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We acknowledge the financial support of
the Government of Canada through the
Canada Magazine Fund of the Department
of Canadian Heritage for this project.
Nous reconnaissons le soutien financier du
gouvernement du Canada, par l'entremise du Fonds
du Canada pour les magazines, du ministère du
Patrimoine canadien, pour ce projet.
Magazines Canada

                          Magazines Canada Newsstand Marketing
                          Bringing Canada’s Best Magazines to Your Newsstand!

                          Canadians love their magazines, yet foreign titles take up over 80 per cent of the space at
Newsstand Marketing

                          most newsstands across the country. That’s why Magazines Canada is here. We distribute
                          over 200 titles across Canada. Work with us and make your store a home to great Canadian

[                     Here are the reasons Canadian magazines equal success:
                          Why should retailers spotlight Canadian magazines in             Can Canadian magazines compete with foreign titles on
                          their stores?                                                    their home turf?

                          A retailer would be smart to carry Canadian magazines for        Absolutely! Historically, Canadian magazines have had a
                          three main reasons:                                              difficult time finding space on Canadian newsstands in the
                                                                                           face of foreign (and especially American) competition. But
                          1. Canadian magazines meet the interests and needs               that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for them. Our success
                             of Canadians                                                  over the years has shown that if we get the magazines out
                          2. Canadian magazines are generally priced better than           there, people will buy them. Canadians want Canadian
                             their foreign competitors                                     magazines and if you give them a chance to buy Canadian
                          3. Canadian magazines are leaders in reaching the ever-          titles, they will. Plain and simple.
                             growing niche market buyer
                                                                                           On top of that, more and more Canadian magazines are
                          Why should retailers get their Canadian magazines from           concentrating on newsstand promotion. Our last Newsstand
                          Magazines Canada?                                                Marketing Project was a huge success. Through focused
                                                                                           promotional efforts, we helped increase average newsstand
                          We offer: a bigger discount; re-ordering; exclusive magazines    sales by an impressive 12 per cent.
                          not available elsewhere; a computerized management
                          system and a dedicated, experienced staff handling accounts.     What’s happening with Canadian magazines today and
                          We don’t just sell magazines—we’re here to help Canadian         what are the current trends?
                          magazine publishers, retailers and the entire industry.
                                                                                           Canadian magazines make the most of countless niche
                          Magazines Canada Newsstand Marketing is the leading              market opportunities. Cottage Life is a great example. There
                          distributor of Canadian magazines to newsstands,                 isn’t a foreign title on any Canadian newsstand that can
                          bookstores, galleries and specialty accounts on a “direct to     compete with Cottage Life in its niche. Again, it’s a
                          retailer” basis.                                                 matter of Canadians talking to Canadians about what
                                                                                           interests us. We know our own niche interests like no one
                          We’ve been in business since 1976, offering a wide selection     else in the world.
                          of quality magazines (over 200 titles, most of which are
                          available exclusively through us) at a highly competitive        What’s in store for Canadian magazines?
                          discount: 30 per cent off the cover price!
                                                                                           The magazine market is opening up. There is a magazine
                          A quick look at this catalogue shows the extent of our list.     for absolutely every topic or interest in North America. With
                          We have magazines in all major categories: arts & design,        Canadian magazines promoting themselves like never
                          business, destinations, hobbies, literature, general interest,   before, exciting times lie ahead for the magazine market and
                          recreation, youth and more. Variety abounds!                     for retailers of Canadian magazines.
                                                                                                            Magazines Canada

                                                                                                           3Newsstand Marketing
30 per cent off the cover price! The highest standard discount you’ll
find anywhere.

No matter where you are in Canada, Magazines Canada pays for
most of the shipping of magazines to your store. Stores pay a minimal
portion of the overall shipping costs (no more than $4.50 per order) and
get their magazines in a fraction of the time it takes to go through the
wholesale system.

We ship to most accounts every week. We have the ability to ship
out faster than larger distributors; we operate without wholesalers
and agents. An easy-to-read invoice and a simple-to-use return form
accompanies each shipment.

All unsold magazines are 100 per cent returnable—simply send back the
front cover (and back cover if it displays a barcode) for full credit within
90 days of receiving the next issue. Credit notes will be matched with any
claim memos you supply.

Each month, Magazines Canada sends all stores a statement giving a
detailed listing of invoices, credit notes, payments, adjustments, etc., and
copies of all of the month’s invoices and credit notes.

Selected Ordering and Re-Orders
To begin receiving magazines from us, fill out the order form at the back of
this catalogue with the titles and quantities marked, and return it with your
store and contact info to Magazines Canada. We’ll take care of the rest.

You can also download the catalogue and order form online and submit
your order via fax. Visit the retailer section of

And keep in mind: Magazines Canada Newsstand Marketing has a
re-ordering system that is both reliable and flexible. If a magazine sells
out, give us a call—we will usually be able to send out a re-order the
same day. As well, you can change your order or add new titles at any
time. We leave the choices up to you!

*All prices and frequencies quoted in this category are subject to change without notice.

Magazines Canada

                                       Distribution et vente en kiosque de Magazines Canada
                                       Présence des meilleurs magazines canadiens dans vos présentoirs !

                                       Les Canadiens adorent leurs magazines, même si les titres étrangers occupent 80 % de
Distribution et vente en kiosque

                                       l’espace dans la plupart des kiosques à journaux partout au pays. C’est là où notre service
                                       de diffusion directe entre en jeu. Magazines Canada distribuent plus de 200 magazines
                                       partout au pays et est constamment à l’affût de nouveaux points de vente pour loger les
                                       meilleurs magazines canadiens.

                                   [   Vous arrive-t-il de vous demander comment les magazines canadiens figureraient dans
                                       vos présentoirs ? Voici des réponses à certaines des questions que vous pourriez avoir :                                             ]
                                       Les magazines canadiens sont-ils en mesure de concurrencer       Pourquoi les détaillants devraient-ils attirer l’attention
                                       avec les titres étrangers sur leur propre terrain ?              sur les magazines canadiens ?

                                       Tout à fait ! Face à la concurrence étrangère, et tout           Les détaillants seraient très avisés de vendre des magazines
                                       spécialement américaine, les magazines canadiens ont             canadiens, et ce, pour trois raisons :
                                       toujours eu peine à trouver leur place dans les kiosques         1. Les magazines canadiens traitent des intérêts et des
                                       canadiens. Cela ne signifie pas pour autant qu’il n’y ait pas       besoins des Canadiens.
                                       de marché pour eux. Notre succès au cours des dernières          2. Les magazines canadiens sont généralement moins
                                       années a démontré que si nous rendons nos magazines                 chers que leurs concurrents étrangers.
                                       accessibles, les gens les achètent. Les Canadiens veulent        3. Les magazines canadiens desservent mieux que
                                       des magazines canadiens et, si nous leur en donnons                 quiconque les créneaux spécialisés, un marché en
                                       l’occasion, ils les achèteront.                                     pleine expansion.

                                       Par ailleurs, de plus en plus de magazines canadiens axent       Et pourquoi les détaillants devraient-ils obtenir leurs
                                       leurs efforts de marketing sur les promotions en kiosque.        magazines de Magazines Canada ?
                                       L’an dernier, la campagne de promotions en kiosque de
                                       Magazines Canada a connu un immense succès. Par le biais         Nous offrons une réduction plus élevée, des possibilitiés de
                                       de promotions ciblées, nous avons contribué à accroître le       réapprovisionnement, des magazines exclusifs non vendus
                                       rendement moyen des ventes de 12 %.                              ailleurs, un système de gestion informatisée et des chargés
                                                                                                        de compte dévoués et expérimentés. Nous ne nous limitons
                                       Qu’en est-il des magazines canadiens aujourd’hui et              pas uniquement à vendre des magazines; notre mission est
                                       quelles sont les grandes tendances ?                             d’aider les éditeurs de magazines canadiens, les détaillants
                                                                                                        et toute l’industrie.
                                       Les éditeurs canadiens ont développé un grand savoir-faire
                                       pour cibler des créneaux précis. Cottage Life en est un bon      Magazines Canada est le plus grand distributeur de
                                       exemple. Dans ce créneau, aucun titre étranger ne peut           magazines canadiens desservant les kiosques à journaux,
                                       concurrencer avec Cottage Life dans les kiosques à journaux      les librairies, les galeries et les comptes spécialisés dans le
                                       au pays. Quand les Canadiens parlent aux Canadiens des           cadre de son programme de diffusion directe aux détaillants.
                                       sujets qui les touchent, ils captent leur intérêt mieux que
                                       quiconque dans le monde.                                         En affaire depuis 1976, nous offrons un vaste éventail de
                                                                                                        magazines de qualité (plus de 200 titres, dont la plupart
                                       Que l’avenir réserve-t-il aux magazines canadiens ?              sont vendus uniquement par nous) et un taux de réduction
                                                                                                        extrêmement concurrentiel : 30 % du prix au numéro !
                                       Le monde du magazine s’ouvre. On dirait qu’il existe
                                       un magazine pour à peu près chaque sujet ou intérêt              Un coup d’oeil rapide à notre catalogue vous donnera un aperçu
                                       en Amérique du Nord. De plus en plus de magazines                du vaste éventail de nos magazines. Nous avons des titres dans
                                       canadiens travaillant à leur autopromotion, des jours heureux    toutes les grandes catégories : arts et design, affaires, voyage,
                                       s’annoncent pour les magazines et pour les détaillants offrant   passe-temps et loisirs, littérature, intérêt général, divertissement,
                                       des magazines canadiens.                                         jeunesse et plus. Le choix est sans limites.
                                                                                                        Magazines Canada

30 % de réduction par rapport au prix au numéro ! Le plus haut taux

offert sur le marché.

                                                                                                        Distribution et vente en kiosque
Distribution et vente en kiosque de Magazines Canada assume la plupart
des frais d’envoi de magazines à votre magasin, où que vous soyez
au pays. Le détaillant ne paie qu’une infime portion des coûts totaux
d’expédition (au plus 4,50 $ par commande) et obtient ses magazines en
une fraction du temps requis par les grossistes.

Nous livrons nos magazines chaque semaine à la plupart des détaillants.
N’ayant pas recours à des agents ou grossistes, nous avons la possibilité
de livrer la marchandise plus rapidement que la plupart des gros
distributeurs. Une facture facile à lire et un formulaire facile à remplir
accompagnent chaque livraison.

Tous les magazines non vendus peuvent nous être retournés. Il suffit de
nous retourner la couverture (et la couverture arrière si le code barres s’y
trouve) des magazines invendus pour obtenir un plein crédit dans les 90
jours suivant la réception du prochain numéro. Les notes de crédit seront
comparées aux feuilles de réclamation que vous nous faites parvenir.

Chaque mois, Magazines Canada fait parvenir à tous les détaillants
un relevé donnant le détail des factures, notes de crédit, paiements,
rajustements, etc., accompagné de copies de toutes les factures et notes
de crédit du mois.

Commandes sélectives et réapprovisionnement
Pour commencer à recevoir nos magazines, veuillez remplir le bon de
commande au verso de ce catalogue en indiquant les titres et quantités
requis et nous retourner le tout aux bureaux de Magazines Canada,
en prenant soin d’indiquer les coordonnées de votre magasin et de la
personne-ressource à contacter.

Vous pouvez également télécharger le catalogue et le bon de commande
et nous soumettre votre commande par télécopieur. Consultez la section
réservée aux détaillants du site

N’oubliez pas, Distribution et vente en kiosque de Magazines Canada
offre un système de réapprovisionnement très fiable et très flexible. Si
vous écoulez tous les numéros d’un magazine, il suffit de nous téléphoner
et nous serons généralement en mesure de vous faire parvenir de
nouveaux numéros le jour même. De plus, vous pouvez modifier votre
commande ou ajouter de nouveaux titres en tout temps. Le choix est
entièrement libre à vous !

* Les prix et fréquences de parution indiqués dans ce catalogue peuvent être modifiés
sans préavis.

Magazines Canada


                      Contact Magazines Canada’s Marketing Team
Contact Information

                      Do you want to work with Magazines Canada to promote Canadian titles in your store?
                      Contact the Retail Accounts Manager to find out how you can help promote great Canadian
                      titles while earning extra revenue.

                      Manager, Retail Accounts / Ontario Sales Representative
                      Chris Chambers
                      416.504.0274 x233

                      The National Sales Team is always available to assist in setting up new accounts, shipping
                      re-orders and answering any questions you may have.

                      British Columbia & Alberta Sales Representative
                      Lisa Sweanor

                      Manitoba & Saskatchewan Sales Representative
                      Lisa Pearce

                      Quebec & Eastern Sales Representative (including Kingston and Ottawa)
                      Jacques Filippi

                      The Magazines Canada Newsstand Marketing team takes pride in the superior level of
                      customer service it gives each retailer. Our staff is always available at the national office if you
                      have any questions or concerns.

                      Executive Director, Circulation Marketing
                      Barbara Bates
                      416.504.0274 x229

                      Coordinator, Distribution Accounts (financial and account reconciliation questions)
                      Christopher Sorenson
                      416.504.0274 x230

                      Manager, Warehouse (returns, barcodes and credit questions)
                      Gavin Babstock
                      416.504.0274 x234

                      Coordinator, Warehouse and Distribution
                      Evan Dickson
                      416.504.0274 x232

                      National Office
                      425 Adelaide Street West, Suite 700
                      Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3C1
                      Phone: 416.504.0274 / Fax: 416.504.0437
Arts & Design

                                                                                                 Magazines Canada
                BlackFlash                              Canadian Journal of Film
                Photography and new media               Studies
                in art; BlackFlash presents             Publishes critical and historical
                critical opinions and ideas about       commentary on cinema, television
                contemporary art from across            and related media from Canada
                Canada, the US and beyond.              and around the world. CJFS
                The magazine includes profiles,         includes book reviews and
                interviews, reviews, feature            essays, reproduces archival

                articles and artist projects from       documents and provides a forum
                both emerging and established           for discussion on contemporary

                                                                                                 Arts & Design
                artists, writers and curators.          moving-image culture.
                $8.00 3/year                            In English and French
                                                        $15.00 2/year

                Border Crossings                        Canadian Screenwriter
                Covers all the visual arts—painting,    Canada’s only magazine
                photography, drawing, sculpture,        dedicated to the art and craft of
                video, architecture and film. Border    screenwriting. Featuring the top
                Crossings investigates contemporary     professional screenwriters in
                Canadian and international art and      the Canadian film and television
                culture through articles, columns,      industry, Canadian Screenwriter
                reviews, profiles, portfolios of        offers insight and tips from the
                drawings and photographs, and           talented people who create the
                most notably—interviews. In its 28      distinctly Canadian entertainment
                years of publication, it has received   we enjoy on our televisions,
                59 National and Western magazine        movie screens, radios and
                awards.                                 computers.
                $9.95 4/year                            $5.00 3/year

                C Magazine                              Carousel
                Publishes critically engaged            A hybrid literary and arts
                essays and reviews. C is a              magazine representing new and
                vital and vibrant forum for             established Canadian artists, with
                contemporary perspectives on            some international contributions
                visual art including sculpture,         also included in every issue.
                painting, film, performance art,        Carousel’s compelling design
                digital media, site-specific art        strategy aims to be fully
                and installation. C has provided        representative of its editorial
                thought-provoking coverage              philosophy, one that highlights a
                of contemporary art trends              comfortable merging of textual
                and practices in Canada and             and visual content.
                internationally for 25 years.           $10.00 2/year
                $7.50 4/year

                Canadian Art                            Cinema Scope
                The leading visual arts magazine        An independent magazine marked
                in Canada offers a national             by analytical writing on film and
                perspective on painting,                video, uniting experienced critics
                sculpture, film, video, architecture    from across North America with
                and design. Intelligent, insightful     up-and-coming Canadian writers.
                writing is its hallmark. With           Packed with reviews, essays,
                full-colour reproductions, luscious     festival reports and interviews, it is
                paper stock and elegant design,         geared to cinephiles looking for an
                it’s the perfect marriage of brains     intelligent forum on world cinema.
                and beauty.                             Cinema Scope has earned respect
                $8.95 4/year                            worldwide as one of the best
                                                        English-language magazines on
                                                        $5.95 4/year

Magazines Canada

                       Coupe                                  Dance International
                       A visual collision between the         Dance International features
                       worlds of design, art, technology      regular and special reports from
                       and culture. To misquote               correspondents around the world.
                       McLuhan: the magazine is the           Contributors include some of the
                       message. The end result is a           world’s leading dance writers.
                       publication that is sure to be a       Excellent photographs and art
                       topic of conversation on coffee        direction make this magazine an

                       tables from coast to coast.            aesthetic complement to the art
                       $8.95 4/year                           form it celebrates.
Arts & Design

                                                              $6.50 4/year

                       CV ciel variable                       ESPACE
                       Dedicated to promoting and             Wholly dedicated to informing
                       analyzing photography and new          and educating the public on
                       media contemporary practices           any and all topics involving
                       in Quebec, Canada and abroad.          sculpture at home and abroad,
                       Each thematic issue of CV ciel         ESPACE—published since
                       variable contains extensive            1987—is distributed in Canada,
                       portfolios of recent works, critical   the US and Europe.
                       essays and interviews, as well as      In French and English
                       exhibition and book reviews.           $8.50 4/year
                       In French and English
                       $8.50 4/year

                       DA: The Devil’s Artisan                Front
                       All about books: designing books;      Front is a journal of contemporary
                       printing books and collecting          art and culture. It provides
                       books. Over the past 25 years,         emerging and established artists
                       the scope of the journal has           from diverse communities with a
                       broadened, from an early               forum that supports experimental
                       technical focus to its current         literary work, visual poetry,
                       role as a journal of the printing      drawing, photography and
                       arts; presenting information on        interdisciplinary practices.
                       bookmaking, bibliographic and          $3.95 5/year
                       historic matters as well as the
                       communicative, sociological
                       and technical subjects related to
                       $12.00 2/year

                       Dance Current, The                     Fuse
                       Takes the reader inside Canadian       An important venue for the
                       dance with artist profiles,            interchange of ideas that
                       interviews, articles on the creative   cross borders between art and
                       process and critical commentary        politics. With a mixture of active
                       relating to all genres. Passion or     arts journalism, investigative
                       pastime for dance? The Dance           features and critical reviews
                       Current is your magazine!              of contemporary art practices,
                        $5.50 9/year                          Fuse is a vital resource for
                                                              diverse communities of artists,
                                                              intellectuals and activists.
                                                              $7.00 4/year
                                                                              Magazines Canada
Fusion                                  MUSE
Published by The Ontario Clay and       The source for information on
Glass Association, Fusion serves        Canada’s museums. Published
to support and promote ceramic          by the Canadian Museums
and glass artists at the provincial,    Association, MUSE speaks to
national and international level,       peers, volunteers, students,
through its varied content which        museum professionals and the
includes artist profiles, current       heritage sector at large. Each

events in the clay and glass            issue focuses on a specific theme,
community, and information of           and includes both national and

                                                                              Arts & Design
interest to makers and collectors       international news, in-depth
alike. A roster of great contributing   articles, opinion pieces, and book
writers provides well-written and       reviews.
diverse editorial content.              In French and English
$7.00 3/year                            $7.00 6/year

IAQ: Inuit Art Quarterly                Musicworks
The only magazine dedicated to          The magazine for curious ears
the art of the Inuit. Internationally   and an award-winning voice
recognized, IAQ is an award-            in experimental music. The
winning magazine that has been          featured artists tell you about
providing in-depth coverage of          their adventures in sound and
the art, the issues and the artists     the creative process that leads to
for decades.                            intriguing new worlds for curious
$7.95 4/year                            ears. “To state it flatly: there is
                                        no better magazine covering the
                                        human interaction with sound.”
                                        Leonardo Music Journal
                                        $6.00 3/year

Inter, art actuel                       Notebook
Based in Quebec City, Inter,            Showcases the work of
art actuel uncovers, anticipates        Edmonton-based artists and
and promotes new art practices          writers. Never straying from
                                        its commitment of featuring
in Quebec and abroad—
                                        brilliant regional work through
manoeuvres, poetry, installation,
                                        exceptional production values,
performance, interdisciplinary,         Notebook offers a unique look
new media, etc.—all while               into the Edmonton art scene
questioning the relationship of art     by documenting art shows and
to society and culture, to politics     events and displaying work
and ethics.                             from the portfolios of artists and
In French                               writers. Notebook has gained
$8.50 3/year                            the esteem of local and national
                                        $10.00 4/year

Montage                                 On Site
Covering issues on the art and          Contemporary architecture,
commerce of the international film      urbanism, culture and landscape;
and television industry, Montage        global in focus, but contributors
explores the passion, politics          are largely from Canada. Read
and progress of television and          by young architects, artists,
filmmaking through case studies,        students and interested public.
interviews and provocative              Independent and cool.
features. It celebrates the             $12.00 2/year
powerful vision of the industry’s
artists and craftspeople,
uncovering fresh perspectives
and alternative experiences.
$6.50 2/year

Magazines Canada

                       Opera Canada                          Prefix Photo
                       For almost 50 years, Opera            An engaging magazine that fosters
                       Canada has focused on the             the appreciation and understanding
                       development of opera in Canada        of contemporary photography, film,
                       and the role of Canadians on          video and digital art. Characterized
                       opera stages around the world.        by innovative design and
                       Each issue includes profiles,         outstanding production values,
                       reviews and lively features on        Prefix Photo has won over 120

                       trends and issues in opera and        awards and is unique in providing
                       music theatre.                        a voice for artists, exploring the
Arts & Design

                       $5.95 5/year                          breadth of practices of transforming
                                                             light into image, from pinhole
                                                             photography to digital imaging.
                                                             $18.00 2/year

                       Ornamentvm                            Public
                       What are the decorative arts?         A unique journal that explores
                       Why and how should we preserve        the intersection of contemporary
                       them? What do they tell us about      issues with art and visual culture,
                       our history, contemporary culture     Public is stunningly designed,
                       or our nation’s identity? From        featuring compelling essays,
                       architecture, furniture to design     critical perspectives and artist
                       and ceramics, Ornamentvm              projects. With contributions from
                       provides critical commentary          prestigious artists, intellectuals
                       on issues concerning Canada’s         and emerging creators, Public
                       material culture as well as current   is for readers with a passion for
                       information on artists, books,        critical thought and art.
                       exhibitions and events of interest    $14.95 2/year
                       across the country.
                       $10.00 2/year

                       Photosho                              Studio
                       Unearths the wealth of talented       Reflects the activities and
                       Canadian photographers. Every         achievements of individuals
                       issue of Photosho features            involved in contemporary
                       both themed and individual            fine craft in Ontario, including
                       photography galleries, as well as     craftspeople, educators,
                       articles contributed by Canadian      curators, fine craft retailers
                       photographers shooting in             and patrons. Articles discuss
                       Canada. This 100% Canadian,           issues and ideas relevant to the
                       content-rich magazine is printed      fine craft community, curatorial
                       on premium quality paper and          perspectives, exhibition and book
                       exhibits a professional design        reviews, profiles, event listings
                       which surpasses most magazines.       and more.
                       $12.99 2/year                         $10.00 2/year

                       POV: Point of View                    Vernissage
                       Published by the Documentary          The magazine of the National
                       Organization of Canada, POV           Gallery of Canada. This richly
                       covers the art and business of        illustrated publication shares insight
                       independent documentaries and         into the Gallery’s internationally
                       culture.                              renowned exhibitions through
                       $6.00 4/year                          its lively editorial style and fresh
                                                             design. With unique contributions
                                                             from curators, researchers and
                                                             conservators, Vernissage provides
                                                             readers with a popular approach
                                                             and a new appreciation of the
                                                             visual arts.
                                                             In French and English
                                                             $5.95 4/year
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Magazines Canada
                                                                Vie des arts                                                                                                                              Visual Arts News
                                                                Vie des arts has an international                                                                                                         The only magazine dedicated to
                                                                scope with a network of                                                                                                                   the thriving visual arts scene in
                                                                correspondents around the world. It is                                                                                                    Nova Scotia. Every issue includes
                                                                the sine qua non of both professionals                                                                                                    engaging exhibition reviews, artist
                                                                and amateurs. Its readership demands                                                                                                      profiles and in-depth features on
                                                                leading edge information about                                                                                                            issues facing art professionals
                                                                innovation in video, architecture,                                                                                                        across the province. Visual Arts

                                                                design, painting, sculpture, installation                                                                                                 News is the only comprehensive
                                                                and performance art.                                                                                                                      source for Atlantic Canadian gallery

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Arts & Design
                                                                In French with an English report                                                                                                          listings and has an expanded
                                                                $8.50 4/year                                                                                                                              review section. Discover why this
                                                                                                                                                                                                          region is renowned for its dynamic
                                                                                                                                                                                                          contemporary visual arts scene.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          $5.95 3/year

                                                               Vie des arts (English Edition)
                                                               A visual arts magazine focused on
                                                               information, analysis and critique of
                                                               contemporary art and art events. Vie
                                                               des arts (English) primarily covers
                                                               art in Canada; however, it also gives
                                                               important space to international
                                                               art, in all disciplines. The magazine
                                                               publishes essays and written
                                                               documentaries, as well as reports
                                                               on the social, political and economic
                                                               context of Arts.
                                                               $2.95 4/year

                                                                                                                                                                BLEED Cropmark
                                                                                                                                                                TRIM (Dieline)

MAKE YOUR INTERESTS                                                                                                                                                              Canadian

                                                                                                                                                             .25 BLUE DIE-LINE

                                                                                                                                                                                 MADE IN
                       Look for the red                                                                                                                                          CANADA
                                                                                                                                                                                 CANADA’S MA

                         maple leaf.
                                                                                                                                                                                 ARE CREATEDGAZINES
                                                                                                                                                                                 CANADIANS   BY

                                                                                                                                                                                 WE DELIVER
                                                                                                                                                                                 MAGAZINES ARE
                                                                                                                                                     IN SHARING CAN LEADERS
                                                                                                                                                                                 PERSPECTIVES ADIAN

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Magazine Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage for this project.

                                                                                                                                                                                    REASONS TO
                                                                                                                                                                                    CANADIAN MASUPPORT

Magazines Canada

                                    Aboriginal Business                    Quill & Quire
                                    Canada’s only national magazine        Keeps its readers up-to-date on
                                    featuring Aboriginal businessmen       Canada’s exciting book publishing
                                    and women across Canada and            scene and provides the earliest
                                    their stories. Articles report on      and most complete look at new
                                    corporate leaders and decision         Canadian books, with more than
                                    makers and offer analysis on           700 titles reviewed each year.
                                    current issues affecting Aboriginal    $5.95 10/year

                                    business as a whole.
                                    $4.00 4/year

                                    BC Business                            Your Workplace
                                    An authoritative voice on the          Award-winning Your Workplace
                                    province’s business scene,             delivers thoughtful, provocative
                                    BC Business goes beyond                and informative articles aimed
                                    the headlines to give readers          at busy working individuals. It
                                    valuable, relevant insights into       informs and entertains readers
                                    today’s trends and issues. Stay        with topics of relevance to their
                                    ahead with the most widely             work and personal lives. Your
                                    read business publication in the       Workplace provides everyday
                                    province.                              solutions for workplace concerns
                                    $4.95 12/year                          and solutions for balancing life
                                                                           and work.
                                                                           $8.50 8/year

                                    Provides up-to-date, accurate and
                                    credible information, interpretation
                                    and comment on the law, legal
                                    process and the relationship of
                                    law to life in Canada. It is written
                                    in the everyday language of
                                    educated Canadians.
                                    $4.95 6/year

                                    Best Books for Kids & Teens            Canadian Children’s Book
                                    2009                                   News
                                    Each edition includes hundreds         Helps parents, teachers,
                                    of new resources handpicked by         librarians and booksellers
                                    expert committees, educators,          discover new Canadian children’s
                                    booksellers and librarians from        books. Each issue is packed with
                                    across Canada. BBKT 2009 is            news, book reviews, author and
                                    an excellent guide to books for        illustrator interviews, profiles of
                                    children and teens, making it a        publishers and bookstores, and
                                    terrific resource for teachers and     information about the world of
                                    librarians. Invaluable during the      children’s books in Canada.
                                    holiday season!                        $4.95 4/year
                                    $5.95 1/year

                                                                                               Magazines Canada
                 chickaDEE                              Kayak: Canada’s History
                 A discovery magazine for kids 6        Magazine for Kids
                 to 9, jam-packed with interactive      Entertaining and educational,
                 games, hands-on crafts and             this award-winning, kid-friendly
                 science experiments, amazing           publication brings Canada’s
                 photos, illustrations and stories      fascinating history to life through
                 all designed to educate and            beautifully illustrated feature
                 entertain. Kids and parents love       stories, articles on contemporary

                 the bright, colourful pages and        Canadian celebrities, original
                 age-appropriate themes. Clear,         comics, games, jokes and

                 concise text and lively visuals        contests. Suitable for ages 7 to 11.
                 show its young readers that this       $4.50 4/year
                 magazine belongs to them!
                 $4.50 10/year

                 chirp                                  OWL
                 Canada’s unique magazine for           A must-read for pre-teens!
                 beginner readers, ages 3 to 6,         Loaded with fascinating articles
                 chirp reflects the energy, curiosity   and facts for 9- to 13-year-
                 and humour of children as they         olds. Each issue includes the
                 discover the world around them.        science behind how things work,
                 With read-out-loud stories,            quizzes, contests and topics that
                 engaging illustrations, interactive    affect readers’ everyday lives.
                 puzzles, games and crafts, chirp       With new stories, weird facts
                 is a comforting companion where        and mind-boggling puzzles, it’s a
                 kids see their everyday lives          thought-provoking, entertaining
                 reflected in its pages.                place for kids to grow.
                 $4.50 10/year                          $4.50 10/year

                 Claremont Review, The                  YES MAG
                 Published since 1982, The              Named 2009 Periodical of the
                 Claremont Review showcases             Year by the Association of
                 the work of young adult                Educational Publishers, YES
                 writers, including poems, short        MAG is Canada’s science
                 stories and plays, graphic arts,       magazine for kids ages 10-15.
                 photography and interviews.            Featuring well written and
                 It reflects their issues and           fact-checked articles, fascinating
                 concerns: the music they listen        photography and beautiful
                 to; a rising political awareness;      artwork, YES MAG fascinates and
                 the homes they come from;              informs at the same time.
                 the future they are trying to          $4.50 6/year
                 $10.00 2/year

                 Color                                  Zamoof!
                 Showcases those who inspire us         Vibrant, quirky and full of fun
                 in all aspects and possibilities of    –it’s no wonder Zamoof! is
                 skateboard culture. Presented in       quickly gaining popularity among
                 the highest graphic and bound          Canadian youth (ages 7-13) and
                 quality, it provides a timeless        parents alike. Packed with comics,
                 product that features the life we      puzzles, games, crafts, jokes,
                 live and illustrates the pride we      magic tricks, sports, girl stuff,
                 share for a culture sprouted from      pet fun, movie previews, stories,
                 a plank on four wheels.                recipes, interviews, posters &
                 $7.99 4/year                           more! Plus it encourages reading,
                                                        creativity and educating our youth
                                                        about making safe and healthy
                                                        $3.99 6/year

Magazines Canada

                                  Canadian Geographic                   Country Connection, The
                                  Travel                                Ontario’s magazine for history,
                                  Making Canada better known            heritage, nostalgia, nature,
                                  to Canadians and the world.           environment, travel and the arts. A
                                  Discover interesting and exciting     good mix of stories, original maps,
                                  vacations throughout our vast and     photography and art makes this a
                                  variable nation in the pages of       great read for the armchair reader,
                                  Canadian Geographic’s special         as well as an intriguing see-and-do

                                  travel issue.                         guide for the rural adventurer. Well
                                  $6.95 2/year                          received by the older reader with

                                                                        an interest in history and nostalgia.
                                                                        $5.95 2/year

                                  Cottage                               Downhome
                                  Written for and by cabin and          For more than two decades,
                                  cottage owners, Cottage is            Downhome magazine has
                                  packed with entertaining features,    been the one publication that
                                  fascinating projects and practical    readers can truly call their own.
                                  info on every aspect of western       Reader contributions—photos
                                  Canadian country living—for the       of their children, their pets, their
                                  weekend cottager or the year-         adventures; family recipes,
                                  round resident. From renovations      poetry, personal experiences,
                                  to recipes, power sources to          opinions etc.—are included in
                                  pest control, weather to wildlife,    every issue. Downhome is filled
                                  Cottage will entertain and inform.    with entertaining and informative
                                  $5.50 7/year                          discussions on nature, food,
                                                                        recreation, travel, health and more.
                                                                        $3.99 12/year

                                  Cottage Life                          Elite Wine, Food & Travel
                                  For and about cottagers. Enjoy        Learn about the newest wines on
                                  the lake year-round with Cottage      the market and their pairing with
                                  Life. In each issue, find answers     food. Read about unusual travel
                                  to cottage questions, ideas for       destinations, as well as the most
                                  cottage design or redesign,           popular tourist spots. Test your
                                  delicious recipes, stories of         culinary skills with adventurous
                                  other interesting cottagers and       recipes that are not only delicious
                                  some wildlife too.                    but also, in many cases, health-
                                  $5.95 6/year                          smart. Elite is for anyone who
                                                                        dreams of or seeks a connoisseur
                                                                        $3.95 4/year

                                  Cottager, The                         explore
                                  Celebrates cottage living for         Canada’s outdoor travel and
                                  owners of recreational property       adventure magazine. Every
                                  in Manitoba and Northwestern          issue provides new ideas,
                                  Ontario. The Cottager profiles        inspiration and new destinations
                                  unique cottages, people and           to enjoy; delivering the best
                                  issues around lakeside living         outdoor adventures in Canada,
                                  —from real estate trends and          Annual National Parks Specials
                                  renovations, to boating, fishing      and fascinating profiles of
                                  and outdoor activities. Highlights    outdoor adventurers. Plus tips,
                                  the latest in cottage-related         techniques and gear for the next
                                  products, style and do-it-yourself    big travel adventure.
                                  projects, plus a regular feature on   $5.95 6/year
                                  a specific part of cottage country.
                                  $4.95 4/year
                                                                          Magazines Canada
Georgian Bay Today                   Prairies North
An independent quarterly             Almost everyone in Canada
magazine, Georgian Bay Today         has some connection to
offers information, features,        Saskatchewan and this is the
news, opinions, illustrations and    magazine that celebrates good
advertising to link all who spend    prairie living in Saskatchewan.
weekends hereabouts (call            Stories about the people, places
them recreationists), residents      and wildlife allow everyone

and tourists around the shore        to learn and reminisce on the
of Georgian Bay and related          province that is close to their

Lakelands.                           hearts.
$1.95 4/year                         $6.95 4/year

Muskoka Magazine                     Saltscapes
Provides coverage of fascinating     Each issue of Saltscapes is
people, things to see and do,        a celebration of the diverse
special places and current issues    culture, lifestyle and geography
facing those with an interest        of Canada’s four eastern-most
in Muskoka. Contemporary in          provinces. An award-winning
design, every issue is a must-       magazine, Saltscapes is proudly
read, combining outstanding          Atlantic Canadian.
feature journalism and superb        $5.95 7/year
photography to offer readers an
in-depth look at the region.
$4.95 10/year

ON Nature                            Saltscapes Travel Guide
Published by Ontario Nature, ON      The publishers of Saltscapes
Nature brings readers closer to      magazine proudly present
nature by exploring natural areas    the annual Saltscapes Travel
and wildlife and providing insight   Guide, prepared especially
into current environmental issues.   for Atlantic Canadians and
Each issue features in-depth         Atlantic Canadians at heart. It
articles by top environmental        features amazing off-the-beaten-
journalists and stunning colour      path activities and sights in
photography.                         Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
$4.99 4/year                         Newfoundland & Labrador, and
                                     Prince Edward Island, as well as
                                     coastal Maine.
                                     $5.95 1/year

Outpost                              Verge
Canada’s adventure travel            An adventure travel magazine
magazine features profiles of        that highlights opportunities to
off-beat and off-the-beaten          travel and volunteer, work and
track destinations around the        study abroad. Every issue of
world. Edgy, informative and         Verge combines nuts and bolts,
inspirational, Outpost gives you     how-to information with inspiring
the skinny on how to make your       profiles of fascinating people who
adventures happen. Outpost           are doing something different—
is the proud Winner of the           and making a difference doing it.
President’s Medal at the 2003        $4.95 3/year
National Magazine Awards.
$4.50 6/year

Magazines Canada

                               Abilities                               CelticLife
                               A full-colour lifestyle magazine        CelticLife is a quarterly
                               providing information and               publication for those with an
                               inspiration to individuals with         interest in a living Celtic culture.
                               disabilities, their families, friends   It includes interviews, music and
                               and the professionals working in        book reviews as well as articles
                               their service. Enjoy articles on        about genealogy, legends,
                               everything from travel, health,         traditions and heritage.

                               recreation, relationships, careers,     $7.95 4/year
                               technology, new products and

                               $4.00 4/year

                               Aboriginal Business                     Exceptional Family
                               Canada’s only national magazine         The first national magazine
                               featuring Aboriginal businessmen        dedicated exclusively to
                               and women across Canada and             the interests and concerns
                               their stories. Articles report on       of Canadian families with
                               corporate leaders and decision          exceptional children. Exceptional
                               makers and offer analysis on            Familly has garnered critical
                               current issues affecting Aboriginal     acclaim from parents, caregivers
                               business as a whole.                    and service providers alike as
                               $4.00 4/year                            a one-of-a-kind resource. See
                                                                       for yourself what makes this
                                                                       magazine so exceptional!
                                                                       $5.00 4/year

                               Accenti                                 Faith Today
                               “The Canadian magazine with             Seeking to connect, equip and
                               an Italian accent,” Accenti             inform Canada’s four million
                               reflects the cultural imprint           evangelical Christians. Faith
                               of Italian Canadians through            Today keeps readers apprised
                               original and thought-provoking          of how Christians of all stripes
                               editorial content. It offers an         are living out their faith—often
                               exclusive perspective on people,        by working together across
                               places and happenings on the            denominational lines. Faith Today,
                               Italian Canadian cultural scene         published by The Evangelical
                               and connects readers with a             Fellowship of Canada since 1983,
                               vibrant heritage in its myriad          offers analysis of Canadian trends,
                               permutations.                           tips for ministry, profiles, opinions,
                               $5.99 4/year                            book reviews and more.
                                                                       $4.50 6/year

                               Catholic Insight                        Mercado News
                               This lively and controversial           Canada’s first Spanish &
                               journal of public opinion is not        English consumer magazine.
                               afraid to deal with issues ignored      This bilingual, smart consumer
                               by the mainstream media and             magazine covers topics such as
                               brings a fresh voice noted for its      arts, culture, business, women
                               fidelity to Catholic teaching to        and travel destinations. Mercado
                               the public conversation. Catholic       News reaches between 3,000-
                               Insight is an excellent resource        5,000 business owners and
                               for schools and colleges.               decision makers across Canada.
                               $4.00 10/year                           In Spanish and English
                                                                       $4.95 4/year
                                                                              Magazines Canada
Outlook                                 United Church Observer
Outlook presents a left political       The Observer is editorially
perspective in its articles, poems,     independent and presents
stories and reviews by writers          readers with points of view
from Canada, the US, Israel,            that are thought-provoking and
France, Germany and Eastern             challenging. The magazine
Europe, with contributions in           features news, articles on
translation from Yiddish and            ethics and faith from a Christian

Hebrew.                                 perspective. There is a special
$5.00 6/year                            section for children, book and

                                        film reviews, as well as lively
                                        $3.95 11/year

Rhubarb                                 Windspeaker
An independent magazine of              Canada’s national Aboriginal
quality writing and art giving          news source. Published since
expression to a loosely defined         1983, Windspeaker is the most
Mennonite voice. Themed issues          critically acclaimed Aboriginal
have featured writers such as           publication in North America. It
Rudy Wiebe, Sandra Birdsell,            regularly covers the top news
David Bergen, Miriam Toews and          stories of relevance to Aboriginal
artists such as Gathie Falk and         Peoples and their communities
Wanda Koop. Recipes too!                throughout Canada. Windspeaker
$8.00 4/year                            also includes regular columns and
                                        opinions, plus features on culture,
                                        sport, entertainment, education
                                        and careers.
                                        $5.00 12/year

Published by the Asian Canadian
Writers’ Workshop, Ricepaper
is an arts and literary quarterly
devoted to showcasing Asian
Canadian artists, writers,
performers and innovators.
$5.95 4/year

Swedish Press
Gives you the inside info on all
things Swedish that you won’t find
in other North American media.
You don’t have to be Swedish to
enjoy the latest on the country that
brought you Mats Sundin, Skype,
IKEA and the welfare state. Since
1929, Swedish Press brings you
the old traditions as well as the
latest trends, along with exclusive
interviews, sport, business and
food. In English with a little bit of
Swedish, of course.
$3.95 12/year

Magazines Canada

                              Affaires universitaires               Créons des familles
                              La source de nouvelles par            Le seul magazine canadien
                              excellence pour les universités du    qui a pour mission d’aider les
                              Canada. Notre lectorat, composé       milliers de Canadien(ne)s aux
                              principalement d’universitaires,      prises avec les conséquences
                              constitue une population des plus     physiques, psychologiques
                              instruites au pays, très exigeante    et financières dévastatrices
                              quant au contenu rédactionnel.        liées à l’infertilité. Il offre une

                              Nous comptons parmi nos               multitude de renseignements
                              collaborateurs des professeurs,       et de conseils, de l’information

                              des administrateurs et des            sur le counseling et les services
                              étudiants aux cycles supérieurs       disponibles, de même que
                              ainsi que certains des meilleurs      sur les techniques actuelles,
                              journalistes du Canada. Bilingue.     les traitements médicaux et
                              4,50 $ 10/an                          beaucoup plus. Bilingue.
                                                                    5,95 $ 4/an

                              Annales canadiennes                   CV ciel variable
                              d’histoire                            Se consacre à la présentation
                              La revue Annales canadiennes          et à l’analyse des pratiques
                              d’histoire publie des articles        contemporaines de la
                              et des comptes-rendus sur             photographie et des nouveaux
                              l’histoire générale soumis par des    médias, du Québec, du Canada
                              spécialistes érudits dans leurs       et de l’étranger. Chaque numéro
                              domaines de spécialité visant         présente de larges portfolios
                              l’historien professionnel de tout     de travaux récents, des essais
                              domaine. Bilingue.                    critiques, des entrevues, ainsi
                              14,00 $ 3/an                          que des recensions d’expositions
                                                                    et de publications récentes.
                                                                    8,50 $ 4/an

                              bout de papier                        Documentation sur la
                              Axé sur tous les aspects de la        recherche féministe
                              politique étrangère du Canada         Chaque numéro est bilingue
                              et de la vie dans le Service          et recèle des articles sur la
                              extérieur. Il offre une perspective   recherche féministe, des comptes
                              de première main unique de la         rendus, des précis de lecture
                              conduite et du Service exterieur      recensant diverses revues
                              canadiens. Chaque numéro              féministes canadiennes, ainsi que
                              de ce magazine primé contient         des bibliographies, constituent
                              des photos saisissantes, des          ainsi un outil de recherché
                              chroniques régulières et des          complet pour les etudes
                              critiques de livres. Bilingue.        féministes canadiennes.
                              4,50 $ 4/an                           15,00 $ 2/an

                              Les cahiers de la femme               ÉLC: Études en littérature
                              Une ressource indispensable           canadienne
                              pour les lectrices féministes qui y   Une revue d’érudition, fournit un
                              trouvent les plus récents écrits et   forum pour des critiques incisives
                              recherché autour des problèmes        de la littérature canadienne
                              du monde des femmes. Le               en anglais et français sous la
                              matériel publié rejoint un vaste      direction d’un comité de rédaction
                              auditoire depuis les militants de     distingué, et arbitré par une
                              la base jusqu’aux théoriciennes       commission consultative d’érudits
                              universitaires. Bilingue.             de provenance internationale.
                              15,00 $ 3/an                          15,00 $ 2/an
                              22,50 $ 1/an (numéro double)
                                                                                  Magazines Canada
ESPACE                                  Revue canadienne d’études
Unique revue de sculpture               cinématographiques
au Canada, ESPACE s’avère               Un forum canadien d’articles sur
un instrument privilégié de             le cinéma et la télévision,
compréhension de la sculpture           en anglais et français; théorie,
contemporaine. Publiée quatre           histoire et critiques, en plus
fois l’an, en français et en anglais,   de réimpressions de documents
elle comprend des entretiens,           rares et d’archives.

des articles de fond, des dossiers      15,00 $ 2/an
reliés à la troisième dimension.

Des correspondants à l’étranger
assurent un volet international
tout en permettant une diffusion
hors frontières.
8,50 $ 4/an

Inter, art actuel                       Le Travail
Située à Québec, la revue Inter,        A fait paraître depuis 1976
art actuel défriche, pressent et        plusieurs articles marquants dans
promeut de nouvelles pratiques          le domaine de l’histoire de la
de l’art du Québec et d’ailleurs—       classe ouvrière, de la sociologie
manoeuvre, poésie, installation,        industrielle, de l’économie du
performance, interdisciplinarité,       travail et des relations industrielles.
nouveaux médias, etc.—tout              Bien qu’elle se propose d’abord
en interrogeant les rapports de         d’étudier les travailleurs et les
l’art au social et au culturel, au      travailleuses du Canada dans une
politique et à l’éthique.               perspective historique, la revue
8,50 $ 3/an                             est aussi ouverte aux spécialistes
                                        d’autres disciplines. Bilingue.
                                        20,00 $ 2/an

MUSE                                    Vernissage
La référence en matière de              Chaque numéro est une invitation
musées au Canada. Publié                à la découverte ! Parcourez une
par l’Association des musées            riche collection d’images en
canadiens. MUSE s’adresse               couleurs, rencontrez artistes et
aux pairs, aux bénévoles,               conservateurs et explorez les
aux étudiants et aux autres             coulisses de la conservation et
chevronnés du patrimoine                de l’histoire de l’art. Un magazine
canadien. Chaque numéro                 bilingue qui célèbre cette année
thématique contient des nouvelles       son 11e anniversaire et continue
nationales et internationales, des      de plaire aux amoureux de l’art
articles de fond, des chroniques        de 10 à 110 ans.
et des critiques de livres.             5,95 $ 4/an
MUSE est bilingue.
7,00 $ 6/an

Reflet de Société                       Vie des arts
Un magazine d’information et            Offre une perspective
de sensibilisation s’adressant          internationale grace à son
à toutes les générations.               réseau de correspondants de
Témoignages, enquêtes                   tous les coins du globe. C’est
journalistiques et chroniques de        la revue incontournable des
détenus en prison, travailleurs de      professionnels et des amateurs.
rue ou citoyens engagés, Reflet         Fidèle aux exigences de ses
de Société est un magazine qui          lecteurs, elle offre de l’information
aborde les réalités sociales sous       de pointe sur les plus récentes
des angles souvent occultés par         innovations en matière de vidéo,
les médias traditionnels.               d’architecture, de design, de
6,95 $ 5/an                             peinture, de sculpture et d’arts de
                                        la scène.
                                        8,50 $ 4/an

Magazines Canada
                   General Interest

                                      Beaver, The                           Geist
                                      Lively, well-written, carefully       Smart, funny and Canadian,
                                      researched articles on Canadian       Geist brings you high-
                                      history are regular features in       calibre, user-friendly writing,
                                      one of Canada’s oldest, most          photography, reviews, comics,
                                      respected magazines. Celebrated       poetry and essays. Home to
                                      for its handsome design and use       the Erotic Map of Canada, the
                                      of historic pictures, The Beaver is   Home Sweet Haiku Contest

                                      treasured by collectors, and each     and the world’s most diabolical
                                      issue offers an adventure into        crossword puzzle, Geist was
General Interest

                                      Canada’s rich past.                   named Western Canada
                                      $6.95 6/year                          Magazine of the Year in 2001
                                                                            and 2003.
                                                                            $5.95 4/year

                                      Canadian Geographic                   LRC: Literary Review of
                                      One of Canada’s most award-           Canada
                                      winning magazines! Filled with        Canada’s leading magazine of
                                      stunning colour photography,          ideas, LRC features thought-
                                      fascinating articles and specially    provoking book reviews, essays
                                      commissioned maps, each               and poetry. Contributors include
                                      issue of Canadian Geographic          many of the country’s most
                                      magazine lets you travel the          celebrated writers, from Sharon
                                      country without leaving home.         Butala to Erna Paris, from Peter
                                      You’ll discover Canada’s people       C. Newman to Rawi Hage. An
                                      and cities, our wildlife and          award-winning look at history,
                                      wilderness, our history and the       culture, politics and science.
                                      beauty of our land.                   $6.50 10/year
                                      $6.95 6/year

                                      Canadian Home Trends                  Maisonneuve
                                      Canada’s home décor & lifestyle       Maisonneuve is Canada’s best
                                      magazine. Filling out each issue      kept secret, featuring art, culture,
                                      are short, informational articles     politics and stunning visuals.
                                      covering home décor & lifestyle       Eclectic stories of national and
                                      interests, building and renovating,   international scope. More fun
                                      HGTV celebrities, yard & garden,      than poutine after midnight!
                                      plus simple project instruction       Magazine of the Year honours
                                      and gourmet recipes, and more.        in 2005 (National Mag Awards),
                                      Much more than a home décor           2006 (Editors’ Choice) and 2007
                                      magazine, Canadian Home Trends        (Canadian Newsstand Awards).
                                      is a décor enthusiast’s answer        Discover the little mag that could!
                                      to all his/her needs as a modern      $6.95 4/year
                                      $4.95 6/year

                                      Feathertale Review
                                      Perhaps best described as a
                                      bastardization of Mad Magazine
                                      and the old Saturday Evening
                                      Post, The Feathertale Review
                                      packages innovative design with
                                      edgy humour, cartoons, poetry
                                      and fiction in a style altogether
                                      uncommon among modern-day
                                      publications. If ever there was
                                      a funny magazine for everyone,
                                      this is it.
                                      $10.00 2/year

                                                                                     Magazines Canada
          Broken Pencil                        Elite Wine, Food & Travel
          Canada’s only magazine devoted       Learn about the newest wines on
          to independent and underground       the market and their pairing with
          arts and culture. Books, zines,      food. Read about unusual travel
          comics, art, film and a wide         destinations, as well as the most
          variety of general weirdness.        popular tourist spots. Test your
          $5.95 4/year                         culinary skills with adventurous
                                               recipes that are not only delicious

                                               but also, in many cases, health-
                                               smart. Elite is for anyone who

                                               dreams of or seeks a connoisseur
                                               $3.95 4/year

          Canadian Aviator                     Hearts of the Country
          Canada’s national aviation           A new magazine for rural
          magazine, Canadian Aviator           Canadian women. Hearts of the
          contains a wealth of great           Country is the only Canadian
          reading for professional pilots,     product on the market that
          seasoned aviators, student           caters to a rural audience. The
          pilots or just anyone fascinated     magazine has begun to take on a
          by flight.                           national flavour with contributors
          $4.95 6/year                         from coast to coast. Stories focus
                                               on rural lifestyles, entrepreneurs,
                                               communities, issues and
                                               organizations, with recipes, crafts
                                               and other tidbits of information.
                                               $4.95 6/year

          Canadian Coin News                   SkyNews
          Whether numismatic or novice,        North America’s only newsstand
          Canadian Coin News brings the        magazine written for beginner
          collector the most complete,         and intermediate astronomers,
          authoritative and timely coin        and the only English-language
          news available. Enjoy special        science magazine in Canada.
          features on pre-decimal tokens,      $4.95 6/year
          paper money, ancient coin and
          coverage of Canadian decimal
          coinage. As well, each issue
          includes auction results, show
          listings and price trends for the
          most popular Canadian coins.
          $3.25 25/year

          Canadian Stamp News                  TAPS
          From the new collector to the        Canada’s beer magazine, TAPS
          experienced philatelist, Canadian    brings the beer drinker a broad
          Stamp News is the collector’s        array of product knowledge from
          choice, filled with great stories,   what’s new on the Canadian
          the latest news and collecting       brewing scene to international
          tips from experienced columnists.    beers. Regular features on beer
          Readers also get current auction     styles, food and beer pairing,
          results, new releases from around    import reports and brewer
          the world and up-to-date show        profiles written by respected beer
          listings.                            professionals. If you have a thirst
          $3.25 25/year                        for knowledge about beer, TAPS
                                               is sure to satisfy!
                                               $6.95 4/year

     Magazines Canada

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tidings                                                                      Vines
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Offers readers punchy                                                        For more than ten years, Vines
                                                                                                                                                                                                   photography, a wide-ranging                                                  has dedicated itself to exploring
                                                                                                                                                                                                   wine buying guide and the                                                    and celebrating wine as part of a
                                                                                                                                                                                                   best food coverage around.                                                   rewarding, active lifestyle. Its beat is
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Seasoned columnists like Tony                                                international but with an eye on our
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Aspler and many others bring                                                 country’s industry and its fine offerings.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   you the top food and wine                                                    Vines showcases detailed wine

                                                                                                                                                                                                   trends in an easy-to-understand                                              reviews, original recipes and feature
                                                                                                                                                                                                   language. Tidings is a readable                                              articles about wine, food and travel

                                                                                                                                                                                                   feast for the everyday gourmet                                               designed to educate and entertain
                                                                                                                                                                                                   or just someone who savours                                                  its loyal readers, along with expert
                                                                                                                                                                                                   the world.                                                                   perspective and insight that enriches
                                                                                                                                                                                                   $5.95 8/year                                                                 anyone’s appreciation of wine.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                $3.95 6/year
                                                                                                           Adventurous_Eng                                                                                   1/2/07      1:00 PM     Page 1

                                               Upper Canadian Antique
                                               Showcase, The
                                               Canada’s only national paid
                                                                                                                 Genuine Canadian Magazines is a registered trademark of Magazines Canada

                                               publication for antiques, vintage
g   1/2/07              1:00 PM                                      1:00
                                  Adventurous_Eng 1/2/07art and folk PM
                                  Page 1       collectibles, fine                                                                                                                                                                    Page 1
                                               art collectors, dealers, auction
                                               houses and promoters, featuring
                                               stories, people and pieces,
                                               show coverage, auction action,
                                               national trends, antiques travel,
                                      Genuine Canadian Magazines is a registered trademark of Magazines Canada

                                               book reviews, interviews and an
                                               auction/show calendar. A trusted
                                               source for price reporting and
                                               $5.95 6/year

                                                                                                                                                                                                     ADVENTUROUS.                                      ADVENTUROUS.

DVENTUROUS.                                                                                                                                                                                     ADVENTUROUS.
                                                                                                                                                                                                ADVENTUROUS.                                            ADVENTUROUS.

                                                                                                                                                                                              CANADIAN MAGAZINES MAKE YOUR INTERESTS MORE INTERESTING.
                                                                                                                                                                                            From Travel to the Arts, all written from a refreshingly Canadian viewpoint you
                                                                                                                                                                                            won't find anywhere else. Just look for the Genuine Canadian Magazine icon at
                                                                                                                                                                                            your favourite newsstand, or visit to find what interests you.

Horse & Country

                                                                                           Magazines Canada
              Canadian Horse Journal                 Horse Country
              Canada’s leading magazine              The Canadian prairie horse-
              for horse lovers showcases             rider’s favourite magazine!
              Canadian horses and their              Throughout the year, a great
              people. Well-written features          mix of articles on training,
              on horse care, training, breed         horse health and current events
              profiles, international events,        covering all breeds and all
              contests and a young rider             disciplines. Always horses for

              section are presented in a quality,    sale, classified line ads, an event
              glossy magazine with many              calendar and Stallion Avenue.

                                                                                           Horse & Country
              beautiful photos.                      Redesigned and uplifted, Horse
              $4.95 6/year                           Country is a keeper.
                                                     $4.95 8/year

              Canadian Thoroughbred                  Horse Sport
              The leading Canadian magazine          Canada’s No.1 magazine for
              for breeders, owners, trainers         English equestrians featuring
              and farm managers who make             national and international
              Thoroughbred racing their              coverage for jumping, dressage,
              business. It is the only national      eventing, driving and polo, horse
              source for racing statistics, racing   care, training and riding tips, and
              and breeding updates, sales            profiles of fascinating Canadian
              results, provincial reviews, and       equestrians. Local, national and
              reports on events and people           international news keeps readers
              that influence racing across the       current.
              country.                               $4.95 12/year
              $5.00 9/year

              Goats Across Canada                    Queen’s Plate
              Brings you stories and photos          From the publishers of Canadian
              about goats. Who would have            Thoroughbred comes this
              thought that goats could do            handsome, full-colour magazine
              almost anything? The humorous          devoted to Canada’s oldest and
              and serious side of goats brought      most prestigious horse race. With
              to you in full colour; once you        information, profiles and photos of
              start reading you won’t want to        each of the horses, jockeys and
              stop…                                  trainers, as well as articles which
              $4.50 12/year                          provide a fascinating historical
                                                     perspective on The Queen’s
                                                     $5.00 1/year

              Horse Canada                           Western Horse Review
              Canada’s best selling equine           Western Canada’s No. 1
              magazine focusing on the health,       horse sport and breed source
              care and enjoyment of all types        magazine. From coverage of
              of horses. Rural living advice,        all western performance horse
              plus hot industry issues such as       sports, training advice from the
              slaughter and equine welfare           professionals, health care and
              are also covered. Every issue          grooming reports geared to
              also contains a special pull-out       in-depth articles about industry
              magazine for kids featuring            issues, inspiring people and
              beginner and youth-oriented            equine profiles.
              advice on riding skills and horse      $4.95 12/year
              $4.75 6/year

Magazines Canada

                            Abilities                               Canadian Dimension
                            A full-colour lifestyle magazine        An independent voice connecting
                            providing information and               progressive Canadians with the
                            inspiration to individuals with         information they need to campaign
                            disabilities, their families, friends   for social and political change.
                            and the professionals working in        Each issue is filled with a hard to
                            their service. Enjoy articles on        find depth and breadth of articles
                            everything from travel, health,         by Canada’s best up-and-coming

                            recreation, relationships, careers,     journalists as well as tried and
                            technology, new products and            true media veterans. Canadian

                            more.                                   Dimension is a consistently critical
                            $4.00 4/year                            and engaging magazine for
                                                                    progressives across the country.
                                                                    $6.95 6/year

                            Alternatives                            Creating Families
                            Canada’s foremost environment           The only Canadian magazine
                            magazine offering educated              dedicated to helping the
                            environmental analysis of               thousands of Canadian men
                            Canadian and international issues       and women dealing with
                            since 1971. Thought-provoking,          the devastating physical,
                            well-researched articles serving        psychological and financial
                            up concrete alternatives to a wide      effects associated with issues of
                            range of environmental concerns.        infertility. It provides a wealth of
                            $6.50 4/year                            information to help consumers
                                                                    make informed decisions in
                                                                    creating a family, adopting or
                                                                    living child-free.
                                                                    In French and English
                                                                    $5.95 4/year

                            bout de papier                          Diplomat & International
                            Examining all aspects of                Canada
                            Canadian foreign policy and life        The respected source of
                            in the Foreign Service, bout de         information for Canada’s diplomats
                            papier provides a unique first-         and international community.
                            hand insight into the conduct and       An eclectic and interesting mix
                            evolution of Canadian diplomacy         of news, upcoming events and
                            and foreign service. Each issue         profiles of diplomats. Every issue
                            of this award-winning magazine          features authoritative articles
                            publishes stunning photographs,         about Canada’s foreign policy
                            regular departments and book            and international affairs, columns
                            reviews.                                by wine and food experts, book
                            In French and English                   reviews, Q & A, travelogues and
                            $4.50 4/year                            more.
                                                                    $5.95 4/year

                            Briarpatch                              Education Canada
                            A public issues magazine with a         The Canadian Education
                            fire in its belly and a commitment      Association’s flagship magazine,
                            to turning ideas into action.           Education Canada’s editorial
                            Fiercely independent and                stance stimulates thought and
                            frequently irreverent, Briarpatch       provides a forum for ideas
                            delves into today’s most pressing       and perspectives on current
                            issues from a radical, grassroots       educational issues. Organized
                            perspective, aiming always to           by themes, it provides readers
                            provoke, inspire and empower its        with articles of educational
                            readers.                                significance that are readable and
                            $6.00 6/year                            credible.
                                                                    $10.00 5/year
                                                                            Magazines Canada
Education Today                       Humanist Perspectives
The magazine for people who           Explores a wide range of
want to see how current trends in     contemporary issues from a
education are shaping Ontario’s       rational, humanistic point of
classrooms. The magazine              view. Appealing to the inquiring
delivers thought-provoking            mind, it rejects the supernatural
articles and informed commentary      and promotes critical thinking,
on issues from kindergarten to        with a balance of reason and

secondary school and from the         compassion.
boardroom to the classroom.           $5.95 4/year

$6.00 3/year

Exceptional Family                    Labour
The first national magazine           A bilingual journal holding no
dedicated exclusively to              rigid position on the definition of
the interests and concerns            labour. The editorial board hopes
of Canadian families with             to foster imaginative approaches
exceptional children. Exceptional     to both teaching and research in
Family has garnered critical          labour studies through an open
acclaim from parents, caregivers      exchange of viewpoints.
and service providers alike as        In French and English
a one-of-a kind resource. See         $20.00 2/year
for yourself what makes this
magazine so exceptional!
$6.00 4/year

Geez                                  Lake
Winner of an Utne Independent         Fiction, poetry, critical essays,
Press Award in 2009 for Best          interviews, reviews and visual arts
Spiritual Coverage and named          related to the environment. Lake
Western Canada’s Magazine of          is committed to high production
the Year in 2007, Geez is holy        values, a contemporary design
mischief in an age of fast faith,     and an editorial vision that is in
with the perfect blend of ad          search of exceptional art and
spoofs, journalism, commentary,       thought.
photos and art. And miraculously,     $12.95 2/year
$9.00 4/year

Homeschooler’s Guide                  LawNow
Connects families with resources      LawNow provides up-to-date,
from pre-school to post-secondary.    accurate and credible information,
It publishes programs, events,        interpretation and comment
products, services and articles       on the law, legal process and
related to education. The             the relationship of law to life
Homeschooler’s Guide is an            in Canada. It is written in the
excellent resource for all parents    everyday language of educated
concerned about their childs’         Canadians.
success in academics...and in life.   $4.95 6/year
$8.00 3/year

Magazines Canada

                       LRC: Literary Review of                   Outlook
                       Canada                                    Presents a left political
                       Canada’s leading magazine of              perspective in its articles, poems,
                       ideas, LRC features thought-              stories and reviews by writers
                       provoking book reviews, essays            from Canada, the US, Israel,
                       and poetry. Contributors include          France, Germany and Eastern
                       many of the country’s most                Europe, with contributions in
                       celebrated writers, from Sharon           translation from Yiddish and

                       Butala to Erna Paris, from Peter          Hebrew.
                       C. Newman to Rawi Hage. An                $5.00 6/year

                       award-winning look at history,
                       culture, politics and science.
                       $6.50 10/year

                       Maisonneuve                               Peace Magazine
                       Canada’s best kept secret,                Covers disarmament, conflict
                       featuring art, culture, politics and      resolution, non-violent sanctions,
                       stunning visuals. Eclectic stories        the United Nations, international
                       of national and international             law, conflicts and crises around
                       scope. More fun than poutine after        the world, profiles of activists and
                       midnight! Magazine of the Year            researchers, and controversies
                       honours in 2005 (National Mag             about development, population
                       Awards), 2006 (Editors’ Choice)           and environmental protection. Its
                       and 2007 (Canadian Newsstand              stories are technically accurate
                       Awards). Discover the little mag          and intelligible to any reader with
                       that could!                               a general education and some
                       $6.95 4/year                              interest in international affairs and
                                                                 global security.
                                                                 $4.95 4/year

                       New Socialist                             Reflet de Société
                       Ideas for radical change! Analysis        A news information and
                       and opinion from perspectives             awareness-seeking magazine
                       that are anti-capitalist, anti-           aimed at all generations,
                       sexist, anti-racist, pro-LGBT and         exploring the social realities
                       internationalist. New Socialist           of marginalized youth often
                       promotes socialism from                   overlooked by traditional
                       below—for a new society run by            media, through the testimonies,
                       ordinary people, rather than by the       journalistic enquiries and
                       drive for profit. It publishes articles   columns written by inmates,
                       with a Canadian focus as well as          street workers and committed
                       international coverage and analysis       citizens.
                       to understand and change today’s          In French
                       world.                                    $6.95 5/year
                       $4.95 4/year

                       Our Times                                 Ryerson Review of
                       Canada’s magazine about work              Journalism
                       and social justice. Each issue            For more than 25 years, the
                       strives to inform and inspire,            Review has offered readers an
                       with stories about people coming          unflinching look at Canadian
                       together to strengthen workers’           journalism. Mixing probing
                       rights and social justice—through         research, clear-eyed analysis and
                       decent-paying, safe jobs and              entertaining prose, Review stories
                       high-quality public services.             answer the question: What does
                       $4.75 6/year                              it mean for Canadian journalism
                                                                 today? The magazine appeals
                                                                 to both journalists and thoughtful
                                                                 consumers of journalism. In 2009,
                                                                 it won six awards.
                                                                 $5.95 2/year
                                                                           Magazines Canada
Socialist Worker                     Upping the Anti
Every three weeks, Socialist         A radical journal published
Worker analyzes politics and the     twice a year by a pan-Canadian
state of the economy. It helps       collective of activists and
build campaigns against war and      organizers. It is dedicated to
capitalism. Covering the struggles   publishing radical theory and
of students and workers, Socialist   analysis about struggles against
Worker is part of the fight for a    capitalism, imperialism and all

better world based on human          forms of oppression. It publishs
need, not corporate greed.           theoretical and critical articles,

$2.00 17/year                        interviews and roundtables. UTI
                                     also includes a book review
                                     section where activists assess
                                     new writing on the Left.
                                     $10.00 2/year

Spacing                              Watershed Sentinel
Focuses on the joys, obstacles       Offers an award-winning mix
and politics of Toronto’s urban      of bio-regional and global
landscape. Articles often focus      perspectives on environmental,
on architecture, city hall, urban    health and sustainability topics.
issues, transportation and the       The Watershed Sentinel
people who bring the city to         focuses on how we affect our
life. Spacing was named Small        world—from logging and fishing
Magazine of the Year in 2007,        practices to how we treat our
2008 and 2009 by the Canadian        air and water—and on the
Society of Magazine Editors.         solutions that will eventually
$8.00 3/year                         create a sustainable society. An
                                     independent magazine published
                                     in BC since 1991.
                                     $4.50 5/year

This Magazine                        Windspeaker
Gives you a genuinely fresh take     Canada’s national Aboriginal
on Canadian politics, culture        news source. Published since
and arts. You get writing that’s     1983, Windspeaker is the most
alive with personality, attitude     critically acclaimed Aboriginal
and wit. Plus, award-winning         publication in North America. It
commentary from some of              regularly covers the top news
Canada’s most established            stories of relevance to Aboriginal
writers and the best new voices      Peoples and their communities
you won’t find elsewhere. All this   throughout Canada. Windspeaker
and investigative journalism on      also includes regular columns and
the issues most magazines won’t      opinions, plus features on culture,
touch.                               sport, entertainment, education
$5.95 6/year                         and careers.
                                     $5.00 12/year

University Affairs                   Your Workplace
The most trusted news source         Award-winning Your Workplace
for Canada’s universities. Its       delivers thoughtful, provocative
readers—academics and their          and informative articles aimed
university colleagues—are among      at busy working individuals. It
the country’s best-educated,         informs and entertains readers
demanding editorial excellence       with topics of relevance to their
with every issue. Its contributors   work and personal lives. Your
include faculty, administrators      Workplace provides everyday
and graduate students, as well       solutions for workplace concerns
as some of the best journalists      and solutions for balancing life
working in Canada today.             and work.
$4.50 10/year                        $8.50 8/year

Magazines Canada

                              Acadiensis                            DA: The Devil’s Artisan
                              Original research articles in         Founded to present information
                              Acadiensis present the most           on the craft of printing and
                              recent findings by scholars           bookmaking, on bibliographic
                              in Atlantic regional studies.         and historic matters and on
                              Documents and research notes          communicative, sociological
                              offer insight into new sources and    and technical subjects related
                              neglected areas of investigation.     to printing. Over the past 25

                              Reviews and critical essays focus     years the scope of the journal
                              on recent publications and major      has broadened, from an early

                              issues in Canadian studies.           technical focus to its current role
                              $9.95 2/year                          as a journal of the printing arts.
                                                                    $11.00 2/year

                              Bad Day                               Inroads
                              Have a good day with this             Every May and November, articles
                              Toronto-based quarterly arts          and columns by leading authorities
                              magazine that features interviews     on politics, economics society
                              with contemporary artists and         and culture tackle the issues that
                              musicians working in a variety of     concern—and divide—Canadians.
                              media, with a special focus on        Edited, since 1992, with the non-
                              emerging talent.                      specialist reader in mind, Inroads
                              $8.00 4/year                          cuts across ideological lines. Both
                                                                    its content and design—144 pages,
                                                                    with perfect binding, full-colour
                                                                    cover and award-winning photos—
                                                                    make this journal indispensable for
                                                                    every Canadian newsstand!
                                                                    $14.95 2/year

                              Canadian Journal of                   Journal of the Association
                              History                               for Research on Mothering
                              Publishing high-quality historical    An integral part of community
                              scholarship about all periods and     building for researchers,
                              all countries (except Canada)         academics, activists and
                              since 1966. Each issue normally       mothers interested in the topic of
                              features four full-length articles,   motherhood. Each issue highlights
                              review articles and up to 60 book     a particular motherhood topic and
                              reviews. The CJH is an important      showcases the best in maternal
                              academic resource covering            scholarship. Through poetry,
                              the full breadth of the historical    photography and artwork, the
                              discipline.                           Journal gives voice to women’s
                              In French and English                 lived experiences of mothering in
                              $14.00 3/year                         all their complexity and diversity.
                                                                    $18.00 2/year

                              Canadian Woman Studies                Mosaic
                              A feminist journal that brings        The leading forum for innovative
                              its readers comprehensive             scholarship and exploration of
                              coverage of feminism around           emerging trends in literary theory
                              the world through articles, book      and criticism, bringing insights
                              reviews, poetry, photography          from a wide variety of disciplines
                              and art. From activism at the         to bear on literary texts, cultural
                              grassroots to academic research       climates, topical issues, divergent
                              on current feminist issues, CWS       art forms and modes of creative
                              is essential reading for feminists    activity.
                              everywhere.                           $24.95 4/year
                              In English and French
                              $15.00 3/year
                              $22.50 1/year (double issue)
                                                                                       Magazines Canada
Newfoundland and                                  SCL: Studies in Canadian
Labrador Studies                                  Literature
Publishes essays about                            A scholarly journal providing a
the society and culture of                        forum for incisive criticism of
Newfoundland and Labrador. It                     Canadian literature in English and
also reprints original manuscripts,               French, under the direction of a
reviews regional books and an                     distinguished editorial board, and
annual bibliography of works by                   refereed by an advisory board of

local authors or by others who                    international scholars.
write about the province.                         In French and English

$13.00 2/year                                     $15.00 2/year

A unique journal that explores
the intersection of contemporary
issues with art and visual culture,
Public is stunningly designed,
featuring compelling essays,
critical perspectives and artist
projects. With contributions from
prestigious artists, intellectuals
and emerging creators, Public
is for readers with a passion for
critical thought and art.
$17.95 2/year

Queen’s Quarterly
Every three months, the Queen’s
Quarterly reviews and debates
the important events that
shape the cultural, political and
intellectual life of the country.
$6.50 4/year

                                      aux Amis des
Resources for Feminist
One of the oldest feminist
publications in Canada, each
issue of Resources for Feminist
Research is bilingual and
contains articles of feminist
research, reviews and abstracts
of Canadian feminist periodicals
and bibliographies, making it a
comprehensive research tool in
the field of Canadian women’s
In French and English
$20.00 2/year

Magazines Canada

                                Antigonish Review, The                 Capilano Review, The
                                A creative literary quarterly          With a 37-year history of
                                publishing poetry, fiction, critical   publishing new and established
                                articles and reviews. The              Canadian writers and artists
                                Antigonish Review considers            who are experimenting with or
                                stories, poetry and essays             expanding the boundaries of
                                from anywhere—original or in           conventional forms and contexts,
                                translation—but considers it           The Capilano Review favours

                                its mandate to encourage and           the risky, the provocative and the
                                publish new and emerging               innovative.

                                Canadian writers with special          $14.00 3/year
                                consideration for those writers
                                from the Atlantic region who might
                                otherwise go unrecognized.
                                $10.00 4/year

                                Arc                                    Carousel
                                For 30 years, Arc has been             A hybrid literary and arts
                                bringing great poetry to readers       magazine representing new and
                                across Canada and beyond.              established Canadian artists, with
                                Arc finds the brave new voices,        some international contributions
                                digs up the dead and too-soon-         also included in every issue.
                                forgotten. Arc tackles the burning     Carousel’s compelling design
                                questions: What is hockey poetry       strategy aims to be fully
                                really about? What’s with this         representative of its editorial
                                ghazal fad? Featuring poetry           philosophy, one that highlights a
                                that’s woozy, yap-happy, cunning       comfortable merging of textual
                                and smoking, and prose that            and visual content.
                                offers a new perspective on the        $10.00 2/year
                                verse you thought you knew.
                                $9.95 3/year

                                Brick                                  Claremont Review, The
                                Featuring a great many of the          Publishing since 1982, The
                                world’s best-loved writers, Brick      Claremont Review showcases
                                has readers in every corner of         the work of young adult
                                the planet. Both up-to-date and        writers, including poems, short
                                deeply engaged with what has           stories and plays, graphic arts,
                                come before, the magazine prizes       photography and interviews.
                                the personal voice and celebrates      It reflects their issues and
                                opinion, passion, revelation and       concerns: the music they listen
                                the occasional bad joke. Brick         to; a rising political awareness;
                                is edited by Michael Ondaatje,         the homes they come from;
                                Michael Helm, Michael Redhill,         the future they are trying to
                                Linda Spalding, Esta Spalding          imagine…
                                and Rebecca Silver Slayter.            $10.00 2/year
                                $15.00 2/year

                                Canadian Stories                       CNQ: Canadian Notes &
                                Contains memoirs,                      Queries
                                reminiscences, brief biographies,      Records literary, artistic and
                                trip accounts, short stories and       cultural history; publishes profiles
                                poems written by Canadians             of and interviews with writers
                                about Canadians. The editorial         and artists; reviews important
                                goal is to provide easy-reading        Canadian books, re-asserts
                                Canadian folk stories for all ages.    the importance of bibliography
                                $10.00 6/year                          as a useful tool in literature,
                                                                       reconsiders our artistic and
                                                                       literary past and illuminates the
                                                                       machinations of both the literary
                                                                       and artistic worlds in Canada.
                                                                       $7.95 2/year
                                                                              Magazines Canada
CV2: Contemporary Verse 2               Event
Not just poetry; it is about what       Featuring the very best in
matters in poetry today—the             contemporary writing from
writing, the poets and the issues.      Canada and abroad. From literary
With its collection of new poetry,      heavyweights to up-and-comers,
in-depth interviews, essays and         Event has consistently published
reviews, CV2 offers readers one of      award-winning fiction, poetry,
the most well-rounded discussions       non-fiction, notes on writing and

of contemporary poetics available       reviews for four decades—all
today. Thoughtful, provocative and      topped off by stunning Canadian

ranging in style from experimental      cover art. Event is also home to
to traditional lyric. Featuring poets   Canada’s longest-running annual
such as Tom Wayman, Emily Carr          non-fiction contest.
and Jim Nason.                          $9.95 3/year
$8.00 4/year

Dalhousie Review, The                   Exile
Publishes short fiction and poetry,     A 170- to 190-page journal
essays and book reviews, from both      presenting many diverse voices,
new and established writers around      and the most distinctive new work
the world. Entertaining, interesting    by emerging, mid-career and
and stimulating to readers with         established authors and artists,
a broad range of interests and          while drawing material (literature,
backgrounds.                            poetry, drama, work in translation,
$10.00 3/year                           and the fine arts) from French and
                                        English Canada, as well as from
                                        the US, Europe, Latin America,
                                        the Middle East and Asia. Since
                                        1972, Exile has presented over
                                        1,000 contributions.
                                        $14.95 4/year

dANDelion                               Existere
Publishes innovative,                   An exciting and fully revitalized
experimental and non-traditional        journal of arts and literature
literary and visual artwork by          offering great poetry, short
Canadian and international              stories, interviews, essays,
artists, with a special interest        reviews and artwork from around
in mixed-genre and mixed-form           the world.
pieces.                                 $8.50 2/year
$10.00 2/year

Descant                                 Feathertale Review, The
An exquisite journal representing       Perhaps best described as a
the best of Canadian arts and           bastardization of Mad Magazine
letters. For the past four decades,     and the old Saturday Evening
Descant has published new and           Post, The Feathertale Review
exclusive short fiction, poetry         packages innovative design with
and portfolios of fine art and          edgy humour, cartoons, poetry
photography from exceptional            and fiction in a style altogether
Canadian authors and aesthetes.         uncommon among modern-day
$15.00 4/year                           publications. If ever there was
                                        a funny magazine for everyone,
                                        this is it.
                                        $10.00 2/year

Magazines Canada

                       Fiddlehead, The                        Grain
                       Atlantic Canada’s international        A literary journal publishing
                       literary journal. It has surprised     engaging, eclectic and challenging
                       and delighted readers in Canada        writing and art by Canadian and
                       and across the world for over          international writers and artists.
                       sixty years with its stories, poems,   Published by the Saskatchewan
                       reviews and occasional essays.         Writers Guild, Grain has earned
                       Many now well-known writers such       national and international

                       as Alistair MacLeod, Al Moritz and     recognition for its distinctive
                       Anne Simpson found an early            content. No bias in terms of form,

                       and enthusiastic welcome in the        style or genre. Editors welcome
                       pages of The Fiddlehead. “The          submissions that are diverse,
                       Fiddlehead is an essential part of     idiosyncratic, intelligent, even
                       Canada’s literary life,” says John     idea- or concept-driven.
                       Metcalf.                               $9.95 4/year
                       $10.00 4/year

                       filling Station                        Maisonneuve
                       Presents innovative and original       Canada’s best kept secret,
                       poetry, fiction, fine art and          featuring art, culture, politics and
                       literary journalism with explosive     stunning visuals. Eclectic stories
                       tendencies. A noble non-profit         of national and international
                       fully serviced by attendants based     scope. More fun than poutine after
                       in Calgary, but with focus on          midnight! Magazine of the Year
                       Canada’s writing community at          honours in 2005 (National Mag
                       large, filling Station is created by   Awards), 2006 (Editors’ Choice)
                       you, for you, and is the best place    and 2007 (Canadian Newsstand
                       to fuel up your inspiration engine.    Awards). Discover the little mag
                       The black gold coursing through        that could!
                       its pages is exactly the treasure      $6.95 4/year
                       you’ve been seeking!
                       $8.00 3/year

                       FreeFall                               Malahat Review, The
                       A straight-forward excellent           One of Canada’s most acclaimed
                       read! Each issue of Freefall is        literary magazines, publishing the
                       filled with quality fiction, poetry,   best and most thought-provoking
                       non-fiction, drama, author focus,      poetry, fiction and creative non-
                       interviews and literary reviews.       fiction by emerging and established
                       The high-contrast black and white      writers from across Canada and
                       format showcases accessible            around the world. It is a barometer
                       creative work relevant to human        and incubator of talent, recognized
                       experience while exploring unique      in 2009 with four 2008 National
                       narrative voices.                      Magazine Awards. Right from its
                       $12.95 2/year                          first issue in 1967, The Malahat
                                                              Review has defined excellence in
                                                              $11.95 4/year

                       Geist                                  Matrix
                       Smart, funny and Canadian,             For 33 years, Matrix has
                       Geist brings you high-                 presented the finest in
                       calibre, user-friendly writing,        fiction, poetry, commentary
                       photography, reviews, comics,          and photography. Among its
                       poetry and essays. Home to             contributors: Anne Carson; Nino
                       the Erotic Map of Canada, the          Ricci; Patrick Lane; Roo Borson;
                       Home Sweet Haiku Contest               Lorna Crozier; Christian Bok;
                       and the world’s most diabolical        Tomson Highway; Dennis Lee;
                       crossword puzzle, Geist was            Carol Shields; Heather O’Neill;
                       named Western Canada                   Pasha Malla and Stuart Ross.
                       Magazine of the Year in 2001           $8.00 3/year
                       and 2003.
                       $5.95 4/year
                                                                             Magazines Canada
Nashwaak Review, The                  Open Letter
Publishes original poetry,            Canada’s only magazine focused
short fiction, travel pieces,         entirely on literary and cultural
essays, articles and reviews.         theory, and the poetics of
The Nashwaak Review also              avant-garde writing. Contributors
reproduces photography and            range from Margaret Atwood to
paintings in black and white.         Yasmin Ladha, and covers topics
Covers are by living Canadian         as diverse as performance art

artists and are reproduced in         and racialization to the poetry of
colour. Since its founding in 1994,   Michael Ondaatje and the stories

it has been a venue for artists and   of Alice Munro.
critics.                              $9.00 3/year
$20.00 1/year

Neo-opsis                             Other Voices
A digest-size quarterly science       A magazine of contemporary
fiction magazine published out        writing and visual art from
of Victoria. In addition to short     emerging and established artists.
stories, Neo-opsis contains           $12.00 2/year
factual articles related to science
and science fiction, reviews
of books and movies, interior
illustrations, a full-colour cover,
as well as editorials and opinion
$7.95 4/year

New Quarterly, The                    Pilot Pocket Book
An award-winning literary             An illustrated literary magazine
magazine, publishing the best         of exciting and distinct writing
in Canadian fiction, poetry and       and illustrations by Canadian and
conversation for 28 years.            international talents. Now featuring
$12.00 4/year                         colour portfolios and interviews
                                      with iconic underground artists,
                                      Pilot offers a rare glimpse into the
                                      studio of the philosophical image-
                                      maker. The elegant small format
                                      book will fit in anyone’s pocket
                                      or purse. Pilot Pocket Book is a
                                      sparkling good read; new writing
                                      for the plane, train or subway ride.
                                      $15.00 2/year

On Spec                               Prairie Fire
Publishing award-winning and          The work featured in Prairie Fire
thought-provoking literature of       is a testament to the brilliance
the fantastic since 1989. Its short   and diversity of contemporary
stories and poetry cover a wide       Canadian writing. Prairie Fire
range of literary genres, including   is loaded with stories, poems,
hard science fiction, high fantasy,   creative non-fiction, articles
dark fantasy, horror and magic        and interviews with Canadian
realism. On Spec will take you on     authors. Prairie Fire is dedicated
a journey that you will not soon      to launching new talent and
forget.                               featuring the work of favourite
$6.95 4/year                          celebrated writers. “The best little
                                      magazine in Canada today!” says
                                      Sandra Birdsell.
                                      $11.95 4/year

Magazines Canada

                       Prairie Journal, The                 Rampike
                       Prairie views for non-linear         Features post-modern
                       minds. The diverse and the           international literary talent
                       divergent make this unbound          including Paul Auster, John
                       Alberta magazine boundless.          Bemrose, George Bowering,
                       Each issues features interviews,     Christian Bök, Nicole Brossard,
                       reviews, drama, creative non-        Jack Hodgins, Jacques Derrida,
                       fiction, narratives, the personal    Umberto Eco, Linda Hutcheon,

                       essay, metafiction, humour and       Thomas King, Julia Kristeva, and
                       anthologies. All indexed since       Alistair MacLeod.

                       1983.                                $5.00 1/year
                       $5.00 2/year

                       Prism International                  Rhubarb
                       Publishes the best in fiction,       An independent magazine of
                       poetry, non-fiction, drama and       quality writing and art giving
                       translation. Published quarterly     expression to a loosely defined
                       since 1959, Prism has featured       Mennonite voice. Themed issues
                       Margaret Atwood, Raymond             have featured writers such as
                       Carver, Gabriel Garcia Marquez,      Rudy Wiebe, Sandra Birdsell,
                       Joyce Carol Oates and many           David Bergen, Miriam Toews and
                       others. Each issue features          artists such as Gathie Falk and
                       stunning cover art by the likes of   Wanda Koop. Recipes too!
                       Mark Ryden, Mark Mothersbaugh        $8.00 4/year
                       and The Clayton Brothers.
                       $10.00 4/year

                       Quill & Quire                        Ricepaper
                       Keeps its readers up-to-date on      Published by the Asian Canadian
                       Canada’s exciting book publishing    Writers’ Workshop, Ricepaper
                       scene and provides the earliest      is an arts and literary quarterly
                       and most complete look at new        devoted to showcasing Asian
                       Canadian books, with more than       Canadian artists, writers,
                       700 titles reviewed each year.       performers and innovators.
                       $5.95 10/year                        $5.95 4/year

                       QWERTY                               Riddle Fence
                       Find the freshest work of the        A journal of arts and
                       contemporary art scene between       culture based in St. John’s,
                       its covers. QWERTY publishes         Newfoundland, Riddle Fence
                       new and innovative poetry, prose     publishes high-quality essays,
                       and visual art by emerging and       poems, short fiction, reviews,
                       established artists alike.           interviews and artwork.
                       $9.00 2/year                         $10.00 3/year
                                                                             Magazines Canada
Room                                  Vancouver Review
Room is a forum where women           The city magazine of Canada’s
can connect creatively through        third largest and most dynamic
literature and art. The works         metropolis. As entertaining as
published in Room capture             it is authoritative, Vancouver
the multiplicity of women’s           Review watches people, dissects
experiences and inspire thought-      trends, tells stories and finds and
provoking conversation. Carol         assesses consumer offerings; in

Shields, Joan Givner and Lorna        short it navigates the depths and
Crozier are just a few of the         shallows of urban existence for a

Canadian writers who have             readership that is fully engaged in
appeared in Room since its            the life of their city.
inception in 1975.                    $4.95 11/year
$9.00 4/year

subTerrain                            West Coast Line
“Strong words for a polite            Publishes and promotes the work
nation.” subTerrain combines          of contemporary writers and artists
unconventional fiction, non-          who are pushing the boundaries
fiction, poetry and commentary        of conventional text and image-
with striking visual art and          based art. West Coast Line is
photography. The result is a          particularly interested in work
magazine that breaks rules            dealing with current socio-cultural
and pushes boundaries while           issues: identity and the effects of
providing a platform for new and      globalization; emigration and exile.
unusual creative talent.              Also includes visual cultural and
$6.95 3/year                          other media alongside poetry and
                                      $12.00 4/year

Taddle Creek                          White Wall Review
Canada’s only “city” literary         Featuring Nicole Brossard,
magazine, featuring fiction and       Margaret Christakos—and many
poetry by authors residing in the     more, The White Wall Review is
Toronto area (and occasionally        devoted to publishing innovative
beyond). Taddle Creek also            visual and verbal artists. Since
offers a unique mix of comics,        1975, Ryerson University’s
essays, profiles, illustrations and   journal of literature and art has
photographic spreads. Founded         combined international works,
in 1997, Taddle Creek has been        interviews with cutting-edge
nominated for eight National          artists and the art and production
Magazine Awards, long-listed for      of Ryerson’s own community.
the Journey Prize and been named      $10.00 1/year
Toronto’s best literary magazine by
Now, the city’s independent weekly.
$4.95 2/year

Upping the Anti                       Windsor Review, The
A radical journal published           Brings its readers works from
twice a year by a pan-Canadian        David Helwig, Armand Garnet
collective of activists and           Ruffo, Jeanette Lynes and John
organizers. It is dedicated to        B. Lee. Interviews with writers
publishing radical theory and         such as Alistair MacLeod, James
analysis about struggles against      Reaney, and original art portfolios
capitalism, imperialism and all       on such themes as Aboriginal art.
forms of oppression. It publishes     Text image and installation art are
theoretical and critical articles,    also included.
interviews and roundtables. UTI       $15.00 2/year
also includes a book review
section where activists assess
new writing on the Left.
$10.00 2/year

Magazines Canada   Recreation

                                Athletics                              Cottage
                                Gives you all the information          Written for and by cabin and
                                on national and international          cottage owners, Cottage is
                                track and field. The Inside Track      packed with entertaining features,
                                column, written by Canada’s            fascinating projects and practical
                                foremost analyst Cecil Smith,          info on every aspect of western
                                provides insights and provocative      Canadian country living—for the
                                viewpoints, analysis, race listings,   weekend cottager or the year-

                                rankings and results, plus photos      round resident. From renovations
                                of track and field, road-running       to recipes, power sources to

                                and cross-country.                     pest control, weather to wildlife,
                                $3.00 8/year                           Cottage will entertain and inform.
                                                                       $5.50 7/year

                                Breathe                                Cottage Life
                                Take a look into the lifestyle of      For and about cottagers. Enjoy
                                those involved in adventure and        the lake year-round with Cottage
                                endurance sports with Breathe. Full    Life. In each issue, find answers
                                of personal stories of competitive     to cottage questions, ideas for
                                and non-competitive adventures         cottage design or redesign,
                                and expeditions, objective             delicious recipes, stories of other
                                interpretations of industry trends,    interesting cottagers and some
                                training tips for beginners, new       wildlife too.
                                product spotlights and lifestyle-      $5.95 6/year
                                specific food recipes. Immerse
                                yourself in the intricacies of those
                                who aspire to push their bodies to
                                limits in pursuit of personal goals.
                                $4.99 4/year

                                Canadian Geographic                    Cottager, The
                                One of Canada’s most award-            Celebrates cottage living for
                                winning magazines! Filled with         owners of recreational property
                                stunning colour photography,           in Manitoba and Northwestern
                                fascinating articles and specially     Ontario. The Cottager profiles
                                commissioned maps, each                unique cottages, people and
                                issue of Canadian Geographic           issues around lakeside living
                                magazine lets you travel the           —from real estate trends and
                                country without leaving home.          renovations, to boating, fishing
                                You’ll discover Canada’s people        and outdoor activities. Highlights
                                and cities, our wildlife and           the latest in cottage-related
                                wilderness, our history and the        products, style and do-it-yourself
                                beauty of our land.                    projects, plus a regular feature on
                                $6.95 6/year                           a specific part of cottage country.
                                                                       $4.95 4/year

                                Color                                  explore
                                Showcases those who inspire us         Canada’s outdoor travel and
                                in all aspects and possibilities of    adventure magazine. Every
                                Skateboard Culture. Presented          issue provides new ideas,
                                in the highest graphic and bound       inspiration and new destinations
                                quality, it provides a timeless        to enjoy; delivering the best
                                product that features the life we      outdoor adventures in Canada,
                                live and illustrates the pride we      Annual National Parks Specials
                                share for a culture sprouted from      and fascinating profiles of
                                a plank on four wheels.                outdoor adventurers. Plus tips,
                                $7.99 4/year                           techniques and gear for the next
                                                                       big travel adventure.
                                                                       $5.95 6/year

                                                                                                Magazines Canada
                     Going Natural/Au Naturel              ON Nature
                     Presents naturist/nudist activities   Published by Ontario Nature, ON
                     in Canada, the US and other           Nature brings readers closer to
                     countries—at clubs, resorts,          nature by exploring natural areas
                     parks, beaches and at home!           and wildlife and providing insight
                     Each issue is packed with news,       into current environmental issues.
                     views and photos including            Each issue features in-depth
                     articles, reviews, cartoons and       articles by top environmental

                     more.                                 journalists and stunning colour
                     In English with some French           photography.

                     $7.95 4/year                          $4.99 4/year
Magazines Canada   Women

                           Canadian Woman Studies                 Journal of the Association
                           A feminist journal that brings         for Research on Mothering
                           its readers comprehensive              An integral part of community
                           coverage of feminism around            building for researchers,
                           the world through articles, book       academics, activists and
                           reviews, poetry, photography           mothers interested in the topic of
                           and art. From activism at the          motherhood. Each issue highlights
                           grassroots to academic research        a particular motherhood topic and

                           on current feminist issues, CWS        showcases the best in maternal
                           is essential reading for feminists     scholarship. Through poetry,

                           everywhere.                            photography and artwork, the
                           In English and French                  Journal gives voice to women’s
                           $15.00 3/year                          lived experiences of mothering in
                           $22.50 1/year (double issue)           all their complexity and diversity.
                                                                  $18.00 2/year

                           Creating Families                      Resources for Feminist
                           The only Canadian magazine             Research
                           dedicated to helping the               One of the oldest feminist
                           thousands of Canadian men              publications in Canada, each
                           and women dealing with                 issue of Resources for Feminist
                           the devastating physical,              Research is bilingual and
                           psychological and financial            contains articles of feminist
                           effects associated with issues of      research, reviews and abstracts
                           infertility. It provides a wealth of   of Canadian feminist periodicals
                           information to help consumers          and bibliographies, making it a
                           make informed decisions in             comprehensive research tool in
                           creating a family, adopting or         the field of Canadian women’s
                           living child-free.                     studies.
                           In English and French                  In French and English
                           $5.95 4/year                           $20.00 2/year

                           Exceptional Family                     Room
                           The first national magazine            A forum where women can
                           dedicated exclusively to               connect creatively through
                           the interests and concerns             literature and art. The works
                           of Canadian families with              published in Room capture
                           exceptional children. Exceptional      the multiplicity of women’s
                           Family has garnered critical           experiences and inspire thought-
                           acclaim from parents, caregivers       provoking conversation. Carol
                           and service providers alike as         Shields, Joan Givner and Lorna
                           a one-of-a kind resource. See          Crozier are just a few of the
                           for yourself what makes this           Canadian writers who have
                           magazine so exceptional!               appeared in Room since its
                           $6.00 4/year                           inception in 1975.
                                                                  $9.00 4/year

                           Hearts of the Country                  Women & Environments
                           A new magazine for rural               International
                           Canadian women. Hearts of the          For over 30 years, W & E
                           Country is the only Canadian           International has explored our
                           product on the market that             global and community realities
                           caters to a rural audience. The        through essays, interviews, event
                           magazine has begun to take on a        updates and worldwide research
                           national flavour with contributors     as well as book reviews, art and
                           from coast to coast. Stories focus     poetry. It publishes feminist views
                           on rural lifestyles, entrepreneurs,    on how women interact, progress,
                           communities, issues and                challenge and harmonize within
                           organizations, with recipes, crafts    their built, social and natural
                           and other tidbits of information.      environments.
                           $4.95 6/year                           $6.95 4/year


                                                                                                                                                    Magazines Canada
         Abilities                            16, 24   Diplomat & International Canada            24   Other Voices                            33
         Aboriginal Business                  12, 16   Documentation sur la recherche féministe 18     Our Times                               26
         Acadiensis                               28   Downhome                                   14   Outlook                             17, 26
         Accenti                                  16   Education Canada                           24   Outpost                                 15
         Affaires universtaires                   18   Education Today                            25   OWL                                     13

         Alternatives                             24   Elite Wine, Food & Travel              14, 21   Peace Magazine                          26
         Annuales canadiennes d’histoire          18   ÉLC: Études en littérature canadienne      18   Photosho                                10

         Antigonish Review, The                   30   ESPACE                                  8, 19   Pilot Pocket Book                       33
         Arc                                      30   Event                                      31   POV: Point of View                      10
         Athletics                                36   Exceptional Family                 16, 25, 38   Prairie Fire                            33
         Bad Day                                  28   Exile                                      31   Prairie Journal, The                    34
         BC Business                              12   Existere                                   31   Prairies North                          15
         Beaver, The                              20   explore                                14, 36   Prefix Photo                            10
         Best Books for Kids and Teens 2009       12   Faith Today                                16   Prism International                     34
         BlackFlash                                7   Feathertale Review, The                20, 31   Public                              10, 29
         Border Crossings                          7   Fiddlehead, The                            32   Queen’s Plate                           23
         bout de papier                       18, 24   filling Station                            32   Queen’s Quarterly                       29
         Breathe                                  36   FreeFall                                   32   Quill & Quire                       12, 34
         Briarpatch                               24   Front                                       8   QWERTY                                  34
         Brick                                    30   Fuse                                        8   Rampike                                 34
         Broken Pencil                            21   Fusion                                      9   Reflet de Société                   19, 26
         C Magazine                                7   Geez                                       25   Resources for Feminist Research     29, 38
         Les cahiers de la femme                  18   Geist                                  20, 32   Revue canadienne d’études
         Canadian Art                              7   Georgian Bay Today                         15     cinématographiques                    19
         Canadian Aviator                         21   Goats Across Canada                        23   Rhubarb                             17, 34
         Canadian Children’s Book News            12   Going Natural / Au naturel                 37   Ricepaper                           17, 34
         Canadian Coin News                       21   Grain                                      32   Riddle Fence                            34
         Canadian Dimension                       24   Hearts of the Country                  21, 38   Room                                35, 38
         Canadian Geographic                  20, 36   Homeschooler’s Guide                       25   Ryerson Review of Journalism            26
         Canadian Geographic Travel               14   Horse Canada                               23   Saltscapes                              15
         Canadian Home Trends                     20   Horse Country                              23   Saltscapes Travel Guide                 15
         Canadian Horse Journal, The              23   Horse Sport                                23   SCL: Studies in Canadian Literature     29
         Canadian Journal of Film Studies          7   Humanist Perspectives                      25   SkyNews                                 21
         Canadian Journal of History              28   IAQ: Inuit Art Quarterly                    9   Socialist Worker                        27
         Canadian Screenwriter                     7   Inroads                                    28   Spacing                                 27
         Canadian Stamp News                      21   Inter, art actuel                       9, 19   Studio                                  10
         Canadian Stories                         30   Journal of the Association                      subTerrain                              35
         Canadian Thoroughbred                    23       for Research on Mothering          28, 38   Swedish Press                           17
         Canadian Woman Studies               28, 38   Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids 13    Taddle Creek                            35
         Capilano Review, The                     30   Labour                                     25   TAPS                                    21
         Carousel                              7, 30   Lake: a Journal of Arts and Environment 25      This Magazine                           27
         Catholic Insight                         16   LawNow                                 12, 25   Tidings                                 22
         CelticLife                               16   LRC: Literary Review of Canada         20, 26   Le Travail                              19
         chickaDEE                                13   Maisonneuve                        20, 26, 32   United Church Observer, The             17
         chirp                                    13   Malahat Review, The                        32   University Affairs                      27
         Cinema Scope                              7   Matrix                                     32   Upper Canadian Antique Showcase, The 22
         Claremont Review, The                13, 30   Mercado News                               16   Upping The Anti                     27, 35
         CNQ: Canadian Notes & Queries            30   Montage                                     9   Vancouver Review                        35
         Color                                13, 36   Mosaic                                     28   Verge                                   15
         Cottage                              14, 36   MUSE                                    9, 19   Vernissage                          10, 19
         Cottage Life                         14, 36   Musicworks                                  9   Vie des arts                        11, 19
         Cottager, The                        14, 36   Muskoka Magazine                           15   Vie des arts (English)                  11
         Country Connection, The                  14   Nashwaak Review, The                       33   Vines                                   22
         Coupe                                     8   Neo-opsis                                  33   Visual Arts News                        11
         Creating Families                    24, 38   New Quarterly, The                         33   Watershed Sentinel                      27
         Créons des familles                      18   New Socialist                              26   West Coast Line                         35
         CV ciel variable                      8, 18   Newfoundland and Labrador Studies          29   Western Horse Review                    23
         CV2: Contemporary Verse 2                31   Notebook                                    9   White Wall Review                       35
         DA: The Devil’s Artisan               8, 28   ON Nature                              15, 37   Windsor Review, The                     35
         Dalhousie Review, The                    31   On Site                                     9   Windspeaker                         17, 27
         Dance Current, The                        8   On Spec                                    33   Women & Environments International      38
         Dance International                       8   Open Letter                                33   YES MAG                                 13
         dANDelion                                31   Opera Canada                               10   Your Workplace                      12, 27
         Descant                                  31   Ornamentvm                                 10   Zamoof!                                 13
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                                                24002   The Country Connection
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 86217   Notebook                                                                              86040   Revue canadienne d’études
                                                86129   Elite Wine, Food & Travel                      cinématographiques
 86228   On Site
                                                70022   explore                                12001   Le Travail
 86234   Opera Canada
                                                79566   Georgian Bay Today                     86094   Vernissage
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                                                86045   Muskoka Magazine                       72412   Vie des arts
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                                                70057   Saltscapes                             88417   Canadian Geographic
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                                                57045   Saltscapes Travel Guide                27828   Canadian Home Trends
 86094   Vernissage
                                                86159   Verge                                  86168   The Feathertale Review
 02402   Vie des arts
                                                                                               86138   Geist
 86318   Vie des arts (English)
 86127   Visual Arts News                       Diversity                               qty    70322   LRC: Literary Review of Canada
                                                86008   Abilities                              00262   Maisonneuve
                                                86336   Aboriginal Business
 Business                                qty

 86336   Aboriginal Business
                                                73433   Accenti                                Hobbies                                    qty
                                                86070   Catholic Insight                       86028   Broken Pencil
 71647   BC Business
                                                86369   CelticLife                             57046   Canadian Aviator
70391    Canadian Coin News                      86317   Upping the Anti                        15005   On Spec

70392    Canadian Stamp News                     86324   Watershed Sentinel                     86375   Open Letter

86129    Elite Wine, Food & Travel               86330   Windspeaker                            86240   Other Voices

22492    Hearts of the Country                   86109   Your Workplace                         86253   Pilot Pocket Book

70190    SkyNews                                                                                16006   Prairie Fire

70214    TAPS                                    Journals                                 qty   16010   The Prairie Journal

91310    Tidings                                 86082   Acadiensis                             86361   Prism International

86039    The Upper Canadian Antique              86000   Bad Day                                86270   Quill & Quire
                                                 86134   Canadian Journal of History            86275   QWERTY
70448    Vines
                                                 86047   Canadian Woman Studies                 76400   Rampike

                                                 86101   DA: The Devil’s Artisan                76400   Rhubarb
Horse & Country                            qty
                                                                                                86343   Ricepaper
                                                 86161   Inroads
70080    The Canadian Horse Journal                                                             86276   Riddle Fence
                                                 86021   Journal of the Association for
86056    Canadian Thoroughbred                           Research on Mothering                  18003   Room
86199    Goats Across Canada                     86035   Mosaic                                 90145   subTerrain
71696    Horse Canada                            86359   Newfoundland and Labrador              86042   Taddle Creek
27830    Horse Country                                                                          86317   Upping The Anti
                                                 86362   Public
72182    Horse Sport                                                                            70473   Vancouver Review
                                                 86038   Queen’s Quarterly
86098    The Queen’s Plate                                                                      23003   West Coast Line
                                                 86371   Resources for Feminist
70369    Western Horse Review                            Research                               86132   White Wall Review
                                                 86015   SCL: Studies in Canadian               86051   The Windsor Review
Issues                                     qty

86008    Abilities                                                                              Recreation                               qty
                                                 Literature                               qty
86007    Alternatives                                                                           20158   Athletics
                                                 86011   The Antigonish Review
86030    bout de papier                                                                         70917   Breathe
                                                 86001   Arc
02007    Briarpatch                                                                             86122   Canadian Geographic
                                                 86022   Brick
86054    Canadian Dimension                                                                     58053   Color
                                                 86122   Canadian Stories
86173    Creating Families                                                                      81177   Cottage
                                                 86055   The Capilano Review
86135    Diplomat & International Canada                                                        70116   Cottage Life
                                                 86032   Carousel
86099    Education Canada                                                                       85001   The Cottager
                                                 86348   The Claremont Review
86113    Education Today                                                                        70022   explore
                                                 86064   CNQ: Canadian Notes &
86164    Exceptional Family                              Querries                               86103   Going Natural
86157    Geez                                    03024   CV2: Contemporary Verse 2              70121   ON Nature
86167    Homeschooler’s Guide                    86136   The Dalhousie Review
86145    Humanist Perspectives                   86370   dANDelion                              Women                                    qty
12001    Labour                                  86100   Descant                                86047   Canadian Woman Studies
24452    Lake: A Journal of Arts &               05003   Event
         Entertainment                                                                          86173   Creating Families
                                                 86351   Exile                                  86164   Exceptional Family
86181    LawNow
                                                 86106   Existere                               22492   Hearts of the Country
70322    LRC: Literary Review of Canada
                                                 86168   The Feathertale Review                 86021   Journal of the Association for
00262    Maisonneuve
                                                                                                        Research on Mothering
                                                 06004   The Fiddlehead
86358    New Socialist
                                                                                                86371   Resources for Feminist
                                                 83652   filling Station                                Research
86232    Our Times
                                                 86179   FreeFall                               18003   Room
86240    Outlook
                                                 86138   Geist                                  86126   Women & Environments
86251    Peace Magazine
                                                 07002   Grain                                          International
01041    Reflet de Société
                                                 00262   Maisonneuve
86114    Ryerson Review of Journalism
                                                 13004   The Malahat Review
86296    Socialist Worker
                                                 86191   Matrix
86300    Spacing
                                                 86182   The Nashwaak Review
86310    This Magazine
                                                 86210   Neo-opsis
86316    University Affairs
                                                 86212   The New Quarterly
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