Template letter to Tour Operator by 09Vp5h9r


									Template letter to Tour Operator

                                                                                      (Your address)

(Company/ supplier address)


[Reference: booking number, Location]

On [insert date] I returned from holiday at the above location.

Please take this letter as a formal complaint, within the time frame as set out in our contract. We
paid [Insert price] for this holiday, and are seeking an explanation and/or compensation for the
failures listed below.

The members of my party were [Insert names of all parties and ages if under 18]

During the holiday we suffered the following problems: [use or delete as necessary]


[List who in your party was ill, their symptoms, any diagnosis and if they recovered – at this
stage do not provide any medical notes/records or doctors reports]


[List the problems, room by room if appropriate or the problems within the hotel, area by area]


[List the problems with the food, drinks water etc]


[List any issues with hygiene]


[List the problems with the pool, eg – useage, cleanliness, treatments etc]


[List the problems with the entertainment]


[List the problems encountered with the representatives]


[List the problems with hotel staff & management]


[List any problems with the flight, airport check- in etc]
We attempted to resolve this problem in resort by contacting your representative.[Set out the
action you took, who you spoke to, what they said, whether you put the complaint on their
customer complaints form, what attempts were made to resolve the complaint, and why you
did not or do not accept the resolution]

I hold you responsible for the failures in this contract and in doing so invoke your responsibilities
under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 and the ABTA Code
of Conduct.

As detailed within that Code I expect to receive an acknowledgement of this letter within 14 days. I
then look forward to hearing your response within 28 days of the receipt of my as to how you intend
to resolve my/our complaint.

If I do not receive any communication from you within 14 days and you have not made a reasonable
offer of compensation within 28 days, I will inform the ABTA Code of Conduct Committee, as to
[my/our] concerns as to how the holiday was delivered and how [my/our] subsequent complaint was
handled, and also report the matter to my Local Trading Standards Department.

I may also consider taking further action against you in accordance with the Civil Procedure Pre-
action Protocol for recovery of my compensation.

Yours Sincerely

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