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									  How often have you heard the comment long
distance relationships don't work? Well, they may
have been tough to maintain at one time, that is,
 until international phone cards appeared on the
 Not only do phone cards cut long distance call rates by up to 90%
but I've discovered they can be the lifeline in a long distance
relationship Take my example for instance I was travelling through
the USA two years ago and bumped into an old friend called Cupid
He did his usual thing with the bow and arrow and yes, I began a
 Trouble was, I lived in Australia and she lived in Georgia So began
my first encounter with an international phone card For two years
we communicated via the telephone, that is, in between visits, and I
can quite honestly say without being able to take advantage of the
cheap call costs, well, our story may have become another one of
those Mills And Boon style brief encounters Not that there's anything
wrong with them, is there? International Phone Cards Are Easy To
Buy It's so simple to get set up with a phone card but you do need to
observe some well worn rules
 Not all phone card companies are created equal During their
history, phone card sellers have been a "dime a dozen"; here one
day and gone tomorrow and yes, their has been the odd scam or two
perpetrated by them Today however, the industry has undergone
some radical changes and there are some terrific phone card
providers out there and they are determined to stick around for the
long term Some Traps To Avoid There are some danger signs to
take notice of before and after purchasing your card
 Here is a short list: - Be wary of poor customer service I always
like to know I can contact a company direct if something goes wrong
If you intend on being a long term user, then make sure you can
communicate with them by phone
 naturally! - Establish whether there are hidden fees involved These
can be a real nuisance with some companies and what looked a
super cheap deal when you purchased, could quickly deteriorate into
a pretty ordinary one - Make sure you know exactly how much talk
time you are getting
 Check a company's disclaimer policy My biggest piece of advice is
that when you find a company that satifies all your needs, stick with it
 Show some loyalty and avoid jumping from one sweet deal to
another In most cases, legitimate phone card companies who are
here for the long haul will offer some type of loyalty program or
incentive to stay with them
  Finally, ask for printed phone records In most cases these will be
supplied on demand In some countries, a statutory declaration may
be required

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