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					SumTotal Strategic HCM Solutions for Financial Services
Driving Compliance, Reduced Costs, Greater Efficiency and Growth
For the past three years the financial services industry has been
characterized by increased globalization, rapid technological change,
additional compliance requirements and scrutiny, and a tough economic
climate. These factors have combined to make it difficult for many
companies to remain competitive. Though every company handles
money in the course of doing business, financial institutions actually
make money their business. The highest priorities facing this industry
are streamlining processes, improving productivity, and ensuring that
proper controls and compliance are in place. Other key concerns include
the challenge of running a global business efficiently and improving the
management reporting cycle.
Today SumTotal helps hundreds of the world’s leading financial services
firms, including 4 out of the 5 largest commercial banks in the United
States, to retain and grow their talent and run more efficiently and
effectively. SumTotal has the industry’s most complete Strategic Human
Capital Management (HCM) solution and unmatched experience
managing complex compliance, talent and workforce management
needs for today’s financial services companies.

Complete Learning & Talent Management Capabilities
    ■   Effective, Efficient Compliance & Certification Solution: : Financial services companies
        must comply with a wide variety of complex federal and state regulatory requirements, so
        ensuring your workforce maintains proper certifications, that all certifications are up-to-
        date and easily able to be reported on is critical. SumTotal’s industry leading Learning
        Management solution provides complete functionality to meet the compliance and
        certification needs of financial services organizations. In addition, SumTotal’s ability to
        automatically track certifications and manage the recertification process for employees
        reduces the risk of non-compliance penalties/fines while minimizing the amount of
        administrative overhead required to manage these requirements.
    ■   Available Anytime, Anywhere: SumTotal Mobile provides powerful, next generation
        learning through most major mobile devices giving financial services organizations
        increased access and flexibility in delivering learning programs. With industry leading
        features, such as support for multi-media and SCORM content, offline access to
        content, course tracking and reporting, and multi-language supports, SumTotal Mobile
        truly provides customers anytime, anywhere access to their learning programs.
    ■   Robust Support for Matrix Relationships: SumTotal’s Strategic HCM solution
        provides out-of-the-box support for the often complex reporting relationships of project-
        based organizations – including matrix management.
    ■   Integrated Learning & Talent Capabilities: Because SumTotal’s solution is completely
        integrated across all learning and talent processes, organizations are able to take a
        holistic approach to their human resources programs. As a result, SumTotal provides
        organizations better visibility into their talent pipeline, better ability to find talent
        internally for specific projects, increased talent mobility to help retain high performers,
        and a more effective overall talent management strategy.
   ■   Critical Decision Making with Information: Business and consulting service
       organizations are often very metric driven – this includes key human capital metrics
       such as continuing education credits, charged hours, utilization, and process compliance.
       From providing tools to define, create and monitor these key metrics to working towards
       far-reaching strategic decisions that increase revenue, SumTotal’s Strategic Workforce
       Analytics product provides a complete set of analytical tools to help business and
       consulting services companies track their key metrics and make better informed decisions.

Complete Workforce Management Capabilities
   ■   Control Workforce Costs: How can you account for every dollar spent on every
       work force activity and then link those costs to projects, sales, or customers? With
       SumTotal’s Workforce Management solution project-based organizations can easily
       track all these variables as well as factor in different wages, premium pay, or partial
       shifts, while ensuring that bids for new business or contract renegotiations are profitable
       and accurate.
   ■   Increase Workforce Productivity: Incentive pay programs have been known to
       significantly increase productivity. Many businesses have their workforce management
       data in various applications — but lack the information to execute. The SumTotal
       Workforce Management solution is a centralized application that collects and transforms
       this data into meaningful information and then applies work and pay rules to create
       accurate, effective incentive pay plans. With SumTotal Workforce Management,
       supervisors and managers can find, diagnose, and solve workforce-related problems
       and incent behaviors that drive increased productivity with incentive pay programs. In
       addition, the software will identify actual time worked as well as nonproductive time
       associated with scheduled breaks, material delays, or any uncontrolled incidents.
   ■   Minimize Safety & Compliance Risk: Automatically track incidents, generate
       warning letters, provide audit trails for actions taken, and have it all tied directly to an
       employee’s record. With SumTotal’s Workforce Management solution, you can also
       capture and report on all hours worked, including hours of service rules, while setting
       alerts and reminders for when licenses are nearing expiration or recertification is
       required. Reduce the risk of compliance violations by correctly identifying and aligning
       professionals with appropriate certifications, training, and licenses, and tracking
       adherence. SumTotal’s Workforce Management solution can help you have the right
       people where and when you need them most.
   ■   Compliance with Bargaining Unit Work, Leave & Pay Rules: SumTotal’s fully-
       integrated, end-to-end solution removes the headache of trying to manually comply
       with complex work, leave and pay rules; along with the resultant grievances, fines, and
       employee relations issues.
Complete Expense Management Capabilities
   ■   Increased visibility into expense spend: : For many business and consulting service
       organizations employee expenses represent the second largest controllable expense
       behind payroll. Yet, most organizations do not have good visibility into their overall business
       expense spending. Companies can access details on high level GL categories but will
       not be able to get a full breakdown of who, what, where, when and why on spending.
       SumTotal’s Expense Management solution delivers full access to your detailed expense
       spending data. This allows you to identify spending trends and patterns, consolidate data
       for merchant analysis and negotiation, view breakdowns of compliant and non-compliant
       expenses and quickly adapt to opportunities and risks. This increased visibility will reduce
       your overall spending while allowing more informed business decisions.

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  4 of the 5 Largest Commercial Banks in the US Use SumTotal
                                                                    SumTotal Strategic Human Capital
                                                                    Management Solution
                                                                    SumTotal provides an end-to-end, strategic human capital
                                                                    management (HCM) software solution that enables better
                                                                    alignment of resources, rapid development of both internal
                                                                    and external audiences, improved cost containment, all
                                                                    while providing greater visibility to help organizations better
                                                                    manage their business. As a global leader in strategic
                                                                    human capital management (HCM) with over 3,500
                                                                    customers and 45 million users, SumTotal’s solution,
                                                                    approach, and people enable organizations to grow their
                                                                    businesses by more effectively and efficiently managing
                                                                    the entire employee lifecycle.
                                                  SumTotal offers the most complete end-to-end solution,
                                                  flexibility to match varying needs, and deep understanding
of customer’s business challenges. Whereas yesterday’s HR technologies often resulted in isolated
silos of workforce data across disparate systems, SumTotal’s complete platform connects all HR,
workforce management, expense management and talent functions into a unified solution. By providing
a single platform and user experience across all core human capital functions, organizations achieve
unprecedented analytic visibility into their business, leading to improved decision making.

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