6th Grade Supply List - DOC by cJ74v9


									               6th Grade Supply List 2012-13
    One binder (zipper type for science, social studies and electives)
    pens, pencils, highlighters, eraser (all of these items should be placed
     in a pencil case in your zipper binder) Available at the school store
    tissues (to be divided among all classrooms)
    flash drive
    lanyard for flash drive
    book covers (books should be covered at all times)
    Clorox/hand wipes (to be divided among all classrooms)

LANGUAGE ARTS                                SCIENCE
1 inch binder                                2 marble notebooks (labs)
5 dividers                                   1 folder
lined paper                                  6 pack glue sticks
folder for homework
colored pencils
2 marble notebook for journal responses
a packet of colored post-its (100-500)

SOCIAL STUDIES                               MATH
1 Marble notebook                            1 inch binder
lined paper                                  lined paper
1 folder                                     1folder
                                             5 dividers

2-3 folders (blue)
head phones

Home supply list
3x5 index cards
colored pencils
glue sticks

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