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					Calling Cards, or Phone Cards as they are known
in some places, are a popular way for cutting the
         cost of international phone calls.

card recovery
Rather than use a cell phone or a public phone or a hotel phone,
tourists and business people travelling overseas save money by
using phone cards International phone call costs can be cut by 75%
and more with a good phone card The best retail stores for selling
calling and phone cards are: Newsagents Convenience stores
  Travel bureaus Travel agents Transit locations such as airports
Retailers can sell the cards by installing software which works with
their Point of Sale software
 This means that they can easily add a card sale to any other sale in
seconds without having to use separate hardware or without having
to keep track of physical stock The software for selling the cards is
usually supplied free This card recovery software brings access to
between 100 and 200 calling cards to the business without the need
to carry stock This is what makes selling calling cards so compelling
- no stock and no additional infrastructure cost
 Here are seven tips for success in selling calling cards / phone
cards Make them available from every sales counter in your retail
business The best way to do this is through integration with your
POS software Train all employees on selling the cards - the easier
it is for them the more likely they are to promote the cards Promote
that you sell them in your window and in all external marketing
  Learn to identify customers from overseas or customers with
families and friends overseas - these are the ideal card customers
Promote the cards with any products likely to bought by your target
customers But promote by focusing on the outcome
 For example: Family overseas? Call them today for less! or: Doing
business overseas? We can help you cut your call costs Put
brochures from all calling card products in a booklet for easy
reference at the counter Customers will want tom compare prices
 You need to make this easy so that the sales process at the counter
is not disrupted Run a competition offering a calling card as a prize
This better educates customers that you sell them
 Ideally, this will be run over a month or so with a card given away
every week By selling phone cards from within your Point of Sale
software you have better control over the offer, less shrinkage and
fewer mistakes
card recovery

Description: Travel bureaus Travel agents Transit locations such as airports