FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE

   1. Employee notifies supervisor of intent to take leave (FMLA or not) or
      supervisor is aware of potential need for FMLA.
   2. Supervisor and/or employee determine if eligible for FMLA leave.
      Guidelines available by viewing Appendix C at the following website
      tml. If help is needed, contact the business office or Employee
      Relations (41679).
   3. Supervisor prints out Employee Checklist (Appendix C), Supervisor
      Checklist (Appendix D), Purdue University Family and Medical
      Leave Act Notice (Appendix B), and Purdue University Family and
      Medical Leave Medical Certification Form (Appendix A).
   4. Supervisor gives the employee his/her checklist, discusses and
      completes Sections I-XII of the FMLA Notice with the employee. If
      the supervisor mails the completed FMLA notice and other forms to
      the employee, he will include a copy for the employee, plus keep a
      copy of notice form for himself, recording the date it was mailed on
      the copy.
   5. The employee signs the acknowledgement in Section XII and returns
      it to the supervisor.
   6. Supervisor mails original FMLA Notice to Employee Relations/FREH
      and sends copies to the employee, the business office, and the
      supervisor’s employee file.
   7. Supervisor advises the employee that the medical certification form
      should be sent directly to Employee Relations by mail to Freehafer
      Hall, 301 S. Grant Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907, OR by FAX to
      (765) 496-3739. If the form is returned to the supervisor, it should be
      mailed directly to Employee Relations. The medical certification
      form should not be copied or viewed by the supervisor.
   8. Employee Relations notifies departmental Account Clerk of dates on
      medical certification.
   9. Employee Relations notifies the supervisor of any unusual doctor
      specifications on the medical certification.
   10.Account Clerk prepares form 33/33CS, obtains signatures, and
   11.Account Clerk tracks leaves by using time cards, dates from medical
      certification, and/or communication with supervisor.
   12.When employee returns, supervisor sends return to work slip (release)
      to HR and notifies business office of return with email.


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