NC Teacher Observation Tool by cJ74v9


									North Carolina Teacher
Evaluation Rubric
2011 – 2012

Observation Tool
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     Number of Students                                                      Core

     Type of Class        General Education    Exceptional Children        Limited Eng. Prof    Other

     Lesson Objective:

                         Teacher Actions (Cause)                                        Impact on Student Learning (Effect)

1.                                                                    1.

 Key Strengths:                                                       Areas for Improvement:

 Notes and Quotes for Coaching Conversations:                         Connections to Professional Development Plan and Self-Assessment:
Standard l: Teacher Demonstrates Leadership
 a. Teachers lead in their classrooms. Teachers demonstrate leadership by taking responsibility for the progress of all students to ensure that they graduate from
 high school, are globally competitive for work and postsecondary education, and are prepared for life in the 21st Century. Teachers communicate this vision to
 their students. Using a variety of data sources, they organize, plan, and set goals that meet the needs of the individual student and the class. Teachers use various
 types of assessment data during the school year to evaluate student progress and to make adjustments to the teaching and learning process. They establish a
 safe, orderly environment, and create a culture that empowers students to collaborate and become lifelong learner s.

          Developing                                   Proficient                               Accomplished                                  Distinguished                     Demonstrat

                                      ...and                                    ...and                                    ...and
         Understands how they         Takes responsibility for the progress  Communicates to students the               Encourages students to take
          contribute to students           of students to ensure that they           vision of being prepared for life in      responsibility for their own learning.
          graduating from high             graduate from high school.                the 21st century.                     Uses classroom assessment data to
          school.                      Provides evidence of data driven  Evaluates student progress using                    inform program planning.
         Uses data to understand          instruction throughout all classroom      a variety of assessment data.         Empowers and encourages
          the skills and abilities of      activities.                           Creates a classroom culture that             students to create and maintain a
          students.                    Establishes a safe and orderly               empowers students to                      safe and supportive school and
                                           classroom.                                collaborate.                              community environment.
         Teacher uses classroom and      Teacher monitors student growth            Teacher provides opportunities for         Teacher effectively creates and uses a
          district data to plan lessons    toward individual goals and provides        students to analyze data and use            variety of authentic assessments to
          aligned with the NCSCOS.         supportive feedback to encourage            their findings to set and monitor           determine student progress
                                           continued progress                          personal learning goals
         Teacher maintains a data                                                                                                Teacher is equally effective with all
          notebook and uses this data     Teacher uses student work to motivate      Teacher regularly embeds 21st               diverse learners
          to plan lessons                  students’ highest level of performance      century skills, technology, service
                                                                                       learning, and global awareness (etc.)      Teacher has created an environment
         Teacher is developing           Teacher communicates with parents           in his/her instruction                      consistently focused on real-world
          procedures that are              and staff to encourage student success                                                  learning
          establishing a safe and          and motivates students to perform at       Teacher regularly uses rubrics to set
          orderly classroom                high levels                                 high standards for student work            Teacher has established a climate
          environment                                                                                                              where students continuously reflect on
                                          Teacher uses data to address individual    Teacher regularly references current        their own learning and support
         Teacher is beginning to          student needs and to monitor each sub       events to bring relevancy to                classmates as they also work toward
          implement collaborative          groups within the classroom                 instruction                                 achieving future goals
          groups in class activities
                                          Teacher regularly uses collaborative       Teacher continuously monitors and          Teacher guides students to extend
         Teacher is working to            teaching methods                            adjusts lessons to differentiate            learning based on their interests and
          promote the students’                                                        learning and add appropriate                career goals. Teacher has a detailed,
          interests and excitement        Teacher creates a classroom                 interventions and extensions                individual plan that addresses learning
          about learning                   environment focused on high levels of                                                   styles, strengths and weaknesses for
                                           student engagement                         Teacher maintains an environment            each student’s growth
         Teacher demonstrates                                                         that is student-centered;
          resiliency in adapting to       Teacher creates a classroom                 engagement is regularly at the             Teacher initiates collaboration with staff
          his/her role in the              environment that supports students’         highest levels                              to support students through interventions
          classroom.                       focus on future goals.                                                                  and extension
                                                                                      Teacher takes the initiative to pilot
                                                                                       new strategies or activities to            Teacher’s piloted initiative has a
                                                                                       increase student achievement                significant, positive impact on student
                                                                                      Teacher has empowered students to
                                                                                       take ownership of their own learning.
Standard l: Teacher Demonstrates Leadership
b. Teacher demonstrates leadership in the school. Teachers work collaboratively with school personnel to create a professional learning community. They
analyze and use local, state, and national data to develop goals and strategies in the school improvement plan that enhances student learning and teacher
working conditions. Teachers provide input in determining the school budget and in the selection of professional development that meets the needs of students
and their own professional growth. They participate in the hiring process and collaborate with their colleagues to mentor and support teachers to improve the
effectiveness of their departments or grade levels.

           Developing                                Proficient                         Accomplished                               Distinguished               Demonstrated
                                   ...and                                    ...and                            ...and
        Attends professional       Participates in professional             Assumes a leadership role in     Collaborates with colleagues to
         learning community             learning community.                       professional learning             improve the quality of learning in
         meetings.                  Participates in developing                   community.                        the school.
        Displays awareness of the      and/or implementing the               Collaborates with school         Assumes a leadership role in
         goals of the school            school improvement plan.                  personnel on school               implementing school
         improvement plan.                                                        improvement activities.           improvement plan throughout the
        Teacher regularly attends         Teacher actively participates in    Teacher effectively serves in  Teacher effectively serves on
         in-service or meetings             PLC related meetings                 leadership roles:                  district-level training teams
         related to PLC initiatives:                                                 o Grade level & dept mtgs      and/or committees (e.g., SQR,
             o IGP meetings                Teacher successfully applies             o Vertical teams               Data Wise)
             o Grade level/dept             new learning from workshops or           o School Committees
             o meetings                     PLC initiatives in his/her               o PLC teams                Teacher plays a key role in
             o Vertical teams               classroom                                                               leading instructional and
             o Prof Dev                                                         Teacher provides effective         organizational change within the
             o Staff meetings              Teacher volunteers for               school-wide professional           school (i.e., selection of staff
             o General PTA mtgs             additional duties beyond those       development as needed              development needs)
                                            assigned (e.g., job fair, campus
        Teacher is present at              beautification, PTA special         Teacher serves on a                     Teacher collaborates with
         meetings where school              events, club sponsor),               school-based team to attend              administrators to develop and
         budget and                         promoting school goals               district training, and then              evaluate school initiatives
         teacher/staff/student/                                                  implements district initiatives in
         parent surveys are                Teacher consistently attends         the school (e.g., Data Wise             Teacher is a lifelong learner and
         presented                          School Leadership Team               team)                                    embraces change that positively
                                            meetings and opens                                                            impacts the school and student
        Teacher consistently fulfills      communication with other            Teacher is a positive,                   achievement
         duties and responsibilities        team members                         professional role model for
         as assigned by the                                                      colleagues                              Teacher collaborates with
         principal (e.g., bus duty)        Teacher seeks outside                                                         administration in the staff hiring
                                            opportunities to grow               Teacher is an effective mentor           process.
                                            professionally (e.g.,                and conducts peer observations
        Teacher is working to              conferences, workshops,              as needed
         support the school                 observing other teachers).
         improvement plan as it                                                 Teacher participates in the
         relates to his/her classroom                                            interview selection process
         and/or content area.                                                    and/or the budget process as
                                                                                 requested by the principal.
Standard l: Teacher Demonstrates Leadership
c. Teachers lead the teaching profession. Teachers strive to improve the teaching profession. They contribute to the establishment of positive working relationships
in the school. They actively participate in and advocate for the decision-making structures in education and government that take advantage of the expertise of
teachers. Teachers promote professional growth for all educators and collaborate with their colleagues to improve the profession.

                Developing                                 Proficient                             Accomplished                              Distinguished               Demonstrate
                                        ...and                            ...and                                                  ...and                                  Required)
        Has knowledge of               Contributes to the:                Promotes positive working                              Seeks opportunities to
         opportunities and the need  Improvement of the profession            relationships through                                   lead professional growth
         for professional growth and         through professional growth.      professional growth activities                          activities
         begins to establish             Establishment of positive            and collaboration.
         relationships with colleagues.      working relationships.
                                         School’s decision-making
                                             processes as required.
        Teacher attends required PD            Teacher works collaboratively with     Teacher enthusiastically promotes           Teacher conducts effective
         workshops                               administration, staff, students, and    school-wide initiatives to promote           professional development for
                                                 parents                                 student achievement                          district (PDMT’S, SIOP, etc.)
        Teacher has developed an
         appropriate PDP                        Teacher actively serves on             Teacher participates in initiatives         Teacher serves as a leader in
                                                 decision-making structures within       to improve teacher preparation               state organizations or on
        Teacher is accepting of                 the school                              process as a teacher mentor,                 district-level committees.
         performance feedback                                                            supervisor for an intern, etc                Teacher effectively presents
                                                Teacher voluntarily attends local,                                                   at local, state or national
        Teacher has a professional              state, and/or national professional    Teacher engages in processes for             workshops and/or
         relationship with administration,       development opportunities               reflection and enhancement of                conferences
         staff, students and parents                                                     growth in the teaching and
                                                Teacher effectively implements          learning process (i.e. NBCT, adv            Teacher is results oriented,
        Teacher adheres to school               new learning from professional          degrees, additional certification)           offering new and innovative
         protocols and handbook                  development in classroom                                                             ideas, including writing grants
         regulations                                                                    Teacher seeks performance                    and developing curriculum
                                                Teacher effectively responds to         feedback to enhance teaching                 resources that positively
        Teacher is aware of and abides          performance feedback to improve         skills and strategies                        effect on student ach
         by state and local laws and             student achievement
         policies                                                                       Teacher helps plan and implement            Teacher is skilled in handling
                                                Teacher goes through proper             professional development for the             crucial conversations with
        Teacher supports and regularly          channels to solve problems within       school                                       administration, staff, and
         attends out-of-school activities        the classroom and/or the school,                                                     parents
         (PTA events, sporting events,           and is solution oriented.              Teacher is a positive influence on
         etc.)                                                                           staff morale and school climate             Teacher initiates, organizes,
                                                                                                                                      plans and leads an effective
                                                                                        Teachers successfully leads school           PLC that results in positive
                                                                                         activities, programs, or events (i.e.,       student achievement gains.
                                                                                         career day, tutoring program, etc)
Standard l: Teacher Demonstrates Leadership

d. Teachers advocate for schools and students. Teachers advocate for positive change in policies and practices affecting student learning. They participate in the
implementation of initiatives to improve the education of students.

                               Developing                             Proficient                Accomplished                           Distinguished              Demonstrated
                                                            ...and                        and                               ...and
        Knows about the policies and practices              Supports positive            Participates in developing  Actively participates,
         affecting student learning.                             change in policies and       policies and practices to          promotes, and provides
                                                                 practices affecting          improve student learning.          strong supporting evidence
                                                                 student learning.                                               for implementation of
                                                                                                                                 initiatives to improve
        Teacher participates in faculty and PLC             Teacher actively and         Teacher effectively takes  Teacher holds a leadership
         meetings where policies/procedures are                  effectively participates     responsibility for                 role at district, regional, or
         discussed that effect student learning                  in the work of a PLC and     implementing, and                  state level that supports
                                                                 SLT                          monitoring an activity of          implementation of reform
        Teacher demonstrates an awareness of issues                                          the School Improvement             initiatives
         and situations that impact student learning         Teacher positively              Plan.
                                                                 supports new initiatives                                    Teacher works within the
        Teacher attends training related to policies and        such as new               Teacher works with                   school framework to identify
         practices effecting student learning                    curriculum/textbook          administration to develop          needed changes in school
                                                                 adoptions                    implement, and evaluate            policies/procedures
        Teacher’s knowledge of McKinney Vento, 504,                                          school-wide RtI process
         EC, LEP policies is demonstrated in practice        Teacher consistently                                           Teacher collaborates with
                                                                 collects and uses data  Teacher is an active                   administrators to develop
        Teacher appropriately implements PEP’s for              to make informed             member of a district,              and implement new
         students                                                decisions related to         regional or state level            initiatives where
                                                                 individual student’s         committee that supports            improvement is needed
        Teacher observes peers to gain performance              physical, social, and        implementation of reform
         skills and techniques                                   emotional needs to
                                                                 positively impact         Teacher effectively
        Teacher accurately adheres to and implements            learning                     represents school at district
         school policies and procedures that positively                                       and/or alliance meetings
         impact student learning:                            Teacher consistently
           o adheres to schedules                                and effectively           Teacher is an active
           o maintains attendance records/procedures             implements the RtI           member of a professional
           o follows guidelines for staff absences               process                      organization.
           o (responsibility for substitute coverage)
           o appropriately completes discipline referrals
           o adheres to classroom BIS/character ed
           o completes progress- monitoring logs
           o promptly communicates with parents
Standard l: Teacher Demonstrates Leadership
e. Teachers demonstrate high ethical standards. Teachers demonstrate ethical principles including honesty, integrity, fair treatment, and respect for others.
Teachers uphold the Code of Ethics for North Carolina Educators (effective June 1, 1997) and the Standards for Professional Conduct adopted April 1, 1998.

                  Developing                               Proficient                    Accomplished                         Distinguished              Demonstrated
                                         ...and                               ...and                                ...and
        Understands the importance of  Demonstrates ethical                  Knows and upholds the                Models the tenets of the
         ethical behavior as outlined in      behavior through adherence           Code of Ethics for North              Code of Ethics for North
         the Code of Ethics for North         to the Code of Ethics for North      Carolina Educators and                Carolina Educators and
         Carolina Educators and the           Carolina Educators and the           the Standards for                     the Standards for
         Standards for Professional                                                Professional Conduct.                 Professional Conduct and
         Conduct.                                                                                                        encourages others to do
                                                                                                                         the same.
        Teacher’s conduct demonstrates         Teacher consistently adheres to      Teacher demonstrates             Teacher is recognized and
         knowledge of NC Educator’s Code         NC Educator’s Code of Conduct         leadership among peers            identified by peers and
         of Ethics                               and teacher reports violations        with regard to ethical            administration as a leader in
                                                 when appropriate                      practices                         ethical practices
        Teacher shows respect for
         authority and for school rules and     Teacher disciplines students with    Teacher appropriately            Teacher advocates for
         protocols                               thorough and fair investigation of    supports administrators in        ethical practice across the
                                                 all sides and issues in               handling of discipline with       district and through
        Teacher treats students,                misbehavior incidents                 students in his/her classroom     professional organizations
         colleagues, and parents with
         respect, avoiding sarcasm, “put        Teacher maintains confidentiality    Teacher identifies potential     Teacher models the highest
         downs,” or inappropriate                in matters related to school          problems in areas of ethical      standards of ethical
         comments                                business and reporting                issues and suggests positive      behavior and appropriately
                                                                                       resolutions.                      holds colleagues
        Teacher gives grades that are fair,    Teacher handles staff and/or                                            accountable for doing so as
         equitable and supported by              administrative concern/issues                                           well.
         sufficient and accurate                 appropriately, openly, and
         documentation                           directly with those involved.

        Teacher is honest in
         communication and interactions
         withal stakeholders in the school
Standard II: Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students
 a. Teachers provide an environment in which each child has a positive, nurturing relationship with caring adults. Teachers encourage an
environment that is inviting, respectful, supportive, inclusive, and flexible.

                  Developing                                Proficient           Accomplished                      Distinguished           Demonstrated
                                     …and                               …and                             …and
      Appreciates and                Establishes an inviting,          Maintains a positive and        Encourages and advises
       understands the need to         respectful, inclusive, flexible,   nurturing learning               others to provide a nurturing
       establish nurturing             and supportive learning            environment.                     and positive learning
       relationships.                  environment.                                                        environment for all students.
      Teacher is working to          Classroom rules and               Student-to-/student             Students are encouraged to
       establish classroom rules       procedures are well                relationships are consistently   take leadership roles in the
       and procedures to facilitate    established that facilitate an     positive                         classroom
       an orderly and nurturing        orderly learning environment
       learning classroom                                                Classroom rules and             Students and teacher work
       environment                    Discipline concerns and issues     procedures have become           together as a classroom
                                       are handled promptly,              internalized                     “PLC,” creating positive
      Teacher/student interactions    appropriately and effectively                                       synergy.
       are respectful, positive, and                                     Classroom is
       appropriate                    Students are supported and         student-centered, interactive
                                       protected from harm, abuse,        and highly engaging
      Teacher’s strategies for        bullying and neglect
       affirming positive student                                        Teacher solicits and
       behavior are observed in       Instructional time is              incorporates student
       student/teacher interactions.   maximized for learning.            feedback to enhance the
                                                                          classroom environment.
Standard II: Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students

b. Teachers embrace diversity in the school community and in the world. Teachers demonstrate their knowledge of the history of diverse cultures and their
role in shaping global issues. They actively select materials and develop lessons that counteract stereotypes and incorporate histories and contributions of all
cultures. Teachers recognize the influence of race, ethnicity, religion and other aspects of culture on a student’s development and personality. Teachers strive to
understand how a student’s culture and background may influence his/her school performance. Teachers consider and incorporate different points of view in their

                Developing                               Proficient                      Accomplished                        Distinguished    Demonstrated
                   Developing
          Acknowledges that diverse …and                   Proficient          …and Accomplished                   …and Distinguished         Demonstrated
          cultures impact the world.       Displays knowledge of diverse  Uses materials or lessons               Promotes a deep           (Comment
      Demonstrates awareness of              cultures, their histories, and        that counteract                  understanding of cultures Required)
          the diversity of students in the ...and roles in shaping global           stereotypes and
                                                                                ...and                               through the integration of
          classroom. the importance of □ issues.
     □ Understands                                                                  acknowledges the the
                                              Demonstrates ethical behavior □ Knows and upholds                      culturally tenets of
                                                                                                                 □ Models the sensitive the
     ethical behavior as outlined in the      Acknowledges the influence of         contributions of all
                                           through adherence to the Code Code of Ethics for North                   materials and North
                                                                                                                 Code of Ethics for ideas
                                              race, ethnicity, gender,
     Code of Ethics for North Carolina of Ethics for North Carolina                 cultures.                        throughout the
                                                                                Carolina Educators and the Carolina Educators and the
                                                                                    Consistently incorporates Standards for Professional
                                              religion, socio-economics, and Standards for Professional
     Educators and the Standards for Educators and the                                                               curriculum.
     Professional Conduct.                    culture on a student’s                                             Conduct and on diversity
                                                                                    different points of view in  Capitalizesencourages as
                                              development and attitudes.            instruction.                     an asset the same.
                                                                                                                 others to do in the classroom.
      Teacher’s actions embrace  The classroom is inclusive,                  Teacher makes necessary  Development of student
          diversity through honesty,          cohesive and welcoming to all         accommodations to                leadership demonstrates
          integrity and respect for the       students.                             address specialized needs        the teacher’s ability to
     o Teacher’s conduct
          dignity of each student.          o Teacher consistently adheres to o Teacher demonstrates
                                                                                    of all subgroups in the      o Teacher is recognized and
                                                                                                                     capitalize on diversity as
                                                                                                                     an asset peers and
     demonstrates knowledge of NC  NC Educator’s Code of Conduct leadership among peers with identified byin the classroom
                                              Teacher ensures equality of           classroom, including
     Educator’s Code of Ethics.                                     violations
                                            and teacher reportsstudents to
                                              opportunity for all               regard to ethical practices. administration as a leader in
                                                                                    sensitivity to social skills
      The learning environment
                                            when appropriate.
                                              participate and feel that their                                    ethical practices.
                                                                                    and disability awareness  Teacher effectively assists
          indicates the teacher’s
     o Teacher shows respect for              work is valued                    o Teacher appropriately              the school in
          sensitivity to all cultures
     authority and for school rules and o Teacher disciplines students with supports administrators in
                                                                                Teacher provides                o Teacher advocates for
                                                                                                                     implementation of
     protocols.                               The teacher fair investigation of handling of discipline with
                                           thorough and is effective in            consultation to staff on     ethical practice across the
                                                                                                                     diversity training and
      The teacher has work from all
                                            all sides and issues in misbehavior students in his/her classroom. district and through
                                              developing students’                  strategies related to all        diversity awareness.
          students displayed to create
     o Teacher treats students,             incidents.
                                              problem-solving skills and            areas of student diversity professional organizations.
          an environment where all
     colleagues, and parents with             respect for differing opinions in o Teacher identifies potential
          feel work is valued
     respect, avoiding sarcasm, “put          Teacher
                                            o the class maintains               problems in areas of ethical o Teacher models the highest
                                                                                Teacher has created a
     downs,” or inappropriate               confidentiality in matters related issues and suggests positive standards of ethical behavior
                                                                                    classroom environment
     comments.                                  school designs lessons that
                                           toTeacherbusiness and reporting. resolutions.
                                                                                    where emotionally            and appropriately holds
                                              help students develop an              charged and provocative colleagues accountable for
     o Teacher gives grades that are          Teacher handles staff and/or
                                            o understanding and                     issues are handled in an doing so as well.
     fair, equitable and supported by administrative concern/issues
                                              appreciation for cultures and         open, honest and
     sufficient and accurate                appropriately, openly, and own
                                              communities beyond their              respectful way
     documentation.                         directly with those involved.

     o Teacher is honest in
     communication and interactions
     withal stakeholders in the school
Standard II: Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students

c. Teachers treat students as individuals. Teachers maintain high expectations, including graduation from high school, for students of all backgrounds. Teachers
appreciate the differences and value the contribution of each student in the learning environment by building positive, appropriate relationships.

                  Developing                                Proficient                          Accomplished                        Distinguished       Demonstrated
                                            …and                           …and                            …and
        Holds high expectations of          Communicates high             Encourages and values          Helps students hold high
         students.                            expectations for all students. contributions of students,      expectations for
                                                                             regardless of background or     themselves
        Teacher encourages success  Teacher consistently expects          Teacher facilitates students’  Students are consistently
         and growth for all students       students to successfully          goal setting and supports       setting and achieving
                                           complete challenging work         them in achieving these         high goals, with peer
        Teacher demonstrates quality                                        goals                           monitoring and feedback
         work standards by sharing        Teacher shares with the class                                     a part of this process
         examples, clearly introducing     that all students can and will   Students consistently persist
         assignments, and holding          learn and has systems in place    with difficult tasks and       The classroom
         students accountable for          that support high expectations,   encourage each other to         environment is a model
         turning work in on time           resulting in student growth and   solve difficult, complex        of respectful and
                                           positive outcomes                 problems, without need for      supportive engagement,
        Teacher demonstrates high                                           teacher prompting               with students willing to
         expectations by working to       Teacher expectations are                                          take risks to reach higher
         provide a variety of behavior     communicated both verbally       The teacher expects             levels of accomplishment
         and/or academic supports          and non-verbally, including       students to reflect on their
                                           specific instructional feedback   work and determine whether  Students work with each
        Teacher to student interactions   to students                       the products meet expected      other to set goals, monitor
         are positive and communicate                                        standards.                      their progress, and
         a “can do” attitude.             Teachers encourage student to                                     explain and polish rubrics
                                           take risks and encourages them                                    for assignments
                                           to persevere in difficult

                                             Teacher and students are
                                              involved in goal setting, and
                                              they periodically monitor their
                                              work against these goals.
Standard II: Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students
d. Teachers adapt their teaching for the benefit of students with special needs. Teachers collaborate with the range of support specialists to help meet the
special needs of all students. Through inclusion and other models of effective practice, teachers engage students to ensure that their needs are met.

         Developing                                 Proficient                            Accomplished                        Distinguished             Demonstrated
                              …and                                     …and                             …and
       Recognizes that        Collaborates with specialists who can  Understands the roles of         Anticipates the unique
        students have a          support the special learning needs of     and collaborates with the        learning needs of
        variety of learning      students                                  full range of support            students and solicits
        needs                  Provides unique learning opportunities     specialists to help meet the     assistance from within
      Is knowledgeable of       such as inclusion and research based      special needs of all             and outside the school
        effective practices      effective practices for students with     students                         to address those needs
        for students with        special needs.                         Effectively engages EC          Adapts instruction for the
        special needs                                                      students in learning actives     benefit of EC students
                                                                           and ensures their unique         and helps do the same
                                                                           learning needs are met.          for all students.
     Generally not            Generally not observable in classroom    Generally not observable in      Generally not observable in
     observable in classroom observations.                             classroom observations.          classroom observations
                               Teacher exercises flexibility in        Teacher initiates               Teacher serves as an
      Teacher promptly          scheduling conferences with parents       collaborative meetings with      ambassador for the
        responds to student/     and guardians to accommodate their        school personnel to seek         school and works
        family concerns,         needs                                     broad based support for          collaboratively with
        within a 24-hour                                                   students.                        community partners to
        timeframe              Teacher maintains detailed                                                  enhance the school’s
                                 communication log with various         Teacher connects families          vision and mission.
      Teacher maintains         stakeholders (parents, agencies,          to the guidance
        communication            support staff, etc.)                      department, community
        through Parent Assist                                              agencies, and other
        on NC Wise.            Teacher values parent communication        related services as needed
                                 and listens openly to their input and
                                 concerns                               Teacher initiates and
                                                                           conducts home visits on a
                               Teacher initiates frequent                 frequent basis.
                                 communication with parents/guardians
                                 to address student needs and concerns
                                 using a variety of multi-media.
Standard II: Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students
e. Teachers work collaboratively with the families and significant adults in the lives of their students Teachers recognize that educating children is a
shared responsibility involving the school, parents or guardians, and the community. Teachers improve communication and collaboration between the school, the
home, and the community in order to promote trust and understanding and build partnerships with all segments of the school community. Teachers seek solutions
to overcome cultural and economic obstacles that may stand in the way of effective family and community involvement in the education of their students.

         Developing                                  Proficient                          Accomplished                      Distinguished        Demonstrated
                                …and                                               …and                      …and
         Responds to family     Communicates and collaborates the                 Recognizes obstacles to  Promotes trust and
          and community           home, and community for the benefit of             family and community      understanding
          concerns.               students.                                          participation and         throughout the school
                                                                                     conscientiously seeks     community.
                                                                                     solutions to overcome
     Generally not              Generally not observable in classroom              Generally not observable Generally not
     observable in              observations.                                      in classroom             observable in classroom
     classroom                                                                     observations.            observations
     observations.         Teacher exercises flexibility in
                            scheduling conferences with parents  Teacher initiates                                  Teacher serves as an
      Teacher promptly     and guardians to accommodate their      collaborative                                     ambassador for the
       responds to          needs                                   meetings with school                              school and works
       student/ family                                              personnel to seek                                 collaboratively with
       concerns, within a  Teacher maintains detailed              broad based support                               community partners
       24-hour timeframe    communication log with various          for students.                                     to enhance the
                            stakeholders (parents, agencies,                                                          school’s vision and
      Teacher maintains    support staff, etc.)                   Teacher connects                                  mission.
       communication                                                families to the
       through Parent      Teacher values parent communication     guidance department,
       Assist on NC Wise.   and listens openly to their input and   community agencies,
                            concerns                                and other related
                                                                    services as needed
                           Teacher initiates frequent
                            communication with parents/guardians  Teacher initiates and
                            to address student needs and concerns   conducts home visits
                            using a variety of multi-media.         on a frequent basis.
Standard III: Teachers know the content they teach
a. Teachers align their instruction with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. In order to enhance the North Carolina Standard Course of Study,
teachers investigate the content standards developed by professional organizations in their specialty area. They develop and apply strategies to make the
curriculum rigorous and relevant for all students and provide a balanced curriculum that enhances literacy skills. Elementary teachers have explicit and thorough
preparation in literacy instruction. Middle and high school teachers incorporate literacy instruction within the content area or discipline.

           Developing                               Proficient                             Accomplished                         Distinguished             Demonstrated
                                      …and                                  …and                                   …and
        Demonstrates an               Understands the North Carolina  Develops and applies                       Assists colleagues in
         awareness of the North            Standard Course of Study, uses       strategies based on the NC              applying such strategies
         Carolina Standard                 it in preparation of lesson          SCOS and standards                      in their classrooms.
         Course of Study and               plans, and applies strategies to     developed by professional
         references it in the              make the curriculum rigorous         organizations to make the          Elementary
         preparation of lesson             and relevant.                        curriculum balanced, rigorous Makes necessary changes to
         plans.                                                                 and relevant.                      instructional practice to
                                      Elementary                                                                   improve student learning.
     Elementary:                      Integrates effective literacy         Elementary                             Secondary
     Begins to integrate literacy     instruction throughout the            Evaluates and reflects upon the        Makes necessary changes to
     instruction in selected          curriculum.                           effectiveness of literacy instruction. instructional practice to
     lessons.                         Secondary; Incorporates a wide        Secondary                              improve student learning.
     Secondary: Recognizes the        variety of literacy skills within     Evaluates and reflects upon the
     importance of integrating        content areas to enhance              effectiveness of literacy instruction
     literacy strategies within the   learning.                             within content areas.
     content areas.
        Daily learning objectives      Daily learning objectives are           Teacher uses high yield                 Lessons consistently provide
         are related to the NCSCOS,      consistently aligned with the            instructional strategies that are        evidence of re-teaching
         extensions of NCSCOS, or        NCSCOS, extensions of the                appropriate for their content area       and/or enrichment
         Common Core Standards           NCSCOS, or Common Core                                                            strategies and activities
                                         Standards                               Teacher works to improve and
        Teacher’s lessons                                                        enhance students’ literacy skills in    Lessons provide strong
         demonstrate the                All parts of teacher’s lessons are       all content areas                        evidence of:
         appropriate use of pacing       aligned with the lesson’s learning                                                    o differentiation
         guides                          objectives, including the review,       The teacher’s knowledge of                   o flexible grouping
                                         input, guided practice, and              vertical alignment provides                  o tiered lessons
        Teacher’s lessons provide       assessment                               opportunities to make learning               o compacting
         evidence of team                                                         more challenging.
         planning.                      Teacher incorporates 21st century                                                Teacher routinely enhances
                                         skills in teaching the NCSCOS,                                                    the NCSCOS, extensions of
                                         extensions of the NCSCOS, or                                                      the NCSCOS, or Common
                                         Common Core Standards.                                                            Core Standards with rigor,
                                                                                                                           based on the use of
                                                                                                                           assessment data.
Standard III: Teachers know the content they teach
b. Teachers know the content appropriate to their teaching specialty. Teachers bring a richness and depth of understanding to their classrooms by knowing
their subjects beyond the content they are expected to teach and by directing students’ natural curiosity into an interest in learning. Elementary teachers have
broad knowledge across disciplines. Middle school and high school teachers have depth in one or more specific content areas or disciplines.

             Developing                                 Proficient                         Accomplished                       Distinguished          Demonstrated
                                       …and                                    …and                            …and
        Demonstrates a basic           Demonstrates an appropriate level  Applies knowledge of               Extends knowledge of
         level of content                 of content knowledge in the            subject beyond the              subject beyond content
         knowledge in the                 teaching specialty to which            content in assigned             in their teaching
         teaching specialty to            assigned.                              teaching specialty.             specialty and sparks
         which assigned.                                                         Motivates students to           students’ curiosity for
                                                                                 investigate the content         learning beyond the
                                                                                 area to expand their            required course work.
                                                                                 knowledge and satisfy
                                                                                 their natural curiosity.
      Teacher’s knowledge of          Teacher’s knowledge of content          Students are motivated to  Community involvement
       content is evident in             allows him/her to go beyond             investigate the content         around the curricular
       accuracy and                      “textbook instruction.”                 area and expand their           standards is evidenced
       correctness of                                                            knowledge and satisfy           by student activities
       information presented           Teacher’s content knowledge              their natural curiosity, such   such as community
                                         provides the impetus for lessons that   as inquiry-based learning,      projects, or internships
      Teacher is working to use         move students from                      projects, or
       a variety of resources in         knowledge-level information to          student-centered activities  The teacher is
       lessons                           analysis, evaluation, and synthesis                                     recognized across the
                                         of concepts                            Community experts are           state or nation as an
      Teacher uses the                                                          regularly incorporated into     expert in their content
       language, and problem           The teacher’s depth of                   student learning                area.
       solving strategies unique         understanding of content is able to     opportunities
       to the content.                   support significant and measurable
                                         student growth in learning             Teacher is recognized and
                                                                                 frequently requested to
                                       The teacher’s instruction supports       provide content expertise
                                         students’ understanding of the          across the school and
                                         interconnectedness of their content     district.
                                         with other areas of study

                                       The teacher regularly presents
                                        content from multiple perspectives
Standard III: Teachers know the content they teach
c. Teachers recognize the interconnectedness of content areas/disciplines. Teachers know the links and vertical alignment of the grade or subject they
teach and the NCSCOS. Teachers understand how the content they teach relates to other disciplines in order to deepen understanding and connect learning for
students. Teachers promote global awareness and its relevance to subjects they teach.

          Developing                                 Proficient                       Accomplished                      Distinguished             Not

                                   …and                                  …and                           …and
        Understand the links       Demonstrates knowledge of links      Demonstrates knowledge  Collaborates with teachers
         between grade/subject       between grade/subject and the North   of the links and vertical      from other grades or
         and the North Carolina      Carolina Standard Course of Study.    alignment of the grade or      subject areas to establish
         Standard Course of Study.  Promotes global awareness and its     subject area and the North     links between disciplines
        Displays global             relevance to the subjects.            Carolina Standard Course       and influence school-wide
         awareness.                                                        of Study. Relates content to   curriculum and teaching
                                                                           other disciplines.             practice.
                                                                          Integrates global             Promotes global awareness
                                                                           awareness activities           and its relevance to all
                                                                           throughout lesson plans        faculty members,
                                                                           and classroom                  influencing curriculum and
                                                                           instructional practices.       teaching practices
                                                                                                          throughout the school
      There is some evidence  Teacher regularly makes learning                Teacher makes content  Teacher provides students
       of integration of        connections for students between                 meaningful through        with opportunities to
       instruction with other   concepts, content areas, and from                extensive use of relevant demonstrate responsible
       content areas.           concrete to abstract                             examples, artifacts,      citizenry in the global
                                                                                 charts, props, etc.       community
      Teacher’s lesson         Teacher shows sensitivity to students’
       objectives are            social and cultural backgrounds                  Teacher regularly            Teacher works within the
       appropriate for the                                                         integrates instruction with   school community to
       grade level and subject  Teacher effectively includes                      other content areas           promote all stakeholders’
                                 community and world connections                                                 awareness and
      Teacher is working to     in classroom instruction                         Teacher consistently uses     understanding of global
         include community and  Teacher intentionally plans to                    real world examples to        issues
         global connections in   include a worldview as it is                      make global connections
         classroom instruction.  appropriate to the content taught                 in content teaching when  Teacher is an exemplar to
                                                                                   applicable.                   colleagues for curriculum
                                    Teacher addresses global                                                    integration and problem
                                     competence skills throughout the                                            based learning.
                                     curriculum: initiative, flexibility,
                                     enthusiasm, courage, self-control,
Standard III: Teachers know the content they teach
d. Teachers make instruction relevant to students. Teachers incorporate 21st century life skills into their teaching deliberately, strategically, and broadly. These
skills include leadership, ethics, accountability, adaptability, personal productivity, personal responsibility, people skills, self-direction, and social responsibility.
Teachers help their students understand the relationship between the NCSCOS and the 21 st Century content, which includes global awareness; financial,
economic, business, and entrepreneurial literacy, civic literacy; and health awareness .

                    Developing                                  Proficient                       Accomplished                            Distinguished             Demonstrated
                                       …and                                               …and                       …and
         Identifies relationships      Identifies relationships                          Integrates core content  Deepens students’
          between the North Carolina     between the core content                           and 21st century content   understandings of 21st
          Standard Course of Study and   and 21st century content.                          throughout lesson plans    century skills and helps
          life in the 21st century.                                                         and classroom              them make their own
                                                                                            instructional practices.   connections and develop
                                                                                                                       new skills.

      Teacher is working to make         Teacher regularly connects        Teacher extends and                                Teacher empowers
       connections between school          learning to real life to give      builds on student                                   students to take
       learning and the real world.        added meaning and purpose          experiences and interests                           ownership and reflect on
                                           to student learning.               to make learning                                    their own learning
      Teacher is learning to focus                                           relevant, whenever
       lessons on basic skills and their  Teacher connects instruction       possible                                           Teacher has designed
       connection to success in the        to EOG/EOC expectations                                                                assessments/feedback
       real world.                         and format, as appropriate.       Teacher consistently                                mechanisms to include
                                                                              incorporates 21st century                           students’ evaluation and
      Teacher stresses the value of  Teacher uses strategies that           life skills into their                              input on activities.
       students working appropriately      facilitate learning for the        teaching (e.g., ethics,
       and productively with other         millennial child.                  people skills,
       students.                                                              accountability, personal
                                          Teacher regularly                  productivity, and
                                           incorporates 21st century skills   self-direction.).
                                           into lesson activities.
                                                                             Teacher consistently
                                                                              models and fosters a
                                                                              sense of resiliency and
                                                                              flexibility for students.
Standard IV: Teachers facilitate learning for their students
a. Teachers know the ways in which learning takes place, and they know the appropriate levels of intellectual, physical, social, and emotional
development of their students. Teachers know how students think and learn. Teachers understand the influences that affect individual student learning
(development, culture, language proficiency, etc.) and differentiate their instruction accordingly. Teachers keep abreast of evolving research about student learning.
They adapt resources to address the strengths and weaknesses of their students

                  Developing                               Proficient                          Accomplished                        Distinguished          Demonstrated
                                            …and                              …and                             …and
        Understands developmental           Understands developmental        Identifies appropriate          Encourages and guides
         levels of students and               levels of students and            developmental levels of          colleagues to adapt
         recognizes the need to               appropriately differentiates      students and consistently and    instruction to align with
         differentiate instruction.           instruction.                      appropriately differentiates     students’ developmental
                                             Assesses resources needed to      instruction.                     levels.
                                              address strengths and            Reviews and uses alternative  Stays abreast of current
                                              weakness of students.             resources or adapts existing     research about student
                                                                                resources to take advantage      learning and emerging
                                                                                of student strengths or          resources and
                                                                                address weaknesses.              encourages the school to
                                                                                                                 adopt or adapt them for
                                                                                                                 the benefit of all students.
      Teacher is working to use             The momentum of the lesson  Learning is challenging,             Teacher takes risks to
       assessment data to inform              facilitates students’             rigorous, and relevant for all   incorporate new learning
       instruction                            engagement                        students.                        into his/her instruction to
                                                                                                                 meet the needs of all
      Teacher is working to                 Daily lessons provide students  Teacher uses alternative          students
       implement strategies that              with opportunities for new        strategies and resources to
       address students’ learning             learning and/or increased skill   close student learning gap      Teachers’ passion for
       styles.                                development                                                        education comes
                                                                               Teacher’s feedback is            through to students in the
                                             Teacher regularly provides        purposeful and reinforces,       classroom, providing
                                              prompt feedback (praise and       sustains, motivates, or          them the impetus to
                                              content specificity).             corrects student learning        become lifelong learners.

                                             Teacher’s knowledge of                Teacher is proactive in
                                              available resources enables            securing alternative resources
                                              him/her to better plan for             and materials to meet
                                              individual student needs               individual student needs.
Standard IV: Teachers facilitate learning for their students
b. Teachers plan instruction appropriate for their students. Teachers collaborate with their colleagues and use a variety of data sources for short
and long range planning based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study . These plans reflect an understanding of how students learn. Teachers
engage students in the learning process. They understand that instructional plans must be consistently monitored and modified to enhance learning. Teachers
make the curriculum responsive to cultural differences and individual learning needs.
                  Developing                             Proficient                    Accomplished                        Distinguished          Demonstrated
                                           ...and                              …and                           …and
        Recognizes data sources            Uses a variety of data for         Monitors student              Monitors student
         important to planning                  short- and long-range              performance and                performance and
         instruction.                           planning of instruction.           responds to individual         responds to cultural
                                                Monitors and modifies              learning needs in order to     diversity and learning
                                                instructional plans to enhance     engage students in             needs through the school
                                                student learning.                  learning.                      improvement process.
     Generally not observable in           Generally not observable in         Generally not observable in Generally not observable in
     classroom observations.               classroom observations.             classroom observations.        classroom observations.

      Lessons plans generally reflect  Lesson plans reflect the                   Lesson plans reflect the     Teacher has been highly
       effective lesson design and       teacher’s skill in capitalizing             unique needs of diverse       successful in addressing
       best practices.                   on the diversity and learning               subgroups when                the social, emotional,
                                         strengths of students in the                disaggregated data            and academic needs of
      Teacher collects student data     classroom.                                  reveals varying success       a diverse student
       and collaborates with peers in                                                among these students.         population.
       reviewing this data.             A mastery learning process is
                                         in place that supports multiple          Differentiated lesson        Teacher has supported
      Teacher regularly uses student    opportunities for students to             plans result in significant   significant school-wide
       data in planning and              accomplish academic                       and measurable                initiatives in the areas of
       modifying instruction.            objectives                                growth/learning               cultural diversity and
                                                                                                                 learning needs, resulting
                                            Teacher is effectively using         Teacher’s mastery             in students’ academic
                                             disaggregated data to                 learning process is           gains.
                                             support and measurable                centered upon essential
                                             student growth and learning           standards that have been
                                                                                   developed in
                                            The teacher consistently              collaboration with other
                                             modifies lessons plans and            staff.
                                             delivery in response to student
                                             learning needs.
Standard IV: Teachers facilitate learning for their students
c. Teachers use a variety of instructional methods. Teachers choose the methods and techniques that are most effective in meeting the needs of their
students as they strive to eliminate the achievement gaps. Teachers employ a wide range of techniques including information and communication technology,
learning styles, and differentiated instruction.

                 Developing                            Proficient                    Accomplished                       Distinguished           Demonstrated
                                       …and                                   …and                           …and
        Demonstrates awareness of the  Demonstrates awareness or             Ensures the success of all  Stay abreast of emerging
         variety of methods and          use of appropriate methods             students through the           research areas and new
         material s necessary to meet    and materials necessary to             selection and utilization of   innovative materials and
         the needs of all students.      meet the needs of all                  appropriate methods and        incorporate them into
                                         students.                              materials.                     lessons plans and
                                                                                                               instructional strategies.

      Teacher is learning to address  Teacher regularly                      Teacher consistently              Teacher is a resource for
       individual student’s needs       differentiates instruction,             utilizes various instructional     staff, modeling and
       through differentiated           using different teaching                strategies that effectively        supporting the use of new
       instruction                      methods and materials                   narrow the achievement             and creative instructional
                                                                                gap for students.                  strategies.
      Teacher includes appropriate  Teacher appropriately and
       lesson components when          effectively implements                  Teacher consistently and  Teacher constantly
       providing instruction (e.g.,    district and/or school                   intentionally selects the  explores, researches, and
       review, objective, input,       initiatives                              “best practices” to match  effectively implements
       modeling, guided practice,                                               students’ learning         new and innovative
       independent practice)          Teacher regularly                        needs/styles and lesson    technology into teaching,
                                       implements a variety of                  objective                  whenever feasible
      Teacher is beginning to use     instructional strategies that
       available technology tools to   address students’ learning      Teacher consistently and  Teacher’s success in
       enhance instruction             styles                           effectively differentiates closing the achievement
                                                                        instruction to meet all    gap in his/her classroom
      Teacher is beginning to          Teacher regularly integrates   learner needs              motivates other staff to
       include strategies that address   available technology into                                 replicate these effective
       students’ learning styles.        instruction and student       Teacher consistently and   techniques and
                                         activities.                    effectively includes       strategies.
                                                                        technology as an integral
                                                                        learning tool, whenever
                                                                        appropriate and
Standard IV: Teachers facilitate learning for their students
d. Teachers integrate and utilize technology in their instruction. Teachers know when and how to use technology to maximize student learning. Teachers
help students use technology to learn content, think critically, solve problems, discern reliability, use information, communicate, innovate, and collaborate.

                  Developing                                Proficient                     Accomplished                         Distinguished           Demonstrated
                                             …and                                   …and                              …and
        Assesses effective types of          Demonstrates knowledge of             Integrates technology            Provides evidence of
         technology to use for                 how to utilize technology in           with instruction to               student engagement in
         instruction.                          instruction.                           maximize student                  higher level thinking skills
                                                                                      learning.                         through the integration of

      Teacher is working to provide  Teacher routinely provides                                 Teacher regularly
                                                                                     Teacher maximizes the
       instruction using PowerPoint,   instruction using PowerPoint,                               engages students in the
                                                                                      use of technology as a
       smart boards, Wikis, blogs,     Smart boards, Wikis, blogs,                                 use of technology to
                                                                                      learning tool whenever
       etc., as appropriate and        etc., as appropriate and                                    address higher level
                                                                                      appropriate and
       accessible.                     accessible.                                    accessible.  thinking skills and 21st
                                                                                                   century standards
      Teacher attends relevant      Teacher encourages students  Teacher frequently uses        (problem solving,
       professional development       to use available technology     technology-based             project-based learning,
       workshops to improve the use   as a learning tool, including   student work products as     etc.).
       of technology as a teaching    assistive technology for        a part of the teacher’s
       and learning tool.             students with special needs.    instructional design.       Teacher supports
                                                                                                   colleagues, helping
                                                                     Teacher seeks funding        others write grants or
                                                                      sources to secure            seek
                                                                      technology and               materials/technology for
                                                                      instructional materials to   the school’s instructional
                                                                      enhance instruction.         program.
Standard IV: Teachers facilitate learning for their students
e. Teachers help students develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Teachers encourage students to ask questions; think creatively; develop
and test innovative ideas; synthesize knowledge and draw conclusions. They help students exercise and communicate sound reasoning; understand connections;
make complex choices; and frame, analyze, and solve problems.

         Developing                             Proficient                               Accomplished                    Distinguished          Demonstrated
                                 …and                                    …and                                     …and
          Understands the        Demonstrates knowledge of              Teacher regularly engages               Encourages and
           importance of           processes needed to support             students in processes needed to:         assists teachers
           developing students’    students in acquiring critical              o think creatively and critically,   throughout the school
                                   thinking skills and problem solving         o develop and test innovative        to integrate critical
           critical-thinking and
                                   skills.                                        ideas                             thinking and problem
           problem solving                                                     o synthesize knowledge,
           skills.                                                                                                  solving skills into their
                                                                               o draw conclusions,
                                                                               o exercise and communicate
                                                                                  sound reasoning                   practices.
                                                                                 o   understand connections,
                                                                                 o   make complex choices
                                                                                 o   frame, analyze and solve
      Teacher is working        Teacher regularly uses questioning  Teacher regularly provides              Teacher regularly
       to include critical        strategies that engage, motivate          opportunities for students to ask   coaches other
       thinking                   and challenge students.                   questions, think creatively,        teachers to create
       opportunities in                                                     synthesize knowledge, and draw      lesson plans that
       every lesson.             Teacher’s use of critical thinking        conclusions in class discussions,   move up in
                                  skills is seen in written lesson plans.   activities, and work assignments    complexity of content
      Teacher models                                                                                           and critical thinking
       problem-solving           Teacher is teaching students to          Teacher is careful listener to      levels over time.
       techniques in the          recognize the different levels of         students as they process how they
       classroom.                 critical thinking.                        learn (metacognition)              Teacher consistently
                                                                                                                implements strategies
                                 Teacher engages students in              Teacher coaches students to use     that move students
                                  activities that require students to       sound reasoning, make complex       from simple to
                                  exercise and use sound reasoning.         choices, analyze and solve          complex content,
                                                                            problems as independent thinkers    and from
                                 Teacher regularly develops lesson                                             remembering and
                                  plans that increase in complexity of                                          understanding to
                                  content and critical thinking levels                                          critic
                                  over time (i.e. in a week or unit of
Standard IV: Teachers facilitate learning for their students
f. Teachers help students work in teams and develop leadership qualities. Teachers teach the importance of cooperation and collaboration. They organize
learning teams to help students define roles, strengthen social ties, improve communication and collaboration skills, interact with people from different cultures and
backgrounds, and develop leadership qualities.

                  Developing                               Proficient                      Accomplished                        Distinguished           Demonstrated
                                        …and                                        …and                             …and
        Provides opportunities for      Organizes student learning                 Encourages students to          Foster the development
         cooperation, collaboration,      teams for the purpose of                    create and manage                of student leadership and
         and leadership through student   developing cooperation,                     learning teams.                  teamwork skills to be
         learning teams.                  collaboration, and student                                                   used beyond the
                                          leadership.                                                                  classroom.

      Teacher is familiar with 21st      Teacher regularly uses          Teacher helps students                       The work of cooperative
       century skills and is developing    collaborative learning teams     define roles, strengthen                      learning teams provides
       student learning team               that work independently and      social ties, improve                          students an opportunity
       processes that will support         interdependently to achieve      communication skills,                         to take leadership roles
       effective student collaboration     learning goals.                  and interact with people                      and impact the
                                                                            from diverse                                  community outside of the
      Teacher occasionally               Students are able to process     backgrounds.                                  classroom, such as
       1provides activities for students   collaborative skills at the                                                    service learning, senior
       that require them to work           completion of these activities  Students regularly have                       exit projects, etc.
       together, cooperatively and                                          the opportunity to work
       collaboratively.                   Collaborative work is            collaboratively with                         Student teams set
                                           structured and well organized,   others from different                         specific project goals
      Teacher leads students in           with students being held         cultures and                                  that have a school-wide
       processing collaborative skills     accountable for group            backgrounds                                   and/or community-wide
       at the completion of these          processes as a team and for                                                    impact and teams are
       activities.                         academic learning as            The teacher has designed                      able to meet these goals
                                           individuals.                     the classroom                                 effectively.
                                                                            environment to provide
                                                                            students with                                Collaborative school
                                                                            opportunities for                             teams have achieved
                                                                            leadership within the                         community-wide,
                                                                            classroom.                                    statewide, or national
                                                                                                                          recognition for
                                                                                                                          student-driven projects.
Standard IV: Teachers facilitate learning for their students
g. Teachers communicate effectively. Teachers communicate in ways that are clearly understood by their students. They are perceptive listeners and are able
to communicate with students in a variety of ways even when language is a barrier. Teachers help students articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively.

          Developing                            Proficient                    Accomplished                             Distinguished                Demonstrated
                                    …and                               …and                            …and
        Demonstrates the ability  Uses a variety of methods for        Creates a variety of methods  Anticipates possible student
         to effectively                communication with all             to communicate with all         misunderstandings and proactively
         communicate with              students.                          students.                       develops teaching techniques to
         students.                   Consistently encourages and  Establishes classroom                 mitigate concerns.
        Provides opportunities for    supports students to articulate     practices, which encourage  Establishes school-wide and grade
         students to articulate        thoughts and ideas clearly          all students to develop        appropriate vehicles to encourage
         thoughts and ideas.           and effectively.                    effective communication        students throughout the school to
                                                                           skills.                        develop effective communication
      Teacher uses fluent and  Teacher facilitates positive             Teacher creates               Teacher provides opportunities for
       precise speech.           communication through                     opportunities for students     students to develop
                                 feedback given to students                to articulate ideas through    communication skills that will
      Teacher communicates      in a variety of ways (e.g.,               structured activities, such    facilitate their success in the global
       clear assignments and     verbal, written, e-mails).                as Socratic seminars,          environment of the 21st Century.
       work standards to all                                               document based
       students.                Teacher regularly includes                responses, or response        Teacher routinely uses a variety of
                                 open, academic                            journals.                      communication venues to
      Teacher is a respectful   discussions within the                                                   motivate and involve students in
       listener and              classroom.                               Teacher and students work      real world problem-solving and
       communicator with                                                   collaboratively to address     communication (e.g., blogging
       students of all          Teacher provides                          concerns within the            with experts, Twitters to community
       backgrounds and           instruction and models                    classroom that would           leaders, and other technologies).
       abilities.                effective communication                   negatively impact the
                                 for resolving classroom                   academic climate.             Teacher serves as a role model for
                                 concerns or problems.                                                    effective communication with all
                                                                          Teacher consistently and       stakeholders.
                                                                           effectively demonstrates
                                                                           skill in involving reluctant  Teacher provides training in
                                                                           learners in classroom          effective communication skills at
                                                                           activities that foster         school or district-level (e.g.,
                                                                           communication skills.          presentation skills, holding
                                                                                                          effective parent conferences, how
                                                                                                          to make home visits).
Standard IV: Teachers facilitate learning for their students
h. Teachers use a variety of methods to assess what each student has learned. Teachers use multiple indicators, including formative and summative
assessments, to evaluate student progress and growth as they strive to eliminate achievement gaps. Teachers provide opportunities, methods, feedback, and tools
for students to assess themselves and each other. Teachers use 21st Century assessment systems to inform instruction and demonstrate evidence of students’ 21st
Century knowledge, skills, performance, and dispositions.
              Developing                               Proficient                      Accomplished                       Distinguished          Demonstrated
                                       …and                                     …and                          …and
     □ Teacher collects indicators to □ Uses multiple indicators, both          □ Uses the information gained □ Teaches students and
     monitor and evaluate student formative and summative, to monitor           from the assessment           encourages them to use peer
     progress.                        and evaluate student progress and to      activities to improve         and self-assessment
                                      inform instruction.                       teaching practice and         feedback to assess their own
     □ Assesses students in the                                                 student learning.             learning.
     attainment of 21st Century       □ Provides evidence that students
     knowledge, skills, and           attain 21st century knowledge, skills □ Provides opportunities for □ Encourages and guides
     dispositions.                    and dispositions.                     students to assess themselves colleagues to assess 21st
                                                                            and others.                    century skills, knowledge,
                                                                                                           and dispositions and to use
                                                                                                           the assessment information to
                                                                                                           adjust their instructional
      Teacher gathers                  Assessment occurs daily, is         Teacher regroups              Teacher consistently
       information that shows            inclusive of all students, and         students to re-teach           provides opportunities for
       student performance is            occurs throughout all parts of the     and/or enrich on a             students to self assess by
       being evaluated.                  lesson.                                regular basis, based on        using data folders,
                                                                                student performance.           personal work samples
      Teacher is learning to use       Teacher uses a variety of                                             and/or portfolios.
       varied formative and              assessment strategies to collect  Assessment data is
       summative assessments,            data regarding students’               routinely used to make      Teacher routinely uses
       which also include 21st           attainment of lesson objectives.       adjustments in instruction     peer feedback to assist
       century skills.                                                          so that students are           students in evaluating
                                        Student work products are used         challenged and making          their own progress.
                                         routinely as assessment tools.         academic progress.

                                        Rubrics for student work are used  Students are frequently
                                         regularly, are developed with       engaged in assessing
                                         student input, and include          their own progress.
                                         students’ self-assessment.
Standard V: Teachers reflect on their practice
a. Teachers analyze student learning. Teachers think systematically and critically about student learning in their classrooms and schools: Why learning happens
and what can be done to improve achievement. Teachers collect and analyze student performance data to improve school and classroom effectiveness. They
adapt their practice based on research and data to best meet the needs of students.

     Developing                            Proficient                     Accomplished                              Distinguished                  Demonstrate
                             …and                          …and                           …and                                                       Required)
        Recognizes the       Provides ideas about what  Thinks systematically and       Provides a detailed analysis about
         need to improve       can be done to improve        critically about learning in   what can be done to improve student
         student learning in   student learning in their     their classroom: Why           learning and uses such analyses to
         the classroom.        classroom.                    learning happens and what      adapt instructional practices and
                                                             can be done to improve         materials within the classroom and at
                                                             student achievement.           the school level.
        Teacher uses data  Teacher looks at his/her       Teacher effectively adjusts  Teacher consistently reflects on the
         to identify when      instruction and curriculum    instruction during a lesson    impact of lessons taught and uses this
         and where students    in light of the success of    based on responses or          analysis to increase learning for all
         are not learning.     students and is eager to      performance of students.       students.
                               make needed
        Teacher               modifications.               Teacher capitalizes on        Teacher’s passion for the profession
         demonstrates an                                     teachable moments as they      makes a difference in student learning
         understanding of     Teacher uses current          occur during instruction.      and drives his/her daily work.
         the learning          research-based practices
         process.              to enhance the teaching  Teacher shares and                Teacher feels a sense of efficacy and
                               and learning process.         analyzes the success of        shares positive student outcomes with
        Teacher actively                                    lessons with colleagues to     other staff members.
         participates in      Teacher is able to            determine the most effective
         reflective practice   accurately identify his/her   instructional approaches for  Teacher is sensitive to the impact of
         with mentors,         own strengths and             students.                      the social and emotional needs of
         teammates and/or      weaknesses in regard to                                      students and responds accordingly.
         administrators        instruction.                 Teacher regularly asks for
                                                             feedback on his/her           Teacher frequently seeks feedback
        Teacher willingly    Teacher uses student work     performance from peers         from all stakeholders, including
         makes adjustments     products to evaluate          through videos, etc.           students, to increase his/her teaching
         from lessons as       his/her teaching                                             effectiveness.
         suggested by          performance.                 Teacher constantly reviews
         colleagues and                                      student work to determine  Teacher reflects on school-wide needs
         administrators.      Teacher is able to match      ways to increase               and takes the initiative to research
                               intentional teaching          engagement and rigor.          possible solutions and plan for their
                               strategies to student needs                                  implementation.
                               and lesson objectives.
Standard V: Teachers reflect on their practice
b. Teachers link professional growth to their professional goals. Teachers participate in continued, high quality professional development that reflects a
global view of educational practices; includes 21st Century skills and knowledge; aligns with the State Board of Education priorities; and meets the needs of
students and their own professional growth.

          Developing                             Proficient                             Accomplished                          Distinguished           Demonstrated
                                    …and                           …and                                        …and
        Understands the             Participates in professional  Participates in professional               Applies and implements
         importance of                development aligned with       development activities aligned              knowledge and skills
         professional                 professional goals.            with goals and student needs.               attained from professional
         development.                                                                                            development consistent
                                                                                                                 with its intent.
      Teacher accurately            Teacher implements and              Teacher‘s reflection on practices  Teacher’s reflections as a
       completes a                    reflects on practices                learned in professional               successful participant in
       self-assessment                learned in professional              development leads to improved         the National Board process
       identifying his or her         development                          instruction and increased student     result in a significant
       own strengths and                                                   achievement.                          impact in the teacher’s
       weaknesses in the        Teacher’s reflection leads                                                      overall performance within
       classroom.                to selection of appropriate              Teacher seeks professional growth     the classroom and the total
                                 professional development                  opportunities beyond the school to    school community.
      Teacher participates in   that addresses best                       foster his/her own development
       professional              practices and 21st century                (e.g., conferences, advanced         Teacher successfully serves
       development based on      skills.                                   degrees, visits to other schools)     as a Professional
       self-assessment and/or                                                                                    Development Master
       student needs            Teacher effectively                      Teacher is a lead learner in the      Teacher for the district.
       identified in data.       participates in a PLC to                  school, sharing new learning with
                                 identify instructional                    others and making connections for  Teacher assists the
      Teacher has a positive    problems, research                        teachers between new learning         administrators with needs
       attitude in               solutions and work                        and their classroom practices         assessments and planning
       school-based              collaboratively to                                                              to determine appropriate
       professional              implement innovative                     Teacher effectively serves as a       staff development for the
       development.              ideas or programs                         mentor within the school to support   school.
                                                                           a novice teacher.
      Teacher successfully          Teacher’s shared                                                          Teacher successfully
       completes a PDP that           reflections in collaborative        Teacher effectively serves as a       conducts action research
       aligns with needed             meetings encourage                   model teacher, helping struggling     and shares results with
       professional growth.           meaningful dialogue.                 teachers improve their practice.      colleagues.
Standard V: Teachers reflect on their practice
c. Teachers function effectively in a complex, dynamic environment. Understanding that change is constant, teachers actively investigate and consider
new ideas that improve teaching and learning. They adapt their practice based on research and data to best meet the needs of their students.

             Developing                             Proficient                         Accomplished                       Distinguished        Demonstrated
                                       …and                             …and                               …and
        Is knowledgeable of            Considers and uses a variety  Actively investigates and           Adapts professional
         current research-based          of research-based                considers alternative              practice based on data
         approaches to teaching          approaches to improve            research-based approaches to       and evaluates impact on
         and learning.                   teaching and learning.           improve teaching and learning      student learning.
                                                                          and uses such approaches as
        Teacher is learning to use  Teacher regularly                  Teacher consistently and          Teacher is a resource for
         “high yield” instructional      implements “high yield”          intentionally selects “best        staff, modeling and
         strategies.                     instructional strategies that    practices” to match students’      supporting the use of new
                                         result in academic gains for     learning needs, styles, and the    and creative instructional
        Teacher is becoming             students.                        lesson’s objective.                strategies that have been
         knowledgeable of the                                                                                successfully
         technology tools available  Teacher regularly integrates  Teacher is a life-long learner,         implemented in his/her
         and their use as teaching       the most current technology      always seeking to find             classroom.
         and learning tools.             into classroom instruction       additional approaches to
                                         and student activities.          address students’ learning        Teacher constantly
        Teacher focuses his/her                                          needs                              explores and researches
         professional development  Teacher appropriately and                                                new and innovative
         on acquiring information        effectively implements          Teacher is a model for staff in    technology and
         and skill in the most current   district and/or school           the use of the most current        effectively implements
         approaches to teaching          initiatives.                     technology as an integral          this technology into
         and learning.                                                    learning tool in the classroom.    teaching whenever
                                        Teacher consistently and                                            feasible.
        Teacher is working to           intentionally utilizes various  Teacher is willing to take risks
         implement                       instructional strategies that    and “thinks outside of the box”  Teacher’s success in
         research-based, district        effectively narrow the           for strategies to increase         closing the achievement
         programs that have been         achievement gap for              student achievement.               gap in his/her classroom
         put in place to address         students                                                            motivates other staff to
         students’ academic and                                          Teacher initiates needed           replicate these effective
         behavioral needs.              Teacher actively and             change within the school           techniques and
                                         positively accepts change        and/or classroom and “drives”      strategies.
                                         within the school setting        its success.

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