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					Welcome to PartyLite!
                        Share Your Vision

 Why       PartyLite?               (fill in question #1 on questionnaire)

“Most people are so busy living day to day… just trying to get by… that
  they’ve forgotten how to dream. Take some time to think about what
                    you’d like your future to look like.”

 What        are your long term dreams?
 (fill in question #2 on questionnaire)
Remember that most things, even PartyLite,
   WON’T WORK, unless YOU do!!!
         “Show Me The Money!”
 25% -- This is your BASE commission & it is paid
  weekly on all your personal compensatable sales.
 7% -- This is the BONUS you’ll receive for every
   month you submit at least $2000 in personal
    compensatable sales. It is paid monthly.
    That’s a total of 32% profits on every Show!
                 (fill in question # 3 on questionnaire)

                 Interested in more?
                  Become a Leader!
Take a look at the income potential on the next slide!
                                             2007 Leader Profits
                          This profit chart represents what the AVERAGE and HIGHEST
                              PAID Leaders in PartyLite earned at each level in 2007.

                                                                        Regional    Regional
                                                         Regional         Vice        Vice
                                            District      Leader        President   President
                               Group        Leader
                Senior         Leader                     $54,500       $70,618     $161,251
Unit Leader   Unit Leader                   $44,136       Average       Average     Average
                               $33,499      Average
 $18,176       $25,695         Average                    $91,378       $115,385    $647,603
 Average       Average                     $116,033       Highest        Highest     Highest
                               $89,251      Highest
  $71,813       $79,698        Highest
  Highest       Highest

      Which income level do you feel that YOU deserve?
                              (fill in question # 4 on questionnaire)

Choose Leadership & we’ll help you map out your plan of action!
                     Our SUCCESS formula!
   We’ll teach you HOW to schedule all the shows you need to
    get a successful start!
   It’s up to YOU to take action to get those shows dated!
   We recommend scheduling 8-12 shows on your calendar in
    your 1st month, with a goal of holding no less than 6
   What, if anything, would keep you from scheduling 8-12
    shows in your first 4 weeks with PartyLite? (fill in question #5 on

Let’s take a look at the rewards from holding at least 6 shows
         each month in your first 3 months w/PartyLite…
              Month                                    Month                                       Month
               1                                        2                                           3

  Submit 6 or more Qualified* Shows        Submit 6 or more Qualified* Shows         Submit 6 or more Qualified* Shows
      and get a $100 PartyLite Gift            and get a $100 PartyLite Gift             and get a $100 PartyLite Gift
   Certificate; plus a guaranteed 32%      Certificate; plus $672 profits**; plus    Certificate; plus $798 profits**; plus
  profits on your Month 2 sales; plus     lots of recognition & rewards AND…        lots of recognition and rewards AND...
       $672 profits**; plus lots of                   Submit 12 or more                            Submit 18
   recognition and rewards including             Qualified* Shows Total in                           or more
     being recognized with the gifts             months 1 and 2 combined                           Qualified*
   pictured below as a Qualified New               and you’ll be rewarded                             Shows
             Consultant***!                        with a PartyLite rolling                          Total in
                                                 kit case AND a guaranteed                           months
                                                   38% profits on all sales                          1, 2, & 3
                                                   Submitted in month 3!                          Combined &
                                                   That’s Leader income!                           Get another
                                                                                                 $100 PartyLite
                                                                                                Gift Certificate &
                                                                                                  A soft-sided

*A Qualified Show has at least $250 in Compensatable Sales
               Fill in question # 6 on questionnaire!
** Based on our nationwide average show of $350
***A Qualified Consultant has submitted at least $1,400 in Compensatable sales in her 1 st month
We want you to get a BRITE START!
  Month       # of        People Met                 Sales         Monthly
             Shows     (10 Guests in attendance
                              per Show)           ($350 Show)   Income Earned
     1         6                 60                 $2,100          $672
     2         6                 60                 $2,100          $672

     3         6                 60                 $2,100         $798*
   Total       18               180                 $6,300         $2,142

*3rd month calculated at 38% which are the profits you’d receive on month 3
        sales for submitting 12 shows cumulative in first 2 months.
     By consistently holding 6 or more shows each month, you’ll be on
      your way to building a solid & lucrative business of your own!

             Consistent Action = Consistent Income!
    And since the average show is 3 hours long, 6 shows would take you
           about 18 hours of time invested for the whole month!
           Do more, GET MORE!
# of Shows      People Met               Sales      Monthly   Profit at this
                   (10 Guests in
               Attendance Per Show)   ($350 Show)   Income    level for first
                                                    Earned*     3 months
      8                80               $2,800      $896+       $2,856*

     10               100               $3,500      $1,120+     $3,570*

     12               120               $4,200      $1,344+     $4,284*

*3rd month calculated at 38% which are the profits you’d receive on month 3
        sales for submitting 12 shows cumulative in first 2 months.

   Holding 12 Shows a month (or 3 per week) would take
   about 9 hours a week plus travel time, and you could earn
   an average of $1,344+ a month, or $4,284 over 3 months!
                    How does that sound to YOU?
10 – 3 – 2 is the Bulls eye
 on your target to success!

10 or more Guests in attendance
3 or more bookings from every Show
2 or more sponsoring leads from every Show
Fill in question #7 on questionnaire!
              Who’s on your Contact List?

  The BEST way to start your new PartyLite business is to focus on holding
  Shows from different branches of your life. Think of what this tree would
   look like if branches were only on one side. Instead of just booking your
 initial shows with your family and co-workers, you’ll want to develop a full
  grown healthy business by booking “branches” from other areas as well.
 (Church –Clubs – Gym – Friends – Kid’s contacts [like coaches & teachers]
etc) and then coach each “branch” to invite people you do not know to create
                     additional new “branches” of business
                          & watch your business grow!
                    Fill out question #8 on questionnaire!
                  Let’s Plan Your Calendar!
   Brite Start -- You’ll want to plan your business 3 months at a
    time, so let’s begin by mapping out your first 3 months in the
   Grab your calendar and block off days you absolutely CAN NOT
    work (like a church activity you’re committed to every
   Next, block off training days! You can’t EARN, if you don’t

   Highlight the remaining days on your calendar.
   These are the days to hold Shows in your 1st three months
    with PartyLite. Remember….your goal is no less than 6 shows
    each month!
I’m going to be late for work this morning. I was listening to
  my motivation tapes and suddenly found myself driving
    FARTHER and FASTER than I ever thought I could.
                   Go FARTHER & find success FASTER!

   Attend all trainings! We have a saying in PartyLite…“When you’ve had a
    bad week, YOU NEED the meeting….when you’ve had a good week, the
    meeting NEEDS YOU!!!”
   You will find that people will be drawn to your business through the
    excitement and simplicity they see. There will be people who will want to
    check out the business opportunity for themselves. That is why you’ll
    always want to bring guests to our events. We have exciting raffles and
    both you and your guests will be entered!!
   Get special recognition JUST FOR ATTENDING in your 1st 3 months!
   Extra recognition each month you submit 6 or more shows!
   Fill in question # 9 on your questionnaire!
For the BEST training ALL year…you DON’T want to
miss National Conference! It’s the best investment you
              can make for your future!

 STASH CASH / REGISTER!!!          Ask your Leader for details
Create Your Wish List!
    (See # 10 on your questionnaire)
     Take a look at your Wish List from #10…
How would you feel if you could have ALL the favorites
         you’ve selected on your wish list?


     Happy?                   Would you be
                             Loving PartyLite?
Well….that’s exactly how your Hostesses
will feel when you give them the gift of a
             PartyLite Show!
 Let’s take a look at the MAIN REASON
  why most Hostesses invite a PartyLite
 Consultant to host a show in their home…
     PartyLite’s amazing Hostess Program!
      For hosting a PartyLite show, our hostesses can
      receive the following 4 rewards:
1)    A FREE $hopping $pree ($100 based on our avg. $400 show)
2)    ½ off items (avg. of 2)
3)    Hostess Specials (typically 60-70% off retail cost) and
      Hostesses can choose up to 3
4)    Fast $50 coupons—take a moment to read about this fabulous
      reward on page 5 of the catalog.
                  Fill in question # 11 on questionnaire

You’ll want to study pages 4 & 5 of your PartyLite catalog
   to learn the Hostess Program because it’s what helps
               to put Shows on your calendar!
 Take out your contact list

  Put a star next to the names of
anyone you think would like to get
 the 4 rewards of being a Hostess.
  How many stars do YOU have?
        Fill in question # 12 on questionnaire

That’s how many potential parties you
 have on your calendar RIGHT NOW!!!

  Remember, “your business is only
    closed when your mouth is!”
Start sharing PartyLite with everyone
         everywhere you go!
I’d like to share with you a valuable lesson. If you learn to overcome
    this “trap” early in your PartyLite career, you will be a HUGE
                   First, let me ask you a question…
     Have you ever noticed how often we like to think for others?

                            I call this…
                    “The Human Nature Trap”
                   Let me give you an example…
               On your contact list, you put a star next to the name of your friend
               Susy, because she LOVES to shop & you THOUGHT she’d most
               likely host a PartyLite show with you. So she had her show, everyone
               had a ball, & Susy got TONS of free products. She decorated her
               home with wall sconces, pillar trays, tealight holders… and she is
               ecstatic with her experience as a PartyLite hostess.

You did NOT put a star next to the name of your friend Kim,
because you know she works a lot and you THOUGHT
she’d be too busy to host a PartyLite show. When Kim went
to Susy’s house and saw all the beautiful PartyLite pieces
that she got for free, she felt slighted. Kim comes up to you
and says in a concerned voice, “have I done something to
offend you? I was at Susy’s house and she showed me all
her beautiful new PartyLite pieces and she said you GAVE
them to her…how come you didn’t offer that to me?”
You can offend people when you prejudge!
 Do NOT think for other people
 Everyone DESERVES the right to decide for
  themselves what they DO or DO NOT want
  to take advantage of
 Think of offering PartyLite as though you’re
  offering dessert to your guests at a dinner
  party. It would be RUDE not to offer it to
 Offer PartyLite to everyone everywhere!

    Fill in question # 13 on the questionnaire
        “Offering” versus “Asking”
Once you’ve studied our Hostess Program (from pages 4-5 of the catalog),
      you’ll see how rewarding it is for others to Host a PartyLite Show.
          You’re not “asking” people to do you any favors….
               you’re “offering” them the opportunity to:
                           1)   Relax by wax
                       2)    Have fun with friends
                   3)    Earn LOT$ of shopping credit
       4)    Receive ½ off items and FABULOUS Hostess Specials
      Instead of saying, “will you have a PartyLite Show FOR ME?”
      You’ll experience MORE SUCCESS by making it about THEM!
 Try saying, “I’m so excited about starting up my own PartyLite business
  because I get to give away FREE shopping sprees! I know how much you
   love candles, so I couldn’t wait to show you what you can get by hosting
   one of my first PartyLite Shows! How would you feel about getting $100
                        in FREE products of your choice?”
 Think about it….how would YOU feel about getting $100 worth of your
     FAVORITE PARTYLITE PRODUCTS FOR FREE? Your friends and family
     will be just as excited as you are if you use the “offering” vs. “asking”
           Take a look at the training on
“How To Book Your First 8 Shows”               which
  you should have already pulled off of the website
Review your contact list of who you’ll be contacting
 to book your initial shows to begin your business.

          Remember to avoid pre-judging!
 “Offer” to everyone on your list & let them decide!
                    As soon as you’ve faxed or emailed in the
   your Starter Kit will be sent to you. You can also contact your leader to
schedule a time to coach your hostesses together on how to get everything on
 their wish list. This will insure that each of your initial shows is a success for
                        both YOU and YOUR HOSTESS!

Fax or Email Your New Consultation Orientation to your Leader – and you’ll be
 entered into a Prize Drawing at the next Regional Workshop right after your
       Brite Start Gift “Shower”! (Refer to the Leader Contact List for your leader’s information)
You’re now ready to learn how to make each and every show a BIG success by
  attending our New Consultant Basics class at the Next Regional Workshop.

 By becoming a PartyLite Consultant,
you are now the President and C.E.O. of
 your very own home-based business!

     We look forward to watching you shine!

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