Nintedoes What Apple Don_t (With All Due Respect to Sega) by lesbass0201


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									                      Nintedoes What Apple Don’t (With All Due Respect to Sega)

“Sell your iPhone 4 now and get the new 4S,” a friend told me a week ago. When I asked him why, since
my current smartphone is still working perfectly fine, he said, “You’re a gamer, right? The 4S is now a
handheld gaming gadget.”

“You mean, like apps?” I asked.

“No! I mean like, it’s gonna go against the 3DS and the Vita.”

Hmm, okay. No thanks, but it did get me thinking about how this hype even came about in the first

First, the tangibles: The Sony PlayStation Vita is powered by an 800 MHz quad-core processor and 512
MB of RAM. The Nintendo 3DS, in turn, has a 266 MHz dual-core processor and 128 MB of FCRAM. The
specs of the Vita make it seem like it could very well be a PlayStation 3 Lite; and what the 3DS lacks in
raw guts, it more than makes up for with its rather revolutionary autostereoscopic 3D screen.

What about the iPhone 4S? Well, like the Vita, it has 512 MB of RAM installed. It also has the A5 chip (a
proprietary Apple design) that houses a dual-core processor capable of generating 800 MHz of power;
again, comparable to the Vita, which is why it probably convinced my friend enough to convince me to
sell my old iPhone. However, if there’s one thing that the current game system wars has taught us, it’s
that the battle isn’t won by pretty graphics alone.

Both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3 have weaned current-gen gamers on amazing
and increasingly more lifelike graphics; and between the two of them, the bar for mind-blowing visuals
keeps on getting pushed farther and farther with every subsequent game release.

However, going by sales figures, it is the Nintendo Wii which comes out the clear winner. Not that it has
more powerful specs under the hood (in fact, its specs are far inferior), but Nintendo has a great track
record of doing things right. In the Wii’s case, they introduced a groundbreaking way of controlling
games by implementing motion sensor controls, dramatically building off a decidedly substandard (even
for then) tech they began with the Power Glove way back in 1989. They have been so successful with
the Wii, that even Microsoft and Sony are now implementing motion control themselves with the Kinect
and the Move peripherals, respectively.

Add to this the fact that Nintendo knows how to market its biggest franchises (Mario, Donkey Kong,
Zelda, and the rest are still with us after all these years for a reason) and integrate their games’
gameplay with the Wii’s innovation, and it’s pretty clear that Nintendo has a near-perfect focus on the
video gaming market.

This is not something that Apple has; nor do they even want to have it. For them, the iPhone is a
smartphone first and foremost and everything else second. They want to focus on the iPhone’s
telephony functions, and there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s what you expect of one the biggest
smartphone manufacturer’s in the world. If you have to trade your old iPhone for the new one, don’t let
the gaming hype be a factor. The iPhone 4S offers so much more than that.

SOURCE: Loving Tech Phones - Tumblr

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