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True/False (Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.)

____    1. Information is a collection of raw facts, figures, and symbols given to a computer during the input operation.
____    2. The popular and affordable ink-jet printer works similarly to a copying machine by converting data from the
           computer into a beam of light that is focused on a photoconductor drum, forming the images to be printed.
____    3. Laser printers form a character by using a nozzle that sprays drops of ink onto the page.
____    4. When reading or writing, the read/write heads on a hard disk drive actually touch the surface of the disk.
____    5. Personal computer users seldom use application software.
____    6. Free software has value only if it would not have been purchased if it had not come with the computer.
____    7. Mail-order companies that sell computer systems by telephone or online via the Web often demand the highest
           prices but extend more personal service.
____    8. When purchasing a computer system, it is best to buy a system compatible with one used elsewhere.
____    9. Active-matrix screens display high-quality color that is viewable from all angles.
____ 10. A computer virus is a potentially damaging computer program designed to infect other software or files by
         attaching itself to the software or files with which it comes in contact.

Multiple Choice (Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.)

____ 11. All of the following are operations in the information processing cycle except __________.
         a. input and output                              c. process
         b. communication                                 d. storage

____ 12. In the accompanying figure, input devices __________.
         a. contain the electronic circuits that cause processing to occur
         b. make the information resulting from processing available for use
         c. allow data, programs, commands, and user responses to be entered into a computer
         d. consist of electronic components that store data
____ 13. In the accompanying figure, the central processing unit (CPU) __________.
         a. contains the electronic circuits that cause processing to occur
         b. makes the information resulting from processing available for use
         c. allows data, programs, commands, and user responses to be entered into a computer
         d. consists of electronic components that store data
____ 14. The speed of an ink-jet printer is measured by the number of __________ it can print.
         a. lines per minute (lpm)                        c. manuscripts per hour (mph)
         b. characters per second (cps)                   d. pages per minute (ppm)
____ 15. Two types of auxiliary storage devices more often used on personal computers are __________.
         a. keyboards and scanners                        c. monitors and printers
         b. floppy disks and hard disks                   d. control units and arithmetic logic units
____ 16. A(n) __________ is an erasable compact disc that can be written on multiple times.
         a. CD-ROM (compact disc read-only memory)
         b. CD-R (compact disc-recordable)
         c. CD-RW (compact disc-rewritable)
         d. DVD-ROM (digital video disc-ROM)
____ 17. All of the following except __________ are commonly used application system software.
         a. word processing software                      c. electronic spreadsheet software
         b. operating system software                     d. database software
____ 18. Database software allows users to __________.
         a. add, subtract, and perform user-defined calculations on rows and columns of numbers
         b. enter, retrieve, and update data in an organized and efficient manner
         c. create documents called slides to be used in making presentations
         d. create, edit, format, and print documents
____ 19. __________ e-commerce involves the sale of goods from a vendor to the general public.
         a. C2C (consumer to consumer)                    c. B2B (business to business)
         b. B2C (business to consumer)                    d. All of the above
____ 20. When installing a computer system, the computer user should __________.
         a. read the installation manuals after installing the equipment
         b. throw out all the paperwork that comes with the system
         c. install the computer in an area where temperature and humidity can be maintained
         d. dispose of the shipping containers and packing materials for all equipment

Take Home COM


     1.   F
     2.   F
     3.   F
     4.   F
     5.   F
     6.   F
     7.   F
     8.   T
     9.   T
    10.   T


    11.   B
    12.   C
    13.   A
    14.   D
    15.   B
    16.   C
    17.   B
    18.   B
    19.   B
    20.   C


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