR - Margaret Girle - "Starburst"

 SR - Sonelle Goddard - "Taking Flight"      SR - Jevgenij Goldin - "Hommage a Kandinsky"
                     SR – Eddie Granger
"When You Lose Fear the Flower Will Grow in Thought and Mind"
                                                                       SR - Bert Grant - "Wings"

    SR - Gary Greene - "Abstract 0"                             SR - Carolyn Griffiths - "Smoke Mirrors"
 SR - Gregory Grim - "Autumnal"       SR - Claudia Grimm - "Taking Shape"

SR - Delores Haberkorn - "Space 8"   SR - Emily Hannon - "Just for a Moment"
   SR - Diana Hartley - "Emergence"            SR - Sandra Henry - "Untitled"

SR - Mikel Heredia - "The Face of Crisis"   SR - Roland Hille - "Structure on Red"
   SR - Yann Holzapfel - "Qu"        SR - Lynda Howitt - "Poseidons Dream"

SR - Jorge Ibarra - "Human Nature"    SR - Yoshimori Inoue - "Landmark"
  SR - Keith Irving - "Alga"      SR - Kat Jablonska - "Fotosynthesis"

SR - Kimberley Jacks   - "Five"      SR - Vinita Jain - "Nocturnal"
   SR - Gaynor Jarvis - "Subdivide"          SR - Victoria Johns - "Rockit"

SR - Coelina Jones - Forest of Delirium"   SR - Eileen Kane - "Autumn Bark"
SR - Mary Karlton - "Theres No Place Like Home"   SR - Zofia Kijak - "Spring Exuberance"

SR – Stane klančnik - "Illusion in D7 Chord"       SR - Teri Ann LaBuwi - "Crossroads"
     SR - Ilan Laks - "Number 21"            SR - Luc Langlois - "Phaloptimistic"

SR - Marcus Lewis - "Mother and Child"   SR - MaSing - Ling - "Form of Unity Land of Ease Enjoy the
                                                  Wonder of Nature With All My Heart"
         SR - Paul Liptrot - "Ice 02"           SR - Francisco Little - "Global Warming"

SR - Jim Lively - "Alone on a Desert Highway"   SR - Subodh Maheshwari - "Flourshing"
SR - Drako Malinche - "Korzon"   SR - Mary Manning Whitaker - "Big Bang

   SR - Oleg Marat - "Heart"     SR - Frances Marino - "The Landscape"
        SR - Kari McKay - "Untitled"                 SR - Jack McWhorter - "Living Away From Water"

SR – Alison Meek - "So Much to Say So Little Time"   SR - Palmer Mena - "Cold Front of Desire"
     SR - Nyna Mezan - "FZ 52"               SR - Gill Miller - "No 7"

SR - JD Miller - "Heart as Big as Texas"   SR - Gaylord Mink - "Folds"
SR - Richard Mittelstadt - "Dream Time"     SR - Irina Moldovan - "Blue Rain 9"

 SR - Andy Morris - Pushing Too Hard"     SR - Jaye Alison Moscariello - "White Columns"
SR - Nicole Nadeau - "Sunset at the Lake"   SR - Yuki White - "Looking Into"

   SR - Lily Nava - "To Gaze Within"        SR - Jonathan Newey - "Blue 1"
SR – Ewa Niestorowicz - "Między Swiatłem a Przestrzenią"   SR - Anna Nikolin - "Wonderland"

     SR - Adam Collier Noel - "Enkindle"                    SR - Nancy Norton - "Untitled"
SR - Ashli Ognelodh - "Chaotic Midst"   SR - Sidhartha Pani - "Sunset Meteora"

SR - Susan Parish - "H is for Vortex"      SR - James Pierce - "A Mazing"
   SR - Brian Potter - "Glade"       SR - Susan Prinz - "Warm Reflections 2"

SR - Milda Raiskaite - "Untitled"   SR - Daniel Rauch - "A Man Cant Scribble"
     SR - Diane Redfield - "Voices"                  SR - Denny Reed - "The Gathering"

SR - Jaclyn Reidy - "Water Proliferates Nature"   SR - Rene (Remine) Remine - "City Chaos"
SR - Elisabeth Renard - "Marasme-Interieur-B"   SR - Kristi Richter - "Sunburn Peel"

   SR - Olivia Rippin - "White Wash"            SR - Mallory Robin - "Pink Storm"
      SR - Julie Robitaille - "Pathway"              SR - Darlene Rollins - "Goldiedrops"

SR - Camille Roman - "Little Pockets of Humanity"   SR - Kathy Blankley Roman - "Eureka"
SR - Linda Ronzoni - "New Sun Arising"   SR - Gina Rubinetti - "The Chemical Elements of Our Moon"

  SR - Cyndi Sanchez - "Moon Dance"           SR - Janelle Sandefur - Reaction 2"
 SR - Leon Sarantos - "Organic Creatures Going to the Beach"     SR - Francesca Saveri - "Backlight 3"

SR - James Edward Scherbarth - "Cacophony in a Mirror"         SR - Brian Schropp - "Clouded Thoughts"
SR - Celine Schwartz - "Silence"       SR – Rena Shear - "Balancing Act"

  SR - Yen Fan Shih - "Bird"       SR - Kip Sikora - "How the West Was Won"
SR - Toni Silber-Delerive - "Dying Vats"   SR - Rebecca Sinclair - "Magenta Rain"

     SR - Neena Singh - "Untitled"         SR - Joanna Smielowska - "Passage 1”
SR - Judith Lynn Smith - "Exploding (St)arT"    SR - Joan Sowada - "Winter Branches"

      SR - Kayla Speicher - "Untitled"         SR - Dragoslava Stankovic - "Moja Enkaustika"
SR - Carol Staub - "Piano Man"            SR - Freda Sue - "Untitled"

SR - Cecilia Suhr - "Other Art"   SR - Sallie-Anne Swift - "Politicak Struggle"
SR - Laura Tasheiko - "Loyalty of the Mind 8"   SR - Roberta Tetzner - "Passion 2"

     SR - Wim Tewinkel - "Out of Focus"         SR - Domingo Vega - "The Volcano"
SR - Jenna von Benedikt - "Between the Veil"   SR - Mary Wahr - "Frozen Bubbles"

      SR - Kerry Wallace - "Nautilus"          SR - Zheni Warner - "Zheni Paints"
SR - Cherinda Wendt - "Metamorphosis"   SR - Olga Weston - "Universal Eye"

   SR - Marti White - "Abertura I"         SR - Ezra Wube - "Untitled"
SR - Valeriy Zharkikh - "Raven"
Abstracts Photography & Digital Category

          1st Place - Doug Ness - "Greece"
2nd Place - Mike Moats - "Birds of Paradise Leaves"
3rd Place - Joe Calleri - "Edges"
4th Place - Dennis Sabo - "Urban Landscape"
5th Place - Jeff Rennicke - "Upstream"
Honorable Mention - Ann Grove-White - "Abstract 1"
Honorable Mention - Alexander Ovchinnikov - "Oil and Sea"
Honorable Mention - Ronald Painter - "Creation"
Honorable Mention - Richard Rownak - "Saturn 5"
Honorable Mention - Kevin Scanlon - "Matter of Interpretation"
     Special Recognition – Photography & Digital Category

SR - Danielle Austen - "Mountain Fall"    SR - Abe Blair - "Ring of Fire"

      SR - Scott Cook - "Rust"           SR - Susan Gainen - "Blue DNA"
     SR - Jeff Grant - "Seashore"       SR - Kenneth Greenwood - "Off in the Distance"

SR - Linda Greenwood - "Winter Whirl"      SR - Lynne Hann - "Fields Awash"
SR - Robin Johnston - "Abstract 7"      SR - Jan Madill - "Floating"

SR - Russell McCall - "Drive Blind"   SR - Margaret McNally - "Cones"
SR - Michele Munyak - "Heavy Traffic"   SR - Sander Narusbek - "Green Moves"

SR - Kimi Nishikawa - "Misty Bridge"      SR - James Palik - "Granite Wall"
   SR - Sarah Peace - "Heat"       SR - Henry Pouillon - "Magnifique"

SR - Cheryl Rau - "Wind Dancing"    SR - Alex Remington - "Bridge"
SR - Henry Rowland - "Soulchatter"    SR - Adrian Sam - "Rust Melange"

SR - Marilyn Samwick - "Turbulence"   SR - Rod Seeley - Rotating Ribbons"
SR - Almine, The Countess of Shannon - "Dream Impressions"        SR - Karel Stipek - "Life"

         SR - Lynn Thomas - "Kodak"                          SR - Lorelee Wederstrom - "Untitled"
SR – David Weppner - "Abstract in Black and White"   SR – Anna avileiskaia - " tude-Cin ti ue"
  Abstracts Art Exhibition – Artist’s Contact Information
Lela Altman                         Russell McCall        
Ingrid Arencibia                    Donna McGee    
Anne Armijo                         Kari McKay     
Ekaterina Arslambakova              Margaret McNally
Sylvia Arteaga                      Jack McWhorter
Danielle Austen                     Alison Meek    
Julio Jose Austria                  Palmer Mena
Brigette Balbinot                   Nyna Mezan  
Tara Bartal                         Gill Miller   
Ray Beauregard                      JD Miller 
Mike Bell                           Gaylord Mink
Pearl Berger                        Richard Mittelstadt
Jonathan Best                                   Mike Moats        
Michael Blackson                                Irina Moldovan                    
Abe Blair                                       Andy Morris                
Rosemarie Bloch                                 Jaye Alison Moscariello                  
Sabine Blodorn                                  Michele Munyak
Olivia Boa                                      Nicole Nadeau               
Julio Bordas                                    Yuki White                     
Pam Brekas                                      Sander Narusbek
Lisa Britton                                    Lily Nava                   
Jaroslaw Broitman                               Doug Ness              
Elena Bulatova                                  Jonathan Newey                 
Kevin Callahan                                  Ewa Niestorowicz
Joe Calleri                                     Anna Nikolin   !HOME|mainPage

Caroline Caux-Evans                             Kimi Nishikawa        
                                     Adam Collier Noel
Jeannie Choe                                     Nancy Norton
Nitasha Choudhury                Ashli Ognelodh
Donna Cohen-Lane                          Alexander Ovchinnikov
Edie Cohn                                       Ronald Painter
Scott Cook                                   James Palik
Nancy Corderman                            Sidhartha Pani
Amanda Cox                                    SusanParish
Soma Datta                    SarahPeace
Tiffany Davis-Rustam                     James Pierce
Roque Deleon                                  Brian Potter
Felix DeQuesada                         Henry Pouillon
James Dester                      SusanPrinz
Becca Desty                               Stacy Raine
Anastasios Dimos           
Miroslav Djordjevic                MildaRaiskaite      
Sylvia Ellis                       Cheryl Rau        
Gwenan Evans                       Daniel Rauch      
Antoine Faddoul
                                   Diane Redfield
Diane Fairfield
                                   Denny Reed
Richard Fisher
                                   Jaclyn Reidy
Brad Forsythe
                                   Rene (Remine) Remine
Zac Franzoni
                                   Alex Remington
Susan Gainen
                                   Elisabeth Renard
Kimberly Garvey
                                   Jeff Rennicke
Wilma Gillespie
                                   Kristi Richter
Margaret Girle
                                   Olivia Rippin
Sonelle Goddard
                                   Mallory Robin
Jevgenij Goldin            Julie Robitaille   
                           Angela Rockett
Eddie Granger
                           Darlene Rollins
Bert Grant
                           Kathy Blankley Roman
Jeff Grant
                           Camille Roman
Gary Greene
                           Linda Ronzoni
Kenneth Greenwood
                           Henry Rowland
Carolyn Griffiths
                           Richard Rownak
Gregory Grim
                           Gina Rubinetti
Claudia Grimm
                           Dennis Sabo
Ann Grove-White
                           Adrian Sam
Delores Haberkorn
                           Marilyn Samwick
Nancy Hagood
                           Cyndi Sanchez
Lynne Hann
                                      Janelle Sandefur
                                      Leon Sarantos
                                      Francesca Saveri
Sandra Henry
Mikel Heredia                  James Edward Scherbarth
Roland Hille                                    Brian Schropp
Yann Holzapfel                               Celine Schwartz
Lynda Howitt                                   Rod Seeley
Jorge Ibarra                           Almine, The Countess of Shannon
Yoshimori Inoue                                 Rena Shear
Keith Irving                               Yen Fan Shih
Kat Jablonska                    Kip Sikora
Kimberley Jacks                     Toni Silber-Delerive
Vinita Jain                               Rebecca Sinclair
Gaynor Jarvis                            Neena Singh           
Victoria Johns                           Joanna Smielowska     
Robin Johnston                           Judith Lynn Smith
Coelina Jones                            Joan Sowada
Eileen Kane                              Kayla Speicher                 
Mary Karlton                             Dragoslava Stankovic            

Cynnocence Kaufman-Sinclair              Carol Staub             
Amy Keuter                               Karel Stipek
Zofia Kijak                              FredaSue             
Stane klančnik                           Cecilia Suhr        
Anne Krøner                              Sallie-Anne Swift          
Teri Ann LaBuwi                          Laura Tasheiko  
Ilan Laks                                Roberta Tetzner               
Luc Langlois                             Wim Tewinkel            
Candace Law                                          Lynn Thomas                         
Marcus Lewis                                         Mary Wahr                            
MaSing Ling                                          Kerry Wallace                          
Paul Liptrot                                         Zheni Warner                        
Francisco Little                                     Lorelee Wederstrom                 
Jim Lively                                           Cherinda Wendt                       
Jan Madill                                           David Weppner                             
Subodh Maheshwari                                    Olga Weston                
Drako Malinche                                       Marti White                      
Mary Manning Whitaker                                Ezra Wube
Oleg Marat                                           Anna Zavileiskaia                            
Frances Marino                                       Valeriy Zharkikh       
Tracy-Ann Marrison

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Description: Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its July 2012 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The theme for this art exhibition is “Abstracts” and artists were asked to apply to this competition by submitting their best non-representational for inclusion into the gallery’s July online group exhibition. An art competition was held in June 2012 which determined and judged the art for this exhibition. The gallery received submissions from 21 different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 34 different states. Overall, there were 900 entries from 246 different artists that were judged for this art competition.