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MRDA News Fall qxd


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									                                                                                                              Fall 2010

                              MRDA Loses an Exceptional
    145 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2Z6
                              Volunteer and Great Friend
     Tel: 204.925.5905        Sharron Dianne McMichael, passed away on Sunday, July
     Fax: 204.925.5792        10, 2010 after a lengthy battle with cancer, with her loved
   Email: exedir@mrda.cc      ones by her side. Sharron is survived by her mother,
   Website: www.mrda.cc
                              Margaret Gallagher, husband Colin, daughter Darraugh
                              (Adrian) and granddaughter Charlotte, who gave
                              Sharron much strength and pleasure. Sharron was
                              involved with MRDA for over 16 years starting out as a
                              sidewalker than moving into the position of Finance
                              Chair at the Board level. Sharron put many hours into the
    A donation of $15         program not only managing the books but also at all the
  or more may be made         fundraising events. Sharron will be truly be missed.
 to MRDA in memoriam,
      or in recognition                                               A BIG Thank You to Assiniboia Downs for selecting
    of an event such as                                               Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association as their
                                                                      charity of choice during the Manitoba Lotteries Derby
                                                                      on Monday August 2th. The amount raised for
    anniversaries, etc.
                                                                      the day was $750.
An appropriate certificate
 will be sent to the family
   or person on behalf
  of whom the donation
       is being made.
                                MRDA is a therapeutic horseback riding program for children living with disabilities and is accredited
                                by the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association. Riding sessions are conducted by certified
                                therapeutic riding instructors in conjunction with volunteer physiotherapists and occupational
     Donate on line.            therapists.
                                There are two sessions (spring and fall) each year consisting of 10 weeks each session. There are four
 A special thank you            classes each week accommodating six riders in each class – MRDA rides out of Teske’s Equestrian
                                Center at 1237 McCreary Road. We have over 100 full-time volunteers who attend a minimum of one
  to Kelly Scrivener            class per week. Volunteers include a leader for each horse, two sidewalkers for each rider and the
     for her help               instructors and therapists. There are also a number of our valuable spares who fill in often on very
                                short notice and help to keep the program running.
 with this newsletter.
                                The annual cost to run our program is approximately $106,000. Less than 10% of the
                                cost is covered by the riding fees. MRDA does not receive government funding.
                                We rely solely on fundraising and donations to meet the remainder of the expenses
 Visit the MRDA website at      so that we may continue to exist and provide this unique therapy for
                                children living with disabilities.

 Important                          2010 Winstock
  Dates                             A HUGE SUCCESS                                                       April 14th was a terrific night! The annual rockin Black T-shirt
                                                                                                         fundraiser was held with five bands battling for bragging
         2010                                                                                            rights in the Financial Industry in Winnipeg. The total
                                                                                                         amount raised during the evening was $48,000 which was
      ✔ October 29                                                                                       shared with another local charity. The event could not have
       Free Ride                                                                                          happened without the WinnStock Committee, volunteers,
 Halloween Concert Fundraiser                                                                             the sponsors and the bands. MRDA looks forward to being a
      Tijuana Yacht Club                                                                                  part of the event again on April 14, 2011.
     Canad Inns Polo park

    ✔ November 23
Winter Wonderland
  Gala Dinner
 & Fashion Show
      Assiniboia Downs

   ✔ February 4 & 5
Super Flea Market
      Assiniboia Downs

  ✔ February 11 & 12                 Thank you to our Friends and Fans who
     Mardi Gras                      made our rainbow and silent auctions a success!
                                     • A Child’s Place • Air Canada • Bailey’s Restaurant • Beachcombers • Birchwood Art Gallery
      Convention Centre
                                     • Blue Moon Evolution • Boston Pizza • Burman Builders Inc. • Canad Inns
                                     • Cindy Reid, Great West Life • DeLuca’s • Dr. Earl Minuk Skin Care Clinic • E.J. McLaughlin
        ✔ April 14                   • Edward Carriere Salon • Ego Picks • Eric Barthel • Falcon Creek Industries Inc. • Folklorama
                                     • Forget Me Not Day Spa • Fude • Fusion Grill • Half Pints Brewing Co. • Handyman Connection
Winnstock Fundraiser                 • Home Depot • Journey’s Travel • Manitoba Gardner • Manitoba Liquor Control Commission
          Cowboys                    • Manitoba Moose • Manitoba Public Insurance • Manitoba Theatre for Young People
                                      • Manitoba Used Cars Dealership • MacHelper • McDiarmid Lumber
   Canad Inns Windsor Park           • Mom’s Touch Custom Baskets • Pasquale’s Restaurant • Pelo Loco Salon
                                     • Pole Dancing Winnipeg • Ron Flowers • Quality Underwriting • Shelter Canadian Properties
      ✔ June, 2011                   • Sleeman Breweries • South Beach Casino • Star Grill • Strada Personal Spa • Sun Life
                                     • The Keg • Wawanesa Insurance • Winnipeg Blue Bombers • Winnipeg Folk Festival
       Golf Tournment                • Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra • Young’s Market • Yummease
             TBA                     Congratulations to Donna Passey winner of the Trip for Two from Air Canada and
                                     Dan Stiver winner of the large screen TV donated by Falcon Creek Industries Inc.

                             MRDA Board of Directors                        Treasurer                               Directors          Parent Representatives
                                  2010-2011                                                                      Heather Clements           Cathy Cowen
                                                                      Executive Director                          Deborah Davis              Mae Gobel
                                Honorary Director                     Peter A. Manastyrsky                        Sam Lemoine              Kevin Rollason
                                 Joan Richardson                                                                  Dayna Oulion              Penny Toupin
                                                                                                                  Kelly Scrivener
                                 Graham Curnew
                                                                                                                    Gord Stein
Community Spotlight                                                       Super Flea
THE WINNIPEG MOTOR PATROL INC.                                           Market makes
The Winnipeg Motor Patrol Inc. is a group of 18 men who enjoy             a comeback
riding motorcycles and the camaraderie of riding together. This past
summer they have done their maneuvers in parades in Transcona,           for February
Altona, Gimli and Mordon.
The Winnipeg Motor Patrol Inc. donates what monies they have to              2011
organizations such as the Manitoba Riding for the Disabled
Association to help them with their program.                              2011 will see the return of the
                                                                         Super Flea Market and the 12th
                                                                          year of the fundraiser held on
                                                                             February 4th and 5th at
                                                  MRDA Toques for sale          Assiniboia Downs.
                                                    – limited amount.        The event will showcase
                     Presents its

         10th Anniversary
                                                          $10 ea.              vendors of antiques,
                                                                         collectibles, crafts, second hand
                                                                               treasures and more!
     Winter Wonderland                                                   For more information on booth
    Gala Dinner & Fashion Show                                           rental or on the fundraiser visit
                    in support of
                                                                           the website or call 925-5905.
                       ba   Riding F
                   ito              or




                             EST. 1977


                   ed                    n
                        A ss o ciatio

          Tuesday, November 23, 2010
    Terrace Dining Room, Assiniboia Downs
             3975 Portage Avenue

To purchase tickets please contact

Charities squeezed for dollars                                                                                                                                                        By Geoff Kirbyson
                                                                                                                                                                 Reprinted from the Winnipeg Free Press

Donor fatigue, government cuts equal cash crunch                                                                                                                                    Posted: 19/07/2010

Peter Manastyrsky says donations to the Manitoba Riding for the Disabled are down by more                 The 33-year-old organization has more than 100 volunteers, including physiotherapists,
than 50 per cent from last year. The association is not alone in its plight.                         occupational therapists and “side-walkers” who ensure the children don’t tumble from their
     The economy may be recovering from the global financial crisis but you’d never know it          mount.
from talking to many charities in Manitoba.                                                               The Spence Neighbourhood Association had to close its Composting For Community
     Donations from individuals, corporations and even governments are down for many                 program last summer because Manitoba Conservation was unable to continue funding it.
organizations this year, particularly low-profile ones, and that’s raising fears some much-               Kate Sjoberg, SNA’s executive director, said she is also being forced to lay off a staff member
needed services may be forced to cut their operations or even close for good.                        in the fall because of funding cuts. The biggest impact will be felt on neighbourhood streets,
     It hasn’t helped local outfits in need that international crises, such as the the earthquake    she said.
in Haiti last January, have sparked high-profile fundraising efforts at a time when many would-           “When people get to know each other, they feel safer. They’re more likely to reach out
be donors are just finding their financial footing again.                                            when there are issues on their street or do preventative work,” she said.
     Donations to the Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association are down by more than                  Larger, more well-known organizations aren’t feeling the same pinch, said Andrea Gantzel,
half from a year ago. Peter Manastyrsky, its executive director, said it needs to raise about        director of development at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg.
$80,000 annually to be able to provide therapeutic horseback riding to children between six               “We’re well enough established, we have a recognizable brand and we’re a national
and 12 years of age.                                                                                 organization. We’ve found our supporters have recognized how difficult this time can be and
     “Donations are our lifeline,” he said. “We’re treading a thin line right now. If we don’t get   have stepped up with more support, either donations or volunteering their time,” she said.
donations in, the program might cease or have to be suspended in 2011.”                                   Manastyrsky said smaller organizations are at a disadvantage because they don’t have
     The association has 28 children with a variety of disabilities, including autism, cerebral      advertising budgets to promote their causes or spearhead fundraising drives.
palsy and Down syndrome, who take part in a pair of 10-week programs every year.                          “The money we do get goes directly into the program. It’s like a mom-and-pop shop
     “For 95 per cent of them, this is the only activity they can participate in. This is their      competing with the big-box stores. We acknowledge the people who donate but we can’t take
hockey, their soccer,” he said.                                                                      out a half-page ad in the newspaper to thank a business for their money,” he said.

            Sponsor a Horse – Help a Child to Ride           What you will receive:
  Rental of one horse for a three-month
  session (10 weeks) is $2000. Two three-                    Shetland Pony – $50 to $200 - Framed picture of your horse & a charitable tax receipt.
                                                             Appaloosa – $201-$500 - Framed picture of your horse with rider, MRDA T-shirt and a charitable tax
  month sessions are held per year, a Spring                 receipt.
  Session (March - May) and a Fall Session                   Quarter Horse – $501 to $1000 - Name recognition on MRDA website, framed picture of your horse
  (September - November).                                    with rider, MRDA T-shirt and a charitable tax receipt.
                                                             Arabian – $1001 to $2400 - Name recognition (business logo with link) on MRDA website,
  Examples of what your                                      appreciation gift, framed picture of your horse with rider, MRDA T-shirt and a charitable tax receipt.
  donation can provide:                                      Standard bred – $2401 to $4800 - Name recognition (business logo with link), on MRDA website,
  $50 – A horse for one class.                               appreciation gift, recognition in MRDA newsletter, framed picture of your horse with rider,
  $100 – A horse for two classes.                            MRDA T-shirt and a charitable tax receipt.
                                                             Thoroughbred – $4801 & up - Your profile (personal or business) in our newsletter, your picture taken
  $200 – A horse for four classes.                           with rider and horse, appreciation gift, logo and link on our website, special guest invitation to MRDA
  $2000 – A horse for a 10-week session.                     fundraisers and a charitable tax receipt.

  Please complete the information below and return to the MRDA with your donation – 145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6
  Cheques payable to MRDA, cash or on-line payment (credit card). I would like to help a rider by sponsoring a horse.
  Examples of what your donation can provide:
  ❑     $50 – A horse for one class.                                                                 ❑   $100 – A horse for two classes.
  ❑     $200 – A horse for four classes.                                                             ❑   $2000 – A horse for a 10-week session.
  ❑     $4000 – A horse for both Spring and Fall sessions.

  Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

  Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

  City: ____________________ Province: ____________ Postal Code: ________________ Phone: _____________________

  T-shirt Size: (If applicable, please circle)                            Small              Medium                 Large              X-Large

  Email: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

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