The Duel Between the iPad and the iPhone by ElizabethHowlett


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									The Duel Between the iPad and the iPhone

The iPad is always compared to other tablet PCs. So, why not do something different and
compare the iPad with another Apple product, the iPhone?

Both gadgets are products of Apple. But what if you only had the chance to own one? As there
are rumors around the production of iPhone 5 and iPad 3, which gadget will you choose to
invest in? And which of your current possessions will you sell for the new one you would like to
buy? Would you sell your iPad or an iPhone 4S to upgrade?

Here’s something to help you decide.

According to Apple, the iPad sold an astonishing one million units online when the first release
of the 3G version came out – in just about 28 days. The iPad sold twice the number as the
iPhone in its first month. Why do you think so? Perhaps it is somewhat ridiculous to have a
match off between two different devices from the same company. But are you not wondering
how similar these two can be?

Size is something you can say that is obvious. But the features are incredibly the same. Only the
iPhone is a phone and the iPad is a tablet. But what if the iPad 3 comes with the connectivity
that the iPhone has? What will you choose then?

Clearly, more and more Apple addicts cannot deny themselves the temptation brought about
by the iPad and its features. And if the iPad 3 comes with the same connectivity that the iPhone
has, why not choose the tablet over the phone?

The thing is, the iPhone wins when it comes to the kind of mobility and portability it can offer.
At this time, you should be thinking of selling your iPad for its phone equivalent already. Who
would deny the joys of having something so precious in your pocket? The handiness of this
beautiful thing just hits the right spot.

So whatever it is that you would like to purchase, whether it is the iPhone 5, the iPad 3, or both,
you can consider some tips on how you can get these goodies without having to spend and
splurge too much; especially if you have the previous versions.

Cash out some value from your Apple gadgets like your old iPhone and old iPad through these
steps and feast on the new ones when they hit the market this year.

Here is one tip: Search for a dependable and reliable site where you can sell your iPad or iPhone
over the internet. Use search engines for faster results. Just key in “sell my iPhone / iPad” and
browse the results. Be advised that the first ones on the results page are usually the most
trustworthy sites you can go to, but still, choose wisely. There will be pages upon pages of
companies that buy old iPads, so you have to be choosy. is one of the most
trustworthy sites to sell your old tablet to, so visit the site and find out how!


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