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       Subject: Congratulations on Acceptance of Offer in Compromise

       Dear Mr or Mrs Taxpayer

       Congratulations on the IRS’s acceptance of your offer in compromise. You have paid the
       required amount under the offer. Within the next 4-6 weeks the IRS will release any Notices of
       Federal Tax Lien if any that were filed and adjust your account for the years under the offer to
       reflect “no liability”.

       We wanted to also take this opportunity to remind you that under the offer you agreed to remain
       current in both filing returns (if you have income) and payment of all taxes owed to the Federal
       Government for five years. If you do not meet these conditions, the IRS will automatically
       revoke the offer, which means you will again owe all the tax you originally owed, plus
       additional interest and penalties.

       While, we do not represent you as to State of Georgia income taxes, you should provide the State
       with a copy of your offer acceptance letter which in some cases may allow you to resolve your
       State income matters.

       We encourage you to take advantage of the free filing provided by the various VITA sites around
       the State of Georgia. After the first of the year, you can call us for a listing of the sites that will
       prepare your return for free. As always, the IRS will prepare simple federal returns.

       While we are closing your case, if you have any questions, feel free to call the Clinic.


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