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University Canada West Bachelor and Master Degree Programs


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									University Canada West Bachelor and Master Degree Programs
Online Information Sessions available.

University Canada West (UCW) is an accredited Canadian university with programs
offered in Vancouver, Victoria, and online. The University caters to working
professionals who are looking for a flexible education that fits seamlessly into their
careers. UCW’s five-term academic year allows students to complete more courses per
school year than the standard three-semester academic year at most universities. This,
in turn, allows a student to earn their degree in as little as two years.

University Canada West offers accelerated and two year Master of Business
Administration (MBA) programs which are structured to allow flexibility for working
learners. The program prepares managers and administrators for leadership roles in
their districts and executives for new levels of leadership in their careers. The University
also offers Bachelor of Commerce in General Studies and Bachelor of Arts in Media
Communications programs (both with Degree Completion options) for administrators
who are looking at completing their degree part-time.

University Canada West’s online program options allow students to pursue their
education without having to attend classes on-campus. That flexibility, combined with
practical curricula and world-class instruction, means students get the education they
want, when they want it.

To request for more information, please call 604-762-1145 or visit

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