S.I.L.L.Y by zhouwenjuan


									    Issue 8                                                                                                                          July/August 2009

S   I     S    T   E       R   S   I   N    T   H   E     L   O   R   D    W   I   T   H    L   O    T   S      O   F      Y   O   U    N   G   ’   U   N   S

                                       ( C a n )              Y o u        M a k e              M e          F e e - e e - a h l . . .
              Next Issue:                  like a natural wom-uh-uh-n?         have they all been aban-                  who placed our womanly
        • School Days! Send                (To understand my spelling,         doned? Where is the woman                 hearts within us, formed our
           in your goals, tips,            you have to be singing this,        in me? Has she been com-                  feminine natures, and gave us
           useful information,             Aretha Franklin-style).             pletely transformed into a                that longing for beauty. HE is
           websites, fun stuff,                                                laundry-folding, meal-cooking,            the only one who can satisfy
           field trip ideas, new           A few weeks ago, I bought my
                                                                               bean-picking, calf-chasing,               us and affirm us in the way we
           books, materials,               sixteen-month-old daughter a
                                                                               child-rearing automaton?                  keep wishing for. He may use
           curriculum, etc.                new pair of jammies. The top
                                                                               Could I be replaced by a                  our husbands to help with this,
                                           was bright pink, with a ruffle
                                                                               genderless robot capable of               but more often it will be a word
        • Fast Food: Meals for             around the bottom. As I
                                                                               performing all those tasks?               from Scripture, a deep sense
           busy days and eve-              slipped it over her head for the
                                                                               (I admit, this was a day when I           of peace during prayer, a
           nings                           first time, she gazed down at
                                                                               was feeling a bit discouraged             beautiful flower or sunrise,
                                           it, smiling. Then she made a
                                                                               and overwhelmed).                         something that speaks specifi-
        • Fall is a great time             noise, like “O-oo-ooh!” and ran
                                                                                                                         cally just to us, like a love note
           to get organized:               both of her little hands down       Then I noticed myself slipping
           freezers, closets,                                                                                            from our Creator. Ask Him to
                                           the front of it. It was a gesture   into a familiar thought pattern.
           menus, schedules.                                                                                             show you how He loves you as
                                           so spontaneously feminine, so       “Why doesn’t he make me
           Send in your tips,                                                                                            a woman, and I promise you
                                           untaught. It came straight          feel like a woman?” (He would
           ideas or articles.                                                                                            will not be disappointed!
                                           from her womanly little heart.      be my husband, Brant). “Why
           This is a subject we
                                           I was astonished. It spoke to       doesn’t he notice that I am
           can all use help
           with.                           me in a way I didn’t under-         drowning in all this
                                           stand; filling me with a            busyness and all
        • Romantic Fall Dates:             strange longing, a sense of         these children?
           Send your ideas!                melancholy.                         Can’t he see I need
                                                                               to feel like a woman,
                                           The next morning, I was doing
                                                                               not just a mother?
                                           the laundry. Plunk! Tink, tink,
                                                                               He doesn’t even
                                           jingle...Three nails, a quarter
                                                                               notice me, except
    THIS ISSUE:                            and a plastic whistle fell out of
                                                                               for the things I do!”
                                           the washing machine. With a
           E.R. or Wait...         2
                                           sigh, I picked them up, think-      Perhaps you have              Brant and I at a romantic dinner on our front porch.
              Kids Korner          2       ing, “Why can’t anyone around       found yourself in a simi-
                                           here empty their pockets?” As       lar stew. (I hope I’m not the
               “Taties!”           3
                                           I started again on the endless      only one). The problem with            Ps 45:11 So shall the
        Reading, Tips, Poetry      4       heap of laundry, the vision of      this whole line of thinking is        King greatly desire thy
    Crying Over a Chicken...       5       my little girl in her new nightie   that he needs to be replaced           beauty: for He is thy
                                           came back to me. “Do I have         with HE. Our husbands will
                Food!              6
                                                                                                                    Lord; and worship thou
                                           any feminine gestures left?” I      never be able to make us feel
                                           wondered. Or in the interest of     completely valued and loved
              Summer Fun           7
                                           efficiency and practicality,        as women. God is the One
P a g e   2                                                                                                         S . I . L . L. Y .

    W h e n           t o H e a d t o t h e E m e r g e n c y                                                     R o o m
    ( A n d           w h e n y o u m i g h t b e a b l e t o                                                     w a i t
                                   a n d s e e … )
Head and Neck Injuries             Cuts

•   Always go to E.R. if there     •      Small cuts inside the
    is a loss of conscious-               mouth will usually heal
    ness, vomiting, altered               on their own.
    mental state, extreme
                                   •      Go to the E.R. if cuts are
    sleepiness, slurred
                                          through mouth to out-
    speech or inconsolable
                                          side skin, ex: cut goes
                                          all the way through lip.
•   Consider severity of fall,            With this type of cut,
    ex: if child fell greater             there is greater potential
    than 3ft. and landed on               for scarring and infec-          in loss of move-        Bronte, after hitting the side-
                                                                           ment. Go to E.R.         walk at church, head-first!
    head, or down more                    tion.
    than ten stairs.
                                   •      Go to E.R. for gaping        •   Consider when
•   Consider type of surface              lacerations on face,             child had last tetanus
    landed on, grass as op-               great potential for scar-        shot, if it has been more
    posed to concrete.                    ring unless sutured.             than five years and there            “Above all, trust
Limb Injuries                      •      Cuts over joints are
                                                                           is a puncture or deep                    your common
                                                                           cut, he should get an-
•   Always go to E.R. if there            much harder to keep              other shot right away.             sense as a mother.
                                          closed without stitches.
    is obvious deformity of
    the limb, or if child is
                                                                       Burns                                  If something just
                                   •      Anytime you see blood
    unable to use or move it,             pulsing from a cut., ap-     •   Red or blistered is okay,                 doesn’t seem
    after initial pain of injury          ply pressure and go to           as long as it is smaller
    is recovered from                     E.R. Usually an artery is        than 2” in diameter                   right, go in and
•   Immediate swelling or                 involved if you see puls-    •   If skin appears white or               have it checked
    bruising does not always                                               charred, if burn is larger                       out.”
    indicate a broken bone         •      Deep cuts on hands or            than 2”, or if burn goes
                                          feet can involve tendons         all the way around a                 ~Dr. Allie Cherfan
                                          or ligaments and result          limb or finger, got to E.R.

                                                K i d s K o r n e r
My sister-in-law, Erin Inman,      of milk and food color-
Sent in this fun suggestion:
                                   ing. It really showed
Rianna and I went to                                                                                                           Junior and
                                   up bright. Then they                                                                        Crystal
story time at the                  toasted the bread to
library this morning.              eat it. A fun break-                                                                        playing
                                                                                                                               dolls in a
For a craft they                   fast or snack idea!                                                                         wheel-
painted white slices of
bread with a mixture
I s s u e   8                                                                                                                P a g e   3

            “ T a t i e s ” !             S u b m i t t e d   b y :  S i s t e r    L a u r a
                               H a w b a k e r ,  D a l l a s    C e n t e r ,   I o w a
                                                         Price-wise, I never fig-     cents? Because I enjoy it. There
                                               ured how many quarts of beans I        is something therapeutic about
                                               get from a pound of seed. Of           the process of growing food. It’s
                                               course, I’d have to count the cost     like working hand in hand with
                                               of electricity to pressure the         the Creator. Our part of the
                                               beans, the jars, rings, flats and      process takes hard work, His
                                               salt. If I’d stop right there I        takes a miracle.
                                               might be ahead, but someone
                                               always has to ask, “What about                   The enjoyment of the
                                               your time?”                            work in not the only reward. Is
                                                                                      there anything tastier than fresh
      Caption describing picture or graphic.
                                                         Ah, yes, time. And hard      peas? I mean really fresh—
                                               work. And aching backs and hoe         straight from the garden, popped
                                               handle blisters. From the time         from the pod into the mouth!
                                               the tiller turns up the black loam     When you’ve been born and
                                               in the spring to the time you chop     raised on Iowa sweet corn
                                               and pull the frost blackened           picked, husked, silked and frozen
                                               plants in the fall, gardens are hard   at the height of its tender sweet-
                                               work. Planting, hoeing, weed-          ness, the store-bought variety just
  Weston Fruth with his harvest of             ing, thinning, dusting bugs, chas-     doesn’t cut it! How economical
  cherry tomatoes.                             ing away rabbits, birds and chil-      and nutritional I feel when pre-
                                               dren, irrigating, picking, shelling,   paring meals in the summer with
                                               podding, washing, snipping,            a garden full of vitamin packed
                                               snapping, canning, freezing,           produce at my fingertips. What
           “Taties!!!” I remember              cleaning up---serious gardening is     fun it is to wheel the shopping
 the day my oldest son discovered              not child’s play!                      cart right past the tin canned
 potatoes. Oh sure, he’d eaten                                                        vegetables in the grocery store!
                                                        Some weeks it seems as
 them at the table and seem them               though gardening is about all I get
 in a bag in the pantry, but one               done. Peas need picked one day,
 day he learned where they came                strawberries the next, lettuce,        “The memory of
 from. He was two, the magical                 radishes and weeds are growing
 age when the world is waiting to
 be explored. He had followed
                                               like mad and before you know it,
                                               the peas need picked again!
                                                                                      that day keeps
 me to the garden where I was
 digging potatoes for supper. I                        As all gardeners know,         me planting a
 dug the spade into the dry soil,              picking is only the first step. Af-
 turned it over and out rolled little
 round potatoes. “Taties!” my son
                                               ter spending several back break-       garden year
                                               ing hours in the garden, I am then
 excitedly exclaimed, the joy of
 discovery in his voice. “Taties,
                                               faced with mounds of produce
                                               that will wilt and sag if not hur-
                                                                                      after year.”
 taties!” he shouted as he pranced             ried into jars or freezer boxes.
 around picking up the little dirt             This is when having a houseful of
 covered balls. Could the discov-              children comes in handy. Al-                     Yes, I will keep planting
 ery of gold have been half as                 though mother may be the only          garden as long as I am able and
 wonderful?                                    one who can determine when a           barring drought, hail and disease I
                                               bean is big enough to be picked,       will spend most of my summer
          The memory of that day               even a three year old can help         days canning and freezing. After
 keeps me planting a garden year               snap those beans! What an op-          all, I don’t want my children to
 after year. (Not that I really had            portunity we mothers have to           think potatoes come from a sack
 any doubts). I come from a fam-               teach children work ethics and         in the pantry!
 ily and community of serious gar-             perseverance when together we
 deners. We raise gardens that                 conquer a mountain of beans.
 feed a family year round, fresh
 from May to September, canned                         So why do I keep plant-         Pr overbs 10:5 He that gathereth in
 and frozen in between. That kind              ing garden? Why do I put myself
 of gardening takes time and ef-               through all the sweat and hard            summer is a wise son: but he that
 fort, and sometimes I wonder                  work when I can buy a can of              sleepeth in harvest is a son that
 why I do it.                                  vegetables for as little as fifty
                                                                                                 causeth shame.
P a g e   4                                                                                                     S . I . L . L. Y .

                                         W o r t h             R e a d i n g
"The Power of A Praying Wife"      glad I did. It has taken me a    I'm in that area of the       changed. I was very skepti-
written by Stormie Omartian.       month, but I read a little       house, I remember to pray     cal. Well, you can ask my
Now, just a warning : if you       every chance I get. I even       especially for what that      husband what he thinks. The
are not ready to be changed,       bought the prayer cards that     card says. At the begin-      other night as we were talk-
then beware and prepare!           go with it and stuck them up     ning of the book, the         ing, he said, “I don't know
This a book about praying for      all over the house. Whenever     author says you will be       what all that book says, but
our husbands in many differ-                                                                      you have changed so much
ent areas of their lives. You'll                                                                  since you started reading it. I
be amazed how praying daily                                                                       like the change!” I challenge
for him will change your life!                                                                    you try it and see what it will
When I picked the book up at                                                                      do for your life, and the life of
a garage sale for 10 cents, I                                                                     your husband!
thought, “I'll give this to my
sister.” But then I felt led to                                                                   Submitted by Sister Rhoda
read it myself, and I'm so                                                                        Martin of Plevna, IN

  “You may have
    tangible wealth                                T i p s         A p p r e c i a t e d
  untold: Caskets           Here is a very easy               the majority of the                 tic spoon in the slit.
      of jewels and         and economical treat I            time, but try all kinds             My children request
    coffers of gold.        give my boys in the               and see what flavors                these often. Send
   Richer than I            summer. Just pour                 you like best. If you               them outside to eat
                            the juice that is left            don't have popsicle                 them and you don't
you can never be—
                            from canned fruit into            containers, use empty               even have a mess to
   I had a mother           popsicle containers               yogurt cups. Cut a slit             clean up!
   who read to me.          and freeze! I use                 in the lid and stick a              Sister Rita Noecker,
      ~Strickland           peach and pear juice              popsicle stick or plas-             West Fulton, OH

                                      P o e t r y             I n      M o t i o n
  “ T h e        B r i g h t e s t   S h a d o w ”  b y   K e r i                           A e s c h l i m a n ,
                               P l e a s a n t  R i d g e ,  O H
  There is but just one Shadow                  With reddish, orangeish hair             He’s the greatest of companions
   In this cold and rainy place,                And eyes a shade of green.                 And a child’s dearest friend.
    That lightens up the dark                                                              Until you have a dog like him
And puts a smile upon your face.                And in those soft green eyes                    You’ll never understand.
                                             There’s something none can miss.
  This Shadow is much different               ‘Tis the sense of love and loyalty        Keri wrote this just one day before
     Than any I’ve ever seen,                                                           their faithful companion had to be
                                                  And tender gentleness.
                                                                                        put to sleep.
I s s u e    8                                                                                                             P a g e   5

                 C r y i n g                 o v e r       a     C h i c k e n           H o u s e ? ! ?
                                                      chicks, coming out from un-        operates the machinery to de-
                                                      der a setting hen after her        molish the building. The walls
                                                      three weeks were fulfilled. I      lean at a strange angle and then
                                                      remember chubby little hands       with a “Crash!” it is down. How
                                                      bringing the bucket in with        did it happen that this building,
                                                      the day’s yield of fresh eggs.     so lovingly built in response to
                                                      I remember smiling faces as        my request, had become so
                                                      they proudly counted the           aged and ugly? How did it hap-
                                                      number of eggs they’d gath-        pen that the little children, who
                                                      ered. I remember the brown         with much trepidation, reached
                                                      chickens running around in         under pecking hens to get the
                                                      the yard pecking and scratch-      eggs were now grown men?
            Bronte, Bodey and Bella, “Hug a Hen”      ing and chasing after              Suddenly life flashed before me
                                                      crickets.                          and I realized how the years are
                                                                                         flying by as in the blink of an
                                                         But time brings changes. A      eye, never to return again.
 The skid steer bucket forces the                  little over a decade ago, we de-
 roof of the old building up in the                cided to build a big HyLine           And just for a
 air as the wood creaks and                        chicken house that could house        little, I cried.
 groans and gives way to the                       about 10,000 birds - more                                “I remember
 force. The demolition was taking                  chores for the growing family.
 place. It was our little chicken                  One of the rules in the com-                             chubby little
 house of 25 years with a little                   pany’s agreement was that there
 greenhouse on the south side of                   would be no other fowl on the                            hands bringing
 it. It was so dilapidated. The                    farm, in an effort to control dis-
 paint was missing more than                       eases. Our little flock had to go.                       the bucket in
 present, one hinge was broken
 on the door causing it to hang at                 Then came the day that Jim built
                                                   a cute little greenhouse on the
                                                                                                            with the day’s
 a precarious angle, and the foun-
 dation was rotting.                               south side of the old chicken
                                                   coop. It served very well as a
                                                                                                            yield of fresh
 As a new wife and mother years
 ago, I longed for our own little
                                                   place for me to grow my bedding
                                                   plants and enjoy working in the
 chicken flock to peck in the grass                dirt in the warm spring sunshine.
 and enjoy the sunshine out-                       I loved my little greenhouse, and     It was only for a little, because
 doors. I thought gathering eggs                   appreciated the effort my dear        the plans are made for a new
 and tending chickens made a                       husband went to, first to give me     greenhouse with glass panes
 wonderful chore for young chil-                   a chicken house, and then a           that will be more lasting. We no
 dren. The fresh eggs would be a                   greenhouse!                           longer need the chicken house
 treat compared to what we                                                               as the newer, better, bigger
 bought in the store. So, my dear                  But the years kept bringing
                                                                                         building lies north of where the
 husband built a little hen house -                changes, and the second law of
                                                                                         old one stood. It is all called
 so perfect for what we needed.                    thermodynamics, that of entropy,
                                                                                         “progress”. It is called
                                                   became evident as it worked on
                                                                                         “improvements”. For the most
 Our children shared the chores                    that building. The door of the
                                                                                         part, I’m happy and pleased. But
 of gathering eggs, giving the                     greenhouse rusted through. The
                                                                                         the precious memories from the
 hens fresh water and scattering                   corner posts rotted. The plastic
                                                                                         past of growing children and little
 feed in the feeder. If the hens                   tore. The building became an
                                                                                         chicken flocks brought back a
 tried to peck them, they’d put a                  eye sore.
                                                                                         flood of memories….
 large coffee can over the hens’
 heads as they reached under                       Finally, the time of destruction
                                                                                         And just for a little I cried.
 their warm bodies for the eggs.                   had come. Our son (who used
 Several times we witnessed with                   to gather the eggs with his           Sally Meyers, Dallas Center, IA
 joy the hatching of little yellow                 chubby little hands) now skillfully
P a g e      6                                                                                              S . I . L . L. Y .

      P r e s e r v e U s !                          T i p s a n d R e c i p e s                            f o r
                P u t t i n g                        U p t h e H a r v e s t
Jalapeno-Raspberry Jelly           add a few drops of red           of soft cream cheese and
1/2 c. green or red bell           food coloring, if desired.       serve it with crackers as
          pepper, chopped          Ladle quickly into jelly jars,   an appetizer, or use it as a
                                   fill to 1/8” from top. Wipe      glaze for grilled chicken. I
1c. Fresh or frozen raspberries
                                   rims clean, cover with jar       have also heard of it being
1/4 c. jalapeno, chopped           lids and screw rings on          used as a dip for tortilla
3/4 c. cider vinegar               tightly. Process in boiling      chips, and served with
5 c. sugar                         water canner for 10 min.         warm brie cheese on little
                                   to seal.                         toasts. Be creative! This
1 box sure-gel
                                   This does not set up really      also makes a very nice
Mix all ingredients in large                                        hostess gift.
                                   firm, but it works well any-                                    My Grandma, Vera Armstrong
saucepot, boil for 4 min.
                                   way. I pour it over a block                                     with Brielle, her 62nd great-
Cool for 1 min. then may                                                                                    grandchild.

  “It seems a little                         F r e s h         F r o z e n C o r n                      a
 strange but it sure                                         T i m e s a v e r
                           FRESH FROZEN CORN                 Mix all together in a            cooked longer than
 saves a ton of time
                                                             large bowl. Let set for          frozen corn that has
and we all can use a                                         10 minutes; stirring             been blanched. I usu-
time-saver! The first      10 c. cut corn
                                                             often. Bag and freeze.           ally simmer it for 10
  year I tried it I        3/4 c. ice cold water
                                                             Note: when you take              minutes or so.
  was very skeptical       1/8 c. sugar                      this corn out of the             Sent in by Sister Cara
  so I only did one        1 tsp. salt                       freezer to cook and              Lorenz, CO
                                                             serve, keep in mind
 batch this way and
                                                             that it will need to be
  the rest I put up
   the regular way.
   But I couldn't                 S h e       B r i n g e t h H e r                     F o o d           F r o m
                                                            A f a r
 taste any difference
                            Something refreshing I’ve        I’ve tried strawberries, blue-   A website I found with
so I've been doing it       been making a lot of lately is   berries, and black-berries.      lots of good recipes,
                            Berry Lemonade                   Adjust amounts of lemon          tips, how-to videos,
   all this way ever                                         juice and sugar to your fam-     products and ideas
                            1 cup of lemon juice, bottled
        since!”                      or fresh squeezed
                                                             ily’s taste. You can also        for preserving food
                                                             make a can of frozen lemon-      is:
 ~Cara, about her           1 cup of sugar                   ade concentrate according to     Homecanning.com
    “Fresh Frozen           1 cup of berries, crushed        the directions, and just add
                                                                                              It is put on by the Ball
                                                             the berries. Enjoy!
    Corn” Recipe.           water and ice to make 1 gal.                                      Jar Company.
I s s u e   8                                                                                           P a g e   7

            P e r p e t u a l          S u m m e r          F u n          i n   t h e      H o t
                                       H a i t i a n        S u n
                                                     children over           little slushy. We played
                                                     for a little Carib-     games and had a water bal-
                                                     bean fun! I have        loon battle then headed to
                                                     a front yard full       the ocean for a swim. It was
                                                     of coconut trees        a fun day that we mothers
                                                     so we used the          enjoyed as much as the chil-
                                                     coconuts for            dren!
                                                     our cups. Just
                                                                                You most likely don't have
                                                     drill a little hole
                                                                             coconut trees and an ocean
                                                     in the side,
                                                                             nearby but your local grocery
                Toes in the Sand
                                                     empty out the
                                                                             store would have coconuts,
                                      coconut water and use a
                                                                             pineapples and mangos. Get
                                      funnel to put your own drink
                                                                             some water balloons, a little
 Sunny smiles from my home            in and then insert a long col-
                                                                             kiddie pool and sprinkler.
 to yours! I have been enjoy-         orful straw. That was the
                                                                             While the children have fun
 ing summer weather for               highlight of lunch for the chil-
                                                                             with the water you can sit
 about a year now and no, I           dren! I spent the whole lunch
                                                                             and sip from your coconut
 am not getting tired of it yet.      time refilling coconuts! We
                                                                             and don’t forget a colorful
 The sticky hot feeling gets          also had fresh coconut
                                                                             flower for your hair!
 old at times but a cold              chopped up with fresh pine-
 shower will leave you feeling        apple and mangos. I had put            In His Love,
 refreshed for maybe about...         it in the freezer so it was a          Missy Martin, Haiti
 10 minutes! We are always
 looking for ways to keep cool
 and have fun! My children
 (and my husband) just love
 when I throw a bunch of ice,
 a little water and drink mix in
 the blender and in 2 minutes
 we have a refreshing slushy
 to slurp on.
 One day I decided to throw a
 little tropical party. I invited a
 friend of mine and her four

                                                                                                 S.I.L.L.Y. Business

                 Prayer Requests:                                        Summertime is busy, busy, busy. Thank you to those of you who
                                                                         sacrificed the time to send me material!
☺ Praise the Lord! Phil and Jen Heisey have positive
  encouragement from the doctors after repeated ultra-
  sounds of their unborn child.                                          For next month I’ve listed a few things I’d like to include, (see the
                                                                         box on the first page). I think we could still use more canning and
☺ Please Pray for Kirsten, Matt and Blaine Wertz, Lyn-
                                                                         preserving recipes, so if you didn’t get yours in, there’s still time.
  ette Guisinger, and Terrie Scofield as they journey to
  Mt. Elgon, Kenya on a mission trip, Leaving August                     Also, we haven’t had any home businesses sent in for a while, ques-
  4th.                                                                   tions or problems for group answers, and I haven’t received many
☺ Please Pray for the group currently at our mission in                  photos or funny kid quotes. Send ’em in!
                                                                         I have had a suggestion that we do birth announcements, which
☺ Please Pray for Heather Stauffer as she prepares to
  serve in Haiti.                                                        sounds fun to me! Starting for the month of August, if you would
                                                                         like your baby or grandbaby’s birth to appear in S.I.L.L.Y, send the
☺ Rhoda Martin Requests: Please keep our family in
  prayer, we are facing many decisions right now. Pray
                                                                         name, gender and birthday to me , and it will be in the next month’s
  that we would be in God's perfect will and know when                   issue.
  God's timing is right and when we need to step out.
  My husband’s job is seasonal and he will once again                    Thank you to all who have sent me words of encouragement, please
  need to find another one before long. Pray that God                    continue to pray that God will use this publication for His glory
  would bring the right job along for him and we would
  know that it is the one he needs to take.                              and to lift up mothers, and that He will make time for me to write
                                                                         and edit.             Love in the Lord, Sister Bonny

                    L o v e ,             R o m a n c e                       a n d            C h e a p           D a t e s
     This is a category I don’t get much                                                                          in bringing our children into the
     input for. Surely, all of you out                                                                            world. It always amazes the nurses,
     there have suggestions for fun,                                                                              who are used to seeing husbands
     romantic, and economical ways to                                                                             who watch T.V. during the whole
     spend time with your husbands,                                                                               birth.
     right? I could use some new ideas
                                                                                                                   Through all this reading, we have
     as well. Send me some!
                                                                                                                   been able to share ideas and have
     Something Brant and I have always                                                                             some great discussions. Some-
     done is read out loud to each other.                                                                          times the books are about some-
     It has helped us to get through                                                                               thing we both want to learn, or an
     many a long car trip on the way to                                                                            area of our lives that we think
     Kansas and back! More often, he                                                                               needs improvement, or fiction, just
     drives and I read, as this makes better                   Brad and Kirsten Wertz….a few years ago.         for fun. In an age of increasing tech-
                                                           (I did warn you all that if you didn’t send me new   nology and decreasing personal inter-
     use of both our talents, but Brant does
                                                                pictures, I would start using old ones….)
     read to me, too. We often take turns                                                                       action, this is a rare and wonderful
     reading out loud from marriage books                                                                       way to stay close to your mate. Try it!
                                                     in labor also. It relaxes me and helps take my
     or Bible studies when we are at home.
                                                     mind off the discomfort (okay, pain) involved
     Brant reads out loud to me when I am

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