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									        MY PARENTS IS MY HEART

Our relationship with our parents deepened importantly
when my first son was born. We accept always been close
just I saw them in a new light once .
      they've always loved me unconditionally.
     they've all of the time believed in me and encouraged
     all of my interestingnesses: they encouraged my peace
     activism while I was a teenager (in fact they even let
     me fly to a peace group discussion in Calgary alone
     when I was in my early teens!), they promoted me to
     travel to El Salvador and Tunisia to do community
     developing work, and so on.
     They all of the time made time for us.
      they've all of the time stepped up to the plate when
     I've needful help: helping me move, helping us fix up
     our home, buying me groceries when I needful them,
 They helped me graduate from university debt free:
and so a lot of my friends are still paying off their
education a long time later. I'm and then lucky.
 They gave me my sisters and reminded us that sisters
should all of the time be there for each other, no
matter what.
They made us do things that we did not all of the time
want to!: cross-country skiing, going to classical music
concerts, playing musical instrumentates, etc. What
they were really doing was making interesting family
life a priority. And so important!
 They travelled with us and displayed us that there is
so much out there to explore and so many things to
They love my husband and he loves them!
 They adore my kids and make them a priority. My 6
year old said to my mother today: "Nana- I love you as
much as I love my mamma and papa. That's because
you're my mammy mamma- and she loves you like I

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