MRA City of Jacksonville Oregon by jennyyingdi


Proposed sales agreement between the City of Jacksonville and
          the Motorcycle Riders Association (MRA)
The City of Jacksonville has approached the MRA with the wish to trade and surplus 380 acres of city
land described at 37 3w TL 8800 and 9300 for the 40 acre parcel 373W25 tax lot 500 currently owned
by the MRA and cash.

          This agreement will lay out the terms and conditions of this proposed transaction.

Both parties understand the need for updated appraisals based on the current real estate market.*

*( Greg Schuler who did the previous appraisal states that if the appraisal to be done for the City is for
the same exact size and location the cost for a new appraisal would be $4950. This cost would include
the timber cruise. The time frame would be approximately 45 days from the initial order. )

This cost would be borne by the City of Jacksonville.* ( 380 acre parcel )

The MRA will secure and pay for their own appraisal.* ( 40 acre parcel )

*(If grant money is allowed to be used for appraisal costs, those funds will be refunded equally to each
party based on actual appraisal costs.)

Both parties agree that negotiations would be based on new property values as assigned in the updated

Both parties agree to trade the two parcels along with the net cash payment to the City of Jacksonville
of a price as identified and deemed acceptable by the current appraisals.

Both parties agree to develop and adopt a Healthy Forest Plan (HFP) prior to the close of escrow. Issues
to be discussed in watershed area HFP would include but not be limited to; preservation of existing large
trees, erosion control and reduction component and creation of restricted buffering areas.

MRA to annually report to the city council regarding the progress of their Healthy Forest Plan

All mineral rights will transfer with the property exchange.

The City will retain the first-right-of-refusal of future sale of exchanged property. Any first-right- of-
refusal shall be exercised by the City in writing within 90 days of notification in writing by the MRA.
Both parties agree and accept that the future use of the parcel will be directed by the State Parks
guidelines which will be for multiple use/ OHV only.

The MRA will ensure adequate maintenance for road access and proper signage. Both parties agree that
cost for signage will be borne by the appropriate party. Signage will be provided by both parties when
entering/leaving land owned by either party.

The MRA will provide ongoing good faith efforts to educate and enforce correct use of access.

Access agreements will be given reciprocally by the city and MRA so that all areas of each property may
be accessed. To ensure proper access it will be field verified prior to recording and it will be clearly
delineated and adequately signed as to the type of vehicles allowed with reciprocal signage by each

MRA will provide access to the city on existing roads for all city-owned property. The area of primary
concern is listed as:
       Southernmost point of new property the MRA receives to the eastern portion of the MRA’s Lilly
       Prairie property to the point on the eastern boundary. Purpose is for connectivity to the ridgeline
       on the NE quadrant of the City’s remaining land.

The MRA will pay for all surveying and property line adjustment costs and one half of the closing cost
and escrow fees. The entire cost for closing costs and escrow fees will be paid for by the MRA, if
available, through the grant.

There will be on-going road maintenance requirements by both parties which include but are not limited
to keeping the condition of the road passable and the management of erosion and drainage issues.

There is an understanding by both parties of the need for Oregon State Parks authorization of funding.

A one-year time limit on application for funding will be in place with a partnership for joint applications
of funds between the City of Jacksonville and the MRA taking place.

Both parties understand that State Parks Restrictions for multiple use /OHV’s are already in place for
both current and future use of the lands and agree that there is no need for conservation easements on
the parcels.

The surplus property shall be used for the purchase of other long-term assets or the establishment of
Capital Endowment funds, not for day-to-day operations of the city
                                    CITY OF JACKSONVILLE
                                    CITY COUNCIL AGENDA
                                  OLD CITY HALL, 205 W Main St

     STUDY SESSION                                             PROPOSED LANDSWAP – MRA
     OLD CITY HALL                                                             5:15 PM

     CITY COUNCIL                                                            NOVEMBER 15, 2011
     REGULAR SESSION                                                                  6:00 pm

1)   CALL TO ORDER (includes Pledge of Allegiance)

2)   a. MINUTES (November 1, 2011)

     b. BILLS LIST

3)   PUBLIC COMMENT (items not on the agenda)

     (The public will be allowed to speak, one time, to any item during the action/discussion items. In order to
     speak you must sign in with the Recorder under the item for which you wish to speak)

     a. City Council meeting in December (the 6th only) – bill paying process
     b. Discussion by council regarding one council meeting per month in the future
     c. Progress report on Forest Park Local Government Grant
     d. Jacksonville Garden Club requesting permission for annual Christmas Green Sale

     380 N Fourth St – Steve and Lily Kurusz – Appeal of revision of prior approval for windows, doors and
     siding on the single family dwelling addition.

     a. Mayor and council committee reports
     b. Staff reports
              Jeff Alvis - Devin Hull - Amy Stevenson - Stacey McNichols - Jan Garcia


         Please let the City offices know if you will need any special accommodations to attend or
                            participate in the meeting by calling (541) 899-8910.
                                                                Jacksonville City Council, City of Jacksonville, Oregon 1
                                                                   November 1, 2011 City Council Meeting Minutes

      This Final Action Agenda/Minutes is supplemented by electronic recordings of the meeting,
      which may be reviewed upon request to the City Recorder. A written copy of the City Council
      Meeting Minutes can be reviewed on-line at http://www.

                                REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING
                 November 1, 2011 at Old City Hall, 205 W Main St, Jacksonville
1.      CALL TO ORDER (includes call to order, pledge of allegiance)
        6:00 pm

        Present are Councilors Duane, Hayes, Schatz, Jesser, Winterburn and Lewis and Mayor Becker. Staff
        members present are City Administrator Jeff Alvis, Recorder Jan Garcia, and Planning Director Amy

        Mayor Becker thanks Councilor Lewis for filling in as Council President for the past two meetings as
        Mayor Becker was in Turkey.

        Mayor Becker states that the Public Hearing on the agenda will be removed due to inadequate noticing
        from the Planning Department. The item was regarding 380 N Fourth St, Steve and Lily Kurusz.

        a. Minutes – October 18, 2011
                Move to: Approve the minutes with changes
                Motion by: Councilor Duane was seconded
                Ayes – Unanimous

        b. Bills
        A question was raised regarding the barrels from Bandon. Alvis states they are for trash cans. They are
        specially made. Councilor Hayes made a comment regarding the high cost of the barrels. Alvis also
        answered a question regarding work being done on 2 trails for State Parks and Rec.
                 Motion by: Councilor Lewis was seconded
                        Roll Call Vote
                        Ayes – unanimous

3.      PUBLIC COMMENT (items not on the agenda)
        Clara Wendt, 570 “G” St, questioned work being done on the irrigation ditch just past the service
        station. Alvis explained what was happening there was a joint effort between the city and the MID to tie
        in some ditches for safety reasons. Wendt stated that people were usually noticed somewhere that this
        work was going on. Alvis stated that the work was being done by the MID and authorized by the City.

        Arlis Duncan, 435 E California St states that there is a fiber optic cable that has been split between here
        and Medford as information in case someone was having computer or cell phone issues.

        Whitman Parker, 470 MaryAnn Dr states that the Jacksonville Heritage Society will be offering tours on
        November 12, 2011 of the Beekman House. They will be right after the cemetery tours and will begin
        every ½ hour.

Transcribed by: Jan Garcia
                                                              Jacksonville City Council, City of Jacksonville, Oregon 2
                                                                 November 1, 2011 City Council Meeting Minutes

        a. World of Wine 2012

        Councilor Jesser states that the World of Wine is coming back to the City Council to ask for permission to
        hold the event next year on August 25. Clara Wendt demanded that Jesser recuse himself from her
        position in the audience. Jesser states that he does not need to recuse himself and will remain where
        he is. Jesser continues on to give an account of the event from this year. He states that the event was
        well handled and would like permission to work with City Council next year to put the event on again.

        Penni Viets, 440 E ‘D’ St, states that she lives directly across from the field where the event was held and
        felt that it went very well. She states she has no complaints. She states that the noise was shut down
        by 10:10.

        Jesser states that the City collected approximately $2500 in fees and taxes from the event. He states
        that the number of people that attended was approximately 750.

        Planner Stevenson asked that Councilor Jesser would clarify timelines for next year as related to the
        event and the tent raising and lowering. Jesser states that the timelines are same as this year. He
        states that they will provide whatever is asked by the planning commission. Stevenson recommends
        several meetings in advance to iron out any problems. Jesser states that they would be willing to do
        what it takes and that there would be no surprises.

        Clara Wendt stated that she ‘is not pleased with Jesser for not coming to the podium.’ She states that
        she found no follow up articles in the Medford Mail Tribune regarding the event and how many took
        part. She said that she read that there were 750 people there and wanted to know why more tickets
        weren’t sold. She stated she drove around the area and noticed that many people had not parked on
        the grounds and had parked blocks away. She wanted to know if the ones parked on the site were
        parked in regulation spots or other ones. She stated again that she thought it was strange that there
        was no follow-up in the Mail Tribune. She wanted to see a more detailed explanation of all these kinds
        of things.

        Mayor Becker stated that he had attended the event and was looking for any noise issues while he was

        Jesser stated that the numbers were given based on the tickets sold along with sponsorships that got
        free tickets, volunteers and works for the wineries.

        Councilor Duane states that she believes that this kind of event is very much within the visioning

        Move to: Give permission to proceed with the event with an operational date for August 25, 2012.
                 Motion by: Councilor Lewis was seconded
                 Ayes – Lewis, Hayes, Schatz, Duane, Winterburn, Becker
                Abstain - Jesser

        b. J’ville Tavern request for OLCC off-premises license
                   It was explained that the off-premises license for liquor sales would be the second one at this
                  Move to: Approve the request for off-premises liquor license.

Transcribed by: Jan Garcia
                                                             Jacksonville City Council, City of Jacksonville, Oregon 3
                                                                November 1, 2011 City Council Meeting Minutes

                Motion by: Councilor Jesser was seconded
                Ayes – Unanimous

        c. Victorian Christmas
        Arlis Duncan spoke stating that the annual parade would be Friday December 2 at 5:30 pm on the
        traditional parade route.
                Move to: Approve the request to for Victorian Christmas Parade.
                Motion by: Councilor Jesser was seconded
                Ayes – Unanimous

        d. Planning commission appointments
        Owen Jurling was nominated to fill the opening until 2014.
                Move to: Approve Owen Jurling’s appointment.
                Ayes – Unanimous
        Ron Moore was nominated to fill the opening until 2013.
                Move to: Approve Ron Moore’s appointment.
                Ayes – Unanimous

        e. Jacksonville Review permission to use right-of-way for fundraising
        Whitman Parker explained that this was his annual Food For Friends fundraising drive. He stated that he
        wanted permission to set up tables in front of the post office where donations would be accepted for
        one day only.
        Move to: Approve the request to use the public right-of-way.
                Motion by: Councilor Lewis was seconded
                Ayes – Unanimous

5.      (Public hearing was cancelled)

        a. Mayor and council reports
        Councilor Hayes has no report.
        Councilor Jesser stated only that he was looking forward to the Planning Commission meeting.
        Councilor Winterburn stated that he had made a trip with Jeff Alvis to Klamath Falls to look at the Fire
        Councilor Duane states that the new intern should be starting soon and will be doing a full inventory of
        the parking in the City. She states that there will be a HARC appeal heard at the City Council level soon.
        She states she will be making a trip to San Juan Capistrano to exchange ideas with people she knows
        Mayor Becker states there will be an Al Jolson movie being shown.
        Councilor Schatz had nothing to report.
        Councilor Lewis states that there is a LOC small cities event that will be taking place at the Higher Ed
        department complex in Medford.

        Councilor Winterburn states that he has set up a free ethics training on December 6 from 1-3 pm at the
        Naversen Room.

        Alvis states that he has been meeting with Paul Hayes regarding the MRA and that it will be back on the
        City Council agenda on the next meeting. It will be a study session at 5:15.

Transcribed by: Jan Garcia
                                                              Jacksonville City Council, City of Jacksonville, Oregon 4
                                                                 November 1, 2011 City Council Meeting Minutes

        Alvis states that a fire fighter, Chris Moore, resigned and that a new firefighter needs to be hired

        Stevenson talked about the code revisions and that she may have found a source to do it for free. She
        discussed the steps and the timelines for the re-writing of chapters 16-18. She states it will take a lot of
        staff time. She stated that input from the community would be needed along with public hearings.
        Councilor Duane asks that Stevenson is sure that the visioning process is not overlooked. She states
        Stevenson is going a great job.

        Stevenson also states that the gas station lights have finally been corrected.

        She also states that a future project she wants to tackle is the UGB and preserving buffers around the
        city. She also states that the intergovernmental agreement needs to be rewritten.

        Councilor Jesser asks Stevenson if the CSO is in place and working. She states he is and that there have
        been no complaints.

7.      ADJOURN
        6:46 pm

Mayor, Paul Becker                                                Jan Garcia, City Recorder

                                                                  Date approved:

Transcribed by: Jan Garcia
                                                                         CITY OF JACKSONVILLE
                                                                   Bills Against the City - City Council
                                                                            November 15, 2011
                                                             GENERAL FUND - ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT
                            Vendor Name                                            Description                                      Amount
                           BI-MART                                                                BARK FOR POLICE DEPT                    26.82
                           BLACKBIRD SHOPPING CENTER                                              PAINT AND SUPPLIES FOR BLDGS            29.98
                           DATA CENTER WEST                                                       EMAIL BACKUP OCT 2011                  160.24
                           DATA CENTER WEST                                                       EMAIL BACKUP/OCK DSL NOV 2011          181.22
                           DONNA MCNURLEN                                                         CLEANING SERVICES NOV 2011             660.00
                           GROVER ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING                                           FLOURESCENT BULBS                       35.34
                           JACKSON COUNTY DEPT OF FINANCE                                         TRAFFIC FINE ASSMTS OCT 2011           100.00
                           JACKSONVILLE LUMBER CO.                                                SUPPLIES FOR MILLER HOUSE              156.58
                           KRAMER & COMPANY                                                       PREPARATION OF HARC TRAINING           375.00
                           KURT KNUDSEN, ATTORNEY AT LAW                                          ATTORNEY SERVICES-PLANNING             264.00
                           MOLATORE, SCROGGIN, PETERSON & CO                                      PROGRESS BILLING FYE 10/11           1,250.00
                           OREGON ASSOC. OF MUNIC RECORDERS                                       ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES                  50.00
                           OREGON DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                                           TRAFFIC FINE ASSMTS OCT 2011           156.00
                           OREGON JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT                                             TRAFFIC FINE ASSMTS OCT 2011            20.00
                           PAUL BECKER                                                            MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT                  100.00
                           STAPLES ADVANTAGE                                                      STAMP CUSHION-PRE INKING                14.79
                           WCP SOLUTIONS                                                          8.5 X 11 PAPER                         142.40

                                                       PARKS & FACILITIES MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT FUNDS
                            Vendor Name                                       Description                                           Amount
                           ABSOLUTE GOLF CARS                                                     MAINTENANCE ON GOLF CART               300.00
                           ALSCO                                                                  JANITORIAL SUPPLIES                     32.63
                           ALSCO                                                                  JANITORIAL SUPPLIES                     32.62
                           ALSCO                                                                  JANITORIAL SUPPLIES                     65.25
                           BEAVER TREE SERVICE, INC.                                              TREE REMOVAL 305 N 6TH ST              400.00
                           CANTEL OF MEDFORD INC                                                  VESTS FOR STREETS DEPT                  59.25
                           CRATER LAKE FORD                                                       HANDLE FOR WATER VEHICLE                26.76
                           FERGUSON ENTERPRISES, INC                                              PIPE FOR STREETS                       602.00
                           FERGUSON ENTERPRISES, INC                                              PIPE FOR FOREST PK GRANT WK            536.00
                           INDUSTRIAL SOURCE                                                      SUPPLIES FOR PARKS MAINT.               19.80
                           JACKSON COUNTY COMMUNITY JUSTICE                                       LABOR FOR FOREST PARK GRANT          1,600.00
                           JACKSONVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                       VISITOR'S CENTER OCT 2011            3,370.18
                           JACKSONVILLE LUMBER CO.                                                SUPPLIES FOR STREETS DEPT               37.95
                           JACKSONVILLE LUMBER CO.                                                SUPPLIES FOR PARKS DEPT                100.75
                           JACKSONVILLE LUMBER CO.                                                SUPPLIES FOR FOREST PK GRANT         1,223.60
                           KAS & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                                 RICHARD DOYLE 4 LOT SUBDIVISON       1,013.00
                           KAS & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                                 PROJECT REVIEW FOR SITE PLAN           155.00
                           MARK BATEMAN                                                           BACKFLOW TESTING                       235.80
                           MOLATORE, SCROGGIN, PETERSON & CO                                      PROGRESS BILLING FYE 10/11           1,000.00
                           MOLATORE, SCROGGIN, PETERSON & CO                                      PROGRESS BILLING FYE 10/11           1,000.00
                           MOLATORE, SCROGGIN, PETERSON & CO                                      PROGRESS BILLING FYE 10/11             750.00
                           ONE CALL CONCEPTS, INC                                                 WATER LOCATES                           29.04
                           OREGON DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY                                          WOODLANDS FIRE PROTECTION            8,061.63
                           SELECTEMP                                                              LABOR FOR FOREST PARK GRANT          1,790.80
                           SELECTEMP                                                              LABOR FOR FOREST PARK GRANT          1,346.80
                           SOUTHERN OREGON PRINTING                                               BILLING STATEMENTS FOR WTR             436.00
                           SPRINGBROOK                                                            UTILITY BILLING UPGRADE              2,400.00
                           TOP LAWN                                                               PARKS FERTILIZING                      749.00
                           UNITED RENTALS                                                         SAFETY GLASSES                           9.99

                                                                                GENERAL FUND - POLICE
                            Vendor Name                                                 Description                                 Amount
                           ADVANTAGE TIRE, INC                                                    VEHICLE MAINT FOR POLICE DEPT         400.00
                           CENTRAL POINT CLEANERS                                                 UNIFORM CLEANING                       39.60
                           DONS LOCK, LLC                                                         VEHICLE MAINT FOR POLICE DEPT          20.25
                           SOUTHERN OREGON PRINTING                                               SUPPLIES FOR POLICE DEPT              138.00
                           STEWART MEDIA                                                          LETTERING FOR PD VEHICLE              275.00
                           WCP SOLUTIONS                                                          8.5 X 11 PAPER                         35.60


V:\Bills, Utilities, Payroll Payments\FY 2011-2012 PAYMENTS\Council Bills\November 2011\Per 05 - November 15, 2011 Bills List.xls                 1 of 2
                            Vendor Name                                                   Description                                        Amount
                                                                                 FIRE PROTECTION FUND
                            Vendor Name                                                   Description                                        Amount
                           ADVANCED TRUCK BODY & EQUIPMENT                                        VEHICLE EXP. PD W/ODF PASS THRU                349.00
                           FIRE ENGINEERING                                                       ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES                          29.95
                           JACKSONVILLE ENGINE COMPANY 1                                          VOLUNTEER DRILL REIMB. OCT                    1,256.00
                           JACKSONVILLE ENGINE COMPANY 1                                          VOL DRILL REIM N. RIVER RD FIRE                435.00
                           MEDFORD BUILDERS EXCHANGE                                              FLOOR PLANS FOR FIRE INSP..                       7.00
                           MERCY FLIGHTS, INC                                                     MEDICAL SUPPLIES                                78.48
                           MOLATORE, SCROGGIN, PETERSON & CO                                      PROGRESS BILLING FYE 10/11                    1,000.00
                           SEAWESTERN                                                             BOOTS & SUPPLIES FOR FIRE DEPT                 725.27


                                                                                                                                    TOTAL:   35,895.37

                            APPROVED BY:                                                                                 DATE:

V:\Bills, Utilities, Payroll Payments\FY 2011-2012 PAYMENTS\Council Bills\November 2011\Per 05 - November 15, 2011 Bills List.xls                          2 of 2
                           CITY OF JACKSONVILLE
Date             November 11, 2011

To:              City Council

From:            Paul Becker, Mayor

Subject:         Paying of bills for December

Due to the Christmas holiday there will be only one meeting of the city council.

Bills will need to be paid even though there will not be a SECOND meeting.

The bills list will be emailed out to all councilors three days in advance of when a
second meeting would normally have been held. Each councilor will need to review the
bills list as always.

Each councilor will then email Stacey McNichols at with the
following words that apply –

         Councilor (insert your name) approves of the bills list and the payment of all bills


         Councilor (insert your name) has a question regarding (name the bill and what
          your question is)
                IF this response, Stacey will send out a written response to ALL
                COUNCILORS to explain the question.

IF ANY COUNCILOR is not satisfied with the description that is given – THAT ONE bill
          will not be paid. That one bill will be held back until the next council
          meeting to be paid.


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