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									How the Joomla is helpful for SEO?
             How the Joomla is helpful for SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to various processes which are
undertaken to enhance the online presence of a particular web portal and helps that specific web
site to reach the very first pages of search engines for keywords pertaining to its niche business
segment. It deals with driving quality traffic and that too in abundant numbers to escalate the
business and ROI (Return on Investment).with advancement in technologies and advent of state
of the art contrivances, newer technologies such as the Joomla Content Management system
(CMS) are coming into the scenario.

Now Joomla has its own advantages of being open source hence free. Now the question comes to
the point as to making use of Joomla is good when considered from the SEO point of view or is
it wise to refrain from using Joomla templates and technologies, if we intend to bring into play
Search Engine Optimization. If you are aware about web pages and their construction, you
should know that there is a sitemap where every page is listed. The sitemap contains all the
pertaining hyperlinks.

This not only does it part for web visitors but also assists the web site to be SEO friendly by
allowing spiders and crawlers of major search engines to index the specific portal. Joomla CMS
(Content Management system) can help you in downloading and installing numerous such
sitemaps. Joomla CMS require content which are user friendly and not aimed towards SEO
friendliness. Joomla has loads of in built features which will surely sweep you off your feet.
Joomla has visible URLS which are very much SEO friendly and also has facilities for
Customizable Title and Meta tags.

Now since duplicate and copied meta tags and title tags are penalized by search engines, Joomla
has amenities to customize it and has different menus to make the chore straight forward and
unproblematic. Joomla also permits you to use No follow feature which can be hugely helpful in
making search engines refrain from ranking pages such as: - privacy policy, terms and
conditions, contact us and a lot more. Custom 404 Error Page is emerging as the most sought
after alternative in present times and in joomla you can customize this page and make sure that
people do not witness the same redundant and monotonous error message and it also keep tabs of
the broken links on your web portal.

This versatile Joomla Template also endows you with prospects to modify and alter header tag
features. You must have come across and subscribed to RSS feeds, RSS stands for Really Simple
Syndication and assists web site owners to update their web content without physically getting
involved. One can contact SEO professionals to amalgamate Joomla web design with RSS feed

Joomla also endows web users with prospects of link exchange via an assortment of software and
also supports newsletter. Joomla also help bloggers a great deal by proffering a plethora of user
friendly contrivances to escalate you popularity of the blog. So Joomla is definitely good for

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