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                                                               August 26, 2007
                                         Issue 34                                           August 2007

                                                High-level Truth Revelation and                                       Talk of the Nation
Are you looking for a                             Reconciliation Commission
                                                                                                                             Probability of
website? We can develop                                           By Siddhi B. Ranjitkar                                      Constituent
one for you, and also host
                                         Even after more than nine months of the signing off the                            Assembly Polls
your     website     at     a
                                         “Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Government of Nepal
reasonable price. For free               and the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist” that has made the                         By Siddhi B. Ranjitkar
estimate please call at (617)            provision for setting up a “High-level Truth Revelation and
                                         Reconciliation Commission” for bringing to justice the perpetrators of       Yes, you cannot institutionalize
932-1731 or write to email:                                                                                           the gains made in the People’s
                                         human rights abuses and crimes against humanity, the Interim                     Government of Nepal has been slow to set up a commission and even            Movement in April 2006 without
                                         the draft Bill on Commission hurriedly brought to the public notice          the election for a Constituent
                                                                                                                      Assembly that is suppose to
     National News                       has made provisions for the perpetrators of crimes to escape from the
                                                                                                                      write a people’s constituent to
                                         crimes with impunity as both the Maoists and the Nepali Congress
                                         headed by Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala are not for bringing to       run the country as Nepalese
        Decision on                      justice the perpetrators of crimes.                                          people want. The irony is that
                                                                                                                      the eight-party government has
     transferring the                                                                                                 been governing the country
                                         The government has already shown indifference to enforcing the
       King’s Assets                     report of the High Level Probe Commission headed by former justice           against the will of the people
                                         of the Supreme Court of Nepal, Krishna Jung Rayamajhi saying                 gradually giving up the gains
On Monday, August 20, 2007,              actions against the perpetrators of the human rights abuses and              made by the Nepalese people in
the cabinet meeting decided to           crimes against humanity have already been taken but did not                  the movement. You have seen
set up a five-member committee           mention why some of the perpetrators of crimes against humanity              how the regressive forces have
headed     by     Home    Minister       such as the king, the army generals and the high-raking police               gained the upper hands in
Krishna    Prasad    Sitaula    to       officials of the security force are not only in their respective positions   running the government and
nationalize the property kept in         but some of them really got promotions.                                      continuously     denying       the
the name of late king Birendra                                                                                        autonomous rule to the Nepalese
and his family and the assets            The seven-party alliance (SPA) government headed by Prime Minister           people, disregarding the people’s
inherited by king Gyanendra by           Girija Prasad Koirala and the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-          demand for federalization and
virtue of being the king. Other          Maoist) signed an agreement called “Comprehensive Peace                      the proportional representation.
members on the committee are:            Agreement between the Government of Nepal and the Communist                  Without    meeting    all    these
Minister      for    Law      and        Party of Nepal-Maoist” on November 21, 2006 effectively ending the           judicious   demands       of   the
Parliamentary Affairs Narendra           insurgency in Nepal. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala on behalf of       Nepalese people if the political
Bikram Nemwang, Minister for             the government of Nepal and Prachanda on behalf of the CPN-Maoist            parties hold the elections for a
Culture,    Tourism    and   Civil       signed off the agreement.                                                    Constituent Assembly then such
Aviation Prithvi Subba Gurung,                                                                                        an elections would be boycotted
Minister for Local Development    In that agreement they made one provision for setting up a “High-                   by the Nepalese people and it
Dev Prasad Gurung, and Minister   level Truth Revelation and Reconciliation Commission” under the                     would be no less a joke than the
for Physical Planning and Works   Article 5.2.5 that states, “Both the parties shall mutually agree to set            municipal election held by the
Hisila Yami. The committee got    up a High-level Truth Revelation and Reconciliation Commission for                  former government of the king
fifteen days to complete the job. finding the truth about the perpetrators of human rights abuses, and                in February 2006.
                                  of the crime against humanity during the armed conflict, and create an environment conducive to reconciliation in the society.”                 Most of the Terai armed groups
content.php?nid=25371                                                                                      are for not allowing holding the
                                  Both parties knew the truth that both of them were the perpetrators election         for    a    Constituent
                                  of the human rights abuses and the crimes against humanity in            Assembly until their demands for
   Maoists’ 22-point addition to the human rights abuses and crimes against humanity autonomy, federalization and
                                  perpetrated by the king’s government. However, both the parties proportional representation are
           Demand                 making the provision for the Article 5.2.5 anticipated exposing other met. On Friday, August 24,
                                  parties’ crimes and human rights abuses. Later on, they realized that 2007, Madhesi People's Rights
The Maoists have put forward
                                  such a commission would reveal the wrong doings of both the parties, Forum           (MPRF)        Chairman
the following 22-point demand                                                                              Upendra Yadav declared that his
at the eight-party meeting on                                                                              party would launch protest
Saturday, August 18, 2007:
                                  The CPN-Maoist was for finding out whereabouts of the Maoists rallies starting on 31 August if
    1. Declaration of a republic;
                                  disappeared while under the custody of the security forces. Hundreds the government failed to meet
    2. Nationalization of late
                                  of Maoists and many more innocent people labeled as Maoists were its demands. Other groups have
        king Birendra's property;
                                  made disappeared by the security forces during the insurgency. continued intermittent strikes,
    3. Removal of Nepal Army
                                  Enforced disappearance of people taken under the custody of the sit-ins and rallies.
        from the Royal Palace;
                                  security forces was a regular phenomenon during the period of
    4. Punishing the perpetra-
                                  insurgency, and was intensified during the direct rule of King Similarly, other groups of hill
        tors of crimes identified
                                  Gyanendra. Many of them are still unknown whether they are dead or people have continued their
        by the Rayamajhi Com-                                                                              struggle     for    getting    their
        mission;                                                                                           demands met. For example,
    5. Constitution of a Security
                                  The Maoists in turn abducted many innocent people suspecting them Federal           Democratic       National
        Council pursuant to the
                                  of being the government intelligences and made them disappeared. Forum, Federal Limbuwan State
        Interim Constitution and
                                  They mercilessly killed some innocent people based on suspicion. Council, Khumbuwan National
        work for integration of
                                  They forced many innocent people and minors to join their militia. Front            and       Tambashaling
        the PLA with the NA;                                                                               Autonoums State Committee
                                  They abducted many school children and coached them in the values
    6. Convening of a round ta-
                                  and belief of the Maoists and then made them faithful fighters against have       been     staging     rallies
        ble conference of differ-                                                                          demanding declaration of a
                                  the state during the insurgency.
        ent interest groups;                                                                               federal republic prior to the
    7. Running the government
                                  However, after the promulgation of the interim constitution, the election            for    a    Constituent
        on the basis of consen-                                                                            Assembly,        formation         of
                                  seven parties in alliance and the CPN-Maoist agreed to form a new
        sus;                                                                                               autonomous       Limbuwan       and
                                  ministry called “Peace and Reconstruction”, and appointed one of the
    8. Constitution of the local
                                  senior most leaders of the Nepali Congress, Ram Chandra Poudel to Khumbuwan                 states,      and
        bodies;                                                                                            proportional electoral system
                                  the position of the Minister for Peace and Reconstruction. So far, the

                                                                                                                                       Page 1 of 7
   9. Nomination of ambas-           ministry has terribly failed not only in reconciling all the dissident based on the ethnic populace.
       sadors, university offi-      groups but also in setting up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
       cials, chief commissioners                                                                               Many other groups such as the
       to the CIAA and the           The Minister was supposed to immediately work for setting up a victims of the Maoists and
       NHRC;                         “High-level Truth Revelation and Reconciliation Commission.” He was security forces, Badi women and
   10. Strong actions against        supposed to bring all dissident groups to the main fold. However, the families of enforced disappeared
       those responsible for         minister has been neither able to set up a commission nor to make people have been fighting for
       killings after the signing    peace with the dissident groups particularly the armed groups their judicious demands. They
       of the CPA;                   mushroomed after the declaration of the Interim Constitution on have been staging sit-ins and
   11. Withdrawal of cases           January 15, 2007 that did not make room for the ethnic Nepalis and rallies in Kathmandu after they
       against Maoists and free-     Madhesis.                                                                  found that their voices were not
       ing of those jailed in                                                                                   heard in Kathmandu from only
       Nepal and India;              After a lot of pressure put on Minister for Peace and Reconstruction staging protest rallies in their
   12. Give compensation of a        Ram Chandra Poudel by the victims of both the Maoists and the districts.                  The        eight-party
       hundred thousand rupees       security forces, and the national and international human rights government instead of hearing
       to the families of the peo-   activists, he hurriedly made a draft Bill on “Peace and Reconciliation their demands sympathetically
       ple who became martyrs        Commission” not consulting the concerned people. The international has sent police to disrupt their
       during the People's War;      community and the local rights groups harshly criticized the draft Bill rightful rallies and sit-ins to
   13. Constitution of a high lev-   for the provisions made for granting amnesty to the perpetrators of suppress               their        judicious
       el commission to investi-     human rights abuses and crimes against humanity rather than demands.
       gate the cases of disap-      bringing them to justice.
       pearances;                                                                                               When the Nepalese People’s
   14. Manage the PLA camps          Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala was not for reconciliation even Movement              in     April     2006
       with government initia-       among the students. The fighting students were supposed to patch up succeeded after the sacrifice of
       tion;                         their difference by a dialogue; however, honorable Prime Minister more than twenty precious
   15. Implementation of cabi-       interfered in their meeting to reconcile.                                  Nepalese lives and the injuries of
       net decision to provide                                                                                  thousands of Nepalis and some
       Rs.3, 000 per month to        On Friday, August 17, 2007, leaders of the Nepal Students Union foreign guests sympathetic to
       the PLA;                      (NSU) affiliated with the Nepali Congress (NC) headed by Prime the Nepalese people, Nepalis in
   16. Formulation of legal and      Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and the All Nepal National Independent general thought that there would
       executive steps to imple-     Students' Union - Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) affiliated with the be                  drastic      changes         in
       ment fundamental rights       Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist (CPN-Maoist) headed by governance,                             and          the
       pursuant to the CPA and       Prachanda were supposed to meet for a dialogue to defuse the government would treat all
       Interim Constitution;         tensions among them. However, leaders of the NSU failed to show up people equal. However, the
   17. Constitution of a high lev-   at the venue of the meeting, as Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala government led by Girija Prasad
       el commission to imple-       called President of NSU Pradip Poudel to his residence requiring Koirala did nothing to run the
       ment scientific land re-      putting on hold the crucial meeting. [1]                                   country as Nepalese people
       forms;                                                                                                   desired but simply followed in
   18. Constitution of a special     The Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction has forwarded the draft the footsteps of the previous
       body to take action           proposal for functioning the ‘High-Level Probe Commission on government always preserving
       against the corrupt;          Disappeared Persons’ to the council of ministers for final approval the status quo, giving protection
   19. Constitution of a high lev-   after the positive opinions of the Attorney General on the jurisdiction to the perpetrators of human
       el commission to work for     and authority of the commission. The Government of Nepal had set rights abuses and crimes against
       federalism;                   up the commission pursuant to the Inquiry Act of 1969. National and humanity and in some case even
   20. Not to sign any agree-        international rights groups criticized for not making it up to the promoting them in the state
       ment on sharing of water      international standards. In reaction to the Attorney General's latest jobs, and sheltering the corrupt
       resources until the CA        suggestion to the government on the draft proposal for functioning politicians and state employees.
       elections;                    the commission, Nepalese human rights activist Krishna Pahadi said,
   21. Fulfilling of the rightful    "The government is planning to release all perpetrators (of crimes) by However, Nepalese people have
       demands of all agitating      forming commissions under defunct laws." Similarly, INSEC President been strong enough to fight
       groups;                       Subodh Pyakurel said, "It's regrettable that the Attorney General against any regressive forces,
   22. Implementation of the         gave his consent to a commission which contains numerous flaws." so,             are     not     prepared      to
       CPA reached between the       He said the Inquiry Act mandates probing of only incidents of a compromise on less than the
       CPN-Maoist and the Gov-       general character. "As the issue of disappearances is very special and autonomy, federalization and
       ernment of Nepal fully.       vast, it requires a separate law," he said, "But the government is proportional representation with
       (Published in “The Rising     trying to dismiss such a serious issue." The Supreme Court in its June anybody in power. It seems that
       Nepal” of August 21,          1, 2007 ruling had directed the government to form a commission on most of the political parties have
       2007).                        the cases of enforced disappearances only after enacting a separate forgotten the people’s power and
   The Maoists said that they        comprehensive law in compliance with the UN Convention of Enforced try to bully the Nepalese people
   would launch a ‘People’s          Disappearance. [2]                                                         by calling for the election for a
   Revolt’ if those demands                                                                                     Constituent Assembly without
   were not met by the mid-          On Wednesday, August 14, 2007, the London-based global human meeting their sensible demands.
   September 2007.                   rights watchdog Amnesty International (AI) strongly commented on Thus, the political parties have
                                     the Bill on Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). In a been pushing the country to       statement posted on its web site, AI said, "AI is particularly critical of chaos, anarchy and ultimately to
content.php?nid=25369                provisions that appear to allow the granting of amnesties to the the fighting among the Nepalis
                                     perpetrators of crimes under international law, including hundreds of holding the election for a
                                     cases of enforced disappearance." Deputy Director of AI Asia Constituent                      Assembly         on
   India Ready to                    program, Tim Parritt said, "Without bringing to justice the November 22, 2007 ignoring the
                                     perpetrators of gross human rights abuses, there is a real danger of Nepalese people’s determination.
 Assist in Resolving                 Nepal's recent tragic history repeating itself. Anything less would be a
   the Problem of                    gross betrayal to the hundreds of families still anxiously awaiting Therefore, Nepalis need to fight
                                     news of their missing relatives, and a recipe for further civilian against               the         eight-party
Bhutanese Refugees                   suffering." [3]                                                            government that pushes Nepalis
                                                                                                                to the elections for a Constituent
On Tuesday, August 21, 2007,         On August 14, 2007, Amnesty International (AI) warned the Assembly without meeting the
‘Kantipur’ said that it received a   possibility of the victims of Nepal's decade-long conflict might be judicious demands of the Nepalis
copy of the Indian Prime             denied their right to truth, justice and reparation under the current for autonomy, federalization and
Minister’s letter dated two weeks    proposals for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In its detailed proportional              representation,
in response to the letter written    memorandum on a draft Bill currently under consideration, Amnesty against the civil society that
by Indian Member of Parliament       International is particularly critical of provisions that appear to allow advocates for the elections for a
and Socialist Party Leader Ram       the granting of amnesties to perpetrators of crimes under Constituent Assembly without
Gopal Yadav. In this letter,         international law, including hundreds of cases of enforced considering                      the     plight     of
Indian    Prime     Minister  Man    disappearance. The draft Bill is conspicuous by the absence of any Nepalese people, against the so-
Mohan Singh said, "India will        detailed provisions for the protection of witnesses, despite the called human rights activists that
work with all parties, especially    concerns of many families and other potential witnesses that they called the political parties to go
Nepal, in order to improve the       could face intimidation if they give evidence; lack of provisions to for          the     elections       without
state of refugees and find a         guarantee the independence of the proposed Commission whose considering                    the     fundamental
solution that will ensure their      members are to be appointed by the government from political party human rights of the Nepalese
dignity and well-being."             nominations with no independent vetting of candidates and no people                      for         autonomy,

                                                                                                                                   Page 2 of 7
Email:              involvement of civil society; and failure to specify that the                 federalization, and proportional
kolnews.php?&nid=119921            Commission's reports must be made public and be presented to              representation, and ultimately
                                   Nepal’s Parliament within a set period. The AI fears that the present     against all the political parties
                                   draft Bill may not realize the objectives of its own Preamble, which      that go for the elections for a
            Who Is                 includes as an aim of the Commission "to bring impunity to an end by      Constituent Assembly without
                                   bringing the persons involved in gross violation[s] of human rights       first    ensuring     autonomy,
       Irresponsible?              and crimes against humanity… within the confinements of law and           federalization and proportional
                                   also to make all aware that such acts would be punishable in future       representation.
On Tuesday, August 21, 2007, too". Amnesty International urges the Government and the
Leader of the Madhesi People's Parliament of Nepal to allow sufficient time before the establishment
Rights Forum (MPRF) Upendra of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in order to complete a
Yadav blamed the government comprehensive process of consultation with all those concerned,                    Mahabharat: A
negotiators headed by Peace including civil society organizations, both Nepalese and international,           Story about Love
and Reconciliation Minister Ram victims, human rights defenders, persons belonging to minorities and
Chandra      Poudel    for  acting vulnerable groups, and others. [4]                                           and Revenge
irresponsibly as his colleagues
and he failed to show up at the For a full copy of the memorandum Nepal: Reconciliation does not
meeting venue.                     mean                              impunity                       visit:
"We had agreed to incorporate ENG-NPL
autonomy in federalism and
discussions were in progress Alliance for Democracy & Human Rights in Nepal (ADHRN) based in
about the ways to ensure full the USA has expressed its grave concern over the draft Bill on Truth
representation in the Constituent and Reconciliation Commission proposed by the Government of
Assembly election," Mr. Yadav Nepal. In a press release ADHRN stated, “We believe that provisions
said. He further said that the to grant amnesty to perpetrators of gross human rights violations will
government talks team had serve as the greatest impediment to building lasting peace in Nepal.
assigned      CPN-UML      Leader True justice can only be achieved by ensuring accountability and
Jhalanath Khanal, NC-D Leader responsibility for grave crimes such as torture, rape, forced
Prakash Sharan Mahat, and disappearances, murder, and so on committed during the bloody
Minister of State for Water conflict that Nepali citizens suffered from.” According to the rights
Resources Gyanendra Bahadur group, the provision made in the draft Bill on TRC for recommending
Karki to prepare the draft of the amnesty to anyone found guilty of gross violations of human rights,
decisions made in the meeting or crimes against humanity is against the democratic principles and
held on Monday, August 20.         the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “Such provisions will deny        Author: Siddhi B. Ranjitkar
                                   victims' right to truth, justice and reparation,” it said. [5]              Publisher: Srilaxmi Ranjitkar
Chief Government Negotiator                                                                                   Date of Publication: Jan. 2002
and Minister for peace and On Tuesday, August 14, 2007, the CPN-Maoist legislators walked out                           Pages 575
Reconstruction Ram Chandra of the legislative meeting accusing the government of not                                      Price:
Poudel said that the talks were implementing the agreements reached between the government and                  Rs 300 in Nepal and India
put on hold as the MPRF made the CPN-Maoist, not making public the whereabouts of those enforced                  $10 in US, Europe and
some unreasonable demands.         disappeared during the conflict between the state and the Maoists,                   elsewhere
                                   and not doing homework for setting up a federal political system. The whip of the CPN-Maoist, Janardan Sharma also accused the
content.php?nid=25443              government of not implementing the ruling of the Supreme Court in
                                   the cases of enforced disappearances. [6]                                                                                    for ordering this book.
kolnews.php?&nid=119904            On Monday, August 13, 2007, Speaker of the Interim Legislature            Mahabharat is the story about
                                   Subash Nemwang drew the attention of the government to the need           the good and bad governance,
                                   for making public the whereabouts of the enforced-disappeared             corruption and misdeeds of
   Badi Women Stage people. Speaking at the legislative meetings on Sunday and Monday,                       royalties of that time. It is also
                                   legislators expressed their serious concern over the need for making      the story about the sufferings of
            Rallies                public the whereabouts of the disappeared people at the earliest.         five brothers called Pandavas,
                                   CPN-Maoist legislator Narayani Devi Shrestha strongly condemned           about the dedication and bravery
Nepalese women belonging to        the government for not being serious about the 5,000 people missing       of some characters and about
the Badi community in the far      since the conflict. "My husband, brother and son-in-law have gone         the love affairs outside the
western Nepal traditionally        missing and I still do not know their whereabouts, the government         marriage. It has some lessons
engaged in commercial sex for      should be able to perceive our feeling in such a situation," she said.    for politicians or monarchs, for
living have come to Kathmandu [7]
                                                                                                             those people who want to take
to put pressure on the
                                                                                                             revenge, for those people who
government for making them         The Maoist Victims' Association (MVA) announced a series of peaceful      are proud of their strength in
available an alternative source of rallies to be staged in front of ministers' quarters and the UN office.
                                                                                                             other words for the egoists, and
livelihood. They have been         Coordinator of the struggle committee of the MVA, Bhoj Raj Timilsina      for the women in general and
staging rallies in Kathmandu for said that they would stage sit-ins at the ministers' quarters at
                                                                                                             royal women in particular. It also
last several days                  Pulchowk on August 20, at the Prime Minister's residence on August        tells us that a war is a loosing
                                    22, at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal game for all parties involved. No      (OHCHR) on August 24 and at the UN House on August 27. Some 100 one can win a war but everyone
/167504.php/Nepal-sex-              Maoist victims have been staging a 24-hour sit-in at the Nepali loses many things in a war.
workers-dare-to-strip-if-their-     Congress central office. Coordinator Timilsina said, "We will announce
demands-are-not-met                 a bandh in the Rapti and Bheri zones soon, we are planning stronger           Content of Back Page of
                                    protest programs out of the Kathmandu valley and then resort to a                     Mahabharat   violent movement if the government does not listen to our demands.”                   Gist of Gita
thAsiaNews/idINIndia-               The MVA demands are food and rehabilitation, compensation for the
29097020070822                      loss of loved ones to the families of those killed by the Maoists during          Whatever happened
                                    the insurgency, treatment for the injured and making public the                 Had happened rightly.      whereabouts of those missing. [8]                                               Whatever is happening
                                                                                                                   Is happening rightly too.
                                    On August 09, 2007, the European Union (EU) in Kathmandu                          Whatever happens
                                    expressed serious concern over the draft Bill on Truth and                      Will happen rightly too.
  New Attraction to                 Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and said that some of the provisions              What have you lost
      Everest                       made in the draft Bill were not up to the international standards and That has made you unhappy?
                                    against the democratic principles. British Ambassador to Nepal, Dr Did you come with anything to
The Government of Nepal is          Andrew Hall met with Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram                         this world
planning to slash the climbing      Chandra Poudel on Wednesday, August 08 and expressed concern That you get so worried to lose
fees for the off-season climbing    over the draft TRC Bill. In a statement, the British Embassy currently                     it?
Mount Everest. The Minister for     holding the EU Presidency in Nepal said, “Addressing the past on the        Whatever you have amassed
Culture,   Tourism    and   Civil   basis of truth, justice and reparation allows the country to look               You did it in this world.
Aviation said the government        forward and build a society where violence is unacceptable and the            Whatever you hold today
was working on a 50% cut in         rule of law is respected. But the EU is concerned by some of the            It was of someone yesterday
autumn season fees and a 75%        provisions in the bill which do not meet international standards and          It will be of someone else

                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 7
in the winter rate. "We want to      will not advance democratic principles.” If the draft Bill becomes law,              tomorrow.
give incentives to off-season        the TRC can recommend to the government pledging amnesty to                 Nothing is permanent in this
climbers    to  go    to   Mount     anybody found guilty of violation of human rights or crimes against                    world.
Everest," Minister for Culture,      humanity while performing his duty or for any political achievement.        Be Human and perform your
Tourism and Civil Aviation Prithvi   “This is of particular concern in regard to the granting of amnesty for                 duty.
Subba Gurung said. The climbing      human rights violators, including those guilty of the grave crimes of                    - Bhagwat Gita
season is the spring.                torture and murder. This is not the basis on which lasting peace can
                                     be built,” the British Embassy statement said. [9]                            -    ISBN: 9993-696-0-8      Constitutional Lawyer Bhimarjun Acharya in an article titled ‘Truth
h_asia/6958516.stm                   and Reconciliation Commission’ published in “The Kathmandu Post” of
                                     August 09, 2007 explained the following major flaws in the draft Bill        Website to look
                                     on TRC:                                                                                       for:
007/08/22/2012538.htm?section First, the Bill mandates the Commission to carry out the investigation
=justin                          into crimes committed by both the government and the Maoists                  For information on Diversity Visa
                                 during the armed-conflict; however, it limits the crimes to "gross            Lottery (DV) to USA:
                                 violation of human rights" and "crimes against humanity". The basic 
                                 purview of TRC should not limit to "crimes against humanity" should           grants/types/types_1322.html
     Another Blow to
                                 have a broad mandate in making investigation into crimes against
           Royalists             "human rights" and "humanitarian laws". The "crime against                    For movie reviews, yahoo site
                                 humanity" mentioned in the Bill is just a set of crimes under                 provides a great content with
The cabinet meeting held on      humanitarian laws. It does not include the whole crimes of                    movie trailers.
Tuesday, August 21, 2007         humanitarian laws. The crimes against humanitarian laws include at  
decided to make the report on    least "genocide", "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity". The
‘the then Royal Commission for   Bill also does not define what are "gross" violations of human rights         site features of the world cup
Corruption Control (RCCC)        and what are not.                                                             football
accused of abusing authority and                                                                     
harassing politicians and        Second, the provision made in the Bill for appointing Commissioners           ml
bureaucrats in the name of       on the recommendation of committee constituted "with consensus of
stemming corruption’ prepared    the political parties" having representation in the parliament is not         Weekly online newspapers follow
by the 'Ojha Commission' public. fair and principled. The terms "consensus of political parties" do not        the link below
It paves the way for taking      comply with the concept of the rule of law, which always demands    
actions against the former       legal certainty (clear written provision) and procedural fairness. In         m
officials of the RCCC.           this point, the same mistake is repeated as we had made in the
                                 interim constitution.                                                      Nepali Embassy in Washington
                                                                                                            DC, USA If the Commission is for to carry out investigation into crimes http://www.nepalembassyusa.or
content.php?nid=25444             committed by both the government and the Maoists in the armed- g/
                                  conflict between February 13, 1996 and November 21, 2007, how can
                                  the Commission be constituted with consensus of the political parties US Embassy in Kathmandu,
      Strike in Nepal             having representation in the parliament? This is a serious question Nepal
                                  confronted with the appointment process of TRC.                 
On Wednesday, August 22,
2007, Tamang National             Third and the most serious flaw in the Bill is the provision for amnesty CNET: have many reviews on
Republican Front enforced a       even to a person found to have committed gross violation of human devices,              software,     and
strike in Katmandu and the        rights or crime against humanity. The Bill has made any person guilty technologies.
surrounding areas in the Valley   of committing "gross violation of human rights" or "crime against
to put pressure on the            humanity" eligible for amnesty if the Commission finds that s/he has s
Government of Nepal to meet its committed such crimes in course of performing his/her duties or
demands such as recognize         achieving political objectives. This provision made in the Bill will give Nature, most respected scientific
Tamang language as an official    full amnesty to the Maoists and the government authorities trailed publication on nature
language and declare Nepal a      under the Act, on the grounds that both the parties were performing
republic before the elections for public duties for achieving political objectives during the armed ml
a Constituent assembly to be      conflict. The Bill is also designed to give amnesty to all the suspects
held on November 22, 2007.        mentioned in the Rayamajhi Commission's report as the effect of Bill Listing of American Universities
                                  covers the period from February13, 1996 to November 21, 2007     The Bill denies amnesty to a person involved in acts such as any kind
2007/08/22/asia/AS-GEN-Nepal- of murder committed after taking under control or carried out in an
                                'inhumane manner", "inhumane" and "cruel" torture, and rape. This is
                                another serious joke by the implication of which, the Commission
                                                                                                                  Exchange Rates
                                while making investigation has to classify murder into two types, i.e.
                                                                                                               As of August 26, 2007 the murder committed in a "human manner" and committed in an                     Open Market Exchange Rates(For the
kolnews.php?&nid=120035         "inhuman manner". And, it will give amnesty to a person whose                   purpose of Nepal Rastra Bank)
                                commission of murder is found as "human". The same rule applies in
                                the case of torture too (Section 25.2). [10]                                                  U
    Cabinet Meeting                  General Secretary of National Council of Churches of Nepal, and Vice-
      Postponed                      president of Inter-Religious Council of Nepal, Dr KB Rokaya welcomed       U.S. Dollar
                                                                                                                              1   65.70    66.29
                                     the draft Bill on Truth and Reconciliation Commission and said, "The       Euro          1   89.08    89.88
The cabinet meeting scheduled        focus is on bringing out the truth on human rights violations and          Pound
                                                                                                                              1   131.33   132.51
for Wednesday August 22 was          crimes committed by both sides during the conflict and achieving           Sterling
postponed to hold on Thursday        reconciliation, healing and peace rather than on punishing the guilty."    Swiss Franc   1   54.47    54.96
due to the general strike jointly    He called on all the country's religious communities to become             Dollar        1   53.78    54.26
enforced by Joint Republican         actively involved in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Dalit Front (JRDF) and Tamang        Christian Solidarity Worldwide Advocacy Director, Alexa Papadouris
National Republican Front            said, "We welcome this important development in the implementation         Dollar
                                                                                                                              1   62.21    62.77
(TNRF). They lifted the strike       of the peace process agreements, which must be implemented in full         Singapore
after 5:00 P.M.                      to prevent the process from falling apart. [11]                            Dollar        1   43.05    43.43

                               On Wednesday, August 22, 2007, in a statement released by the                    Japanese      1
                                                                                                                                  5.68     5.73 Geneva-based International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) said that the             Yen           0
                                                                                                                China Yuan    1   8.68     8.76
kolnews.php?&nid=120029        draft Bill on the proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)
                               has several flaws such as amnesty and the commission's independence from the government that do not meet international
ive/2007/aug/aug22/ legal standards. The statement also included the comments of the
p                              Human Rights Watch (HRW) on the draft Bill. The two watchdogs said
                               the draft Bill fails to reflect the international standards adopted in
                               2005 by the United Nations on the right to a remedy and reparation

                                                                                                                                    Page 4 of 7

    Interim House                     for victims of the gross violations of international human rights law        Only Buying rates
                                      and serious violations of international humanitarian law. “These                                   U     Rates/Rs.
  Agrees to Conform                   standards, known as the UN Basic Principles and Guidelines on the
                                                                                                                   Currency              ni
  to ILO Convention                   Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of          Swedish Kroner        1     9.49
                                      International Human Rights, are based on international legal                 Danish Kroner         1     11.97
On Wednesday, August 22,              obligations, including Nepal's specific treaty obligations,” said in a       Hong Kong Dollar      1     8.41
                                                                                                                   Saudi Arab Riyal      1     17.52
2007, the Interim Legislature         statement released by the ICJ, including the comments of the HRW.
                                                                                                                   Qatari Riyal          1     18.05
passed     the   proposal    for      The draft Bill also fails to clarify the terms "gross violation of human     Thai Baht             1     1.91
conforming the International          rights" and "crimes against humanity." "Thousands of Nepalis were            UAE Dirham            1     17.89
Labor     Organization    (ILO)       killed or forcibly disappeared in the civil war, and their families have     Malaysian Ringgit     1     18.83         Note:
Convention 169 on the right of        rights to truth, justice and reparation," said Sophie Richardson, Asia      Under the present system the open market exchange
the indigenous people to natural      advocacy Director of HRW. "But instead of delivering truth and              ratesquoted by different banks may differ.

resources, land, culture and          justice, this draft Bill could be used to let perpetrators off the hook."
education submitted by Minister       Similarly, Deputy Secretary-General of the ICJ, Wilder Tayler, said,
                                      “The commission's legitimacy will also depend on the popular support        Kathmandu Market
of State for Law, Justice and
Parliamentary   Affairs,  Indra       it has from the people of Nepal, particularly the victims of the            As of August 25, 2007
Bahadur Gurung on behalf of           conflict." While the draft Bill states that amnesty will not be provided    Bullion                     Rs/10 gm
Minister for Local Development        to any person involved in "murder committed after taking under              Hallmark Gold               Rs 14,330
Dev Gurung.                           control or carried out in an inhuman manner; inhuman and cruel              Worked Gold                 Rs 14,200
                                      torture; rape," the vagueness of these terms creates leeway for             Silver                       Rs 266.50
The government should submit          amnesties for those responsible for murder or torture that the
its annual report to the United       commission defines as not inhuman or cruel, the statement further
Nations after the ratification of     said. [12]
the Convention. The evaluation
                                      On August 22, 2007, Human Rights Watch and International
of    the    implementation    of
Convention would be held in the       Commission of Jurists said that the draft bill on a proposed Truth and      Exploding Lunar
                                      Reconciliation Commission threatens to deny victims of the decade-
presence       of     indigenous
                                      long conflict their rights to truth, justice and reparation. The
nationalities. The 79th General
Assembly of International Labor       provisions for amnesty and the commission’s independence from the Source NASA
Organization (ILO) had ratified       government made in the bill do not meet international legal
                                                                                                             Most people appreciate lunar
the Convention in 1989. Nepal is      standards.
                                                                                                             eclipses for their silent midnight
the 21st nation to conform to                                                                                beauty. NASA astronomer Bill
the international Convention.         Human Rights Watch and the International Commission of Jurists
                                                                                                             Cooke is different: he loves the
                                      called on the government of Nepal to:
content.php?nid=25513                    •   Ensure open and meaningful consultation is carried out with          On Tuesday morning, Aug. 28th,
                                             civil society and victims in the drafting process;                   Earth's shadow will settle across
                                         •   Clarify that the terms “gross violation of human rights” and         the Moon for a 90-minute total
                                             “crimes against humanity” are to be applied in accordance            eclipse. In the midst of the lunar
  Transferring Royal                         with international legal practice to ensure that any serious in-     darkness, Cooke hopes to record
    Assets to Govt.                          fringement of Nepal’s international human rights obligations is      some flashes of light--explosions
      Control                                duly investigated and that no acts that adversely affected civil-    caused by meteoroids crashing
                                             ians during the conflict are left out of the scope of the bill;      into the Moon and blasting
                                         •   Introduce transparent appointment procedures, such as public         themselves to smithereens.
                                             hearings of the commissioners to ensure the independence
On Friday, August 24, 2007,                                                                                       "The eclipse is a great time to
                                             and impartiality of the commission;
Home Minister Krishna Prasad                                                                                      look," says Cooke, who heads up
                                         •   Respect international human rights standards with respect to
Sitaula informed the Interim                                                                                      NASA's Meteoroid Environment
                                             granting of amnesties for serious crimes. Section 25(2) of the
House that the Government of                                                                                      Office (MEO) at the Marshall
                                             bill must be amended to exclude recommendations for
Nepal on Thursday, August 23,                                                                                     Space Flight Center. The entire
                                             amnesty for crimes under international law such as crimes
2007 decided to deposit the                                                                                       face of the Moon will be in
                                             against humanity, war crimes, and gross human rights viola-
assets owned by the then King                                                                                     shadow for more than two
                                             tions in general such as extrajudicial killings, enforced disap-
Birendra and Queen Aishwarya                                                                                      hours, offering more than 7
                                             pearances and torture;
into a Trust and bring the                                                                                        million sq. miles of dark terrain
                                         •   Guarantee reparation to all victims of human rights violations;
property    inherited   by   King                                                                                 as     target    for    incoming
                                         •   Ensure that the preamble, which incorporates the objectives of
Gyanendra in his capacity as the                                                                                  meteoroids.
                                             the commission, should include objectives that fulfill Nepal’s
King under the control of the                treaty obligations. These would include provisions to bring jus-     Lunar explosions are nothing
Government of Nepal pursuant                 tice to victims and establish a historical and accurate record of    new. Cooke's team has been
to the Interim Constitution.                 incidents. [13]                                                      monitoring the Moon since late
                                                                                                                  2005 and they've recorded 62
Home Minister Sitaula said that       On August 23, 2007, Army Chief General Rukmangad Katuwal                    impacts so far. "Meteoroids that
the ownership of the Narayahiti       objected to penalizing army officers for their work during the previous     hit Earth disintegrate in the
Royal Palace and the 754 ropani       regime. "No army personnel should be penalized for working under a          atmosphere,      producing      a
of land of its premises, the          previous political setup," said Katuwal while addressing the inaugural      harmless streak of light. But the
Hanumandhoka,            Lamjung,     session of a two-day seminar on 'Democratic Transition and Nepalese         Moon has no atmosphere, so
Gorkha,     Nuwakot,      Lalitpur,   Army Reforms' held by the Army Command and Staff College at army            'lunar meteors' plunge into the
Bhaktapur Palaces and the             headquarters. [14]                                                          ground," he says. Typical strikes
durbar    square      would     be                                                                                release as much energy as 100
transferred to the Government      From the Bill he proposed it is clear that senior leader of the NC and         kg of TNT, gouging craters
of Nepal. He also said that the    Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram Chandra Poudel does not              several   meters     wide    and
government         has      frozen stand for bringing to justice the perpetrators of human rights abuses          producing bursts of light bright
transactions of all assets.        and crimes against humanity. Not only Mr. Poudel but also most of              enough to be seen 240,000
                                   the senior NC leaders are for continuation of the impunity enjoyed by          miles away on Earth through
                                   the perpetrators of crimes. So, most of the NC leaders standing for            ordinary backyard telescopes. rule of law and for republic are sidelined by the senior most leaders
content.php?nid=25666                                                                                     "About half of the impacts we
                                   standing for saving the monarchy and for the rule of thumb rather
                                                                                                          see come from regular meteor
                                   than for the rule of law.
                                                                                                          showers like the Perseids and
                                                                                                          Leonids,"    says   MEO    team-
Gyanendra Moves to Nepalese people have been conscious of their rights and duties. So, member Danielle Moser. "The
                                   none of the political parties would be able to trick the Nepalese
Nagarjun Residence people in general and the ethnic and Madheshi people in particular. other half are 'sporadic' meteors
                                                                                                          associated with no particular
                                   Nepalese people would not leave in peace the perpetrators of human
On Friday, August 24, 2007, rights abuses and crimes against humanity, and the political leaders asteroid or comet."
after the usual Friday dinner, attempting to save those perpetrators.                                     During the eclipse, they hope to
King    Gyanendra     moved     to                                                                        catch an elusive variety of
Nagarjun jungle palace from the Footnotes:                                                                meteor called Helions.
city-center    palace       called
Narayanhiti for some time to [1] The Rising Nepal, August 18, 2007, “Talks on student row "Helion meteoroids come from
come     obviously    after    the postponed”                                                             the direction of the sun," Cooke
decision of the Government of                                                                             says, "and that makes them
Nepal to transfer all the palaces                                                                         very difficult to observe." They

                                                                                                                                         Page 5 of 7
kept in the names of kings and [2], August 18, 2007, “AG okays disappearance                        streak across the sky most often
queens to the Government of commission: Rights activists unhappy” By Ghanashyam Ojha                              around local noon when the
Nepal.                                                                                                            sun's glare is too intense for
                                [3], August 15, 2007, Post Report “TRC Bill                         meteor watching.
The Government transferred the undermines justice: Amnesty”; mk Aug 14 07, “Draft
                                                                                                                  During the eclipse, the Man in
historically important palaces TRC Bill risks undermining justice: AI”
                                                                                                                  the Moon (the face we see from
such as Basantapur, Patan,
                                                                                                                  Earth) will be turned squarely
Bhaktapur, Gorkha, Lamjung [4], Switzerland, August 14, 2007, “Nepal: Draft Truth
                                                                                                                  toward     the     sun—"perfect
and Nuwakot palaces to the and Reconciliation Bill risks undermining justice” Source: Amnesty
                                                                                                                  geometry for intercepting Helion
Department of Archaeology for International (AI)
                                                                                                                  meteoroids," says Moser. "And
preservation and upkeep.
                                                                                                                  with Earth's shadow providing
                                [5] mk Aug 16 07, “ADHRN concerned over draft TRC
                                                                                                                  some darkness, we should be
The kings had kept the national Bill”
                                                                                                                  able to see any explosions quite
assets      in  their    names.
Transferring the ownership of [6] The Rising Nepal, August 15, 2007, “Maoist MPs boycott House”;
such national wealth to the, August 14, 2007, Kantipur Report “Maoist lawmakers                    "Watching Helion meteoroids hit
Government of Nepal, Nepalese boycott House”; ‘The Himalayan Times’, August 14, 2007, “Maoist                    the Moon and studying the
people got back what they have MPs Boycott House Session”                                                        flashes will tell us more about
lost to the kings for about 240                                                                                  their     size,    velocity  and
years.                          [7] The Rising Nepal, August 14, 2007, “Speaker seeks whereabouts                penetration," she adds. That, in
                                of disappeared people”                                                           turn, will further the MEO's goal
                                                                                                                 of estimating meteoroid hazards [8] The Himalayan Times,                August    14,   2007,   “Maoist   Victims to spacecraft and future Moon-
content.php?nid=25589          Announce Sit-in Plans”                                                            walking astronauts.
                                                                                                                    No one has ever seen a lunar [9], August 09, 2007, Kantipur Report “EU expresses
                                                                                                                   impact during an eclipse, "but
kolnews.php?&nid=120268        grave concern over TRC draft Bill”; The Rising Nepal, August 10,
                                                                                                                       there's a first time for
                               2007, “EU presidency hails TRC proposal”; Hindustan Times, August
                                                                                                                      everything," Cooke says.
                               10, 2007, “EU alarmed by provisions of Nepal’s truth panel bill”
  King Gyanendra                     [10], August 09, 2007, ‘The Kathmandu Post’ “Truth
                                                                                                                    NOTE: The monetary policy
                                     and Reconciliation Commission” By Bhimarjun Acharya
 Loses His Nagarjun                                                                                                 analysis installment will continue
                                                                                                                    next week.
     Residence                       [11] Religious Intelligence, August 09, 2007, “Truth and
                                     Reconciliation plan for Nepal” By: Nick MacKenzie; Christian Today,
On Sunday, August 26, 2007, August 10, 2007 “Christians Welcome New Draft Bill for Peace & World Economy and
the     five-member      ministerial Reconciliation in Nepal”                                                           Financial Market
committee headed by Home
Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula [12] mk Aug 23 07 “TRC Bill is seriously flawed: ICJ,
decided      to     transfer    the HRW”                                                                                     By Shirish Ranjit
ownership of Nagarjun and
Gokarna palaces in Kathmandu, [13] HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, Geneva, August 22, 2007, “Nepal: The financial markets all over
Ratna Mandi at Lakeside in Truth Commission Bill Disregards Victims’ Rights: Draft Bill Fails to the world have been jittery due
Pokhara, Diyalo Bangala in Meet International Human Rights Standards”                                               to owes in home loans in the
Chitwan       and     Kanti-Ishwori                                                                                 USA due to sub-prime lending
palace in Hetauda to the [14], August 24, 2007, Kantipur Report “Don’t practices during the housing
Government of Nepal.                 penalize army for work under old setup”                                        market boom. Today, New York
                                                                                                                    Stock exchange’s Dow Jones
King Gyanendra has moved to
                                                        Management Consulting                                       Industrial Average (DJ) closed
                                     For identifying management and business lapses and taking you to a growth path down 2.10%, Nikkei in Japan
Nagarjun residence on Friday, that you and your company have been striving for, our experts can review and
August 24, 2007 after the recommend tailored management solutions to your company. Contact us at (617) closed down 2.59%, FTSE 100 in
traditional      Friday      supper 932-1731 (USA) and (977-1) 4-415721 (Nepal) or write to email: London closed down 1.90%, and
apparently        showing       his                                                    similarly all the major indexes in
displeasure to the transfer of the                                                                                  the work are in negative
city-center Naryanhiti palace                                                                                       territory.
from   his   name         to    the                    Su-doku Instruction                               Major US banks that provide to
Government of Nepal.                                                                                     home owners gone bankrupt in
                                      Fill in the 9x9 grid so that every row, every column, and 6 - 3x3 last three weeks. Many major         boxes contain only numbers 1 through 9 without duplication.        investment bankers have closed
ive/2007/aug/aug26/                                                                             their mortgage lending divisions
p                                                                                                        due to the loss they incurred in
                                      Su-doku for the week                                               the mortgage market. Not only                                                                           the lending company but the
kolnews.php?&nid=120499                                                                                  effects have felt in the hedge
                                                                                                         fund      investment   community
                                                                                                         where many of those hedge
  International                                3
                                                      5      7
                                                                            4            9
                                                                                                  8    3 funds have closed their door.
      News                                                   1
                                                                            9            6
                                                                    4                             3      The Federal Reserve Bank of
Fires In Olympic Birthplace                    7                            5            1               USA has injected liquidity and
                                                      3                                           4      cut federal funds rate to stabilize
Forest fires are burning inside                6             5      1                                  9 the     financial  market.    The
ancient Olympia, birthplace of                                                                           injection of liquidity has eased
                                                                                  5               7
the       Olympics,     however,                                                                         the liquidity crunch in the
firefighters have managed to                                                                             financial market. The lower
keep the site safe, Greek                                                                                federal funds rate has allowed
                                      Answer to the last week’s Sudoku.
officials say. Flames licked the                                                                         major banks to refinance some
edges of the original Olympic                 2      5      9      6       1     4      7        3    8 of the non-performing loans that
stadium and scorched the yard                 4      7      6      8       3     9      2        5    1 they hold.
of the museum, home to one of                 8      1      3      2       5     7      9        4    6
Greece's greatest archaeological              9      8      2      5       6     1      3        7    4
collections.                                  5      3      7      4       2     8      6        1    9 The effect of the housing market
                                              6      4      1      9       7     3      5        8    2 has been felt in the financial
                                              3      9      5      1       4     6      8        2    7 market which has spill over into                                                                          the economy and has increased
                                              1      2      8      7       9     5      4        6    3
pe/6964345.stm                                                                                           the chances of recession in US
                                              7      6      4      3       8     2      1        9    5

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