MOS Legal Transcription Service Delivering Accurate and Flexible Legal Transcription

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					MOS Legal Transcription Service Delivering Accurate and
             Flexible Legal Transcription

MOS Legal Transcription Service, a reliable US-based legal transcription company
performs accurate and flexible legal transcription for legal specialists associated with
different areas of law. Provided the audio is of good quality, the company can
consistently achieve 99 percent accuracy for the transcripts. Custom solutions are
available for businesses of different sizes and based anywhere in the US.

Wide Range of Quality Legal Transcription Services

The company offers transcription service
for depositions, wire taps, legal letters, law
office       recordings,       interrogations,
presentations, seminars and conferences,
arbitrations,        licensing        appeals,
memorandums,           judgments,      general
correspondences, court proceedings, annual
general meetings, briefs, reports, trials,
legal pleadings and more.

Flexible Services for the Convenience of

MOS Legal Transcription Service offers flexibility with respect to the modes of accepting
dictations, modes of file transfer and formatting.

Dictation - The two options for dictation are digital dictation machines and toll-free
number. In the former case, the legal entity can dictate into a digital recorder and the
audio files are downloaded to a local computer linked to the internet. The files would be
sent over the internet to the company’s secure server. Once this is done, the dictations
can be downloaded by the transcriptionists. In the case of toll-free number, the same
process would be followed with the only exception being that the legal entity can utilize a
telephone for dictation.

File Transfer – The two options are browser-based and FTP. In the former case, secure
256 bit AES encryption is used for safe file transfer over the internet. In the latter, a
connection is established between the customer’s computer and the client’s server and
there is file transfer to the client and back.

Formatting – Formatting can be done as per the individual specifications of customers.

About MOS Legal Transcription Service
MOS Legal Transcription Service is a well-known legal transcription outsourcing
solution provider located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company assures that with their
support clients can cut transcription costs up to 40 percent. A free trial is available for
prospective clients to sample its services. For more information about MOS Legal
Transcription Service’s legal transcription solutions, visit

Contact Information

MOS Legal Transcription Service
8596 E 101st Street, Suite H
Tulsa, Ok 74133
Ph: 1-800-670-2809

Description: An accuracy level of 99 percent is assured for the transcripts